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FIRST VIDEO        Open the image using adobe bridge Press space on an image in bridge to view it in full screen Press enter to open the image in editor Press F to get a full screen view on the image and hold space to move the image To copy a layer , drag it down to the new layer icon To copy a layer, press CTRL+J To add lights around the corner, select a black mask behind an image and then change its blend mode to soft light and use B to open the brush tool , make it large using right bracket key , make it soft by clicking the brush icon and reduce hardness to 0% and fill the center with white so that only the edges gets blackened. To add lights to the center of image, go to filters- render-lighting effects and select OMNI mode to put lights, adjust the opacity to manage it. To make a black and white image, go to adjustment and choose black and white. To soften a brush, reduce hardness by clicking on the left top icon of brushes. Use B to open the brush tool. The black and white circle at the bottom is the adjustment icon, use curves , colour options etc to add lights and edit the photo. Use soft light blending for proper blending modes.

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SECOND VIDEO:            To add text , press T Text font can be changed by double clicking the text layer and selecting the font drop down menu. To add sample color from the image, click a square white box in center top and click on surrounding to take sample from the background and adjust your color accordingly. Fx menu at bottom is used for various blends like choosing inner shadows. Inner shadows can be used to make a name look imprinted on something. Nice: to use your brush and produce fog like effects: make a new layer, take a black brush and put the layer into soft light mode. Change the opacity for better effects. To brighten an image, make a copy layer in screen blend mode and add to it or use shadows in image- adjustments –shadows. To increase the canvas size, just put a part of image outside the region and go to edit –reveal all. NICE: to blur a layer and make it blend into image, best thing is to use blur-Gaussian blur. TO replace color, go to image-adjustments- replace color. Rasterize is used in layers-rasterize-type to fit a text in any shape like triangle.

During VANISHING POINT use. USE filter.Vanishing point to add graffiti’s to walls. all the layers in between would be selected and then press CTRL+G to make a group. To select multiple layers hold shift key To form group of layers click on the bottom layer and then click on top layer with shift key pressed.THIRD VIDEO:      TO add NOISE go to filters-add noise and add more amount of noise and later blend it by copying layers and making them soft light blended. Use magnetic lasso tool (L) to create a random selection and can use paths to write text over it. the text can be transformed using T key. .