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(Pg. 3) Who I am and Why you Should Read this Report! (Pg. 4) 10 Reasons Why You Should onsider !

a"ing Supplements! (Pg. #) What is a Supplement$ (Pg. %) &ood !hings to 'oo" (or in a Supplement (Pg. )) *iggest Red +lags When hoosing a Supplement (Pg. 11) Ingredients to ,-oid in Supplements (Pg. 1.) ,dditional Steps Someone /an ta"e to Prote/t !hemsel-es (rom a 0arm(ul Produ/t (Pg. 13) 0o1 to !a"e a Supplements (Pg. 14) What Supplements to !a"e (or 2arious onditions (Pg. 1#) +at 34plained (Pg. 15) ,ll ,6out 7ulti82itamins (Pg. 15) 9osage 'a6els (Pg. 1%) 4 +at Solu6le 2itamins as Well as the Re/ommended ,mount (Pg. 1:) : Water Solu6le 2itamins as Well as the Re/ommended ,mount (Pg. .1) % 7a;or 7inerals 1ith 9osage ,mounts (Pg. .4) ) !ra/e 7inerals 1ith 9osage ,mounts (Pg. .%) 0o1 /an Supplement ompanies &et ,1ay 1ith heating onsumers$ (Pg. .:) 9oes the +9, Routinely ,naly<e the ontent o( 9ietary Supplements$ (Pg. .)) 9oes the +9, e-er Regulate 9ietary Supplements and When$ (Pg. .)) Why do some Supplements ha-e Wording (a 9is/laimer) that says= >!his Statement has not 6een 3-aluated 6y the +9,. !his Produ/t is not intended to 9iagnose? !reat? ure? or pre-ent any 9isease>$ (Pg. 31) What to do i( you ha-e &otten heated When Pur/hasing a Supplement (Pg. 31) 'egal In(ormation (Pg. 3.) Where to &et 7ore In(ormation

Who I am and Why Read This Report!
0ello? my name is @e-in Whitsitt and I ha-e 6een (as/inated 1ith the supplement 1orld (or a -ery long time. I ha-e al1ays 6een so intrigued ho1 these tiny little o6;e/ts /ould ma"e su/h positi-e health 6ene(its? yet are /on(using and mysterious. !he reason you should read this report is 6e/ause there is a lot o( /rap out there? and it /an ma"e shopping (or supplements mu/h easier (or you. In !he 9r. AB Sho1 on ,pril .013 that you /an -ie1 6y /li/"ing right here sho1s that 40C o( the most /ommon supplements that are on store shel-es? ha-e some type o( pro6lem. !his /ould 6e /ontaminationDs and misla6eling that /ould 6e dangerous. • 7anu(a/turing o( supplements do not need to pro-e that their supplement is e((e/ti-e 6e(ore selling it. 7anu(a/turers donEt ha-e to in(orm /onsumers o( side e((e/ts e-en 1hen the ingredients are "no1n to /ause them. A-er the last : years the +9, has re/alled .3% dietary supplements (or 6eing deadly to a personEs health. ,n additional study right here (ound that 110 supplements that 1ere "no1n to 6e harm(ul 1ere not re/alled.

I thin" you get my point and that is supplements? 1hile they /an 6e -ery help(ul /onsumerEs should 6e /are(ul. !his guide attempts to ma"e shopping (or supplements a little easier.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Supplements!
1) Poor +ood Fuality G 9ue to the /hemi/als? pro/essing? geneti/ modi(i/ation? soil depletion are (ood doesnEt ha-e the nutritional Huality li"e it on/e used to? and you /an read more a6out that right here. .) Poor 9igesti-e Systems G 7ost people donEt /onsume enough (resh (ood 1ith the en<ymes needed? so the ma;ority o( people ha-e poor digesti-e systems. !his ma"es it harder to digest the nutrition 1e need. 3) !o4ins G Yep 1e li-e 1ith more to4ins than anytime in the past and the antio4idants and nutrition (rom supplements /an help us (ight them o((. 4) ,ge G When 1e get older 1e donEt a6sor6 nutrients as good as younger people a//ording to a (e1 studies you /an learn a6out right here. #) 34er/ise G You lose nutrients 1hen you e4er/ise. 5) ,ging G Supplements ha-e antio4idants that repair organs? pre-ent 1rin"les and "eep you young. %) +eel good G Yep? 1hen your not getting the nutrients you need you 1ill 6e out o( 6alan/e. :) Weight loss G Resear/hers (rom 'a-all Ini-ersity dis/o-ered that patients that had good -itamin and mineral le-els had an easier time /ontrolling their appetite. )) ,thleti/ Per(orman/e G !here are a -ariety o( supplements that /an assist someone in their (itness goals. 10) !he list /ontinues G 3-erything (rom se4ual health to -ision supplements /an impro-e the Huality o( la personEs i(e? and it /an 6e as simple as s1allo1ing a pill.

What is a Supplement?
Supplements are something that is added to someoneDs diet to impro-e health. !he most /ommon ones in/lude -itamins? minerals or her6s and they /an either /ome in a pill? liHuid or /apsule (orm? and /an 6e la6eled as a supplement. • Vitamins G are de(ined as 6eing a su6stan/e that is organi/ and is needed 6y the human 6ody to per(orm a -ariety o( (un/tions.

, /ommon e4ample o( this 1ould 6e something li"e -itamin ? 1hi/h I am sure you are (amiliar 1ith. *a/" in the 15th to 1:th /entury a disease /alled s/ur-y 1hi/h is /aused 6y a la/" o( -itamin 1as popular amongst sailors on long o/ean -oyages. S/ur-y is a disease 1hi/h /auses 6leeding pro6lems? paralysis? irrita6ility and e-entually death. ,nother (amous -itamin is something /alled (oli/ a/id or also "no1n as -itamin *). What ma"es this -itamin so important is due to the (a/t that 1ithout it a 1oman /an in/rease her /han/e o( ha-ing /ertain 6irth de(e/ts 6y as mu/h as %0C. *esides -itamins someone /an also ta"e a supplement to get minerals. • Minerals G are really inorgani/ elements 1hi/h donDt /ontain a /ar6on 1hile -itamins are organi/ that do ha-e this /ar6on mole/ule. ,nother 1ay that these t1o are di((erent is 6e/ause minerals are mu/h simpler in /hemi/al (orm than -itamins? 6e/ause they /ontain atoms o( the same element.

,n e4ample o( a mineral 1ould 6e something li"e al/ium. Ane o( the reasons that /al/ium is important is 6e/ause it strengthens 6ones. *elie-e it or not (alling do1n is one o( the top reasons (or death in the elderly. !a"ing a /al/ium supplement /an 6e a -ery good ensure someone is getting enough and not 6e/ome de(i/ient and ha-e (ragile 6ones. • Ma or Minerals ! ,re present in large amounts in the 6ody and are essential (or 6ody operations. 7ore than .#0 7& are needed. Tra"e Minerals ! ,re needed in mu/h smaller Huantities less than .0 7& a day are needed. 7ost tra/e minerals are 6ound to organi/ /ompound (or transportation and (ood. Just li"e a 'amprey (ish hit/hes a ride on a 1hale.

'astly? someone /an get something /alled her6s in their diet to impro-e their health. • #er$s G are de(ined as 6eing small plant ingredients that ha-e (leshy parts.

!he 6ig di((eren/e 6et1een her6s (rom -itamins and minerals is that someone /an e4perien/e some ma;or health pro6lems i( they la/" /ertain -itamins and minerals. 0er6s on the other hand are really ta"en (or an added health 6onus. , great e4ample o( an her6 1ould 6e something li"e res-eratrol. Res-eratrol /omes (rom the s"in o( grapes and lately has gotten popular due to popular !2 sho1s li"e 50 7inutes? Aprah? 9r. AB and +o4 Ke1s. , 6ig reason that res-eratrol is popular is 6e/ause it has 6een sho1n to e4tend li(e in /ertain li-ing organisms 6y as high as %0C. It has also 6een pro-en to 6e -ery e((e/ti-e 1ith (ighting /an/er and helping 1ith 1rin"les. 0o1e-er? itDs important to "no1 that many o( these studies ha-e 6een per(ormed on animals and (unguses and not on humans.

%ood Things to &ook 'or in a Supplement
Whether it is a multi8-itamin? omega 3? 1eight loss? (itness? or her6al supplement there are a (e1 "ey things that /an in/rease the /han/e o( it 6eing -ery good Huality. *elo1 are some great points that /an help someone 1ith their shopping. • ,s you might 6e a6le to already guess a top thing someone /an loo" (or 1hen /hoosing a supplement is the age o( a /ompany. !he longer a /ompany has 6een in 6usiness? the less ris"y it is to pur/hase (rom them. ,lso as I mentioned a6o-e i( a /ompany has 6een in 6usiness o-er 10 years than that is a really good sign? 6e/ause they 1ill pro6a6ly stay around. • hoose a multi8-itamin that has all the -itamins and mineral dosage that is reHuired. You /an use the guide that I pro-ided in this report to /he/" to see i( a multi8-itamin has the dosage reHuirements o( the important -itamins and minerals. !his /an end up sa-ing you money rather than pur/hase ea/h ingredient separately. ,lso? i( you /an (ind one that not only /om6ines -itamins and minerals? 6ut her6s as 1ell then this /an sa-e you e-en more money as 1ell as ma"e it easier to /onsume. ,lso itDs important to "no1 that some nutrients 1or" 6etter 1hen ta"en 1ith other nutrients? su/h as /al/ium and magnesium. • 3nteri/ /oating is good (or -itamins and minerals? 6ut might not 6e (or some her6s and not (ish oil. 3nteri/ /oating is an e4pensi-e pro/ess that prote/ts nutrients (rom stoma/h a/id so they /an 6e 6etter digested in the intestines. Without this pro/ess some o( the nutrients 1ill get destroyed. +ish Ail on the other hand is 6est a6sor6ed in the stoma/h. ompanies might use enteri/ /oating to mas" ran/id odors? (rom a spoiled produ/t. 3nteri/ /oating on her6s really is depended on ea/h her6. Sin/e this topi/ is so -ast IDm going to go o-er it later.

Seal o( appro-alDs /an 6e good. Su/h as ISP (Inited States Pharma/opeia)? KP,? Kational Produ/ts ,sso/iation? onsumer'a6s. Yet I ha-e read they all reHuire lots o( money to use their seal? so the /onsumer does pay (or it. 'oo" (or a 6rand that /omplies 1ith pharma/euti/al &7P /omplian/e. Kearly e-ery /ompany is going to say that their 6rand is the 6est? and might ha-e some graphs to support it. !he (a/t is that itDs not o6;e/ti-e? and itDs 6iased. !hird party testing is al1ays more relia6le (or this (a/t? and &7P /omplian/e uses go-ernment -eri(i/ation. &7P /omplian/e not only helps -alidate the Huality? 6ut most importantly it 1ill help ma"e a supplement less ris"y 1hen it /omes to 6eing 6ad (or someoneDs health.

I( a supplement has a /erti(i/ate o( analysis then that is another really good thing to ha-e. !his is another third party test to see that the ingredients on the la6el a/tually mat/h 1hat is inside. Without this la6el youDre ta"ing the /ompany at its 1ord that youDre getting 1hat you thin" youDre getting. I( a /ompany uses standardi<ed her6al e4tra/ts then that is also great to ha-e. !hese are 1hat /ontain the a/tual a/ti-e ingredients o( a her6? and 1here the true therapeuti/ 6ene(it lies. Remem6er a lot o( /ompanies that mar"et supplements donDt use standardi<ed her6al e4tra/ts? 6e/ause it is less e4pensi-e (or them not to and there(ore they ma"e more money.

, money 6a/" guarantee is al1ays ni/e. 7ost produ/ts ha-e a 30 day guarantee and i( a produ/t has something longer than that is -ery good as 1ell. 30 day money 6a/" guarantees online are not that good 6e/ause it ta"es to time (or a produ/t to ship to someone? test it out? tra-el to the postal /enter and then ship it 6a/". It /ould ta"e 30 days to do all o( this 1or" and that someone 1ould not 6e a6le to get their money 6a/". ,nother great thing a6out a money 6a/" guarantee is that it represents /on(iden/e. !he longer the guarantee the more /on(iden/e a /ompany has in their produ/t and that is a good thing. I( the produ/t doesnDt ha-e a money 6a/" guarantee? then itDs ;ust another 1arning sign that you should steer /lear o( it.

, produ/t has a lot o( studies? tests and Huality /he/"s then these are all good things. 'oo" (or a produ/t that has an e4piration date that is -ery (ar a1ay. I( the produ/t does not ha-e an e4piration date than that is usually not good at all? and itDs pro6a6ly 6est to /hoose another supplement.

I( a produ/t uses natural -itamins rather than syntheti/ then you (ound an e4/ellent produ/t? and I 1ill e4plain more a6out this later.

(iggest Red )lags When Choosing a Supplement
!his list is going to 6e ;ust a little di((erent (rom the one a6o-e. *elo1 are ;ust some red (lags that /ould indi/ate danger 1hen shopping (or a 6rand. !he list a6o-e goes o-er some things that in/rease a produ/ts Huality. !hey are similar and o6-iously i( a produ/t doesnDt ha-e any red (lags? than this 1ould in/rease the Huality. I( a produ/t doesnDt ha-e any o( the ideas on the list a6o-e than itDs potentially a 6ad produ/t. I( a produ/tDs la6el mentions that it is ne1 and impro-ed or 6a/" 6y popular demand. !hese are /ode 1ords (or it 6eing dangerous the (irst time. ,gain i( a produ/t is dangerous the (irst time it ;ust in/reases the ris" (or it 6eing harm(ul. I( the pa/"aging is in a (oreign language than this /ould 6e a 6ad thing. Kot (inding the /ompanies name? 1e6site or phone num6er on the la6el is ;ust a 6ad sign and not really 1orth the ris". I( the produ/t la6eling has misspellings or grammar on it is a red (lag. I( the /ompany is not /are(ul 1ith the la6el? do you thin" they are /are(ul 1ith manu(a/turing o( the produ/t$

• •

I( the produ/t has /laims that ;ust seem too good to 6e true. Su/h as losing 1eight 6y s1allo1ing a pill is ;ust another 1arning sign. I( a produ/t mentions that it is an alternati-e to a +9, appro-ed pres/ription drug or has similar e((e/ts. *est to ta"e pres/ription drugs under a Huali(ied physi/ians /are. I( the produ/t mentions that it in/reases testosterone or estrogen. !his really has to do 1ith supplements to enhan/e athleti/ per(orman/e? and /an not only ma"e someone (ail a drug test 6ut /an /ause some un1anted side e((e/ts su/h as a/ne? 6aldness? dia6etes? permanent li-er damage? prostate damage and /an/er. *e1are o( /heap produ/ts that are -ery lo1 in /ost 6e/ause it in/reases the /han/e o( 6ad Huality. In the ingredients se/tion a-oid too mu/h sugar? preser-ati-es? and additi-es li"e shella/? /hlorine and (ragran/es. I( the produ/t doesnDt ha-e an air tight seal or i( itDs 6ro"en than that is not good and you shouldnEt pur/hase it.

Ingredients to *+oid in Supplements
• Syntheti/ Ingredients G ItDs estimated that )#C o( -itamin supplements 6eing sold are syntheti/? 6e/ause itDs /heaper to produ/e and are man8made. !he dra16a/" is that they deplete your 6ody o( other nutrients? and harm the li-er. !he Argani/ onsumers ,sso/iation states that syntheti/ -itamins /anDt 6e re/ogni<ed? or used 6y the 6ody as the same as natural -itamins. • 7agnesium stearate G !his is used to help the ingredients (rom sti/"ing to ma/hines during manu(a/turing. It pre-ents ! /ells (rom (ighting in-aders and hurts the immune system. It also ma"es /ells 1ea"er and this /auses all "inds o( pro6lems (rom 1in"les? ailments and e-en /an/er. • !itanium 9io4ide G , popular ingredient in suns/reens and e-en in the multi8 -itamin entrum. It has 6een /lassi(ied 6y the International ,gen/y o( Resear/h on an/er as a /ar/inogen? and this means it /auses /an/er. It also /auses in(lammation and geneti/ damage in mi/e. 97,, or 9imethylamylamine G !he +9, in the I.S. has 6anned this ingredient? 6ut is still (ound in produ/ts. It shrin"s 6lood -essels 1hi/h in/reases the /han/e o( heart disease? sei<ures? shortness o( 6reath and pain in the /hest. Soy6ean Ail G 0as geneti/ally modi(ied organisms. While it hasnDt 6een pro-ed to 6e unhealthy in humans. In a study 1ith rats these organisms ha-e damaged the immune system? li-er? shrun" the 6rain? in/reased the ris" o( /an/er and in/reased the /han/e o( death. om(rey G !he +9, re/ommended in .001 that manu(a/tures remo-e this item 6e/ause it /auses se-ere li-er and lung damage. olloidal Sil-er G It is made o( tiny sil-er parti/les suspended in liHuid and not 6een pro-en to pro-ide any positi-e health /laim that some sellers state. 'arge doses ha-e 6een "no1n to gi-e serious health pro6lems? su/h as sei<ures? "idney damage? and it intera/ts 1ith a -ariety o( medi/ations. • &ermanium G In 1):) the I@ &o-ernment 1arned against the use o( this su6stan/e 6e/ause it o((ers no medi/al 6ene(it and has serious ris"s. !his stu(( irritates the respiratory system? and negati-ely in(luen/es the 6lood.

*dditional Steps Someone "an take to ,rote"t Themsel+es 'rom a #arm'ul ,rodu"t
• he/" 1ith the +9, to see i( the produ/t has 6een re/alled. !o see i( a produ/t that youDre interested has 6een re/alled (or posing a health ha<ard /li/" on +9, Re/all 'ist. Resear/h the la6oratory (indings and tests and third part organi<ations. , -ery (amous organi<ation is something /alled onsumer'a6s./om and they ha-e 6een testing a -ariety o( supplements (or o-er 10 years. ,nother step someone /an ta"e is to /onta/t the manu(a/ture o( 1hate-er produ/t someone is interested in and inHuire a6out e-iden/e o( produ/t sa(ety and e((e/ti-eness. When it /omes to (ish oil supplement try po"ing a hole in it and you should smell a (aint o/ean smell and nothing more. I( it smells ran/id then the produ/t /ould 6e spoiled and do you more harm than good. I( the produ/t smells li"e a per(ume then the /ompany might 6e trying to hide something? 1hi/h /ould 6e 6ad.

#o- to Take a Supplement
You may 6e tempted to o-erloo" this se/tion in the report? 6ut sometimes the most 6asi/ o( in(ormation is the most important. • !a"e a supplement at the same time e-ery day in the morning. !his may sound li"e /ommon sense ho1e-er I ha-e 6een guilty o( doing this. !here is no point in ta"ing all the time to /hoose a great supplement? in-esting your money and time to (ail in not ta"ing it. It ta"es a6out a 1ee" to 10 days (or something to 6e a ha6it and in that time itDs -ery easy to (orget to ta"e the produ/t. So (or the (irst 10 days remem6er to ta"e the supplement at the same time e-ery day so that it 1ill (orm a ha6it and you 1ill 6e doing it 1ithout e-en thin"ing a6out it. • I( you are going to ta"e a pill itDs -ery important to (irst drin" some liHuid to lu6ri/ate you throat. !hen (ill up a6out hal( o( your mouth 1ith some type o( liHuid (that is sa(e to drin") put the pill in your mouth and s1allo1. ,gain this may sound li"e a no86rainer? ho1e-er nothing is 1orse that /ho"ing on a pill. Plus someone 1ill asso/iate ta"ing a supplement 1ith pain? and that is not a good thing at all. • When it /omes to -itamins and 1ell as her6s? ta"ing hal( o( the pills in the morning and the other hal( in the e-ening is al1ays the superior /hoi/e. !he reason (or this is 6e/ause 1ater solu6le -itamins li"e -itamin get (lushed out o( someoneDs system? and it /an help 1ith a6sorption. +ollo1 the dire/tions on the la6el 1hen ta"ing supplements. Some nutrients /an 6e harm(ul 1hen someone /onsumes too mu/h. Ise the supplement 6e(ore the e4piration date. Some nutrients lose their poten/y o-er time.

What Supplements to Take 'or Various Conditions
0ere is a ;ust a list o( -arious health pro6lems and ideas on some supplements to treat it. Ko1 o( /ourse there are additional her6s and supplements that /an help 1ith ea/h pro6lem? 6ut these are some ideas that 1ill at least get you on the right dire/tion. • Impro-e Immune System G *la/" umin Seeds? 3/hina/ea? Ali-e 'ea( 34tra/t? Fuer/etin? 3leuthero? !urmeri/. 0eart 9isease G &in"go 6ilo6a? Poli/osanol? 0a1thorn? &arli/? oH10? Amega 3? *il6erries and ,l(al(a. Weight 'oss G &reen !ea 34tra/t? '8&lutamine. ,rthritis G Amega 3? !urmeri/? 'i/ori/e? &lu/osamine? &inger Root? 9e-ilEs la1? S,783? hondoitin Sul(ate. 7emory G &in"go *ilo6a? &inseng? a((eine L '8theanine? reatine. *etter Sleep G 7agnesiumM al/ium? 7elatonin? 'a-ender? '8theanine? 2alerian. 3ye Sight G *il6erries? 'utein? Bea4anthin. 9igestion G Pre6ioti/s? Peppermint oil? Pro6ioti/s (in yogurt)? hamomile? '8 &lutamine? &inger. ,thleti/ Per(orman/e G 7agnesium? Amega 3? 2itamin ,? 9? * and oH10. S"in are G oH10? 2itamin ,? ?3? Bin/? Selenium.

• •

• • • •

• •

)at ./plained
!here are 4 di((erent types o( (ats. • !rans +ats G ,re man8made and should 6e a-oided li"e the plague. Instead o( healthy (ats 6eing used in /ell mem6ranes this su6stan/e is added? and it damages /ells. It has also 6een lin"ed to all "inds o( health pro6lems li"e /an/er? heart disease? ,l<heimerDs? o6esity? depression and li-er disease. • Saturated +ats G +ats that harden at room temperature. Some studies /laim they in/rease '9' /holesterol (6ad "ind) and 09' is the good "ind. Ather studies sho1 that there is no lin". Polyunsaturated +ats G , good (at that /an in/rease 09' (good /holesterol) 1hile lo1ering '9' (the 6ad "ind). ontain t1o or more dou6le 6onds in their stru/ture. 7onounsaturated +ats G ,nother good (at that does the same thing as polyunsaturated (ats? 6ut it has one dou6le 6ond in its stru/ture.

!he (a/t is more people need healthy (ats in their diet. Amega 3 is a polyunsaturated (at and a de(i/ien/y in it has 6een lin"ed to nearly e-ery "no1n disease. Some health e4perts li"e the (amous 9r. AB ((amous do/tor) has e-en mentioned that it is a rare magi/ 6ullet in medi/ine. • Amega 3 G R9, is 1?000 7& a day (or 1oman and 500 7& a day (or men.

!he 6iggest pro6lem 1ith omega 3 is that itDs (ound in a lot o( (ood that doesnDt really sale 1ell su/h as salmon? 6russel sprouts and /auli(lo1er. Kot only does it help someoneDs 6rain health 6ut it really helps the heart? eyes and the s"in.

*ll *$out Multi0Vitamins
• • • !here are 15 -ital minerals that play an important role in our daily li(e. % are 7a;or 1hile ) are tra/e minerals. !here are 13 ma;or -itamins that play a /ru/ial role in the de-elopment o( the human 6ody. 2itamins /an 6e 6ro"en do1n into either 1ater solu6le and (at solu6le. !he di((eren/e is that 1ater solu6le -itamins get (lushed out o( someoneDs system easily? 1hile (at solu6le -itamins /an get stored in someoneDs (at. +at solu6le -itamins are -itamin ,? 9? 3 and @ Water solu6le -itamins are the * /omple4 ones 1hi/h there are : as 1ell as -itamin .

• •

1osage &a$els
• R9, 8 Re/ommended 9aily ,llo1an/e G Is the amount o( a su6stan/e that someone really should get to not 6e de(i/ient? and run the ris" o( health pro6lems. ,I G ,deHuate Inta"e G Same as R9, or re/ommended daily allo1an/e. 92 G 9aily 2alue G !his is the num6er that someone should re/ei-e (rom a -itamin or mineral. !his is the amount that is most o(ten listed on the la6el. , great tip in /hoosing a supplement is to loo" (or a 100C 92 on all the important nutrients. ,lso the 92 /an 6e the same as the R9, or it /an 6e di((erent. I' G !olera6le Ipper Inta"e 'e-el G is the ma4imum dosage that is /onsidered sa(e 1hen it /omes to ingredient 1ithout ris"ing a negati-e side e((e/t. !he higher someone goes a6o-e the I' then the greater the ris" is. 7& G 7illigrams G 1000 milligrams eHual 1 gram. 7 & or I& G 7i/rograms G 1000 mi/rograms eHual 1 milligram. II G International Init G 7easures a/ti-ity o( -itamins and drugs.

• •

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2 )at Solu$le Vitamins as Well as the Re"ommended *mount
!his topi/ is al1ays going to 6e up (or de6ate and the in(ormation /an /hange. I used the +9, (or these amounts? and statisti/ally some -itamins and minerals are going to 6e more re/ommended than others. ,lso there is a general range 1hen it /omes to the dosage amounts. !he amounts 6elo1 are (or adults. hildren and 1oman 1ho are pregnant should al1ays /onsult a do/tor. You /an loo" at other sour/es i( you li"e? and here is an easy -itamin /on-erter that /an e-en help /on-ert di((erent -itamin amounts. • Vitamin * ! R1* is 300 MC% Role= !his nutrient is responsi6le (or helping someoneDs -ision as 1ell as s"in /are. *elie-e it or not it is estimated that 6et1een 300 G #00 thousand /hildren go 6lind e-ery year 6e/ause they donDt /onsume enough -itamin ,. Sour/es= Arange? ripe yello1 (ruits? lea(y -egeta6les? /arrots? pump"in? sHuash? spina/h and li-er. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= *eing 6lind at night? hyper"eratosis 1hi/h is a s"in disorder. • Vitamin 1 ! R1* is 4010 MC% Role= !his -itamin has 6een getting some attention in the ne1s lately and (or good reason. Someone /an get this -itamin (rom the sunN ho1e-er 1ith more people 1or"ing indoors in/luding the in-ention o( the /omputer and !2? it seems less and less people are getting this -itamin. It /an help in/rease the immune system? redu/e in(lammation and help 1ith the a6sorption o( /al/ium (or 6one health. Sour/es= Sunlight? (ish? eggs? li-er and mushrooms. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= !he (lu? 1ea" mus/les? dia6etes? /an/er? gum 6leeding? heart (ailure. • Vitamin . ! R1* is 14 M% Role= an impro-e the health o( someoneDs 6rain as 1ell as their mus/les. Sour/es= , lot o( (ruits and -egeta6les.

Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y G Wea" mus/les? dry hair or hair loss? impoten/e in men? leg /ramps and slo1 tissue healing. • Vitamin 5 ! R1* is 160 MC% Role= !his su6stan/e is most "no1n (or 6lood /lotting? 1hi/h /an pre-ent someone (rom 6leeding to death? pre-ents harm(ul 6a/teria and -iruses (rom entering someoneDs system. ,nyho1 there are tons o( other things that this -itamin /an do li"e strengthening 6ones? and pre-enting /an/er. Sour/es= 'ea(y green -egeta6les su/h as spina/h? egg yol"s and li-er. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= 3asy 6ruising? 6leeding in gums? nose 6leeding and 6lood in someoneDs stools.

7 Water Solu$le Vitamins as Well as the Re"ommended *mount
!here are : * -itamins and (oli/ a/id is among them. Role= !hese -itamins ha-e tons o( uses and most importantly they are used 1ith /ell meta6olism? 1hi/h means the reprodu/tion o( /ells. ells dying are a normal pro/ess in (a/t someone loses around 30 to 40 thousand s"in /ells e-ery hour 1hile 6rain /ells /an li-e (or many years. !hey are also used to maintain mus/les? impro-e the immune system? ner-ous system? as 1ell as promote red 6lood /ell gro1th and /an help 1ith /an/er. !hey are (airly important right$ ,s you pro6a6ly remem6er (oli/ a/id is responsi6le (or redu/ing the /han/e o( 6irth de(e/ts 6e/ause a lot o( /ells reprodu/e themsel-es in early /hild de-elopment.

Vitamin (1 8Thiamine9 ! R1* is 1:6 M% Sour/es= Por"? oatmeal? 6ro1n ri/e? -egeta6les? potatoes? li-er and eggs. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= Weight loss? emotional pro6lems? irregular heart6eats? pain in limps and heart (ailure.

Vitamin (6 8Ri$o'la+in9 ! R1* is 1:; M% Sour/es= 9airy produ/ts? 6ananas? pop/orn? green 6eans and asparagus. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= Sensiti-ity to sunlight? /ra/"s in the lips? sore throat and in(lammation on the tongue.

Vitamin (; 8<ia"in or <ia"inamide9 ! R1* is 1= M% Sour/es= 7eat? (ish? eggs? many -egeta6les? mushrooms and tree nuts. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= Insomnia? mental pro6lems? diarrhea and e-en dementia.

Vitamin (4 8,antotheni" *"id9 ! R1* is 4 M% Sour/es= 7eat? 6ro//oli and a-o/ados. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= ,/ne? 6urning? pri/"ling o( the s"in (or no reason.

Vitamin (= 8,yrido/ine9 ! R1* is 1:; ! 1:7 M% Sour/es= 7eat? -egeta6les? tree nuts and 6ananas.

Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= 0igh 6lood pressure? depression and /ardio-as/ular disease. • Vitamin (> 8(iotin9 ! R1* is ;0 MC%? Sour/es= Ra1 egg yol"? li-er? peanuts and /ertain -egeta6les. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= Ko symptoms in adults? 6ut /an /ause all "inds o( pro6lems (or in(ants li"e impaired gro1th and neurologi/al disorders.

Vitamin (3 8)oli" *"id9 ! R1* is 200 MC% Sour/es= 'ea(y -egeta6les? pasta? 6read? /ereal and li-er. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= /ardio-as/ular pro6lems? 0igh in/rease in a 6irth de(e/t regarding pregnan/y.

Vitamin (16 8Cyano"alamin or Methylo"alamin9 ! R1* is 6:2 MC% Sour/es= 7eat and other animal produ/ts. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= pale s"in? pain in the stoma/h? rapid heart6eat? diarrhea or /onstipation? memory loss? tingling or num6ness in (ingersMtoes.

Vitamin C 8*s"or$i" *"id) - RDA is 90 MG Role= !his -itamin is most (amous (or "eeping someoneDs immune system strong. Ane o( the (irst things that I do 1hen I start to (eel a si/"ness /reep up on me is to drin" a lot o( orange ;ui/e. Sour/es= 7any /itrus (ruits li"e grape(ruit? oranges and tangerines.

Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= 9ry hair and s"in? 1eight loss? mood s1ings? (atigue? mus/le pain and in(e/tions.

> Ma or Minerals -ith 1osage *mounts
• Cal"ium !R1* 1?400 M% Role= Is needed (or the heart? mus/les? 6ones? digesti-e system? and 1ith 6lood /ells. Sour/es= 9airy produ/ts? eggs? (ish? green -egeta6les? to(u? thyme? oregano? /innamon and nuts. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= 9ry s"in? mus/le /ramps? an in/rease in P7S symptoms (or 1oman and 6one (ra/tures. • ,hosphorous ! R1* is >00 M% Role= Phosphorous is yet another important mineral in-ol-ed in the (ormation and maintenan/e o( strong and nutritious 6ones and teeth. It also helps to deli-er energy to e-ery /ell 1ithin the 6ody and is needed to a6sor6 numerous -itamins. Sour/es= meat? poultry? (ish? mil"? /heese? nuts? seeds and 1hole grains. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= , de(i/ien/y in phosphorous is (airly rare ho1e-erN symptoms 1ould in/lude 1ea" and pain(ul 6ones and teeth? sti(( ;oints? tiredness and a loss o( /al/ium (rom the 6ody.

Magnesium ! R1* is 260 M% 'or *dult Men and ;60 M% 'or Woman: Role= ,n important mineral that is /ontained in our 6ones. It /an 6e ne/essary to /hange 6lood sugar le-els into energy? /ontrol mus/le and ner-e (un/tion? maintain a normal heart rhythm and 6lood /lotting. Resear/h has pro-ed that magnesium prote/ts and treats heart disease? lo1ers high 6lood pressure? /an ease asthma atta/"s and P7S in 1omen. Sour/es= Whole grains? lea(y green -egeta6les? sea(ood? nuts and 6ananas. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= !he potential ris" o( /ardio-as/ular disease and dia6etes is in/reased and /an also /ause heart6eat pro6lems? /on(usion? mus/le /ramps and "idney stones.

Sulphur ! 700 to 1?000 M% Role= Sulphur is an important part o( numerous amino a/ids? 1hi/h are needed to (orm proteins in the 6ody. It is also really good at puri(ying and eliminating any to4ins (rom the 6ody. Sulphur may hold o(( the ageing pro/ess? and the onset o( any age8related diseases. Sour/es= ,nimal and -eggie proteins (or e4ample meat? poultry? 6eans? pulses and shell(ish. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= , de(i/ien/y is rare and may in/lude s"in pro6lems or disorders? mus/le pain? ner-e disorders? /ir/ulatory trou6le? arthritis? in(lammation? damages resulting (rom (ree radi/als? stress? in(e/tion? /onstipation and 1rin"les. Sodium ! R1* is 1?400 M% Role= 0elps to retain mus/les and ner-es in e((e/ti-e 1or"ing order. ,lso 1or"s together 1ith potassium /ontrolling the liHuids 1ithin the 6ody. Sour/es= Salt? shell(ish? an/ho-ies? dairy produ/ts espe/ially 6utter? yeast e4tra/ts? pro/essed meats? a-o/ados as 1ell as o((al. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= , de(i/ien/y is -ery un/ommon yet /an 6e done through perspiring? diarrhea or nausea. Symptoms in/lude si/"ness? di<<iness? mus/le /ramps and dehydration.

,otassium ! R1* 2?>00 M% Role= Wor"s 1ith sodium to help 1ith messages that are 6eing sent 6y the 6rain. ,lso? is used 1ith /ontrolling a/ti-ity o( the heart and mus/les. Sour/es= Parsley? 6asil? turmeri/? ad-o/ates? nuts? /ho/olate? seeds? 6eans and (ish. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= ItDs rare 6e/ause the "idney eliminates e4/ess potassium? 6ut symptoms /ould in/lude 1ea" mus/les as 1ell as heart pro6lems.

Chloride ! R1* ;?200 M% Role= ReHuired (or the organi<ation regarding a/ids 1ithin the stoma/h in addition to /ontrolling (luid in all 6lood -essels as 1ell as /ells. Sour/es= !a6le salt and (oods 1hi/h /ontain sodium /hloride. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= It is un/ommon 6ut may /ause potassium to 6e lost? and lo1 6lood pressure.

3 Tra"e Minerals -ith 1osage *mounts
• Iron ! R1* 17 M% Role= Iron is ne/essary (or the manu(a/ture o( haemoglo6in? the element o( red 6lood /ells that transports o4ygen throughout the entire 6ody. It is also needed to produ/e myoglo6in? 1hi/h /arries o4ygen to our mus/le tissue. Iron /an easily a-oid tiredness? prote/t against illness and disease and promotes a healthy loo"ing s"in. Sour/es= 'i-er? lam6? 6ee(? oysters? shell(ish? /lams? mussels? 6eans? peas? yeast? dried (ruits? (orti(ied 6rea"(ast /ereals? molasses? 1heat 6ran and green lea(y -egeta6les. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= It is not un/ommon (or indi-iduals to ha-e an iron de(i/ien/y in their diet. !his might 6e the situation parti/ularly (or ladies 1ith hea-y periods? non8meat eaters and sports athletes. !he signs o( a la/" o( iron in/lude tiredness? (atigue? poor /on/entration? 6eing prone to in(e/tion? shortness o( 6reath? anaemia? and heart palpitations. • @in" ! R1* is 11 M% Role= Bin/ is present in e-ery /ell 1ithin the 6ody su/h as someoneDs hair? nails and s"in. It is needed to /onser-e a healthy 6odyEs de(ense me/hanism? 1hi/h 1ill help in "eeping /ommon /olds as 1ell as the (lu -irus at 6ay. Bin/ is ne/essary (or a healthy reprodu/tion system and normal gro1th. It /an also 6e ta"en to treat se-eral di((i/ulties in/luding e4haustion? s"in pro6lems along 1ith a sore throat. Sour/es= Aysters? red meat? poultry? eggs? shell(ish? /heese? nut produ/ts? sun(lo1er seeds? 6eans and 1heat germ. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= !oo little <in/ in the diet is -ery unusualN yet? indi/ations in/lude more /old and (lu out6rea"s? longer healing o( 1ounds? a lesser sense o( taste and smell? s"in pro6lems? loss o( appetite? and night 6lindness. • Iodine ! R1* :140 M% Role= Iodine plays an essential part in the /reation o( /ertain hormones 6y the thyroid gland that handles regulatory meta6oli/ pro/ess? /hanging (atty a/ids straight into energy and sta6ili<ing 6lood /holesterol le-els. Sour/es= !a6le salt? sea(ood? salt1ater (ish and sea1eed.

Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= !his is e4tremely un/ommon? 6ut a de(i/ien/y 1ould 6ring a6out an enlarged thyroid gland? dry s"in and lo1 energy. • Selenium ! R1* is :044 M% Role= Selenium is an important antio4idant? as it is identi(ied to 6lo/" (ree radi/als in the 6ody. It 6attles /an/er? heart disease along 1ith pre-enting /atara/ts (rom gro1ing. It might delay the gro1th o( ,I9S and de/reases the harshness o( popular 6a/terial in(e/tions and diseases. Sour/es= Sea(ood? eggs? o((al? dairy produ/ts? /itrus (ruits? 6ra<il nuts? a-o/ados and lentils. !he signs o( de(i/ien/y= , redu/tion in selenium in the diet /ould lead to a greater ris" o( /an/er? heart disease and s"in issues. • Copper ! R1* 0:3 M% Role= opper helps to (orm /ollagen? 1hi/h is essential (or healthy 6ones and /onne/ti-e tissue. It is important (or the /reation o( red 6lood /ells 1hi/h is needed to a6sor6 iron more easily. Studies suggest that /opper may pre-ent /oronary disease and high 6lood pressure and that it shields against damage (rom (ree radi/als? and the gro1th and de-elopment o( /an/er. Sour/es= A((al? oysters and shell(ish? 1hole grains? nuts? seeds? a-o/ados? potatoes? garli/? 6ananas? mushrooms? /o/oa? tomatoes? prunes and soya produ/ts. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= Wea"ness? s"in and 6reathing pro6lems? e-en though a de(i/ien/y ;ust isnEt popular.

Manganese ! R1* is 6:; M% Role= 7anganese is -ery important (or the sa(ety o( the human 6odyEs /ells in parti/ular -ersus damage (rom (ree radi/als. It is reHuired (or the operation o( meta6olism? digesti-e (un/tion? and helps to 6rea" do1n (ats and /holesterol. 7anganese is also -ital (or the de-elopment o( healthy 6ones and tissues. Sour/es= Kuts? 6ro1n ri/e? /ereals? 1hole grains and pulses.

Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= , redu/tion in manganese /an lead to digesti-e pro6lems? di<<iness and loss o( hearing. • )luoride ! R1* 1:4 to 2 M% Role= +luoride is -ital regarding strong 6ones and teeth and guards teeth against tooth de/ay. Sour/es= !oothpaste? tap 1ater and tea. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= !oo little (luoride 1ill /ause tooth de/ay.

Chromium ! R1* 40 to 600 MC% Role= hromium is a tra/e element that is essential in the entire 6ody. It is a6le to sta6ili<e 6lood sugar? 1hi/h /ould redu/e dia6etes? 6y utili<ing insulin e((i/iently. In addition? it aids the 6rea"do1n o( (atty a/ids in the 6ody and is said to raise the good /holesterol in the 6ody 1hile lo1ering the 6ad /holesterol. Sour/es= Shell(ish? red meat? li-er? egg yol"s? /heese? molasses? 6re1erEs yeast? mushrooms and 1heat grains 6read. Symptoms o( de(i/ien/y= , la/" o( /hromium /ould 6ring a6out the start o( dia6etes as 1ell as raise 6lood /holesterol le-els? and /ould lead to /ardio-as/ular disease.

Moly$denum ! R1* is :024 M% Role= Keeded (or the produ/tion o( 9K, and is also o(ten "no1n as an antio4idant. It assists to 6rea" do1n sul(ites in (oods? 1here i( a to4i/ 6uild8up o//ursN it /ould lead to an allergi/ rea/tion. ,dditionally it is "no1n to prote/t against tooth de/ay.

Sour/es= 'i-er? 1hole grains? yeast? pulses and green -egeta6les. !he signs o( de(i/ien/y= , de(i/ien/y /ould lead to 6reathing di((i/ulties? and other allergi/ rea/tions.

#o- "an Supplement Companies %et *-ay -ith Cheating Consumers?
!here are good /ompanies that manu(a/ture supplements? and there are 6ad ones. A( /ourse this is 1ith nearly e-erything in li(eN ho1e-er I 1ould argue that it is /ru/ial to pi/" the right supplement /ompany. !he reason (or this is 6e/ause the produ/t is in;e/ted into someoneDs 6ody on a daily 6asis. Ane 1ay that supplement /ompanies /an get a1ay 1ith /reating 6ad Huality produ/ts is that they /an legally and routinely sell their mer/handi<e 1ithout (irst ha-ing to demonstrate that they are sa(e? and that they 1or" as they are intended to. ,lso supplement /ompanies do not ha-e to mention ad-erse e((e/ts on the la6el su/h as pres/ription drugs. !he +9, in the I.S. do ha-e rules 1hen it /omes to the Huality o( manu(a/turing 1ith pres/ription drugs? ho1e-er they donDt apply 1hen it /omes to -itamins? her6s and minerals supplements. 9o you e-er 1onder 1hy pres/ription drug /ommer/ials ha-e all these side e((e/ts listed$ Well itDs 6e/ause they are reHuired 6y la1 to ha-e them and itDs not li"e they 1ant to list these negati-e e((e/ts. Supplement /ompanies on the other hand do not ha-e to list negati-e side e((e/ts? 1hi/h /an potentially ma"e them more dangerous.

1oes the )1* Routinely *nalyAe the Content o' 1ietary Supplements?
!he +9, has limited resour/es to analy<e the ingredients o( a produ/t? in/luding dietary supplements. +irst it (o/uses these resour/es on pu6li/ health emergen/ies and produ/ts that may ha-e /aused in;ury? or illness. !hen resour/es go to produ/ts thought to 6e unsa(e ? (raudulent or in -iolation o( the la1. !he remaining (unds are used (or routine monitoring o( produ/ts pulled (rom store shel-es or /olle/ted during inspe/tions o( manu(a/turing (irms. So as you /an see itDs not that that the +9, doesnDt 1ant to prote/t /onsumers? itDs ;ust that they limited resour/es. !he agen/y does not analy<e dietary supplements 6e(ore they are sold to /onsumers. !he manu(a/turer is responsi6le (or ensuring that the >Supplement +a/ts> la6el and ingredient list are a//urate? that the dietary ingredients are sa(e? and that the /ontent mat/hes the amount de/lared on the la6el. !he +9, does analy<e dietary supplements sent to the agen/y 6y /onsumers 1ho 1ant to "no1 their /ontent. Instead? /onsumers may /onta/t the manu(a/turer or a /ommer/ial la6oratory to dou6le /he/" that the ingredients are sa(e and e((e/ti-e. In a nutshell itDs the /onsumerDs ;o6 to ensure a supplement is sa(e and e((e/ti-e.

1oes the )1* e+er Regulate 1ietary Supplements and When?
In A/to6er 1))4? the 9ietary Supplement 0ealth and 3du/ation ,/t (9S03,) 1as signed into la1 6y President linton in the I.S. *e(ore this time? dietary supplements 1ere su6;e/t to the same regulatory reHuirements as 1ere other (oods. !his ne1 la1? 1hi/h /hanged the +ederal +ood? 9rug? and osmeti/ ,/t? /reated a ne1 system (or the sa(ety and la6eling o( dietary supplements. Inder 9S03,? the /ompany is responsi6le (or determining that the dietary supplements it manu(a/tures is sa(e and that any /laims made a6out it ha-e adeHuate e-iden/e to sho1 that they are not (alse or misleading. !his means that dietary supplements do not need appro-al (rom +9, 6e(ore they are mar"eted. 34/ept in the /ase o( a ne1 dietary ingredient? 1here pre8mar"et re-ie1 (or sa(ety data and other in(ormation is reHuired 6y la1? a (irm does not ha-e to pro-ide +9, 1ith the e-iden/e it relies on to su6stantiate sa(ety or e((e/ti-eness 6e(ore or a(ter it mar"ets its produ/ts.

Why do some Supplements ha+e Wording 8a 1is"laimer9 that saysB CThis Statement has not $een .+aluated $y the )1*: This ,rodu"t is not intended to 1iagnose? Treat? Cure? or pre+ent any 1iseaseC?
!his statement or >dis/laimer> is reHuired 6y la1 due to something /alled 9S03, (9ietary Supplement 0ealth and 3du/ation ,/t) 1hen a manu(a/turer ma"es a /laim on a dietary supplement la6el. !hese /laims des/ri6e the role o( a nutrient or supplement ingredient intended to a((e/t the stru/ture or (un/tion o( the 6ody. !he manu(a/turer is responsi6le (or ensuring the a//ura/y and truth(ulness o( these /laimsN and they are not appro-ed 6y the +9, (+ood and 9rug ,dministration.) 9ue to this reason? the la1 says that i( a dietary supplement la6el in/ludes su/h a /laim? it must state in a >dis/laimer> that +9, has not e-aluated this /laim. !he dis/laimer must also mention that this produ/t is not intended to >diagnose? treat? /ure or pre-ent any disease?> 6e/ause only a drug /an legally ma"e su/h a /laim.

Who +alidates "laims and -hat kinds o' "laims "an $e made on dietary supplement la$els?
I( you e-er do a &oogle sear/h on (inding a good supplement you 1ill pro6a6ly (ind some (airly 6ig /laims on a -ariety o( topi/s. !he /hallenging part is trying to (igure out 1hi/h /laims are true? 1hi/h are (alse? and itDs sort o( li"e 6eing a poli/e dete/ti-e. So the real Huestion is 1ho appro-es o( these 1ild /laims? and 1hat type o( /laims /an 6e made$ Well in the I.S.? there are three 6ig organi<ations in-ol-ed and they are the /ompany? the /onsumer? and the +ederal !rade ommission.

*y la1? manu(a/turers may ma"e three types o( /laims (or their dietary supplement produ/ts. 1) 0ealth /laims .) Stru/tureM+un/tion /laims 3) Kutrient /ontent /laims Some o( these /laims des/ri6e= the lin" 6et1een a (ood su6stan/e and disease or a health8related /onditionN the intended 6ene(its o( using the produ/tN or the amount o( a nutrient or dietary su6stan/e in a produ/t.

What to do i' you ha+e %otten Cheated When ,ur"hasing a Supplement
!here are a -ariety o( things a /onsumer /an do i( they (eel li"e they ha-e 6een /heated. 0o1e-er? itDs important to allo1 an organi<ation plenty o( time to address your pro6lem to 6e (air to them. ,lso in the Oreal 1orldP sometimes things do not go as smoothly as 1e /an hope. , -ery /ommon o//urren/e o( this has to do 1ith email? and this has happened to me 6e(ore. Sometimes an email /an enter a spam (older? and the re/ei-er 1ill not get it.  Ane o( the most /ommon things a /onsumer /an do i( they (eel li"e they ha-e 6een 1ronged is to /onta/t the *etter *usiness *ureau. Kot only /an this help someone (eel 6etter? 6ut it /an 1arn other potential -i/tims so that they donDt get harmed. 7ay6e some o( this good "arma /an /ome 6a/" to you.  !he +9,Ds 7ed1at/h Program is designed to tra/" 6ad Huality health produ/ts as 1ell as ad-erse rea/tions and sa(ety /on/erns. You /an -isit their site 6y /li/"ing on +9,Ds 7ed1at/h Program.  I( you li-e in the Inited States one idea 1ould 6e to /onta/t your states ,ttorney &eneral.  +ile a /omplaint to the national /onsumer prote/tion agen/y. In the Inited States someone /an ma"e a /omplaint to the +ederal !rade ommission.  +inally 1ord o( mouth is al1ays an option.

&egal In'ormation
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Where to %et More In'ormation
!his report has 6een a 1or" in progress? and I ha-e updated it at least # times. You pro6a6ly ha-e some Huestions as 1ell /omments. I 6oth 1el/ome and en/ourage (eed6a/"? sin/e it helps 1ith my learning as 1ell. You 1ill 6e re/ei-ing another email shortly that goes o-er more topi/s in this report. Instead o( reading? I ha-e in/luded a -ideo (ormat (or your /on-enien/e. ,dditionally you /an -isit this site !ips (or the sa--y supplement user= 7a"ing in(ormed de/isions and e-aluating in(ormation (in/ludes in(ormation on ho1 to e-aluate resear/h (indings? and health in(ormation on8line) You /an also -isit the site /laims that /an 6e made dietary supplements? (pro-ides in(ormation on 1hat types o( /laims /an 6e made (or dietary supplements). I really hope this report helps a (e1 people? until ne4t time? ta"e /are o( your 6ody 6e/ause you only ha-e 1 (unless you ha-e (igured out ho1 to get /loned parts). Sin/erely? @e-in Whitsitt