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The Boot Camp Workout Anybody Can Do – Even a Navy SEAL

By Laura Golding hoto! By Bernadette S"himno#!ki With all the boot "amp! pit"hing their tent! $rom "oa!t to "oa!t it "an be hard to $ind the real deal% The o$$i"ial Women&! Tri'(itne!! and )en&! *b!ta"le Cour!e Challenge Boot Camp i! lo"ated in Tampa+ (lorida% (orty #eekend! a year+ athlete! gather to learn the ob!ta"le "our!e+ $itne!! !kill!+ and ho# to train $or an ob!ta"le "our!e "ompetition #ithout a "our!e% ,$ it-! out o$ your rea"h to attend a Tri'(itne!! Boot Camp+ a military'in!pired boot "amp o$ your o#n devi!e may $it the bill% Built on a reputation o$ hard'edged "onditioning+ the Navy SEAL! and other elite military pro$e!!ional! train $or mi!!ion'related per$orman"e% That mean! training mu!t be "ompri!ed o$"i!e! that a""ompli!h mu!"ular !trength and enduran"e+ "ardio're!piratory enduran"e+ $le.ibility+ !peed and agility+ "oordination and lean body "ompo!ition% Con!tantly varied $un"tional movement! at high inten!ity prepare an athlete or !oldier $or a broad range o$ ta!k! – $rom !"aling a /0'$oot #all to doing 10 bo. 2ump! to para"huting out o$ an airplane% 3u!t !ub!titute para"huting $or "learing the /1'$oot "argo net and you-re in the Tri(it drop 4one5 The $ollo#ing #orkout i! in!pired $rom the phy!i"al $itne!! training manual! o$ the 6S Navy SEAL! and 6S Army% 7ooyah5 No# get your booty out there5

(or more in$ormation or to regi!ter $or a #eekend boot "amp in Tampa+ "onta"t Al 8o!en tri$itman9aol%"om%

er"i!e! e.STAT.tended% .*N :/A 8e!t Station <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N := Do ='< "omplete rotation! #ithout re!ting in bet#een !tation!% *ne minute re!t bet#een rotation! Ei$ neededF% Side 7urdle 7op! <0 !e"ond! Lie on your ba"k #ith your arm! e.eep your ne"k and !pine neutral and look !lightly ahead% 8ai!e your upper body in a !lo# and "ontrolled movement #ithout tou"hing the $loor% .*N :? Split S@uat 3ump <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :D S@uat! <0 !e"ond! • No e@uipment i! needed $or the e.*N :// Single Leg 3ump <0 !e"ond! STAT.ed% Bend at #ai!tI align arm! #ith tor!o and hip!% 3 ump !trongly up#ard #hile !#inging arm! $or#ard and up overhead+ repeat a! @ui"kly a! po!!ible% Split Squat Jump: Start on right leg $or#ard+ bend le$t knee to lunge about an in"h $rom ground+ #ith a po#er$ul 2ump up !#it"h leg! midair to le$t leg $or#ard+ right knee bent to $loorI repeat a! @ui"kly a! po!!ible% Close pushupsJ u!hup! #ith hand! "lo!e together% V.*N :/= )ountain Climb! <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :/1 Tri"ep re!! <0 !e"ond! STAT.eep a #ide ba!e #ith $eetI ro"k your !houlder! $or#ard bending elbo#! and pre!! up #ith tri"ep!% High Knee Jumps: Stand #ith $eet !houlder'#idth apart% 3ump up repeatedly+ a! $a!t a! po!!ible+ #hile bringing up knee! to meet hand! in arm!' !tret"hed out height% *icycle Crunches: Bi"y"le le$t elbo# to#ard right knee and then right elbo# to#ard le$t knee% #eg !lutters: Lie on your ba"k #ith your hand! beneath your butt+ head and !houlder! o$$ the groundI $eet elevated ?'/AG o$$ ground+ alternately rai!e and lo#er leg! – $lutter ki"king% ."ept !ide hurdle hop!% 6!e a /=G hurdle+ +rolled up to#el + or hat pla"ed on the ground Add or remove !tation! ba!ed on your time $rame that day and your ability% .*N :/0 8e!t Station <0 !e"ond! Exercise Dictionary High Knees Run: 8un in pla"e or bet#een !tation! bringing knee! a! high up#ard a! po!!ible% Side Hurdle Hops: la"e a /=G ob!ta"leHhurdle on the ground – !u"h a! a rolled up to#el+ a ball or "oneI @ui"kly 2ump !ide to !ide over it% Supermans: Lie on the ground #ith arm! and leg! e.*N :A B'6p! <0 !e"ond! STAT.nee! 8un <0 !e"ond! STAT.tended overhead and $eet >'?G o$$ the groundI tou"h hand! to $eet in a KBG and return to !tarting po!ition% !lutter Kic"s: Lie on your ba"k #ith your hand! beneath your butt+ head and !houlder! o$$ the groundI $eet elevated ?'/AG o$$ ground+ alternately rai!e and lo#er leg! – $lutter ki"king% Single #eg JumpJ 3ump $or /1 !e"ond! on one leg a! high a! po!!ibleI !#it"h leg! and repeat% $ountain Clim%ersJ Starting at a pu!hup po!ition+ KrunG in pla"e a! $a!t a! you "an – bring knee! to#ard! "he!t% &ide 'ushups: u!hup! #ith a #ide hand and $eet po!ition (% CrunchJ Leg! bent at D0 degree!I keep "hin up and "run"h% )ricep 'ressJ .*N :> Superman! <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :/> Ab Crun"h Leg! 6p <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :/C Leg (lutter! <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :1 7igh 3ump! <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :/ 7igh .eep your leg! o$$ the $loor and hold them !till% )ake !ure to !@uee4e your lo#er ba"k and glute!% High Jumps: (eet are !houlder #idth apart #ith knee! $le.*N :< u!h'6p! <0 !e"ond! STAT.$ po!!ible pla"e !tation! /0 yard! apart to allo# $or more running% An ideal lo"ation i! around the perimeter o$ a $ootball $ield% The !tripe! running a"ro!! the $ield are at $ive'yard interval!% A park+ tenni! "ourt+ gymna!ium or $itne!! "lub aerobi"! room are other great lo"ation!% • • • • STAT.*N :C Clo!e u!h'6p! ' Narro# Stan"e <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :/? Bi"y"le Crun"he! <0 !e"ond! STAT.*N :/< Wide u!hup! <0 !e"ond! STAT.