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Customer Services in PANTALOONS

In the partial fulfilment for the award of Post Graduate Program in Retail Management


Submitted to: Mr. UMANG H. R.

Submitted by: MEENA CHAUDHARY !tc"-2008-10

ANSAL #nstitute o$ M!n!%ement Sector &'' Gur%!on TABLE OF CONTENTS:
Project Title……………………………………………1 Table of Contents…………………………………….. !eclaration……………………………………………."


#ummer Training Certificate………………………...$ %c&nowledgement…………………………………….' Preface…………………………………………………( Compan)*s Profile…………………………………….+ #tore Profile……………………………………………, -.ecuti/e #ummar)………………………………….1, Chapters:

I. Introduction………………………………….. 0 II. Important factors…………………………..... ( III. 1iterature Re/iew…………………………….. , IV. Research Methodolog)………………………"(
2. Research Tools………………………………."+

VI. 3bjecti/es……………………………………...", VII. 4eed of #tud)………………………………...."5 VIII. !ata !escription……………………………...$0 IX. Customer #ur/e) !ata……………………....$$ X. 6uestionnaire………………………………....$' XI. Conclusion………………………………….....$+ XII. Recommendation…………………………..…$, XIII. 1earning………………………………………..'0 XIV. #uggestions…………………………………...'" XV. 7ibliograph)…………………………………....'$



I Meena Chaudhar)8 student of %nsal Institute of Management did

months training with

pantaloons retail India 1td. Gurgaon. I co/ered the 2arious %spects of customer management le/el in m) two months training. This material pro/ided in this report is original and has not been submitted an)where for an) other diploma or degree.


SIGNED BY STUDENT: NAME: Meena Chaudhar) DATE: :;4-* 05



This is to certif) that the project done on = customer ser/ices in pantaloons> submitted to %nsal Institute of Management8 Gurgaon is in partial fulfilment of the re?uirement for the award of Post Graduate Programme in Retail Management8 is a bonafide wor& carried out b) me at P%4T%1334# R-T%I1 I4!I% 1T!8Gurgaon.

#IG4-! 7@ I4#TIT;T- G;I!-9 4%M-9 !%T-9

#IG4-! 7@ #T;!-4T9 4%M-9 Meena Chaudhar) !%T-9 :;4-*05



I ta&e this opportunit) to than& the management of Pantaloons 1td. <or allowing us to be associated with the organiAation and Bence e.posing me to its uni?ue culture which has helped immensel) in enriching our &nowledge and gaining a /aluable insight into the practical aspects of customer ser/ices and Customer #atisfaction . I am also grateful to Mr. 2ina) #harma and Mr. Parag Tandon C.#.M8 P%4T%1334#D Gurgaon and entire staff of P%4T%1334# Gurgaon who had been e.tremel) cooperati/e and helpful at e/er) step throughout the Project Period. 1ast but not least we also e.tent our heartiest than&s to the customers of Gurgaon who spent their precious time in filling our ?uestionnaire.

Meena Chaudhar) Management Trainee %nsal Institute of Technolog)



%nd through the sur/e) ta&en with the Customers we can understand the ps)che of Indian consumers and /er) well anal)sis that what the) want and desire . #o in such a competiti/e retail mar&et where e/er) retailer is tr)ing to capture ma. It also ma&es students aware of about the perception and taste of consumers. Global pla)ers ha/e entered the fra) which has forced the Indian retailers to change there strategies and culture. The project title is =customer #er/ices in pantaloons> Gurgaon. 6 .I am Meena Chaudhar) doing post graduate program in retail management CPGPRMD student of %nsal Institute of Management8Gurgaon undergone training program in Pantaloon Retail India 1imited CPRI1D an arm of <uture Group. Thus it helps in molding the students according to the re?uirement of the mar&et. The project duration was two months. %fter globaliAation there has been /ast change in Indian retail mar&et. It helps in de/elopment of practical scales and anal)tical thin&ing process. #o this research project studies the current situation of customer ser/ice le/el pre/ailing in Indian retail industr) and how does it impact retail outlets. It leads to boom in consumer mar&et and people were on the spending speed. Research Project is an integral part of curriculum ad its purpose is to pro/ide the student with practical e. of consumer mar&et.This sur/e) helps Retailers to satisf) the customers and delighting them with such uni?ue goods which other competitors cannot thin& of. Consumers bu)ing preferences8 taste8 choice has changed and ha/e become more ?ualit) conscious. There is cut throat competition and ha/e realiAed the /alue of customers. I feel great and pleasure in presenting this research project which is essential in partial fulfillment of our Retail management program.imum no.posure of mar&et in toda)*s changing scenario. I ha/e been assigned a tas& as a project related to customer ser/ices.

Bead?uartered in Mumbai C7omba)D8 the compan) operates o/er ' million s?uare feet of retail space8 has o/er $'0 stores across $0 cities in India and emplo)s o/er 1.#E based 4ational Retail <ederation C4R<D and the -merging Mar&et Retailer of the @ear 00+ at the Gorld Retail Congress held in 7arcelona. Pantaloon Retail is the flagship compan) of <uture Group8 a business group catering to the entire Indian consumption The compan) also operates an online portal8 futurebaAaar. Pantaloon Retail was recentl) awarded the International Retailer of the @ear 00+ b) the . The compan)*s leading formats include Pantaloons8 a chain of fashion outlets8 7ig 7aAaar8 a uni?uel) Indian h)permar&et chain8 <ood 7aAaar8 a supermar&et chain8 blends the loo&8 touch and feel of Indian baAaars with aspects of modern retail li&e choice8 con/enience and ?ualit) and Central8 a chain of seamless destination malls. FUTURE GROUP: 7 .COMPANY’S PROFILE Pantaloon Retail CIndiaD 1imited8 is India*s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the /alue and lifest)le segment of the Indian consumer mar&er. % subsidiar) compan)8 Bome #olutions Retail CIndiaD 1imited8 operates Bome Town8 a largeE format home solutions store8 Collection i8 selling home furniture products and -EFone focussed on caterings to the consumer electronics segment. #ome of its other formats include8 !epot8 #hoe <actor)8 7rand <actor)8 7lue #&)8 <ashion #tation8 all8 Top 108 m7aAaar and #tar and #itara.8000 people.

%part from Pantaloon Retail8 the group*s presence in the retail space is complemented b) group companies8 Indus 1eague Clothing8 which owns leading apparel brands li&e Indigo 4ation8 #cullers and .plored8 write rules )et unwrittenM create 8 . It manages assets worth o/er J1 billion that are being in/ested in de/eloping retail real estate and consumerErelated brands and hotels.#Ebased stationar) products retailer8 #taples and .plore areas )et une. <uture Capital Boldings8 the group*s financial arm8 focuses on asset management and consumer credit. The group is currentl) de/eloping o/er '0 malls and consumption centres across the countr) and has formed a joint /enture compan) focusing on mall management with #ingaporeEbased Capital and8 one of %sia*s largest propert) companies. =F t re> L the word which signifies optimism8 growth8 achie/ement8 strength8 beaut)8 rewards and perfection.<uture Group is India*s leading business group that caters to the entire Indian consumption space.) -ntertainment 1imited that operates 7owling Co8 #ports 7ar8 <1 " and 7rew 7ar. The group has launched a consumer credit and financial supermar&et format8 <uture Mone) and soon plans to offer insurance products through a joint /enture with Italian insurance major8 Generalise. The group*s joint /enture partners include <rench retailer -T%M group8 . Hishore 7i)ani8 the <uture Group operates through si.> The group considers KIndianEness* as a core /alue and its corporate credo is E Rewrite rules8 Retain /alues.t8 !ebenhams and Guess in India. /erticals9 Retail8 Capital8 7rands8 #pace8 Media and 1ogistics. <uture Group*s /ision is to8 =deli/er -/er)thing8 -/er)where8 -/er) time to -/er) Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner.rban @oga8 and Gala. Group Compan)8 Planet Retail8 owns and operates the franchisee of international brands li&e Mar&s I #pencer8 4e. 1ed b) Mr. The group*s Indian joint /enture partners include8 Manipal Bealthcare8 Talwal&ar*s8 7lue <oods and 1ibert) #hoes.HEbased 1ee Cooper. <uture encourages us to e.

%nd it is this that will help us succeed in the <uture. C!re "a% es I$&#a$$ess: '!$(#&e$'e #$ ! rse%)es* 9 . Thereb)8 we will effect socioEeconomic de/elopment for our customers8 emplo)ees8 shareholders8 associates and partners. To stri/e for a glorious future brings to us our strength8 our abilit) to learn8 unlearn and reElearn8 our abilit) to e/ol/e. Retain 2alues. Ge shall be efficient8 costE conscious and committed to ?ualit) in whate/er we do. Ge will not just spot trends8 we will set trends b) marr)ing our understanding of the Indian consumer to their needs of tomorrow. Ge shall &eep opportunities and new successes. Ge will not just operate efficientl) in the Indian econom)8 we will e/ol/e it. Gr! p M#ss#!$ Ge share the /ision and belief that our customers and sta&eholders shall be ser/ed onl) b) creating and e. Ge will not just post satisfactor) results8 we will write success stories. Ge will be the trendsetters in e/ol/ing deli/er) formats8 creating retail realt)8 ma&ing consumption affordable for all customer segments L for classes and for masses. Ge shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition.ecuting future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic de/elopment. Gr! p "#s#!$ <uture Group shall deli/er -/er)thing8 -/er)where8 -/er)time for -/er) Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner. Ge8 in <uture Group8 will not wait for the <uture to unfold itself but create future scenarios in the consumer space and facilitate consumption because consumption is de/elopment. It is this understanding that has helped us succeed. Ge shall ensure that our positi/e attitude8 sincerit)8 humilit) and united determination shall be the dri/ing force to ma&e us successful. 3ur customers will not just get what the) need8 but also get them where8 how and when the) need. %nd in this process8 do just one thing. Rewrite Rules.

t! p rp!se( % th#$1#$-* Ope$$ess: t! +e !pe$ a$& re'ept#)e t! $e2 #&eas. t! /eet 'ha%%e$-es* F%!2: t! respe't a$& $&ersta$& the $#)ersa% %a2s !( $at re* 10 . 1$!2%e&-e a$& #$(!r/at#!$* "a% #$.Re%at#!$sh#ps: t! + #%& %!$. H /#%#t0: t! respe't e)er0 #$&#)#& a% a$& +e h /+%e #$ ! r '!$& 't* I$tr!spe't#!$: %ea&#$. +!th #$ th! -ht a$& + s#$ess* Respe't .Lea&ersh#p: t! +e a %ea&er. P!s#t#)#t0: S#/p%#'#t0 a$& p!s#t#)#t0 #$ ! r th! -ht.ter/ re%at#!$sh#ps* S#/p%#'#t0 . + s#$ess a$& a't#!$* A&apta+#%#t0: t! +e (%e3#+%e a$& a&apta+%e.a$& N rt r#$.

11 .

% number of its pioneering concepts ha/e now emerged as industr) standards.panded its retail presence at the front end8 well before an) other Indian retail compan) attempted this.Pa$ta%!!$ is not just an organisation L it is an institution8 a centre of learning I de/elopment. 3ur courage to dream and to turn our dreams into realit) L that change people*s li/es8 is our biggest ad/antage. It was the first to introduce the concept of the retail departmental store for the entire famil) through Pantaloons in 155+. Come enter a world where we promise )ou good da)s and bad da)s8 but ne/er a dull momentP 12 . %t Pantaloon8 we ta&e pride in challenging con/entions and thin&ing out of the bo. 3/er the )ears8 the compan) has accelerated growth through its abilit) to lead change. The number of stores is going to increase man) folds )ear on )ear along with the new formats coming up. -mbracing our leadership /alue8 the compan) launched a11 in :ul) 00' in Mumbai8 ma&ing us the first retailer in India to open a fashion store for plus siAe men and women. It means ne/er ha/ing to stop as&ing ?uestionsM it means ne/er ha/ing to stop raising the bar. It is an opportunit) to ta&e ris&s8 and it is this passion that ma&es our dreams a realit). Ge belie/e that &nowledge is the onl) weapon at our disposal and our ?uest for it is focused8 s)stematic and unwa/ering. Pantaloon is an in/itation to join a place where there are no boundaries to what )ou can achie/e. Toda) we are the fastest growing retail compan) in India. <or instance8 the compan) integrated bac&wards into garment manufacturing e/en as it e.8 in tra/elling on the road less tra/elled. The compan) was the first to launch a h)permar&et in India with 7ig 7aAaar8 a large discount store that it commissioned in Hol&ata in 3ctober 001. The wa) we wor& is distinctl) OPantaloonO. %nd the compan) introduced the countr) to the <ood 7aAaar8 a uni?ue NbaAaarN within a h)permar&et8 which was launched in :ul) 00 in Mumbai. 3ur corporate doctrine KRewrite Rules8 Retain 2alues* is deri/ed from this spirit.

MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY IN THE RETAIL OUTLET Store manager Asst. Department Manager Team Leader Team member Team member trainee 13 . Store Manager Department Manager Asst.

It caters to home management re?uirements and products8 including furnishings and te. 1td.8 Indi/ision In/estment %d/isers 1td. It operates retail formats li&e Bome Town8 <urniture 7aAaar8 Collection I8 -EFone8 -lectronics 7aAaar and Got It.tiles8 furniture8 consumer electronics8 home electronics and home ser/ices. 1td. F t re Me&#a I$&#a Lt&* <uture Media India 1td. Bome #olutions Retail CIndiaD 1td.e C%!th#$.Lt&* The group owns a majorit) sta&e in Indus 1eague Clothing Ga%a30 E$terta#$/e$t C!rp!rate Lt&* The group owns a sta&e in Gala. #ome of its leading brands include Indigo 4ation8 #cullers8 . is a part of the <uture Group8 aimed at creation of media properties in the ambience of consumption and thus offer acti/e engagement to brands and consumers. F t re Ba6aar I$&#a Lt&* <uture 7aAaar India 1td.8 and %mbit In/estment %d/isor) Co. 14 . CB#RI1D leads the groups fora) in the home impro/ement and consumer electronics retailing segment.rban @oga and :ealous 1. It owns and operates the online shopping portal futurebaAaar. F t re Cap#ta% H!%&#$-s <uture Capital is the financial arm of the group and is in/ol/ed in asset management Cboth pri/ate e?uit) and real estate fundsD with plans to get into other financial ser/ices including insurance8 credit and other consumer related financial ser/ices. I$& s Lea.8 one of the leading apparel manufacturers and mar&eters in India.) -ntertainment Corporate 1td. that operates chains li&e 7owling Compan)8 #ports 7ar and 7rew 7ar.rbana8 .Part$er C!/pa$#es: H!/e S!% t#!$s Reta#% 4I$&#a5 Lt&. Its associate companies are Hshitij In/estment %d/isor) Co. is a subsidiar) of Pantaloon Retail CIndiaD 1imited.

+ s?. at Indore and since then it has become a 0Eoutlet strong chain with a presence in 1$ cities.8 which operates sports8 lifest)le and leisure retail chain.ft. F!!t/ar1 Reta#% <oot mart Retail is a joint /enture with 1ibert) #hoes and is engaged in the retailing of footwear products in India.7!#$t "e$t res C!/pa$#es: Cap#taLa$& Reta#% I$&#a The group is a joint /enture partner in Capita1and Retail India8 along with #ingaporeEbased Capital and 1imited. It currentl) operates 15 1ifest)le departmental stores in nine cities with a total retail space of +8$'8+11 s?. LIFESTYLE The !ubaiEbased 1andmar& GroupNsdepartment store chain8 1ifest)le8 started operations in India in 155.8$"( s?.ft. ft.8 and ta&ing it to 1 0 b) 010 with a total retail space of 1 8$08000 s?.ft8 the largest of them being the 15 . s?. <re?uent consumer promotions during pea& sales periods li&e traditional festi/e seasons bring in 'E"0 per cent increase in a/erage sales. Ma#$ '!/pet#t!rs GLOBUS The MumbaiEbased Rajan Raheja Group launched its first Globus department store in :anuar) 155. The compan) pro/ides retail management ser/ices to retail properties owned or managed b) /arious group companies and in/estment funds. In 00$ the chain had se/en stores in fi/e cities with a space of 8(.ft.ft b) 00' their retail presence had reached eight cities with 1 stores and a total retail space of 185$8(10 s?. The department store chainNs customer lo)alt) programme is called the Globus Pri/ilege Club card programme. GlobusN flagship store was launched in Mumbai in 4o/ember 001.. 7) 010 the) plan to ha/e $1 stores in 1( cities with a combined retail space of 158""85"1 s?. %part from the Globus department stores8 the chain also runs a second retail format with Globus 8 the factor) outlet format.pansion plans include ha/ing "0 outlets b) 00+8 100 b) 00. In 00$8 the chain had se/en outlets in fi/e cities with a total space of 18"58('.ft.ft. The chainNs inEstore labels apparel labels8 Globus and < 18 contribute about "' per cent towards total retail sales. The a/erage store siAe of a 1ifest)le department store is $(8000 s?. Toda) the chain runs 0 outlets in 1$ cities with a total retail space of 8508000 s?. P%a$et Reta#% H!%&#$-s Lt&* The group is a joint /enture partner in Planet Retail Boldings 1td. It also owns the franchisee and distribution rights of brands li&e Mar&s I #pencer8 Guess8 !ebenhams and Puma in India. Retail e.ft8 which grew to 10 stores in the same fi/e cities with an increased retail space of "8$1 8'.

HEbased chainD. <rom 1( stores in nine cities with an area of+8' 8. The launch of 7uAA Cthe designer pret wear sectionD and Hasba b) Ragha/endra Rathore were some new additions. #ome of the chainNs pri/ate labels include #top8 1ife8 2ettorio <ratini8 Baute Curr)8 indiE/idual and %cropolis8 sales from which grew b) $$ per cent in 00'8 o/er the pre/ious )ear.pansion in India. %nother issue is con/enience of par&ing space.t fi/e )ears to fund its e. 1andmar& is also wor&ing on a 1ifest)le Centre SHOPPERS8STOP #hopperNs #top 1td from the H Raheja Group8 opened its first #hoppersN #top department store in Mumbai in 1551M and o/er the last 1( )ears has established itself as the largest pla)er in the department store categor) in India. 7) 010 #hoppersN #top plans to ha/e nearl) '0 outlets in 0 cities across a total retail space of "(8 (8.tremA for women and :uniors for infants. chain of /alue stores and Bome Centres ha/e alread) been launched. There are " Gestside stores in 1$ cities Price is crucial in the Indian retail scenario and Gestside*s focus on this factor is part of the reason.pand into the tierEII cities in the countr). 1ifest)le International has announced in/estments to the tune of Rs. #hoppersN #top customer lo)alt) programme8 <irst CitiAenNs Club has appro. Gestside offers customers the /er) best and 16 .ft. The chain is toda) the largest retailer for popular brands li&e 1e/iNs #trauss8 Pepe8 %rrow8 Fodiac8 Ra)E7an8 #watch8 ete. Its customer lo)alt) programme is called The Inner Circle8 which contributes $0 per cent to total sales.$00 crore in the ne. s?. 1ifest)le now plans to majorl) e. These pri/ate labels contribute appro. #hoppersN #top8 which has tied up with Mothercare8 the global brand for infants and children8 will be opening $0 Mothercare outlets o/er the ne.ft.Chennai store with an area of +'8000 s?. It currentl) has 11 Mothercare outlets. #hoppersN #top was the first retailer in the countr) to ha/e 7arEcoded garments8 CoEbranded credit cardM and Retail -RP #hoppersN #top8 unli&e Pantaloon and Gestside where the chun& of sales are dri/en b) pri/ate labels8 houses a large number of e. This includes plans to bring in its concept stores into the countr)8 including the Ma. Ginger8 7ab) !oll and :R# %cti/e are the three major pri/ate labels of 1ifest)le8 besides segmentEspecific brands li&e . The boo&store section8 CrosswordM as well as food and be/erages outlets such as Cafe Wests#&e8 The lifest)le store b) the Tata*s that caters to the upper middle class segment8 has built its customer base through its . B)permar&ets and 1ifest)le Centres. The Ma.55 s?. %lmost e/er)one in major metros has a car and doesn*t want to go through the hassle of finding par&ing space.ft8 with plans to ha/e "$ stores b) 00+.imatel) towards 10 per cent to the total re/enue.$. There are spacious shopping areas for the /arious sections E women*s wear8 men*s wear and the childrenNs and the household sections occup) the floor le/el. Gestside has wor&ed on moulding its outlets along the snaAA)8 wellEdesigned8 handsEon ambiences and coffee shop displa)s t)pical of 1acoste8 4i&e and #witch retail stores in the Gest8 and personaliAed its offerings b) offering st)le and accessor) guides to its customers.t fi/e )ears.#P of affordable st)le. If customers are loo&ing for st)le8 the) will probabl) go to Gestside and bu) something for Rs $00 rather than go to Mango Ca . Gestside houses a collection of the finest merchandise for the entire famil). -ach of the stores has a Coffee Island managed b) 6wi&)Ns.imatel) $8$08000 members8 who contribute to o/er '0 per cent of the total sales. CafQ Gest from the Taj group on a le/el abo/e is an ideal place for a coffee brea& on a shopping spree.ternal brands.ft8 the chain toda) operates ( outlets in 1 cities with a total retail space of 1'80+81 ( s?.

Bowe/er8 recentl) Gestside has recentl) e. The Customers who sta) in these areas are Middle class8 . P%4T%1334# targets almost all the segments of Customers from middle class to .panded its range of merchandise b) offering outfits from some of India*s bestE&nown fashion designers8 among them Gendell Roderic&s8 %nita !ongre8 Hrishna Mehta and Mona Pali.< Phase I8 II8 III8 I28 #ushant 1o&8 #ectorE'(8 '+. The mall has huge par&ing space in the basement co/ering 7asement areas. The mall is ha/ing other showrooms also of apparels8 1ifest)le8 -lectronics8 <ood Courts8 #uiting shirting*s8 !isco*s8 %nd Pantaloons is also there in same mall. This is an interesting mar&eting shift8 since it means mo/ing awa) from the chain*s onl)EourEownEbrands concept.pper middle class8 and Bigh Class.perience. Gestside stands out from the competition for a /ariet) of reasons. The Residential %rea co/ered around the mall is !. The other 10 per cent includes to)s8 cosmetics and lingerie. LOCATION OF THE STORE IN THE CITY OF MALLS GURGAON Sahara Mall is owned b) well established Mr. %bout 50 per cent of Gestside*s offerings are homeEgrown8 and the) cater to different customer segments. Gestside has a team of dedicated st)lists8 merchandisers8 helpful and courteous store staff and talented inEhouse designers. It co/ers around 1000 car space.pper middle Class. The combination of the /er) latest inEst)le fashion with affordabilit) is highlighted in all of Gestside*s merchandise.1.latest international shopping e.#ubrato Ro)*s #ahara Group. 17 . 3ne is that a majorit) of the brands the chain stoc&s and sells are its own8 unli&e retailers who store multiple labels.

He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so. % satisfied customer will onl) tell three to fi/e people about their positi/e e. He is not an outsider on our Business. Customer satisfaction is therefore a primar) goal of process impro/ement programs. #o how satisfied are our customersS 3ne of the best wa)s to find out is to as& them using Customer #atisfaction #ur/e)s. retaining and satisfying customers.MM%R@9 The legendar) Indian8 Mahat/a Ga$&h# e. %ccording to the model8 customer decisionEma&ing process comprises a need satisf)ing 7eha/iour and a wide range of moti/ating and influencing factors. Sear'h (!r #$(!r/at#!$ E search for data rele/ant for the purchasing decision8 both from internal sources ConeNs memor)D andTor e. To understand this quote and to adhere to its wisdom can increase success by obtaining. He is not an interruption on our work. #atisf)ing our customers is an essential element to sta)ing in business in this modern world of global competition. -mplo)ees and the management of the store can use the sur/e) information to identif) opportunities for ongoing process impro/ements and to monitor the impact of those impro/ements.TI2.ternal sources. #o a retailer should alwa)s thin& in that wa) to satisf) their customer and delighting them with the ser/ices which competitors ne/er thin& of. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. % dissatisfied customer will tell se/en to 0 people about their 4egati/e e.pressed the importance of the customer b) stating9 “Customer is the most important visitor to our premises. CONSUMER SATISFACTION PROCESS The paramount goal of mar&eting is to understand the consumer and to influence bu)ing beha/iour. D. These sur/e)s can pro/ide management with the information the) need to determine their customerNs le/el of satisfaction with their products and with the ser/ices associated with those products. 3ne of the main perspecti/es of the consume r beha/iour research anal)ses bu)ing beha/iour from the soEcalled =information processing perspecti/eO CBolbroo& and Birschman15. He is the purpose of it.  18 . We are dependent on him.#. This paper includes details on designing )our own customer satisfaction ?uestionnaire8 trac&ing sur/e) results and e. He is not dependent on us.ample reports that turn sur/e) data into useful information. He is part of it. The process can be depicted in the following steps9  Nee& re'!-$#t#!$ L realisation of the difference between desired situation and the current situation that ser/es as a trigger for the entire consumption process. Ge must satisf) and e/en delight our customers with the /alue of our products and ser/ices to gain their lo)alt) and repeat business.perience.perience.-R-C.

?uisite interiors8 state of the art infrastructure and the best possible brands to the customer which has led to the growth of mall culture in India. P r'hase E ac?uirement of the chosen option of product or ser/ice. C!$s /pt#!$ E utilisation of the procured option. Pre9p r'hase a%ter$at#)e e)a% at#!$ E assessment of a/ailable choices that can fulfil the realised need b) e/aluating benefits the) ma) deli/er and reduction of the number of options to the one Cor se/eralD preferred. P!st9p r'hase a%ter$at#)e re9e)a% at#!$ E assessment of whether or not and to what degree the consumption of the alternati/e produced satisfaction.    7esides the information processing perspecti/e8 mar&eting anal)ses consumer beha/iour b) emplo)ing a ps)chologicall) grounded concept of attitudes. The stores tr) and attract customers b) pro/iding them with such ser/ices and plethora of options in brands in different categories so that the) can retail customers for long and ma&e them lo)al towards their retail stores. Toda) consumer beha/iour is increasingl) d)namic as the choice of alternati/es increases with the growth of global mar&ets. INTER9DISCIPLINARITY OF CONSUMER RESEARCH !ifferent research disciplines di/erge in their presuppositions about human nature8 factors influencing consumer beha/iour8 mar&et response8 of the decisionEma&ing process and a large number of influencing factors suggest that changing consumer beha/iour towards more sustainable consumption is a challenging process8 which re?uires coordination at indi/idual and societal le/el. Bowe/er8 despite that seemingl) insurmountable ab)ss between disciplines8 we see that man) research topics and methods o/erlap8 and that there is ' no clearEcut line between different domains of consumer research. It becomes important for the mar&eters to understand these relationships for successful design and e. The data was collected b) getting the ?uestionnaire filled b) the respondents who were lo)alt) card holders to find out that what ma&es them lo)al towards pantaloon stores and ma&es them /isit pantaloon again and moti/ates them to purchase more from here. The retail business is booming in India and there has been remar&able shift in the bu)ing beha/ior of the people from traditional stores to these departmental stores. Man) consumptionErelated issues are being increasingl) addressed from interdisciplinar) or multidisciplinar) perspecti/es. The comple. 19 .ecution of retail strategies. Therefore8 the) naturall) emplo) different research approaches. It is consumer attitudes that are usuall) named as the major factor in shaping consumer beha/iour and a wealth of studies is a/ailable on the topic of how attitudes can predict beha/iour. Man) stores ha/e come up with e. It would also enable the researcher to understand the organiAed retail formats and consumers bu)ing attitude towards these stores.

#o This put the ?uestion in the mind of the e/er) retailer that is there is an) gap between what customer e. Retailing is in a rapid state of change due to speed) technological de/elopments8 changing competiti/e positions8 /ar)ing consumer beha/iour as well as their e. It was concluded that the customers were generall) satisfied I their shopping e. In the retail outlet /arious t)pe of good and ser/ice are pro/ide to the customer but all the goods and ser/ices are generall) homogenous in nature through all the other retail outlets . Customers ta&e their time to first s&etch their needs and then arri/e at a specific decision. 4o two customers ha/e the identical li&es and preferences.pectation. !eli/er) /alue and narrowing down the Aone of tolerance is a tightrope wal& for mar&eter in organiAed retail sector. % customer is defined as an establishment that recei/es merchandise from the store. %nother form of ser/ice is the assistance the customer recei/es while at the distribution compan). In such a scenario8 information is crucial to plan and control profitable retail businesses and it can be an important source of competiti/e ad/antage so long as it is affordable and readil) a/ailable. Retail sector forms 10E11U of G!P. The objecti/e of this research is to identif) the /ariabilit) of customer satisfaction and the shopping e.pectS Bow to fulfill the glaring gap between need and e. The customer also recei/es ser/ices. The sur/e) was distributed to all customers of the #tore.INTRODUCTION: In India8 organised retailing8 is contributing $. This can be in form of support b) the staff8 timeliness of response to needs and ?uestions and man) other forms that will be addressed. % ser/ice8 as defined b) the proposed research could be aid in stoc&ing8 promotions for the establishment8 the deli/er) itself8 other assistance or goods pro/ided b) sales representati/es andTor deli/er) personnel to the customer.pected from retailers and what retailer pro/ides to customer during shopping.perience in P%4T%1334#. Bowe/er8 it is e.pectationsS The answers to this ?uestion are =b) deli/ering the /alue = 20 .pectations and liberaliAed regulator) en/ironment. mar&et tapers down to the function of managing customer e.pected to increase to 10U8 b) 010. It is alluring in terms of in/estment8 emplo)ment opportunit)8 and usage of technolog).perience with pantaloons was good. %t the end of the da) the ?uestion is what does the customer e. -speciall) in mar&et li&e India the challenges is formidable because organiAations need to cater to a wide and di/erse group of customers . In addition the sur/e) can be used in the future for e/aluation of customer satisfaction at the distribution compan). It is also find that man) customer onl) used to shopping in own decided outlet rather from e/er) outlets e/en there is homogenous among the product and ser/ice offer b) the e/er) retail outlet .(U of total retail sector and is still e/ol/ing. Product and ser/ices of e/er) compan) are a/ailable in e/er) retail outlet.Thus building e?uit) and generating /olumes in such comple.

Bence the) are unable to deli/er the right /alue to the right customer and satisf) them . #atisfaction in this sense could mean that a supermar&et has just barel) met the customer*s e.pectations li&e8 good pac&aging fragrance8 herbal or medical benefit8 glowing s&in etc.pectations. Retailers need to establish a good image to pre/ent customers from shopping around. It is an affecti/e reaction CMenon and !ubQ8 000D in which the consumer*s needs8 desires and e. These factors ha/e been di/ided into three headsE #tore8 #ituation and #hopper factors. Retailers ha/e to satisf) budding customers8 older consumers as well as time crunched indi/iduals whose moti/es all tend to be conflicting as well as different. and all this at an affordable price. <ollowing general e.pectations 6ualit) in Product 4eed based solution #o in other to deli/er the /alue8 Retail outlets in addition to pro/iding products and ser/ices8 need to cater for a wide range of moti/es.ceeding e. The benefits of ta&ing the customer*s response be)ond satisfaction at this le/el b) e.pectations8 is a competiti/e strateg) man) retailers aspire to achie/e.perience. The /arious determinants of retail outlet preference include cleanliness8 wellEstoc&ed shel/es8 and range of products8 helpful staff8 disabled access8 wide aisles8 car par&ing8 multiple billing points and en/ironmentall) friendl) goods. These differing moti/es arise as retailers cater to different t)pes of shoppers who include economic consumers Cconcern with /alueD8 personaliAed consumers Cconcern with relationshipsD8 recreational shoppers Cshopping as a leisure acti/it)D and apathetic consumers Cwho disli&e shoppingD. -/en in the case of a product as simple as beaut) soap8 customer ha/e /ersatile e. The stud) would enable us to understand the impact of /arious factors that influence a consumer*s shopping beha/ior in a departmental store. The) must cater to shoppers need for pleasure and practicalit).perience ha/e been met or e.7ut in man) case retailers are not aware of what their customer e.istence and sur/i/al in the wa&e of deep competition8 drasticall) changing customer attitudes and e.-speciall) in this competiti/e scenario where the customer are well informed8 commanding and demanding at the same time it has become imperati/e for the organiAation to be updated on the =GB%T>8>GB@>and =B3G> of each and e/er) customer. If e.pectations of a t)pical customer 2alue of Mone) %/ailabilit) and location #er/ice e. It would also help in &nowing the magnitude and direction of mo/ement of these factors amongst each other.ceeded nor disappointed those e. This calls for empathiAing with the customer b) indulging into their priorities and decision ma&ing.pectation le/els.pressed as a calculation8 customer satisfaction might loo& something li&e this9 Customer e. % daunting tas& but companies ha/e no option but to offer the e.ceeded C1o/eloc&8 001D.pected /alue8 that too b) &eeping the operating costs low.pectations8 not e.pectations V Companies PerformanceT Companies #atisfaction #atisfaction is a consumer*s postEpurchase e/aluation of the o/erall ser/ice e.pectations during the course of the ser/ice e. 21 . There is a recurrent struggle for e.pect.

%s far as children are concerned8 their responsibilities are o/er. 1. =The aspired consumer alwa)s wants to &now what*s new. The) would go from mall to mall to loo& around and treat their e)es8 but would finall) end up at the food court.K#$& !( C st!/er: 7efore mo/ing on to customer ser/ices and satisfaction8 it becomes important for a retailer to &now what his target mar&et is. ".. Ghich #egment he is catering. The) come with the deliberate intention to bu) ?ualit) products. H#re& '!$s /er: -/er since malls ha/e come up8 mar&et research has gained importance. Asp#re& '!$s /er: The) are highl) producti/e. The) would window shop from outside a shop or inside a shop. Therefore8 the) are the nonEproducti/e t)pes. +. (. . A&/#re& '!$s /er: These are basicall) window shoppers. It is important to understand what consumers li&e in a mall8 wh) the) are there8 what is it that the) would li&e 22 . '. 7ut8 the) rarel) ma&e purchases. $. #uch consumers are usuall) just bored. The) come to malls purposefull) with the intention of bu)ing their own attire. Att#re& '!$s /er: These are the producti/e t)pe. Malls see a future in these desired consumers. 7ut8 the fact is8 the) ha/e both time and mone). Malls are hopeful that the admired consumer would transform into the attired consumer. The) aspire to upgrade each time the) come to a mall8 be it in foods8 information technolog) or fashionable attire. #uch consumers usuall) disrupt the atmosphere and8 ma)be8 the mood of serious shoppers as well. T#re& '!$s /er: These are nonEproducti/e. %nd then to understand its customer t)pe.tent of bu)ing jeweller). F#re& '!$s /er: The) are the fighterEcoc&s who indulge in occasional tiffs with sales persons. =#ales persons at malls are not seen to be pa)ing too much attention to these consumers. Though the retired consumer can be producti/e8 malls are not ta&ing ad/antage of this &ind of consumer. Their fa/ourite line is =call the manager**. Des#re& '!$s /er: These are not producti/e8 but could become so in time to come. . The customers are defined b) different terms and t)pes. 7e it jeans8 shirts8 salwar &ameeA8 a watch8 a belt or shoesWthe attired consumer will bu) it all. Malls are said to be reacting prett) strongl) to this clan. The idea is to get awa) from the drudger). 7ut8 onl) time will tell. The) are hit b) wor& fatigue and find solace in /isiting malls for =a change**. Ret#re& '!$s /er: This set of consumers as highl) producti/e8 but claims that the) are not ta&en seriousl) b) malls that gun for the )ounger crowd. The) ha/e an ardent desire to bu) things at a mall8 but do not ha/e the bu)ing power. If the) don*t get it at malls8 the) would be /er) happ) to go bac& to their old8 neighbourhood departmental store. The) do not thin& twice before spending and would occasionall) e/en go to the e. %ll the) want is respect. The) ha/e the bu)ing power.

perience a customer has of a product also affect the total ser/ice e.pectation.pectations.perience8 but this is more of a product direct feature than what is included in the definition of customer ser/ice.changedS The hired consumersWthe mar&et research peopleWthrong malls in search for consumer insights. -. <rom that perspecti/e8 customer ser/ice should be included as part of an o/erall approach to s)stematic impro/ement. Customer ser/ice is an organiAationNs abilit) to suppl) their customersN wants and needs. e. %ccording to Turban et al. C 00 D =Customer ser/ice is a series of acti/ities designed to enhance the le/el of customer satisfaction L that is8 the feeling that a product or ser/ice has met the customer e.ecuti/e and middle management le/els of a corporation andTor a customer ser/ice polic).O Its importance /aries b) product8 industr) and customerM defecti/e or bro&en merchandise can be e.  %cti/ities underta&en b) a retailer in conjunction with the basic goods and ser/ices it sells.changed8 often onl) with a receipt and within a specified time frame. Customer ser/ice is normall) an integral part of a compan)*s customer /alue proposition. Customer ser/ice ma) be pro/ided b) a person Ce.amples of self ser/ice are Internet sites.changes and complaints8 or will perform related functions at the point of sale. The e. #ome ha/e argued that the ?ualit) and le/el of customer ser/ice has decreased in recent )ears8 and that this can be attributed to a lac& of support or understanding at the e.O It Consists of all those acti/ities b) the retailer that influence C1D the ease with which a potential customer can shop or learn about the store*s offering. C st!/er ser)#'e Customer ser/ice is the pro/ision of ser/ice to customers before8 during and after a purchase. The) are not there to ma&e purchases8 and thus8 the) are the unproducti/e t)pes. C D the ease with which a transaction can be completed once the customer attempts to ma&e a purchase8 and8 C"D the customer*s satisfaction with the transaction.cellent customer ser/ice CisD the abilit) of an organiAation to constantl) and consistentl) e.g.ceed the customerNs e. #tore hours Par&ing #hopperEfriendliness Credit acceptance #alespeople In store announcement Gift Grapping and pac&aging Personal #elling Merchandise %/ailabilit) Complaint handling Merchandise returns #er/icing and repair !eli/eries %lteration 23 . <rom the point of /iew of an o/erall engineering effort8 customer ser/ice pla)s an important role in an organiAationNs abilit) to generate income and re/enue . Retail stores will often ha/e a des& or counter de/oted to dealing with returns8 e.8 sales and ser/ice representati/eD8 or b) automated means called selfEser/ice.

I$$!)at#)e s!% t#!$s .' st!/er e3pe'tat#!$s ( e ta i%e r’ s' e rc e p tio no ! C u s to m e rs )E x p e c ta tio n s C u s to m e r" e r H n o w le d g eG a p 24 # ta n d a rd .#$'e$t#)es C%!s#$.M!re #$tera't#!$s +et2ee$ /a$a-ers a$& ' st!/ers .Meas re ser)#'e per(!r/a$'e C%!s#$.ser)#'e -!a%s De%#)er0 Gap 99 /eet#$.Ma$a-#$.the K$!2%e&-e GAP .2hat the ' st!/er 2a$ts Sta$&ar&s Gap 99 sett#$.Re& 'e '!$(%#'ts .E/p!2er e/p%!0ees .Rea%#st#' '!//#t/e$ts .the De%#)er0 GAP .I$(!r/at#!$ a$& tra#$#$.the ser)#'e pr!/#se C u s to m e rs ’E x p e c ta tio n ! " e r# ic e$ u a %it& C%!s#$.Better '!// $#'at#!$s +et2ee$ /a$a-ers a$& ser)#'e pr!)#&ers C%!s#$.Set ser)#'e -!a%s .Pr!)#&#$.I$ter$a% '!// $#'at#!$s .the C!// $#'at#!$s GAP .a$& e3'ee&#$.I$str /e$t a$& e/!t#!$a% s pp!rt .C st!/er resear'h .De(#$e the r!%e !( ser)#'e pr!)#&ers .ser)#'e -!a%s C!// $#'at#!$s Gap 99 '!// $#'at#$.H#-h : a%#t0 ser)#'e '!//#t/e$t .G a pM o d e l R e ta il C u s to K$!2%e&-e Gap 99 1$!2#$.the Sta$&ar&s GAP .

If a customer of )ours is satisfied with one of )our products or ser/ices8 chances are this customer will purchase more of )our products or ser/ices8 which will increase )our re/enue. Ps)chographic portraits of man) customers allow customer segmentation in terms of purchase fre?uenc)8 respondents* 25 . Products that the customers recei/e are also an area that was assessed because of a high /alue that is placed on satisfaction in the product. Customers* purchasing habits would include such issues as9 who do the) usuall) go shopping with8 how often8 how long do the) spend in a shop8 etc. Therefore8 in order to ha/e )our new or e. #ome call it a customer re/olution8 others a ?ualit) re/olution8 others a ser/ice re/olution. There are a lot of elements in/ol/ed with Customer satisfaction. It is the most important factor that creates repeated customers.isting customers bu) more from )ou8 )ou will ha/e to follow techni?ues that wor&. What e3a't%0 ' st!/er Sat#s(a't#!$ #s SS Customer satisfaction is a &e) ingredient to the success of an) business. Customer satisfaction ta&es a /er) important place in Mar&eting. 3rganiAations are attempting to obtain increased customer satisfaction b) focusing on the ?ualit) of their products and the ser/ice pro/ided. 1e/els Hnow the problems of )our customers and what the) are loo&ing for8 then offer them the right products. #ome people &now it but do not realiAe its importance.What #s ' st!/er sat#s(a't#!$S Ge are in the midst of a re/olution in business. This mo/ement toward ?ualit) has produced significant benefits but just li&e other business fads8 joining and adopting the religion does not insure that the real objecti/e of producing customer satisfaction will be obtained. %s much as )ou thin& that )our mar&eting strategies should help )ou generate sales8 thin& about how the same mar&eting strategies could help )ou achie/e Customer satisfaction. #atisfaction of the product is e/aluated b) content8 displa) and deli/er) of the product.

Ghere in customer come along with there complaints8 -.e. Ph)sical appearance pla)s a /ital role in determining how others percei/e us. -/er) customer interaction is an opportunit) for us to contribute to customer satisfaction. %s dissatisfied will tell to other 10 more customers. #ometimes customer could ha/e dissatisfaction against our s)stem. %nd retain them and con/ert them into our lo)al customer. The customer ma) loo& in for something specific or ha/e a ?uestion about a product8 our store or our policies customer ma) be loo&ing around. -ffecti/e and courteous interactions about all our customers go a long wa) in ensuring success of our store. . 1. If we are able to handle solution to them we win a lo)al customer to life.ecuti/es ha/e to be /er) polite8 patient8 and understand the problem of customer and tr) to resol/e them so that we don*t loose that customer.perience of /arious shopping centres or ser/ice organisations8 as well as benchmar&ing against competitors.perience for the customers. This is the place where the customer ser/ice e. :udgement is made about people based on the performance image the) displa). %s we all &now that <irst impression is the last impression so its important for e/er) retailer to pac&age its staff8 The better we groom oursel/es8 the more we are pleasing to our customers.change8 Grong billing8 other staff complaints. <rom the <irst factor where in customer enters into the store till he or she Purchases and mo/es out of the par&ing for his or her wa) should be remember able one and a great e. Ghich is not good for the compan) as we ha/e ris& of loosing those 10 other customers alsoS 26 . Then is the customer interaction which is /er) demanding and pla)s a /er) crucial role in an) retail store.perience for them. -/en from securit) staff to Bouse&eeping e/er)one should be well groomed. It has been obser/ed in the training period that the percentage of customer complaint in P%4T%1334# is $U. %lso Customer #er/ice des& which is speciall) mend for the judgement of customer beha/iour. IMPORTANT FACTORS: The #tore co/ers /arious aspects to fulfil the need of customer as well to Ma&ing the shopping a great e.

!issat 27 . Customer #er/ice e.actl) delight meansS Ghen and the courtes) the) get in return then comes the DELIGHT*      To ensure the customer b) setting up the Customer help lines.pectation but it becomes important to &now what e.ecuti/es should be selected b) C.#.nderstanding <ulfilling the re?uirement % good Customer ser/ice leads to9  7oost repeat business  Creates new demand from new customers  Cut Customers There are /arious wa)s to delight the customers a customers demand or basic needs are fulfilled abo/e there e. Ma&ing a one point contact with the customers.! Manager.cellent customer ser/ice it*s important to ha/e following things9       Belp Respect I Recognition Comfort8 Competition <riendl) #mile .The customer retention leads to  1o)alt)  Profit  Repurchases #o for -. Telephones ser/ices that include promptness8 courtes) and accurac). 7ridging the gap in between Communication gap between the customers I stores.

Be is not dependent on us. The customer is an integral part of a compan)*s wor&ings.D To summariAe8 research on customer satisfaction /iews emplo)ees as facilitators of the sales process who are critical to impro/ing the con/ersion ratio8 b) pro/iding information to the customers on prices8 brands8 and product features and b) helping customers to na/igate store aisles8 finding the product and e/en crossEselling other products.ecution problem is that it combines the factor) and the sales components8 but this stream of literature focuses onl) on the latter. #econdl)8 E&!#$.LITERATURE RE"IEW 1. The uni?ue feature of the retail store e.plained b) pleasing the customer8 b) helping them achie/e their goals as well as achie/ing the 3rganiAation*s goals in the process Good customers are satisfied will enhance longEterm consumer lo)alt). Ge are dependent on him.isting customers. There are different definitions of : a%#t0 ser)#'e* =Gorld class customer ser/ice> as including the following9 courtes)8 competenc)8 responsi/eness8 professionalism8 attracti/eness8 reliabilit)8 completeness of product8 and good communication. Be is the purpose of it. There is needs for concentrating on aspects that customers feel is /aluable.perience for the customer. Be is part of it. 1iterature on the relationship between customer satisfactions. Be is not an outsider on our 7usiness. Ge are not doing him a fa/our b) ser/ing him. .#t r#-htFM this is e. The first is =information sustains relationships>M b) collecting information )ou can better understand wants and needs of the customer. Heeping current customers satisfied reduces the costs and efforts of attracting new clients. The legendar) Indian8 Mahat/a Ga$&h# e. The cost of obtaining new customers is about fi/e times more than that of retaining e. Be is doing us a fa/our b) gi/ing us an opportunit) to do so. 28 .pressed the importance of the customer b) stating9 =Customer is the most important /isitor to our premises.. There are man) techni?ues that are used to identif)8 assess and create a positi/e e. To understand this ?uote and to adhere to its wisdom can increase success b) obtaining8 retaining and satisf)ing customers. Be is not an interruption on our wor&. %n effort to retain customers should be based on the fact that customers are lo)al to /alue and ?ualit).

%nd )ou ha/e to &now how much customer ser/ice should )ou pro/ide8 and how should )ou train )our customers as well as )our emplo)ees to pro/ide that ser/ice.cellent internal communication process8 and lastl) than&ing the customer for their business. %nd that*s important because no retailer sells an)thing that customers can*t get from another retailer. Good salespeople gi/e customers a reason to return to )our store. These can include competiti/e prices8 high ?ualit) products and ser/ice.pect. These are the following. There are certain things that are to be clearl) be &nown to the sales associates. 1. E((e't#)e Appr!a'h t! De%#)er#$. Ma&e sure the customer comes bac&. #etting performance standards for customer ser/ice8 creating a setting for commitment to ser/ice that starts at the top of the organiAation chain8 training emplo)ees in ser/ice ?ualit)8 measuring the le/el of ser/ice Cthis is important for impro/ing customer ser/iceD8 Creating an en/ironment for the customers to define what =ser/ice is to create a benchmar&8 setting ser/ice standards and abide b) them8 rewarding those emplo)ees that perform well8 encouraging an e. 29 . There are se/eral factors that contribute to customer Re)#e2E In this %rticle author mentions that )our emplo)ee is /er) important for pro/iding customer ser/ice.!a/eRatner.H a%#t0 C st!/er ser)#'e A th!r E!a/e Ratner owns !a/e*s #oda I Pet Cit)8 threeEstore chain in Massachusetts. Art#'%es9 A S#/p%e. %nd )ou must find out how much and what &ind of ser/ice )our customers e. Promise to smile while answering. <eel empowered to sol/e customer problems. S! r'es E www. To treat customers the wa) )ou would li&e to be treated.C st!/er ser)#'e Estrate-#' p%a$ !r )#s#!$F C st!/er ser)#'e #s $!t !$%0 part !( a strate-#' p%a$ !r )#s#!$G #t #s the p%a$ !r )#s#!$ . 4e/er ignored )our customers. %lwa)s to sa) KThan& )ou* to all customers.

Bow did companies de/elop and cement that trustS The) promised and deli/ered the following principles of building and maintaining trust.merchandiseconcepts.Good customer ser/ice8 go the e. the most important component each individual customer.%nne M. %re )our customers greeted when the) wal& in the door +. It is main thing while ma&ing relationship with customer. here are some easy. OTrust is probabl) the most basic human /alue8O #he belie/es people do business with people the) trust.www. People do business with people who are &nowledgeable8 efficient and will deli/er what the) promise. 3bars&iE #he is an author8 professional spea&er8 retail consultant and -. we realize our business is our customer. Gi/e customers the benefit of the doubt .ceed the ?ualit) of the people who pro/ide it $. down-home customer service tips to keep them coming back to your store. 1iA Tahir is an international mar&eting consultant Source. or the services we offers. %re )our customer ser/ice associates properl) trained in how to handle a customer complaint or an irate personS 10. These are the Mr* Tah#r’s A> t#ps (!r G!!& ' st!/er ser)#'e* 1.A> C st!/er Ser)#'e T#ps 4C st!/er Ser)#'e That W#%% Keep The/ C!/#$.aboutretail Revie(.com. 3bars&i focused on the Trust.ecuti/e !irector of Merchandise Concepts. not our product.Ba'15 A th!rE Mr. 30 .tra mile (. Hnow who )our customers areS . #he belie/es it will be with those businesses that ha/e earned the customers trust. !o )our customers &now who )ou areS ". Putting all the focus on the merchandise in our store. There is no wa) that the ?ualit) of customer ser/ice can e. RealiAe that )our people will treat )our customer the wa) the) are treated '. Re)#e2E In this %rticle Ms.D Pr#$'#p%es t! Ce/e$t C st!/er Tr st A th!r. !eeping those individual customers in mind. 5.. If a customer ma&es a re?uest for something special8 do e/er)thing )ou can to sa) )es. S! r'e E www. Once we think that way. Gant to &now what )our customers thin& of )our compan)S %s& themP ".Always Think of customers as

ecuti/e !irector of Merchandise Concepts. S! r'e E www. O#tri/e for a P3#ITI2. Customers appreciate the emplo)ee who goes out of their wa) to satisf) the customer. #he focused on the ' Positi/e which customer loo& to retailer.%nne M.ternal customers. and retailer should pro/ide them to customer. Re)#e2E The ser/ice a customer e. L . Companies must maintain this principle both with internal and e.pects and what the) actuall) recei/e can be two totall) different things more companies are mar&eting that the) offer great customer ser/ice but in realit) what the) are deli/ering is merel) the efficient ser/ices #he said that good customer ser/ice is li&e a light switch. 3bars&iE #he is an author8 professional spea&er8 retail consultant and -. Bow well do )our emplo)ees wor& togetherS %re the) willing to go out of their wa) to help each other outS I*5 M!st Reta#% C!/pa$#es are &ea& 2r!$.merchandiseconcepts. . Good lighting in the par&ing lot and store entrance8 fitting rooms with doors that loc&8 emplo)ees that handle ringing up a sale with accurac)8 and alarm s)stems that are /isible are all wa)s to ma&e the customer feel safe in )our place of business.nselfishnessE Trust is built when emplo)ees gi/e of their time and talent in the wor&place and do it8 unselfishl).T L TruthE Trust and solid relationships are built on telling the truth. # L #ecurit)E Trust is built on a feeling of securit). R L Responsibilit)E Trust is built when e/er)one within an organiAation realiAes what their responsibilities are and that the) are held accountable for them. T L Teamwor&E Trust is built when e/er)one within the organiAation feels a sense of ownership. @ou can turn it off or on and but it is all about the energ) flowing between two sources that is required to ma&e a positi/e connection.a+! t C st!/er Ser)#'eJ A th!'OP 31 .

P3#ITI2-1@ listen to meP Plug in to what I am sa)ing and reall) listen to me. '. 3bars&iE #he is an author8 professional spea&er8 retail consultant and -. Personall) ma&e it )our model9 #he shared her e. #o8 let them as& )ou8 who actuall) cut the training budget8 cut staffing8 reduced benefits8 increased the wor& load and put the blame somewhere elseS #he suggests )ou get a little OpersonalO with the following " tips.%nne M. Practice listening with both ears and both e)es. 32 . P3#ITI2-1@ Greet meP % greeting doesnNt e/en ha/e to be /erbalP %n acceptable greeting in toda)Ns wor&place can be a head nod or a smile or just e)e contactP .periences in it and tell that training of )our emplo)ee is /er) crucial so )ou ha/e to ma&e a model for their ser/ice. P3#ITI2-1@ spea& to meP 50U of unhapp) customers lea/e a place of business because of inattenti/e8 impolite emplo)ees. 7e able to repeat bac& m) needs8 wants or e/en m) problem so that I &now )ou are reall) listening. P3#ITI2-1@ inform meP #hare )our &nowledge of )our product and ser/ices with me.ecuti/e !irector of Merchandise Concepts %ccording to her ser/ice should be personaliAes when customers are unhapp) with the ser/ice8 or lac& of ser/ice8 that the) ha/e recei/ed. %nd almost all of them ne/er tell an)one in management ". P3#ITI2-1@ in/ite me bac&P If a customer li&es the connection the) ha/e with a business the) will come bac&. Customers &eep coming bac& based on the trust the) ha/e built with )ou.1. B*5 Ta1e Y! r C st!/er Ser)#'e Pers!$a%%0J A th!r. $. Personall) Ma&e it a Priorit)9 If )ou donNt ma&e customer ser/ice a priorit)8 )ou are doomed to failure8 ma&e customer ser/ice )our number one priorit).

. $D 7e helpful E e/en if there*s no immediate profit in it.V -ffecti/e !e/elop an assessment tool to sur/e) )our customers to find out whether )our emplo)ees current customer ser/ice s&ills are effecti/e. =@ou will be judged b) what )ou do8 not what )ou sa). "D !eal with complaints.> If we trul) want to ha/e good customer ser/ice8 all )ou ha/e to do is ensure that )our business consistentl) does these things 1D !on*t ma&e promises unless )ou GI11 &eep them D 1isten to )our customers. (. 3 V 3ngoing !e/elop a customer ser/ice training program that allows )our emplo)ees to learn new s&ills and to be aware of the changing needs of their customers.M V Memorable !e/elop a customer ser/ice training model that is simple and repeatable. Ma&e those s&ills part of a re/iew s)stem that )our emplo)ees &now the) must become proficient at and will be held accountable for. The essence of good customer ser/ice is forming a relationship with customers L a relationship that that indi/idual customer feels that he would li&e to pursue. %nd /er) important to moti/ate them. %nd about sending them awa) happ) L happ) enough to pass positi/e feedbac& about )our business along to others8 who ma) then tr) the product or ser/ice )ou offer for themsel/es and in their turn become repeat customers. 1 V 1earned !e/elop customer ser/ice training s&ills that )our emplo)ees can be held accountable for ha/ing learned. Personall) reward9 Bow do )ou reward )our emplo)ees when the) ha/e done a good jobS Challenge )our management staff to thin& of onEgoing and uni?ue wa)s to sa) a simple Othan& )ouO to those emplo)ees who are helping to build )our business.D K R %es F!r G!!& C st!/er Ser)#'e A th!rE #usan Gard8 S! r'eE#mall 7usiness9 Canada. 'D 7e courteous8 and &nowledgeable. ! V !ifferent !e/elop a training program that incorporates different learning st)les through seminars8 eElearning8 /ideos and focus groups. Re)#e2 L Good customer ser/ice is lifeblood of business. (D Train )our staff Cif )ou ha/e an)D to be %1G%@# helpful8 33 . Good customer ser/ice is all about bringing customers bac&.

cellent so compan) main aim to manage this e.perience.perience of good8 bad and e. 7err)8 1ewis P. 4egati/e Customer #er/ice Phrases to %/oid Ge all &now that a positi/e tone and language are highl) important when it comes to good customer ser/ice8 but man) retailers still use phrases that ma) gi/e the wrong image and negati/el) impact our customersN shopping e.tra step. #econd8 customer ser/ice that pro/ided will be fle.ible that can change according to customer and better from competitor.D Throw in something e. +.perience compan) first step to recogniAe what customer wants.the T!ta% C st!/er E3per#e$'e A th!rE 1eonard 1. Carbone and #tephan B.tra. 1D Putting @our Customer #er/ice Ideas Into %ction D #tud) the customer ser/ice ideas on )our list and e. "D Choose one or two of )our shin) customer ser/ice ideas and implement them. Baec&el Re)#e2 L Pro/iding a product is not so competition now a da)s but a good customer ser/ice is the &e) for doing a business. The following phrases used in a customer ser/ice setting can &ill a sale and possibl) lose a customer. Third8 choose an) customer ideas that will implement b) retailer8 it help people to &now what )ou are doing. I !onNt Hnow 34 . $D #ta) proacti/e and &eep gathering customer ser/ice ideas. . Clues can include the product itselfS8 the la)out of a retail outlet Care the signs eas) to followSD8 the tone of /oice of the salesperson8 COBa/e a nice da)OSD8 and so on. the signals or messages gi/en off b) e/er)thing that touches on the bu)ing process. Bere are some sa)ings retailers should a/oid. Competing on this dimension means orchestrating all the clues Othat people detect in the bu)ing process.D I Wa0s T! Pr!)#&e C st!/er Ser)#'e That O tsh#$es Y! r C!/pet#t!rs A th!rE #usan Gard8 S! r'eE#mall 7usiness9 Canada Re)#e2 LIn this article there are $ wa)s to pro/ide better ser/ice from )our competitors.+D Ta&e the e.amine their feasibilit). <ourth8 sta) and conform with peoples ideas and gather them to implement new ideas for outshine competitor ser/ice.perience To manage this e.O Customer alwa)s ha/e e. 1. K5 Ma$a-#$. <irst8 list the following ser/ices gi/en to customer that outshine competitor ser/ices.

ible and allow a return or e. %ll #ales %re <inal @our shopNs polic) ma) not allow returns on clearance merchandise or other items. !onNt as& them to call )ou. #ometimes the) ma) point in the general direction.pect retailers to &now e/er)thing8 but when it comes to answering a product ?uestion or other in?uir)8 the) do e. If a customer has reached a boiling point and is ranting awa)8 the best thing to sa) is nothing. 7etter9 OGe close at XX oNcloc& and reopen at X oNcloc&.O 10.O ". 7etter9 O<ollow me8 INll show )ou right where it is. Bowe/er8 not onl) is it o/erused but the retailer is passing up a sales opportunit). 7etter9 O@es8 we stoc& that. GeNre Closed %t the end of the da)8 the last thing a closingEshift emplo)ee wants to do is allow a shopper in after hours.. 7etter9 OGhat I can do is XXX. ThatNs 4ot M) !epartment It ma) be true8 but it is also definitel) something a customer doesnNt want to hear. GeNre 3ut of That ItNs ine/itable that a store will run out of a product and customers &now this. This could mean itNs out of stoc& or possibl) still in the stoc& room. Retailers should train their staff to be familiar with all areas of the store operations or at least understand who to contact for help in /arious departments. .change against compan) polic) if it comes down &eeping a customer. !id @ou #ee %n)S If a customer as&s for a particular item )ou carr)8 chances are heTshe alread) loo&ed for it and didnNt see it.O .O . 7etter9 OThatNs a good ?uestion. 3nce he or she has gotten e/er)thing out8 the) will begin to feel better and ma) be more recepti/e to a solution. 7efore turning awa) a potential sale8 &eep in mind that either the customer doesnNt &now the store hours or possibl) the customerNs doesnNt &now what time it is.O '. 7etter9 O!id )ou see our XX that goes with thisSO or OBa/e )ou tried XXSO +.O 5.Customers donNt e. 7e proacti/e and offer to contact the customer when itNs bac& on the shelf.pect the salesperson to be confident enough in their &nowledge of the business to pro/ide an answer. 7etter9 O1et us &now if )ouNre not satisfied and weNll ma&e it right. -ither empower the emplo)ees or train them to ta&e issues to a super/isor or store management. Gill That 7e %llS 4ot man) customers would find an)thing negati/e about this phrase. 1et me find out for )ou. 7etter9 OINll be happ) to get )ou to the person who &nows more about that department. -/en if the) ha/enNt loo&ed for it )et8 the best customer ser/ice would be to either ta&e them to the product or go get it for them. Ma&e sure all store staff &nows using this phrase is a big noEno.nless )ou let the customer &now if and when it will be restoc&ed8 the) will probabl) go bu) it elsewhere. 3ther times the) donNt e/en lift their head to ac&nowledge the shopper.O $. INll go see if we ha/e an). Is there something I can ?uic&l) help )ou with nowSO (. 4either is a reason to be abrupt. 35 . 1et the customer finish. ItNs fine to let the customer &now this8 but retailers need to be fle. Calm !own There ma) not be a more infuriating phrase in customer ser/ice than this one. ItNs 3/er There GeN/e all heard this bad customer ser/ice phrase used b) the bus) or indifferent sales cler&. 7etter9 OI apologiAe. I CanNt !o That This is another negati/e customer ser/ice phrase that should be banned from all store staff.

Resear'h Appr!a'h9 The %pproach adopted to complete this project was that of =C.e. 5.e. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY It is necessar) to adopt a particular method to complete a project successfull). Can I get )our nameTnumber and call )ou when it comes inSO Good customer ser/ice is the lifeblood of an) business. personall) intracting the customers in the outlet and getting the first hand information and secondar) #ources i. %nd the stud) secondar) data is colected from /arious news papers8 internet8 boo&s.#T3M-R #-R2IC-# %4! #%TI#<%CTI34>. Good customer ser/ice is all about bringing customers bac&.. If )ou*re a good salesperson8 )ou can sell an)thing to an)one once.. 2. The steps that ha/e been ta&en to complete this project are as follows9 1. Personal inter/iew and obser/ation.. The purpose is to find out the e. The sur/e) was done in pantaloons retail India store Gurgaon.plorator) research>.. % list of ?uestionnaire was prepared which could gi/e rele/ant information when answered b) the respondents. 4.. The essence of good customer ser/ice is forming a relationship with customers L a relationship that that indi/idual customer feels that he would li&e to pursue. 7ut it will be )our approach to customer ser/ice that determines whether or not )ou*ll e/er be able to sell that person an)thing else. Resear'h Des#-$9 !epending upon the objecti/es of the research the most suitable mar&eting research design is =-. Tar-et Se-/e$t9 customer Sa/p%e area: Pantaloons retail India ltd outlet in #ahara Mall Gurgaon.. Resear'h #$str /e$t9 The instrument that was chosen to conduct the mar&et research was that of =structured ?uestionnaire>.perience of customers while shopping in pantaloons. %nd about sending them awa) happ) L happ) enough to pass positi/e feedbac& about )our business along to others8 who ma) then tr) the product or ser/ice )ou offer for themsel/es and in their turn become repeat customers. @ou can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as man) new customers as )ou want8 but unless )ou can get some of those customers to come bac&8 )our business won*t be profitable for long. This has been done because data obtained in structured studies are easier to tabulated and interpret then data gathered in other wa)s. 6.7etter9 OThat item is currentl) out of stoc& but will be bac& in on XXX. Data C!%%e't#!$9 The information used in this project was through primar) sources i. 3. 36 .

37 . The formulation of a general topic into a specific research problem8 thus8 constitutes the first step in a specific en?uir).. 7ecause I belie/e that lot articles and research paper ha/e been done on this topic and these could pro/ide us with a lot of information on /arious ser/ice parameters.7.. Therefore when the field of in?uir) is large8 this method difficult to adopt because of the resources in/ol/ed. It is possible to obtain sufficientl) accurate results b) stud)ing onl) a part of total population.pectations of ser/ices from retailers8 is there an)thing new that the customer is loo&ing for8 what Indian retailer are doing about it. <irst step in the research process is to single out the problem we want to stud). In m) topic the main problems is to stud) the customer e. In this project I ha/e decided to use both the primar) and secondar) data.the '!%%e'te& &ata a$& rep!rt#$. A$a%06#$. Resear'h /eth!&!%!-0 a$& a$a%0t#'a% t!!%s* <or doing an) &ind of research8 it is /er) essential for us to determine in ad/ance as to what is going to be the sample siAe for us.8 are the) satisfied with ser/ices8 what are there e. These articles will gi/e us a totall) different /iew of the ser/ice standards and what all re?uire to be done.the (#$&#$-s9 <inall) the data has been collected was thoroughl) anal)Aed and processed to obtain the re?uired information. I also need some &ind of primar) data through ?uestionnaire filling. 7ecause of the simple reason that one can not simpl) do the research on the whole population due to the constraints li&e time8 mone) I energ) . It becomes /er) much essential for us to de/elop a wor&ing h)pothesis because it has to be tested. The data has been summariAed in the form of graphs. I ha/e decided to use deliberates and simple random sampling because to &now the reaction of customers for different ser/ices we need to target the people who regularl) goes for shopping in organiAed formats and then we ha/e decided to pic& 100 people randoml). 3ne &ind of research problem8 those which relate to states of nature.perience of the ser/ices pro/ided b) Pantaloons retail India ltd. Sa/p%e s#6e9 '0 customers 8.

perience management that ma&es sure that the shopping e.perience and what are the areas of impro/ement he is loo&ing for...I ha/e also decided to use other data collection techni?ues li&e obser/ation and personal inter/iews.perience a remembering one for e/er) indi/idual customer. I ha/e decided to use structured close ended ?uestionnaire so that the response could be properl) coded and anal)Aed. =*5 4. %nd retaining the customer of Pantaloons and earning profit of the store with &eeping high margins in stoc&. In toda)*s world it becomes important for a retailer to &eep an e)e on e/er) aspect of Industr). OB7ECTI"E OF THE STUDY 3bjecti/e of the stud) of customer ser/ices as a part of customer e. %nd to ha/e a futuristic approach. Retailer must be sharp and should thin& far more forward than its competitors. B*5 K$!2 0! r + s#$ess* C!$s %t 2#th ' st!/ers a$& e/p%!0ees* Set ' st!/er se$s#t#)e ser)#'es sta$&ar& C!// $#'ate ser)#'e sta$&ar&s t! ' st!/ers a$& per(!r/a$'e t! e/p%!0ees* Ma$a-e 0! r !r-a$#6at#!$ +ase& !$ ser)#'e sta$&ar&s a$& : a%#t0* There is a term called customer e. I ha/e got an idea that before setting up an) ser/ices it is /er) much essential to &now certain things and these are as follows9 1.perience is to put things in mind as to how customer ser/ice affects the whole shopping e. %s to sur/i/e in this retail world and mar&et it is important to understand the ps)che of 38 ..perience of a customer becomes a pleasurable one. 2.perience of the customers and what all is needed on the part of retailer to ma&e that e. It would become easier for us to understand the customer e.

It is /er) important to ma&e a point that unless a retailer is not aware of the customer e. The consistent deli/er) of superior ser/ice re?uires the careful design and e. Customer ser/ice ma) be emplo)ed to generate such competiti/e ad/antage as a particular ser/ice proposition can be harder to cop) for competitors a compan) ma) attempt to differentiate itself from its competition through the pro/ision of better customer ser/ice. Tr) to regain customers. I ha/e tried to Gain &nowledge about the customer8 there ps)che8 7eha/ior of customer in the store8 understood the need8 re?uirement of customer. comes into picture for the simple reason of pro/iding all that a retailer had thought of8 and the le/el of ser/ices he had planned.customer and to retain the customer one must loo& into e/er) aspect and tr) to delight its customers for future.      3ffers and discounts #chemes 7u) one get one offers -nd of season #ales Gi/ing good shopping e. In this project we will tr) to co/er the few aspects of the store which is being assigned to me. 39 . Customer ser/ice is the pro/ision of ser/ice to customers before8 during and after a purchase.perience to customers NEED OF THE STUDY Customer ser/ice is normall) an integral part of a compan)*s customer /alue proposition. 7ecause of the simple fact that all the efforts are in /ein if the pro/ided ser/ices are of no use to the customers. This is one of the benefits that describe what is the le/el of focus of an) retailer to pro/ide ser/ices to the customers. .sing /arious &inds of tactics to get customers it is important for a lifest)le retailer. Ghat other competitors are doing in the mar&et under the radius of store.pectations of the ser/ices8 it becomes ?uite a tedious tas& for an) retailer to set his own ser/ice standards for his store.ecution of a whole s)stem of acti/ities that includes people8 technolog)8 and processes. Pantaloons is one of the store in India which pro/ides 3ffers 8?ualit) products with discounted offers %nd to ma&e the store profitable it becomes important for them to maintain that image b) using /arious Methods and Research. 3ne should clearl) understand that the whole concept of retail mi.

Technolog) has made a/ailable a wide range of customer ser/ice tools. Thus8 I limit our stud) to months starting from Ma) 00.8 and tailoring products and ser/ice responses based on this ad/anced data. To o/ercome this problem8 we decided to focus onl) on 10 &e) ?uestions that remained unchanged o/er a month period and that8 we belie/e8 are most closel) related to store e. #pecialist software that is designed for the trac&ing of ser/ice le/els and for helping recogniAe areas for impro/ement are often integrated into other enterprise operational software tools such as -RP software.. 40 .ecution policies. Ta&ing responsibilit) for mista&es and correcting them is considered an important aspect of good customer ser/ice. months. Customers tend to be more forgi/ing of organiAations that ac&nowledge and apologiAe for their mista&es rather than den)ing them. The) range from support websites and the abilit) to ha/e li/e chats with technical staff to databases trac&ing indi/idual customersN preferences8 pattern of bu)ing8 pa)ment methods etc. The number of ?uestions %nswer scales /aried o/er the )ears as well. DATA DESCRIPTION 3ur stud) re?uires detailed storeEle/el and customer sur/e) data which is not publicl) a/ailable. The data comes from Pantaloons store o/er a period spanning in ?uestionnaire were about 10 with customer feedbac&.

/o e#a%uate an* en0ance *ata 3ua%it& 2. 41 . "ee8 !urt0er insi20t into t0e re%ations0ips o. /0e *ata is t0en scrutini4e* an* re%e#ant interpretations are *ra1n. /0e *ata accrue*) especia%%& !rom t0e inter#ie1s an* 3uestionnaires circu%ate*) are ta.ecution policies8 because the) are often caused b) the lac& of communication between customers and emplo)ees regarding merchandise* siAe8 price and /ariet).5ecti#es o! ana%&sis o! *ata are6 1. /0e a2e 2roups 1ere i*enti!ie* as 8e& !actors impactin2 s0oppin2 an* purc0ase *ecisions o! consumers. Examine e!!ects o! ot0er re%e#ant !actors 4. (espon*ents 1ere as8e* to c0oose amon2 !our a2e 2roup cate2ories.change might be reflecti/e of store e.R-T.e t0e stu*& popu%ation an* its re%ations0ip 3.ser#e* 5.R4 is the Rupees /alue of all products that were returned per month and for which there was e.u%ate* is ana%&se*. 7escri. /0e *ata t0us 2at0ere* an* ta.ser#e* or not o. E#a%uate impact or importance Age of the respondents/0e !irst criteria respon*ents 1ere as8e* to in*icate 1as t0e a2e 2roup t0e& . -. /0e ma5or o.e%on2e* to.u%ate* an* *epicte* on 2rap0s in t0e !o%%o1in2 pa2es. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION /0e too%s an* met0o*s o! *ata co%%ection i*enti!ie* ear%ier 1ere emp%o&e* to 2at0er *ata on t0e consumer perception .change scheme to the customer.

/0e& ma8e up a%most 0a%! o! t0e popu%ation 10o s0op at retai% stores. %$ ender of the respondents! Ge$&er ! 42 . It can .e *e*uce* t0at most o! t0e consumers 10o #isit retai% out%ets re2u%ar%& are t0e & o! respon*ents !a%%s in t0e a2e 2roup 25940.A% eo$ res)ondents " " $-&" &'-($ (%-"" above"" #$ /0e 0i20est num.

Consumers 1ere as8e* to in*icate t0eir 2en*er. /0e num.5ect o! t0is 3uestion is to un*erstan* t0e *emo2rap0ics o! t0e popu%ation un*er stu*&.o#e.(+U 7rand name8 1$. Wh0 &! 0! sh!p at the a+!)e st!reL 1o)alt)8 (. /0e o..""U 43 . /0e 0i20est num.00U "0.imit)8 $. /0eir responses 1ere a .er o! respon*ents 1ere !ema%e) as is *epicte* . Wh#'h st!res &! 0! sh!p atL $.""U %ffordabilit)8 1".(+U Pro.(+U ser/ice 1".(+U Pantaloons #hopper*s #top Gestside 3thers .""U 2ariet)8 '.u&in2 *ecisions 1as !orme*.00U 1+.(+U <ashion8 (.& t0e c0art presente* o! ma%e respon*ents 1as %ess compare* to t0e !ema%e respon*ents.""U Consumers approac0e* 1ere as8e* an open9en*e* 3uestion to in*icate t0e reasons t0e& se%ect a particu%ar store to s0op at as a2ainst an& ot0er retai% out%et.00U #tore atmosphere8 10U 6ualit)8 (.roa* i*ea o! t0e !actors t0at in!%uence s0oppin2 an* .

'anta%oons attracts peop%e o! man& income 2roups) an* o!!ers pro*ucts t0at appea% to a 1i*e arra& o! consumers. <o1e#er) t0ere are t0ose 10o are unsatis!ie* or 10o 0a#e ne#er #isite* t0e store at a%%.een attri. $1 #atisfied Bighl) #atisfied 10 0 1.o#e an* responses o! t0e consumers) it is e#i*ent t0at a 2oo* num.nsatisfied $" $. "uc0 consumers !orm t0e potentia% mar8et t0at t0e companies must stri#e to attract 44 . /0is 0e%ps to un*erstan* t0e current consumer perception o! t0e t0ree stores i*enti!ie* an* t0e correspon*in2 satis!action o! responses 0as . /0e 0i20est num.) on t0e tar2et o! tar2et consumers are satis!ie* 1it0 t0e stores at %ar2e. 1+ 4e/er 2isited ( :& ana%&sin2 t0e responses to t0is 3uestion) 1e) t0e researc0ers) as 1e%% as companies) can St!res i*enti!& t0e e!!ecti#eness o! a*#ertisements) %ocation) .u%ate* *ata *epicte* a.ute* to 'anta%oons.0U +0U (0U '0U $0U "0U 0U 10U 0U #hopper*s #top Pantaloons Gestside 0 5 11 .rom t0e ta.:& ana%&sin2 t0e responses to t0is 3uestion) 1e) t0e researc0ers) as 1e%% as companies) can i*enti!& customer pre!erences amon2 t0e #arie* c0oices o! stores) an* can ca%cu%ate 0o1 muc0 mar8et s0are t0e& 0o%*. . satisfa"tion #e$e# based on the gi$en parameters for the fo##o%ing stores! Sat#s(a't#!$ Le)e%s 100U 50U .ran*) price) promotion) pro*uct #ariet& etc.

I obtained customer sur/e)s o/er a months period. It is imperati#e !or t0e stores to !in* out 10& t0is is so. I tried to target the customers of Pantalooons inside as well outside the store at Customer ser/ice !es&8 at the cash counters8 in the different sections or departments while handling them as sale staff8 attending them at home deli/er) counters. Cou%* &ou p%ease spare us a !e1 minutes to te%% us a. Ser)#'e e3per#e$'e 2#th st!re ass!'#ates M*5 Pr#'e A>*5 Na)#-at#!$ !( the st!re Gith the number of responses /ar)ing from highl) satisfactor) to Poor. /0is 2oes to s0o1 t0at 'anta%oons is *oin2 man& t0in2s ri20t. /0e mar8etin2 strate2ies) a*#ertisements) promotions) 3ua%it&) pricin2) pro*uct #ariet& etc.) seem to . <o1 *i* &ou !in* our #ariet&) 3ua%it& an* ran2e o! pro*ucts= 2oo* satis!actor& a#era2e poor 45 .%e amount o! 2oo*1i%%. %round 100 6uestionnaire were filled with the customers in months time duration. It seems to en5o& a reasona. Gith the different responses from e/er) customer 4egati/e to positi/e.. The ?uestionnaire contained around 10 ?uestions &eeping in mind the A> Parameters of the store that are9 A*5 H a%#t0 D*5 Ser)#'e =*5 A(ter Sa%e ser)#'es I*5 B#%%#$B*5 "ar#et0 C*5 A)a#%a+#%#t0 7. CUSTOMER SUR"EY DATA Ghen customers paid their bill at the chec&out8 we chose them randoml) to answer a satisfaction sur/e). /0e& can mo*i!& an* app%& t0e same attractions to1ar*s t0e consumers 10o are %ess satis!ie*.out &our experience utstan*in2 1./0ere are a%so 3uite a !e1 respon*ents 10o 1ere 0i20%& satis!ie* 1it0 t0e retai% c0ains. C!$)e$#e$'e 8. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION: PANTALOONS Dear "&stomers Than' (o& so m&"h for shopping at panta#oons toda(.e #er& appea%in2 an* a%so trans%ate into sa%es an* repeat purc0ases..

i%%in2 experience= <o1 *i* &ou !in* t0e am. /e% @o. 8.ac8 a.e @ot #er& %i8e%& +n& ot0er !ee*. >0at *o &ou t0in8 o! our prices= <o1 1as &our ser#ice experience 1it0 our store associates= <o1 1as &our . 46 .. 5.out out store t0at &ou 1ou%* %i8e to s0are= )ndicate your satisfaction level based on the following parameters for the following stores )nsatisfied Satisfied *igh#( Satisfied Not +isited Retai# O&t#et 'anta%oons "0opperAs "top >estsi*e Please tell us a little about yourself. %$. 6. 7. CCCCC s --est#!$s +0 C st!/ers:  More Communication #hould be there to guide the customers who /isit for the first time.2. "ex 6 ?a%e !ema%e +2e6 Bn*er 25 &ears 26940 &ears 41955 &ears @ame CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.%e na#i2atin2 t0e store= <o1 1as &our o#era%% experience= >i%% &ou s0op at our store a2ain= Certain%& ?a&. 3. 9.ience an* c%ean%iness in t0e store= >ere &ou com!orta. e9mai% I*CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC. 4.

 The schemes and offers should be properl) chec&ed before appl)ing to customers.t fulfil there all there e. The percentage in terms of number of customers that fall in 0E"' is ('U. %nd Pantaloons in that conte. There should be separate counter for senior citiAen for cashiering.pect 2alue for there e/er) penn). The card should be swiped once onl) to the 7an&s s)stem not to the s)stem of the store.  The range of denim jeans was limited.  The pa)ment made b) credit card to the cashiers b) customers should be ta&en special care of.%s the Indian customers ha/e different mind set. #o it should be more in that section.  The siAe should be alwa)s be a/ailable in the store for customers as mostl) the) are out of stoc&. 47 . %nd the) alwa)s e.  There were less /ariet) in accessories.pectations. %nd the) ha/e the tendenc) to spent little and get more. CONCLUSIONS: %s the data gathered through ?uestionnaire suggests that the ma.  The paging should be clear and soft so that it is audible to the customers.  More cost effecti/e clothes should be there in women section.  The Cashiering #hould be done fast so as to sa/e time of customers.imum number of customers fall between the age group of 0E"'.  Good /ariet) of merchandise should be there. #hould be more spacious.  #pace problem. should be trend) and &eep pace with the mar&et trend. so this thing should be impro/ed.

3ne of the important factors that can ma&e or destro) the customer shopping e. ''U of the sample siAe belie/es pricing is good enough to come again. RECOMMENDATIONS: 4ow )ou must ha/e got the idea of how important is pro/iding good customer ser/ices to the customers from the strategicall) point of /iew.perience is interface with customer care associates.0U of the total sample siAe. Pricing also becomes an important factor for customer to ta&e in to consideration for e/aluating their shopping e. $0U of the customer belie/es that Pantaloons has their own branded products to offer to the customers within a good price range.perience has been e.cellent. 48 .tra to their customers. Considering the fact that this project is focussing on customer e.perience with CC%*s.0U of the sample siAe belie/e that the) get good /ariet) and product range. Therefore information suggests that the customers mainl) fall between 0E'0 )ear age group and that constitute . Pro/iding a good billing e.perience. . +'U of the sample siAes ha/e said that their billing e. Pantaloons also understands the fact that to gain a competiti/e edge o/er others8 the) need to pro/ide something e. This is a point where customer can reall) get frustrated if the) spend lot of time to get billing done.perience with CC%. Ta&ing in to consideration all the abo/e mentioned factors when customers were as&ed to rate their o/erall shopping e.perience. Tal&ing about the factors that moti/ate customers to come to the Pantaloons store mainl) focus on their own in house brand a/ailabilit) and /alue for mone). 1i&e In Radius of " to ' Hm of Mehrauli Road near Pantaloons man) Competitors li&e Gestside8 lifest)le 8 Reliance Trend and globus are there which ma&e Threat to Pantaloons.4ow there are 'U of the customer*s falls in between "'E'0.U responded that their billing e. 10U responded that the) ha/e not had satisf)ing e.perience while shopping led us to stud) whether the) are satisfied with the /ariet) and the product range a/ailable and .perience had bad e.perience has been good and to 'U of the sample siAe this has been satisfactor). The main concern for the Pantaloons would to pro/ide good customer ser/ices and their b) retain the customers.perience to the customers is a must for e/er) retailer. +0U of the sample siAe has had good e.perience8 5'U ha/e said that their e. In an era where man) domestic pla)ers are coming up in retail and international pla)ers are also e)eing India as an emerging retail mar&et.

perience. O t !( the 2a0 s!% t#!$9 It is said that if something e. Pr!per sh!pp#$.P if the #)stems are not in proper condition or Ba/e some problem it should be chec&ed before store opening8 so that it ma) not affect the customers and there time.D #ometimes wrong billing is done. The following 10 steps should be followed b) the store according to the customer recommendation9  Maintain <le. c. #ometimes on Gee& -nds due to high rush 7illing procedure gets slow and it humiliates the Customer. (. ". De%e-at#!$ !( a th!r#t09 Proper delegation of authorit) should be made at the CC%*s le/el to handle customers* ?ueries and pro/ide immediate solution to the customers without consulting seniors because the e. %lso the customer ser/ice the emplo)ees pro/ide to the customers. Fast +#%%#$.tra is re?uired to please the customers then there should be no hesitation of retailer. %nd to retain one customer one should go to an) end* As #$ reta#% 2!r%& C st!/er #s a%2a0s r#-ht* '. %ccording to #. %t the customer ser/ice des&Cgreen ser/ice des&D lots of problems is being faced b) customers as man) complaints come o/er to them li&e9 a.a/+#e$'e9 To pro/ide good customer ser/ice8 it is imperati/e that a good ambience is created in the store. CRM pr!-ra//e #s #/p%e/e$te&9 To &eep the trac& on the customer demographics8 income8 lifest)le8 shopping pattern etc helps in customiAing the ser/ices and pro/iding the good customer e.D #cheme is not updated. $. Ghich includes 1oo& and feel of store li&e the fragnance 8 Music8 1ightning8 !ispla) of merchandise. Maintaining proper database of customers so that we can offer them with schemes and retain them as our lo)al!'ess9 People at the cash till should be trained enough to get the billing done in a least possible time.3. Tra#$e& ' st!/er 'are ass!'#ates9 It is /er) important for an) retailer to ha/e a good team of trained customer care ser/ice associates.ibilit) 49 . .D Man) time Customer want to change the product due to li&ing or improper siAe.tra time ta&en could frustrate the customers. b. 1i&e the <irst thing which attracts the customer is the store outloo& which we in retail Gorld call it 2isual Merchandise.There are few recommendations that I thin& Pantaloons8 Gurgaon should ta&e into consideration for de/eloping a niche for itself in the mar&et and enjo) a large chun& of lo)al customers9 1. Training in terms of how to handle the customers8 how to pro/ide solution etc should be pro/ided.

The) are 50 .perience con/enient. It should not be confusing.         #pea& with %uthorit). Ma&e the #hopping e. To meet this challenge8 companies of all siAes are deplo)ing Customer Relationship Management CCRMD applications and strategies across their organiAations. Pro/ide effecti/e na/igation aids. MinimiAe the clutter. Ma&e the shopping e. #implif) the product displa).imiAe product affordance. #howcase new items and new ideas. #how the merchandise.ibl) adapt to the uni?ue needs of indi/idual customers. Ma. LEARNING:  C st!/er Re%at#!$sh#p Ma$a-e/e$t Rich customer relationships that generate lo)alt) and re/enue are critical to sustained business performance.perience enjo)able. 4ow more than e/er8 organiAations must be able to fle.

#er/ices reco/er) pla)s a /er) important role in C .M. #er/ices li&e con/enient shopping hours8 information aids8 credit8 gift wrapping and pac&aging8 complaint handling8 merchandise returns8 ser/icing.  Resol/e problems ?uic&l). 3/er time8 customer lo)alt)8 satisfaction and shareEofE customer re/enue increase8 while costs decrease. 1et us ta&e a ?uic& loo& at some of the measurable benefits that )our organiAation 51 . Customer e. !espite the immense benefits that the CRM solutions can deli/er8 the) are not entirel) without their share of problems. CRM is an alignment of strateg)8 processes and technolog) to manage customers and all customerEfacing departments I partners.  3bjecti/e is to understand that good customer e.coordinating multiple channels9 including the web8 email8 call centres8 direct mail and face to faceS To interact with customers and meet their needs. Profitable customer relationships begin with sound planning.nderstand the hidden costs and hurdles Y 7ac& it up with good training and support Ghile selecting the software solution for )our implementation8 ensure that Y It can manage both )our data and process Y It is eas) to implement and roll out Y It is simple to use Y @ou understand the total cost of ownership. Most CRM initiati/es begin with a strategic need to manage the process of handling customer related information more effecti/el).perience is gi/ing customers a little more than what the) e. What #s CRML !ifferent organiAations define CRM differentl). %ctionable strategies for collecting customer data8 mining it for /aluable insight and cost effecti/el) building these relationships are re?uired to dri/e results.perience management CC-MD describes the processes and methods used to design and manage a customerNs entire e.pect.perience with a product or a store. <irms must identif) their Most 2aluable Customers8 interact with them across all channels and meet their needs. <or beginners it could simpl) mean better lead management capabilities.  Pro/ide a fair solution. CRM initiati/es it is essential to Y Clearl) define the management objecti/e I strateg) Y -/ol/e the right process around it Y Identif) the right software solution for implementation Y .  1isten to the customer. In toda)*s econom)8 there is no single undisputed definition of CRM. What are the a&)a$ta-es !( CRML CRM solutions help companies boost their business efficienc)8 thereb) increasing profit and re/enue generation capabilities.

To ma&e profits8 it is important to &eep the customer longer and sell him more products Ccross sell8 up sell8 etcD to him8 during his lifec)cle. Y C st!/er L#(e'0'%e Ma$a-e/e$t To &eep the customers happ)8 )ou need to &now them better. Y Strate-#' C!$s#ste$'0 7ecause CRM offers business and technological alignment8 it enables companies to achie/e strategic compan) goals more effecti/el)8 li&e enhanced sales realiAation8 higher customer satisfaction8 better brand management and more. Integrated CRM solutions8 li&e CRM ne. This once &nown8 acts as the basis on which )ou can formulate mar&eting strategies targeting customers indi/iduall). CRM solutions enable )ou to do that. The benefits include a clearer /isibilit) of the sales pipeline8 accurate forecasts and more. Y E3e' t#!$ C!$tr!%: 3nce the business strateg) is put into motion8 the management needs feedbac& and reports to judge how the business is performing. Ca$ CRM Dr#)e ' st!/er ser)#'eL Y The important considerations of an) organiAation loo&ing forward to incorporating a CRM are understandabl)8 more business related than technical. %dditionall)8 the alignment results in a more Consistent customer communication creating a feeling of continuit).t enable )ou to manage customer information8 throughout all stages of their life c)cle8 from contact to contract to customer ser/ice. CRM solutions pro/ide management with control and a scientific wa) to identif) and resol/e issues. Customer sta)s8 if the) are pro/ided with /alue8 ?ualit) ser/ice and continuit). Y CRM is not just a guarantee for ?uic&er growth and bigger re/enues but also a means to &eep up with competition. Through CRM8 )ou can determine the Customer 1ifetime 2alue or in other words8 the present and projected business worth of a customer to )our organiAation.Can gain b) implementing a CRM solution. Than&full)8 all the different objecti/es that are fulfilled through CRM8 b) defaultM re/ol/e around increasing the top line re/enue. %t the minimum8 )ou need a centraliAe customer database8 that captures most of the information from )our entire customer facing departments and partners. Y Customer intelligence and CRM*s predicti/e anal)sis capabilities help )ou generate a highl) accurate demand forecast which leads to better and more informed in/entor) management8 thus8 curtailing significantl)8 the internal costs through new and efficient processes. Y I$'rease C st!/er L#(e'0'%e "a% e In most businesses8 the cost of ac?uisition of customers is high. 52 . <urther8 the simplification and streamlining of the sales process8 significantl) reduces the time spent b) sales reps on their paperwor& and administrati/e engagements8 and lets them focus on selling instead.

It automates the routine acti/ities to enable the managers to spend more time adding /alue.D E/p%!0ees9 Ghen the -mplo)ees in the store are appointed for store8 no formal Training is pro/ided to them. The s)stem pro/ides the support team with an integrated /iew of the di/erse customer information8 helping them increase their effecti/eness. Y E((#'#e$'0 (!r the /#&&%e /a$a-e/e$t CRM empowers the middle management to deli/er results b) le/eraging features li&e integrated s)stem8 smart tas&s8 customiAable alerts and more.The few problems came up to me were li&e9 1. %part from empowering the support team8 the s)stem also enables businesses to handle more customers with a smaller support team. The most important thing which store should ne/er forget is customer is alwa)s right. Customer is treated as god. SUGGESTIONS: Problems in the store premises which I obser/ed during m) store /isit for months. 7etter customer ser/ices translate into brand lo)alt) and higher re/enues CRM pro/ides functionalit) that )our business needs to be able to deli/er this e. * I$tera't#!$ 2#th the ' st!/ers: Ghile doing personal interaction with the customers while selling I realiAed the Importance of displa)ing the product and the need and demands of the customers.perience worthwhile.perience. Y !ri/ing Customer #atisfaction through efficient ser/ice Y In toda)*s econom) )our best asset is a satisfied customer. It was reall) a good e. Ghether its fault of customer8 the emplo)ee should alwa)s ha/e to accept it on them and tr) to satisf) customer on them . Therefore it is essential to in/est in dri/ing customer satisfaction and constantl) impro/ing upon the ?ualit) of )our customer ser/ices. It is best measured b) comparing the past and the present customer ac?uisitions8 enhancements in customer /alueTworth8 longEterm customer retention8 etc8 all of which contribute to the organiAations re/enues. Y M!re e((e't#)e$ess (!r the s pp!rt tea/ Pro/ide the agents with an integrated /iew of all the customer information8 including customer histor)8 his interaction with the sales and mar&eting team8 and data from other s)stems integrated with CRM.Y The R3I gained out of implementing a CRM is what ma&es the e. 53 .posure for me8 as con/incing the customers is the most complicated tas&. Ghich I was able to learn.

Y #)stems are sometimes hanged due to ser/er failure. %s it*s alwa)s filled with people for chatting8 as eating :oint. #o the dress code must be followed. This can lead to mishappening of the store one da). The customers face this problems lot of time and which mo/es our customer to other competitor*s store. Y The) man) times don*t come in formal dress . Bow can the) ma&e the customers delighted with their ser/icesS Y The stoc& which customers demand is most of the time out of stoc& or una/ailable in #tore. ". This dela)s the customer billing .T rooms are not properl) arranged.T staff misuses the room for there leisure acti/ities.T facilit) for the emplo)ees who lac& in computer &nowledge. Y The I. %nd thus we loose our customer.D Ma$a-e/e$t 9 Y I.Y There attitude towards Customers as with the colleagues are not up to the mar&. This pla)s a /er) /ital role in <ront end.P should be onl) $ people at the time. Y #wipe cards are swiped at billing counters without informing the customers which is straight awa) a crime. There should be proper measure for the abo/e problems8 so that we can be efficient8 Customer centric can get our customer satisfied8 !elight them with all the ser/ices and ?ualit). Y The securit) of the store is not tight8 that*s wh) shrin&age has gone up in this )ear. Y The) don*t inform the customers about the 3ffers8 #chemes8 which sometimes customers are not aware about.3. #o the) should tell this thing too. 54 . If the emplo)ees of the compan) are not satisfied with the ser/ices pro/ided to them. Y 1ong 6ueues on Cash tills8 which %ccording to #. Y Cashiers due to o/er crowd put bills on hold and which man) time create problem and the products are sometimes charged twice or to other customer b) fault.D Cash#ers at +#%%#$.%nd the cashier has to gi/e manual billing. Ghich ultimatel) reduced the profit of the storeS %nd the #taff !idn*t got the %ppraisal and incenti/es this time.It has been obser/ed that the) don*t wear <ormal shoes instead of that the) wear different colour of shoe on the floors.'! $ters: The Cashiers at billing counters were Y 4ot ha/ing proper &nowledge of the s)stem which the) were Bandling as which should be ta&en care of before putting them %t customer end. . . It leads to demoti/ation and reluctant beha/iour in the staff members. Y The) don*t e/en greet the customers which is must for them. Y The) lac& in basic Communication s&ills. Y 4o I.

Mar&eting 5... I #trout8 -. =Consumer Insight> Bow to . !elighting customers9 understanding needs starts with emplo)ees. C 001D. 7) Merlin #tone8 %lison 7ond I 7r)an <oss.D % : 1amba8 =The %rt of Retailing > 1$.. Presentations conducted b) <acult) members during Class lectures of College. C15. C 001D. The benefits of customer sur/e) 55 . 8.<. E .D Barris8 -.D 7oo& =The 3ne to one <uture8 7uilding Relationships with 3ne customer at a time. Garson>. 7oo& =Measuring Customer #atisfaction8 % guide to managing ?ualit) Customer #er/ice.se8and #tatistical %nal)sis Methods8 nd -dition8 %#6 6ualit) Press8 Milwau&ee8 Gisconsin8 155. Ba)es8 Measuring Customer #atisfaction9 #ur/e) ! $.. 11.M. +. Heeping customers happ). Target Mar&eting8 :une8 0C(D8 (.com ". 7) =Richard . If we will be able to ma&e one lo)al customers8 it means we ha/e earned our profit. 1". 6. 10. BIBLIOGRAPHY: 1. 7ob -. 9.. www. 2..D Feithaml8 2. 7) =!on Peppers and Martha Rogers. 1 .%.D8 =Consumer perception of price8 ?ualit) and 2alue9 a meansEend model and s)nthesis of e/idence>8 :ournal of Mar&eting8 2ol.Google#earch. %d/anced Management :ournal8 ("C1D8 +E"'.merchandiseconcepts.If we will be able to &eep our emplo)ees Bapp) then onl) we can get bac& and retain the target customers in the poc&et.aboutretail.D Retailangel.D !ata and Mar&et research to get closer to )our customer. ' 8 pp.Boldwa)8 %. #. #ales and Management8 %pril8 1'"C$D8 (5.

THANK YOU M--4% CB%.!B%R@ 56 .