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Skin::v2.9.0818::AUGUST 18,
Overscan Tool::v1.9.0808::AUGUST 8,

Skin Installation:
1. Move the "amwyamj290818" folder and its contents to the skins folder of where
YAMJ has been installed to.
2. Either rename "amwyamj290818" to "default" or edit the last line of so that it says amwyamj290818 instead of default. In my
experience, this last line in the tends to change it back
to "default" -- so after changing this line and saving it, I would make the file
READ ONLY. To do this, right click on the file, click Properties, check Read-only,
click Apply, and OK.
3. I would recommend removing all previously generated files ("C:\Program
Files\myiHome\webapps\ROOT\feature\myiHome-moviejukebox" for myiHome users) and
regenerating them. For myiHome users, go to Edit > Preferences > Plugin >
Regenerate to regenerate all the files.
4. Remember to put your overscan values back in before regenerating.
5. If you set YAMJ to download Apple trailers, make sure to only set it to
download 1 trailer. This should save you time and bandwidth. Use this line in the file:
*Remember to use the latest version of YAMJ, found here:
*Remember to put your overscan values back in.

Overscan Tool Installation:

1. Extract the contents.
2. Place all the files on a USB drive or anywhere you can access the index.html
file on the NMT.
3. Run the index.html file on the NMT and follow the on-screen directions to find
the values for your TV.

[b]August 18, 2009 Update[/b]

As you can see, this is version 2 (2.9.0818), and to me (to you, as well) this
means this is a major update. Like the thread title now mentions, TV shows is now
implemented. But a few things before I get to that.

Some of you probably thought I abandoned the project, but I spent the better part
of last week listening to your opinions, ideas, suggestions, and everything else
about the skin in general and the TV Shows portion. I didn't get to implement all
the suggestions/requests that I wanted to get to, but this update is primarily for
the TV Shows and a few smaller enhancements here and there. Further updates will,
of course, follow. I somewhat expect people to post issues they may come across
with this update.

This screenshot above best explains most of the changes made to the index page.
The posters are now rounded and have a glare. [b]These corners will only work with
the default background image.[/b] I kept the overlay image (the disk) -- I
couldn't think of anything else more obvious and will work with this skin. There
was enough discussion as to how to change it, so if you don't like it, you can
easily replace the glassoverlay5.png. Also, when the thumbnails are filtered to
only show TV shows, the "MOVIES" image will now say "TV" -- this only makes sense.

The above screenshot is of the file. The 1st portion is the
default index (27 thumbnails per page in a 9x3 configuration). The 2nd portion is
for 2 rows (12 thumbnails per page in a 6x2 configuration). Just follow the
directions, delete the moviename_small.png files, and regenerate. The rounded
corners and overlays will be scaled up to fit this configuration.

This screenshot above is primarily to show the number of channels in the audio
track. While we're on the subject of the movies detail page, the latest version of
the YAMJ svn now properly shows the writer(s) of the movie.

Now here's what we've all been waiting for. This "windowed" layout is inspired by
XBMC Aeon's Multiplex mod. I incorporated elements from the movie details page.
[b]At this point, the TV fanart will be an issue.[/b] Since the skin's fanart is
cropped up to fit the movie details page, it'll also crop up the fanart for the TV
details page. At this point, I don't see any way to tell the skin to crop movie
fanart and not to crop TV fanart. You will have to replace the resulting fanart
image after generation -- otherwise, it'll just be tiled and you'll see the fanart
about 2 times.

This screenshot shows you the episode title, video image, and episode plot.
[b]This coding has been modified from ppp3.[/b] Since many of you have been using
it for you TV needs (since it supports video images), the drill is very similar in
�ON. Instead of pressing Menu to see the episode details, you now press Info. It
will currently be able to list 62 episodes -- not sure what show has 62 episodes
per season though. In case it's necessary, another column can be added to the
episode list, making it 93 episodes per season.

That's pretty much all I have to say about this release. I'm not completely happy
with the TV details layout, but I think we're headed in the right direction. I
suspect there will be many issues/suggestions in the following days, so feel free
to post about anything. I already know of 1 issue that may come up.