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One World Essay Humans and the Tsunami Imbalance

By: Ravi Bimo

warning and defensive solutions. one is to warn the people and the other is to defend the buildings and infrastructures. This is very much useful. the meteorological agency will analy%e the data and if it is confirmed that the amplitude is deemed too high and the wavelength is too long to be a normal ocean wave. !ome researchers and scientists believe there more waves than those of the main two but it is not yet accepted in mainstream science. "i#$i utili%es the use of microwaves to transmit data from the computer to the router and vice versa. a Tsunami is a mechanical wave traveling through water. the first solution proposed is to place buoys on the ocean that is capable of detecting water displacement. . These waves are composed of two types of waves. infrastructures and communities from a Tsunami that could potentially destroy it? Solution: $irstly to defend these things. After it is decided that an transverse wave of water only. "hen two or more seismometers detect the longitudinal waves. +oth are very crucial. for e ample. Mechanical waves can be a vibration of strings or a sound start on the warning systems. The complementary second solution.Introduction: A Tsunami is a series of rapscallion water waves caused by water displacement of large proportions.inspired by the . is to place seismometers into The data sent from the observation point ( 観観観) will processed the ocean. mechanical waves and electromagnetic waves. reason that the longitudinal waves traveling in water is faster than the transverse wave traveling in water. we should divide our solution into two. Mechanical waves are waves that radiate through a medium but again it only transport energy and therefore no medium is transported in the process.e. The most important aspect on a natural disaster solution of this degree is to save more people than having without the solution itself.apanese government. thermal radiation and microwaves. the meteorological agency . for the warning to future effected areas. light waves. a wave is a disturbance or interruption that carries a distinct energy from a place to another through space and matter. Meteor) or a volcanic eruption. the meteorological agency will send a or longitudinal waves. After receiving those data it will calculate the amplitude and the water waves of the water waves passing by the water. Electromagnetic waves are waves that transmit without a medium. the lesser important aspect is to save the buildings. but instead of detecting !#"aves or the by the meteorological agency (観観). infrastructures and the community to preserve the economy after the disaster strikes. These buoys will transmit the troughs and the crests data of the water waves. Problem: *ow do we defend largely unprepared and unprotected buildings. +y observing those data. Asteroids. $urthermore. they would issue a warning to the most likely affected area. "aves are used in daily life. it generally happens in large lakes and the ocean but then what is a wave? In physics. In this case. The water displacement which happens in a Tsunami is more often caused by earth&uakes but could be also caused by large landslides. a high velocity falling e traterrestrial ob'ect (i. it would detect /#wave tsunami is on its way. An e ample of electromagnetic waves are radio waves.

if the information isn-t communicated well. seismometers. The budget is pro'ected for this pro'ect is based on a coastal city with a population of 3 million people and a coastal line of roughly 12 km. there are the defensive systems that would protect buildings. Also the meteorological agency would advise the government on the placing of certain buildings and infrastructures. Also placing seawalls are An e ample of a Tsunami seawall very crucial at stopping the transverse waves coming from the tsunami but if it fails to do so it could reduce the amplitude of the tsunami by blocking most of the water. These includes educating the surrounding communities about Tsunamis and place an advisory warning in highly tsunami risk areas. 4nlike the $ukushima incident. which is a severe emotional stress caused by a traumatic event.will issue a warning before the transverse wave arrive. !econdly. Factors: Economic These investments on the solutions being proposed would make the economy more preserved than without these solutions. Also the educational strategy would useful because people would know what to do when a Tsunami happens. $urthermost. !ociety would also benefit from the warning systems that is proposed so they are warned from the impending Tsunami. This way of placing mangroves are very environmentally friendly way too. "ith the solutions proposed. I would propose to send all warning information to the radio and television waves. /eople is also crucial in an economy that is why protecting people is the number one priority. mobile networks. These warning systems aren-t much of a use. Another effective strategy is to discourage insurance companies to insure buildings and people that is located or living in very high risk areas. which means that the pro'ect and . it would save lives and would spare the people from suffering these kinds of diseases. The pro'ected budget on this entire pro'ect is 0 12 # 32 million of ta payers money. The first defensive solution is to use preventive and cautionary strategies. The third warning solution would concern on how the warning issued would be communicated. placing signs of evacuation directions and sirens that would make a sound if a Tsunami warning is issued is also proposed. another advisory would be issued noting that it is advised to build buildings in higher ground. Also having all hospital staff prepared in the event of a natural disaster. +y placing mangroves near shallow waters and coastal regions it would slow the transverse waves generated thus less energy and wave speed would be impacted to the buildings. If many people did not survive than the productivity of the people who survived would be much less because of the psychological and behavioral reasons that would lower their morale. $urthermore. Social After a natural disaster. mangroves planting and construction. some people get post#traumatic stress disorder. *omes and businesses would be more protected and the economy wouldn-t have to pay much for the disaster recovery. The second proposed solution would be utili%ing engineering and also botanical advances. +ased on today-s prices on buoys. the government is advised by the meteorological agency to put certain buildings not near the coast regions so that these buildings would not cause another catastrophe happening again. infrastructures and communities. and the Internet. cement. Economic activities rely on the people-s incentive to work and spend their money without both the economy would go down. The pro'ect will be funded by ta payers money.

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