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Technical Requirements of Malaysia for Nuclear Reactor Technology for Near Term Deployment

Mazleha Maskin, Julia Abdul Karim Abdul Muin B. Abdul Rahman,Dr Malaysian Nuclear Agency

General criteria • • • • • • • National energy plan National infrastructure: the grid. site. and environment characteristics Local conditions National Participations Regulatory and safety requirements General technical and economics characteristics Associated services and supports .

National Energy Plan: National Fuel Diversification Policy 1981 Four Fuel oil. hydropower. natural gas & coal 2000 Five Fuel + renewable energy 2012 Six Fuel + nuclear energy .

org/globalenergy/library/national_energy_grid/malaysia/ km 61 km 680 km Power supply stability and reliability performance published annually by the Energy Commission and available at .my *o/h: overhead.geni.National Infrastructure: The Grid Available Grid • • • • • 500 kV o/h Lines 275 kV o/h Lines 132 kV o/h Lines 275 kV u/g Cables 132 kV u/g Cables : : : : : 890 km 6. u/g: underground SOURCE: http://www.666 km 10.

geni.shtml .org/globalenergy/library/national_energy_grid/malaysia/malaysiannationalelectricitygrid.National Infrastructure: The Grid SOURCE: http://www.

SEB and SESB are vertically integrated and operate along with Independent Power Producers (IPPs) SOURCE: Mohd Yusof Rakob .036 Gen Mix: 2009 Gas: Coal: 53% 34% Oil: Coal: Hydro: 866.Planning for Smart Grid in TNB System.230 (2009) 499.4 (2010) 413.072 Gen Mix: 2010 Gas: Coal: Hydro: 54% 40% 5. Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.684 15.983 760 Gen Mix: 2009 57% 31% 9% Hydro: 8% Distillate: 0.593. PECon2010.2% 1.051 (2010) 7. TNB. Malaysia .Malaysia) SEB (Sarawak) SESB (Sabah) Logo Installed Capacity (MW) Customer Max Demand (MW) 21. 2010 IEEE Conference on Power and Energy.General Profile of Power Utilities TNB (P.618 1.2% Diesel: 5% Biomass: 3% NOTE: Electricity supply industry in Malaysia is a fully regulated.

Extreme natural events. Archaeology Engineering Costs (15%) Foundation. Cooling water . Proximity to grid. Population. Water quality Socio-economic (15%) Coastal resources. Hazardous installations Environment (20%) Ecology. Accessibility.National Infrastructure: The Site Malaysia is well positioned as a possible location for nuclear plants Site Selection Weighting Factor Low Earthquake Risk Zone Public Safety & Health (50%) Radiation exposure. Land Use.

Local Conditions • • • • • Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development Program National Participation Formation of NEPIO Formation of TSO International Tender for appointment of consultant:- • • • • • Regulatory study (gap analysis leading to amended legislation) Final Site study Feasibility study NPIDP study Public acceptance programme .

2010 .Local Conditions: Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development Program • Nuclear Sector Development: July 16.

2010 .Local Conditions: Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development Program • Nuclear Sector Development: July 16.

2011 • Y.B.Local Conditions: Formation of NEPIO: MNPC Jan 11. Prime Minister announced the establishment of Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) .A.

10 – 14 October 2011 .Local Conditions: Current Activities of MNPC International Tender for appointment of Consultant:• Regulatory infrastructure study (Study in Progress) • Site study (awarded) • Feasibility study (awarded): .Technology assessment and selection: maybe SMR or Bigger • Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development Program study (awarded) • Industrial capability • R&D Capability • Education & Training capability • ETC • Public acceptance (awarded) SOURCE: Ir Dr Mohamad Puad Hji Abu. INPRO Dialogue Forum on Nuclear Energy Innovations: Common User Consideration for Small and Medium-sized Nuclear PR. Vienna.

Vienna. RIA • Feasibility Study: Technology assessment. Nuclear Engineering Experimental Lab for academics and Industry Regulatory framework preparation: Licensing Regulation for Nuclear Installation. • • • • Industrial capabilities Education and Training: Reactor Operator Training. SIA. 2011: Malaysia Nuclear Agency TSO program / activities: Nuclear Malaysia involvement:• Public information • Siting: EIA. INPRO Dialogue Forum on Nuclear Energy Innovations: Common User Consideration for Small and Medium-sized Nuclear PR. 10 – 14 October 2011 . capacity building SOURCE: Ir Dr Mohamad Puad Hji Abu. Safety Analysis Report Invitation and Evaluation of bids for nuclear power plants: Technical Evaluation Technology development.Local Conditions: Formation of TSO • • Jan 1. Radiation Protection Officer Training. Safety assessment.

Public Works Dept. Technology & Innovation (MOSTI). EPU. DOSH. KeTTHA. Urban & Country Planning Dept. Ministry of Human Resources (MHR). (JKR). PTM. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). ST. KDN. Nuclear Malaysia. Ministry of Science. Mineral & Geoscience Dept. Ministry of Health (MOH). AELB. (DID). ST & TNB. DOE. Ministry of Housing & Local Government. Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI). AELB. Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). KPKT. Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC). Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM). (JPBD). MOFA. Information Dept. Public Services Dept. AELB. National Security Council (MKN). ST. Green Technology & Water (KeTTHA) Member Agencies: Ministry of Finance (MOF). Dept. ST. Ministry of Natural Resources & the Environment (MNRE). (KPKT). Khazanah Nasional Berhad (KNB). Ministry of Information. KeTTHA. MNRE. Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM). Marine Dept. Dept. Ministry of Rural & Regional Development (MRRD). Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Department.National Participation Cabinet Committee on Energy Nuclear Power Development Steering Committee (JPPKN) Ministry of Energy. MOSTI. TNB. of Environment (JAS). Malaysia Energy Centre (PTM). (JPA). MOFA. Ministry of Education. MOF. AGC. of Occupational Health & Safety (DOSH). SIRIM Berhad. Nuclear Malaysia. Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Corporation. MKN. . Master Builders Association of Malaysia (MBAM) Nuclear Power Programme Development Working Committee Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) Nuclear Power Project Development Working Committee Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) KeTTHA. EPU. Meteorology Dept (MMD). (JPM). Nuclear Power Legislative Development Coordination Working Committee Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) & Energy Commission (ST) MOSTI. Drainage & Irrigation Dept. (JMG). JAS. Nuclear Malaysia & TNB. DOSH. Culture & Communications (MICC). Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN).

AELB. TNB. MKN. DOSH. . C. MOSTI. MOSTI. KDN. TNB & others. Nuclear Malaysia. KeTTHA. AELB. ST. Nuclear Malaysia. DOSH.Regulatory and Safety Requirements No. ST. KPKT & others Nuclear Malaysia. KDN. KDN. MOFA. MOSTI. Nuclear Malaysia. DOSH & others. AELB. TNB.4 Activity: Development of legal & organisational framework Nuclear licensing & regulation Emergency planning Safeguards & physical protection National Lead Agency AGC/AELB AELB AELB AELB National Counterpart Agencies: MOFA.3 C. AGC. & others.2 C. ST. MOFA. JAS. JAS. TNB.1 C. MKN. ST. JAS.

aspx . as compared to most competitive cost of generation from alternative plants.General Technical and Economic Characteristics • • • • • • Twin-units of NPP Electrical capacity = 1000MWe or more Power generation cost of NPP: • • less than 60% is especially natural gas 80-90% is tolerable Proven Technology Safety & Security Costs SOURCE:

manufacturing of regular equipment and O&M Radioactive Waste Management .Associated Services and Supports • • NPP project suppliers should involve user country in the area of construction.

technology development. technology support development.Conclusion • Prospect for SMR unlikely in near term • • • • • Not yet proven technology Might not meet demand Maybe for future to meet peak demands or non-power applications To participate in R&D. knowledge management • • • Impending retirements of experienced staffs Knowledge gap Lack of interest in S&T . knowledge acquisition Our priority now is capacity building.

43000 Kajang. Telephone: +60-3-8925-0510 Facsimile: +60-3-8925-0755 .Mazleha Maskin Nuclear Power Division Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) Bangi. Malaysia E-mail: