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Ewan Porter's November Beer Guide

Nov 1 – Surry Hills Pils (Australia, Pilsner) Dry, bready, grainy and a little bitter, quite fizzy with a fruity after taste! 6.5/10 Southern Ocean Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Sweet citrus, pine, light hops, a hint of caramel and very refreshing! 8/10 Nov 2 – Moylan’s Nor Cal IPA (California, IPA) Full-bodied, some initial sweet malt, strong grapefruit presence and nicely balanced with a dry, spicy bitterness to the finish! 8.5/10 Nov 3 – Prickly Moses The Raconteur (Australia, IPA) Strong initial sweetness with hints of caramel balanced with a lingering bitterness and bold hoppy aroma! 8/10 Bellarine The Heads Ale (Australia, Irish Ale) Sweet, rich and nutty malts, tangy and fruity English hops detected with a light bitterness to finish! 7/10 Nov 4 – Yeastie Boys Digital IPA (New Zealand, IPA) Earthy, New Zealand hops with a sweet, tropical aroma, a little malt and a lingering bitterness to the finish! 7.5/10

Nov 5 – James Squire Golden Ale (Australia, Blonde Ale) Slightly sweet, malty aroma with faint citrus hops and light lemon zest, very clean and crisp! 8.5/10 Nov 6 – Mt Tamborine Cuvee Belgian Blonde (Australia, Belgian Ale) Sweet, spicy and yeasty aroma with a strong, fruity presence, fizzy palate and light bitterness to finish! 7/10 Kwencher Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Generous dose of hops combined with a citrus and passionfruit aroma, light malts and a smooth finish! 7.5/10

Nov 7 – Duvel Tripel Hop 2013 Sorachi Ace (Belgium, Belgian Strong Ale) Quite a strong hop presence, slightly malty, a little sugary and sweet but a nicely balanced dry, bitter finish! 8/10 Nov 8 – Moo Brew Wheat Beer (Australia, Hefeweizen) Sweet, banana aroma with a little spice to the palate, some citrus and yeast present and a light sweetness to the finish - very refreshing! 8/10 Nov 9 – Lobethal India Pale Ale (Australia, IPA) Only very faint hops with a strong caramel nose, quite a fruity presence and a nice, dry finish! 7/10 Nov 10 – Gage Roads Traditional Pumpkin Ale (Australian, Spice/Vegetable) Sweet aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, light bodied but this certainly not up to US standards! 6/10 Nov 11 – Dalgety Strong Ale (Australia, English Strong Ale) Big, bold, thick and sweet mouth feel, a little fruity but nicely balanced bitterness to the finish! 7.5/10 Nov 12 – Bellerose Biere Blonde Extra (France, Blonde Ale) Sweet, malty and spicy aroma with a fruity, banana, yeasty flavor and a slightly bitter citrus after taste! 7.5/10 Nov 13 – Feral The Raging Flem (Australia, Belgian IPA) Starts slightly sweet with a fruity, pine aroma, a little spice and some yeast with a dry, lingering bitterness to finish – great beer! 9/10

Nov 14 – Hop Dog Beer Works An American Werewolf in Belgium (Australia, IPA) Lovely aroma of malt and yeast, a little spice, some citrus notes and a nice bitter sweet finish! 8.5/10 Nov 15 – Monteiths Brewers Series Imperial Pilsner (New Zealand, Imperial Pilsner) Strong alcohol presence, floral hops, a little caramel with a bitter after taste! 7.5/10 Nov 16 – Sail and Anchor Devil Dodger (Australia, IPA) Trademark IPA aromas of grapefruit, citrus and pine but a well balanced malt sweetness blends nicely with the hop bitterness! 8/10 Nov 17 – Lover Beer Beer Bera (Italy, Sour Ale) Bold aroma to the nose of grapes, a touch of dry, oaky wood and a sour finish! 7/10 Saranac Pumpkin Ale (New York, Spice/Herb/Vegetable) Cinnamon and vanilla burst on to the palate with a little spice and nutmeg with a fruity finish! 8/10

Nov 18 – Holgate Road Trip IPA (Australia, IPA) Evident Pacific Northwest USA hops of pine & grapefruit, a tangy light bitterness but for an IPA quite sessionable! 7.5/10 Nov 19 - Bright Brewery Fainters Dubbel (Australia, Abbey) Rich malt flavors with a little spice aroma, quite a strong alcohol presence and a sweet finish! 8/10 Nov 20 – Schofferhofer Hefeweizen (Germany, Hefeweizen) Beautiful orange, lemon scent with a bold wheat aroma & very refreshing! 8.5/10 Weihenstephaner Pilsner (Germany, Pilsner) Clean mouthfeel with a solid malty taste, a little sweet with a nice, dry finish! 8/10 Nov 21 – To Ol Final Frontier (Denmark, Double IPA) An explosion of hops on the palate – citrus, grapefruit with some yeast, quite sweet initially but a long, lingering bitterness to finish! 8.5/10 Nov 22 – Matilda Bay Alpha Pale (Australia, Pale Ale) Aroma of caramel and light citrus notes, bold hops, a little sweetness with a tangy grapefruit bitterness on the finish! 8/10 Nov 23 – Alahambra Reserva 1925 (Spain, Lager) Sweet aroma with a little grain, some light citrus notes, light bodied, very clean and crisp – one of the better Spanish beers! 7.5/10

Bridgeport IPA (Oregon, IPA) Malty, caramel and a little sweet, great lacing, lightly bitter with a hint of grapefruit and a nice, dry finish! 8/10 Nov 24 – Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock (Germany, Eisbock) Bold, dark fruit aroma, sweet and syrupy, full bodied with a sticky, smooth finish! 8.5/10 Nov 25 – Viking Pilsner (Iceland, Pilsner) Light bodied with very faint sweet malts and some grain but quite a bland, boring beer! 5/10 Belgian Blue Original Belgian Wheat Ale (Australia, Belgian White) An initial sweet, fruity aroma with hints of spice and a crisp, wheaty finish! 7.5/10 Nov 26 – McCashin Family Original Stoke Bomber Kiwi Pale Ale (New Zealand, Pale Ale) A nice, malty, somewhat earthy beer, mild hops, a little citrus and a dry, bitter finish! 8/10

Nov 27 – Green Flash Hop Head Red (California, Amber Ale) Grainy and hoppy aroma, a little metallic, a little spice and a crisp, bitter finish! 8/10 Nov 28 – Red Oak India Pale Ale (Australia, IPA) Initial sweet caramel malts the quickly bites with citrus and grapefruit and a lingering bitterness to finish! 8.5/10 Dennis Beer Rocket Science Galactic Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Malty, fruity, floral hops, quite bitter on the palate and a lovely dry finish! 8.5/10 Nov 29 – North Coast Red Seal Ale (California, Pale Ale) Malty sweetness on the palate with citrus notes present and a nice bitterness to finish! 8/10 Nov 30 – Young Henrys Newtowner (Australia, Golden Ale) Slightly sweet, malty and hoppy, fruity aroma with a light bitter after taste! 7.5/10 Hop Dog Beer Works Redhopulous (Australia, Amber Ale) Sweet, toffee malts with a little caramel and citrus with a lovely, dry finish! 8/10

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