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HINGE By Danny Deller

This script is the confidential and proprietary property of DNA Productions TM and no proportion of it may be performed, disrupted, reproduced used, quoted, or published without prior written permission. DNA PRODUCTIONS 19 Little Gearies, IG6 1HR, Cranbrook Road, Essex Danny Deller

POV shot of BRANDON waking up.

Wide shot establishing setting, then a medium shot of BRANDON.

FADE IN INT:ABANONED STORAGE FACILITY, DAY Medium shot of BRANDON BRANDON 18, Wakes up dazed and confused and finds himself tied to a chair beaten and bloody. BRANDON lifts his head slowly, he looks left and right then drops his head back down. BRANDON Where (pause) Where am I? BRANDON looks around. He notices pictures of himself hung up on the wall. BRANDON What is this? BRANDON holds his head in pain as memories come rushing back. CUT TO: EXT: ALLEYWAY, DAY BRANDON walks down an alleyway listening to his music oblivious to the two hooded men walking behind him. BRANDON begins walking faster as the two men behind him speed up. Eventually they catch up to him but they instead calmly walk past. BRANDON exhales with relief. BRANDON continues walking down the alleyway. As he turns the corner he is hit with a bar and suddenly collapses. CUT TO: INT: ABANDONED STORAGE FACILITY, DAY BRANDON struggles to free his arms but cant manage to get free. POV of BRANDON getting hit.

Wide shot during dialogue, then switch to a close-up of his face

Close-up of BRANDONS face, and extremeclose-ups of all his wounds. Eye-level shot of BRANDON, then an over-theshoulder, and then an extremeclose-up of the paper Medium long shot of hooded men passing BRANDON

Wide/long shot of BRANDON walking into/towards the alleyway, then a medium shot of the two hooded men emerging, and then a wide/long shot of two hooded men following BRANDON.

Medium shot of BRANDON struggling, and then a close-up of his each of his hands struggling and him trying to get loose.

Medium shot of BRANDON talking, and then a wide shot for the rest of his dialogue.

Medium close-up of BRANDON

BRANDON Hello? is Somebody there? anyone (pause) Help! wait (pause) who's there? BRANDON Holds his head again as memories come crashing back into his head. CUT TO: INT: CORRIDOOR, EVENING Long shot of BRANDON getting dragged.

Close-up of JOSEPH getting out his phone and for his dialogue.

Brandon is being dragged down a corridor unconscious by JOSEPH,39 JOSEPH pulls out a phone and dials an unknown number. JOSEPH He's here INT: ABANDONED STORAGE FACILITY, DAY. Slowly the door opens and JOSEPH is seen standing in the door frame. FADE OUT.

Reaction shot of BRANDON as it fades out.

Medium close-up of JOSEPH a the door.

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