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Brief Profile
Work Experience Current Employer Industry Highest Degree Current / Preferred Location Date of Birth (Gender) 3 Year(s) 8 Month(s) Infosys Limited IT-Software/Software Services B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering) Pune / Bangalore [Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/Delhi] 01 Mar, 1987 [Male]

Key Skills
Operating Systems : Windows 9x, Windows XP/2000 professional Languages : Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, CSS, Javascript, PHP5.0 Frameworks : Struts 2.0, JSF2.0 Databases : SQL+, PL/SQL Tools : Toad, HP Quality Center, HP Quality Test Professional IDEs : Eclipse Ganymede, Netbeans IDE, other arbitrary frameworks Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 6 Others : Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver Software Development Lifecycles : Agile lifecycle, Waterfall Software Test Life Cycle Version Control Systems : SVN, Visual Source Safe (VSS)

Areas Of Interest
Data Structures Algorithms Problem Solving

Training Details
Training Received at Infosys Technologies Ltd, Mysore
An intensive training conducted by the company for a period of 5 months. It was a 3 stage training involving different technologies being taught at all stages. The Stream training specialized in Java related Technologies viz. Servlets, JSP, POJO, JPA and JSF

Active participant in Topcoder Single Round Matches and Practice rooms to enhance Programming and Problem solving skills. Was an active participant of Trinity Computer Science society of Inderprastha Engg, College, Ghaziabad Organized C-Crets : A C/C++ programming competition in Udbhav07 (An Inter-collegiate level technical event held at Inderprastha Engg College, Ghaziabad )

Secured A+ grade (4.95 CGPA out of 5) during training provided by Infosys Limited at Mysore. Won 2 Prize in JAVA Programming at Infoxpression07, an Inter College Technical fest held at USIT, GGSIPU, New Delhi Got Certificate of appreciation in COFAS-International Computer Olympiad, 2003 organized at CMS, Gomti Nagar Branch, Lucknow

IT Skills and Projects

Projects at Infosys Ltd. :
Duration Project Name Client Team size Description Jul 2012 Present PRODUCT TAXONOMY Union Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) 11 Product Taxonomy is a utility application being developed for UBS to provide classification services for various products used within the organization. UBS as a major banking firm deals with various products viz. Equities,Options etc. Various applications across UBS using these products, identify them in different ways. Product Taxonomy aims at classifying these products and providing them nomenclature on basis of predefined rules or properties so that various applications across UBS can identify these products in a similar fashion. Product Taxonomy is being developed in various components : Web Service : Various applications make a call to PT Web Service to achieve classification for products Web Component : A web application is being developed for maintenance purposes so that moderators can add various product definitions and classification methods for the application. Developed the Web component for Product Taxonomy using Struts 2, Spring 3.0(DI/AOP), JSP, Javascript Java1.6, Struts2, Spring 3.0(DI/AOP), JSP, SimpleJDBCTemplate, Javascript, Oracle 11g, JUnits etc

Role Skills Used

Duration Project Name Client Team size Description

Jan 2012 Jun 2012 HEURISTIC BASED VEHICLE ROUTING Internal Project 2 Vehicle routing problem (VRP) was first formulated by Dantzig and Ramser (1959). Basic characteristics of the problem Vehicle starts from a depot/depots. Vehicle should visit customers only once to satisfy the demand at each customer. Vehicle ends the tour at the same depot. Vehicle is constrained by capacity.

VRP is formulated to determine the route for each vehicle which minimizes The total distance travelled The total travel time The number of vehicles. VRP helps to design routes for each vehicles so as to meet the given constraints and objectives minimizing a given objective function. Heuristics can arrive at near optimal solutions with less computational effort. The aim is to find a heuristic based solution to find near optimal solution for VRP. Developed the Java code to implement a heuristic based algorithm for optimized solution to VRP Java1.6, Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms Mar 2011 Jan 2012 DISCO! (DISTRIBUTION CONTROL) Boeing Company, USA 6 DisCo! is a single platform for managing document distribution among Boeings customers. DisCo! works with various Boeing internal systems and external systems to achieve quality distribution processes across Boeing network Upgraded project, made compatible with jBoss6 AS and added several features. Java1.6, Oracle 10g, Eclipse 3.5, jBoss6 AS Jul 2010 Mar 2011 <confidential> Union Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) 5 Pune This project involved end-to-end testing of two web-based applications designed by a major investment bank for client interaction and inter-organizational operations. These applications handle a large number of concurrent users and huge online traffic.

Role Skills Used Duration Project Name Client Team size Description

Role Skills Used Duration Project Name Company Team Size Location Details

Role Skills Used

Functional and Automation Tester SQL+, Test Case Creation, Test Case Execution, Automation using QTP, QC

Duration Project Name Client Team Size Location Details Role Skills Used

Apr 2010 Jun 2010 e-RetailShop Infosys Ltd. 4 Mysore A Web based shopping portal developed using MVC Architecture at Infosys. Scalability and performance were paid due importance while designing the project. Front End and Back End Developer XHTML/CSS, JSF, JPA, Javascript, PL/SQL, SQL+

Duration Project Name Client Team Size Location Details Role Skills Used

Mar 2010 - Mar 2010 Book Store Management Infosys Ltd. 2 Mysore A Web based book store management portal developed at Infosys Front End and Back End Developer JSP, Javascript, JPA, PL/SQL, SQL+

Projects at individual level :

Duration Project Name Client Team Size Details Role Skill Used Jan 2009 Apr 2009 Academic Institutional Automation Tool(AIAT) Final year project , IPEC 3 Tool to automate learning process and to assist in generation of question papers in academic institutions. Included features like question paper generator, question bank, discussion forum etc. Front End and Back End Developer XHTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL , XAMPP

Year Degree 2009 B.Tech. 2004 XII Institution IPEC, Ghaziabad, U.P. Lucknow Public College, Board / University U.P.T.U. I.S.C. Subjects/ Specialization Information Technology Science %age 70.7 79.8

Lucknow, U.P. 2002

Lucknow Public College, Lucknow, U.P.


Maths, Science


Completed Infosys Training with an overall CGPA of 4.95 out of 5 VB.Net Certified Course @ UTPEC Group E Curriculum of NIIT @ School Program