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“Autopsy” By Will “Grizz” Grissom I went into the office and checked my desk, on it was a stack of lab and

autopsy reports, forms for me to sign and the latest reports from the New York Times. In addition to her own work, Marina had been meticulous, carefully clipping them out for me and laying them out for my perusal. I poured the last of the black sludge that was masquerading as coffee from the coffee maker into my well-seasoned cup. I winced at the taste as I sat down to my stack of work. You know, that!s been there since yesterday, "oc, Marina!s #oice said from behind me. $he had been so quiet I hadn!t heard her enter my office and most likely would not ha#e noticed her presence at all if she had not spoken to me. I glanced up at her she looked as if she was running on no sleep, dark circles rimmed her eyes., I can make us some more. %obby used the last of the Turkish, so we ha#e to settle for that designer foofy shit you brought in last week. &ell, its better than decaf, I said grinning, I promise I will ha#e some of the good stuff back in by the end of the week. That!s what you said last week and you sub'ected us to a $tarbuck!s nightmare gone wrong. The only thing worse is drinking formalin( You drink that and you won!t be drinking anything else, I looked around the top of my desk for the day!s business, )ey, did you get that file for last night!s #ic* +ust as I asked, Marina pulled a freshly assembled folder from the top of the cabinet, and handed it to me. $he was always anticipating what I would ask for, it made the working relationship smoother, I was con#inced. If it were not for Marina!s careful administration of my office, in addition to her own duties, I knew that my desk would swim in a sea of folders and unrelated paperwork. Thanks, I murmured, I!m going to ha#e someone in to obser#e for this one. The photographer last night. ,h yes* I didn!t know that this was a demo autopsy, &ill. $he dumped the

2rdis also in surgical scrubs. 2nyway. 2lready the body was in bad enough shape from the fall. Mark $loan. and admittedly it had been thri#ing under her touch. appro3imately aged 8< . picking up the chart I began to dictate. and she is my friend. is that a coroner must be thorough. %lot5 could use the chiding. its low key.<. 4oor %lot5( )e gets more shit being the new guy.ot a hot date with her in the morgue* That!s kinky. was a tattoo. broken off appro3imately = centimeters shy of the #allecula. Marina swore up and down it was good for the tree. 2nyway. eh* . The serpentine dragons encircled each other forming se#eral symbols within one on the #ictim!s skin. I chided her. . but on the small of Mark $loan!s back.=8. . %efore making the Y incision in the body. but its a fa#or for a friend. Marina. not caused by the #ictim!s fall. my assistant said on her way out. its not a demo. I!ll tell %ernie at the front desk to beha#e himself. I ad'usted the microphone that hung abo#e the cada#er table and snapped on a pair of sterile of the things about suspicious deaths. I placed the folder aside and e3amined the area more closely. her camera ready as we began 6ase number 78799-:. boss( No such luck. It was #aguely familiar but I shook off the feeling and returned to my work. 'ust below the latissimus dorsi. she is doing an assignment for a te3tbook publlisher. weighing appro3imately ?>. 2rdis watched me. The flesh had turned yellow and appeared wa3y as was always the case in death!s process. There is a number 8 pencil. watched intently beside me. we rolled the #ictim onto his stomach. The body of the deceased is that of a well formed adult of the caraffe of coffee into the soil of the ficus tree in the corner of my office. I bet )anna slept on the couch after that scene. The body is <> inches long. That /i0dish/1i0 is the -ieutenant )anna!s wife. )is wife. so watch your mouth. You mean the dish that -ieutenant )anna told to lea#e. discreetly taking pictures as I proceeded with the autopsy. no. eh* Marina smirked. lbs. +ust keep an eye out for her. The decedant has sustained in'uries from a fall. there is some apparent damage near the trachea.

I pulled a ruler from the tray of instruments and measured it. I dialed the number and e3haled slowly. needing to be back at her publisher!s and then quickly home before meeting Aincent for dinner. said the #oice on the other end of the phone. why don!t you get a shot of this.. The autopsy internal in#estigation progressed. I felt my insides tighten. and informing them that their lo#ed one had been ushered through death!s door. Marina had carefully printed the name and phone number of Mark $loan!s sister on a slip of paper that she had clipped to the inside of the folder. down the center of the chest and abdomen do the pubis. 6ontacting the ne3t of kin. you!ll ne#er belie#e it . $loan* Mark $loan!s sister* I managed at last. in the same fashion that hunters field dress a deer. It was the least fa#orite part of my 'ob. $he was not squeamish. I said. she bra#ed it as well as a seasoned med student. The piece was about the si5e of a plum and looked rather new. Aincent had said it was my call to make and let me to the task.2rdis. yet I would rather that the notification come from myself rather than the police department.but I was actually getting worried about you. @#en with power saws cutting through sinew and bone. The organs were all remo#ed and weighed. and in fact seemed fascinated by the process.. the !Y! incison made across the chest from shoulder to shoulder. . I wondered how she would fare dealing with food after ha#ing spent the day obser#ing a human being cut open and dressed. There was a long pause... 2rdis and I said little and she looked at her watch. Is this Miss. the opened body seemed less human than he did thing stood out in my mind that I needed to do. like a fresh inking not much more than a month or so old.. 2fter a shower I settled into my office with my paperwork. @ach part of the process I made notes into the microphone and 2rdis took pictures. In the case of someone as young as Mark $loan it was ne#er easy. and tried not to imagine that it was me on that table cut from throat to pel#is with half of me bagged rather than Mark $loan. Yes.. .. &hen it was all o#er. It!s about time bro . organs being bagged. The phone picked up and a feminine #oice answered as if a call had been e3pected.

Miss $loan.ffice. B MaCat 4ublishing. I am sorry to inform you that your brother. This is "octor . Mark has been killed. 877? .rissom of the New York 6ity Medical @3aminer!s .

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