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BioBasque Company Directory

The Basque bioRegion Company Directory lists companies that develop or produce applications deriving from the use of biotechnology and converging technologies and disciplines, and companies that either produce or commercialise services and products needed for the research, development and production activities of those applications. The Company Directory provides a brief portray of the companies, based on their own description of activities. The first part of the guide presents biocompanies related to human health and biomedicine, including pharmaceutical companies and CROs, biomaterials and medical devices, veterinary and agro-food, diagnostics, industrial and environmental biotechnology, and specialised services. In the second part, the guide offers contact information on suppliers and distributors. For more information and updates, please visit



Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution, Commercialisation, Manufacture, Production, Services, R&D. Environment and Industry. Company profile Technologically based company whose business is development and production of biological products formulated with enzymes and microorganisms, for bioremediation and biodetergence applications. A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología combines biotechnology and clean technologies for the development of its innovating products under life cycle analysis for Industries and agro-food sector, and for environmental institutions. The organisation develops its products in a management system backed by AENOR certification of the systems of quality, environment, R&D&I, and Ecodesign, under ISO and UNE standards. Key words Environmental biotechnology, Bioremediation, Biodetergency, LCA, Ecolabel.

Address: Polígono Industrial de Júndiz Paduleta esquina Júndiz 01015 Vitoria · Araba Spain Contact person: Jon Kepa Izaguirre Telephone: + 34 945291616 Fax: + 34 945292939 E-mail: Website: Founding year: 2001 Employees: 31 Annual turnover (million c)
5 5-50 50



Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution, Commercialisation, Manufacture, Production, Services, R&D. Human health, Suppliers and services, Support. Company profile Abyntek Biopharma S.L. is a privately owned biotechnology company that centres its activity in developing, producing and commercialising antigens and antibodies. Abyntek relies on its team of trained postdoctoral researchers to guarantee optimal technical support and who will remain in close contact with the customer as part of the high quality service provided. A strong investment in RDI constitutes one of the fundamental values on which the business strategy of Abyntek is based. The R+D+i activities of Abyntek focus on two main areas: · The development of new technologies to produce monoclonal antibodies. · The development of diagnostic and prognostic products, as well as products to predict the response to treatment and for the treatment of lung diseases. Abyntek is an integral part of the Progenika Biopharma S.A. and Proteomika S.L. group of companies.

Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 801 B · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Ainara Hernando Telephone: + 34 944048080 Fax: + 34 944048081 E-mail: Website: Founding year: 2006 Employees: 15 Annual turnover (million c)
5 5-50 50

Key words Antibody, Antigen, Mouse monoclonal, Rabbit polyclonal, Custom antibody, Antibody catalogue, Recombinant antigen, Peptide synthesis, Immunisation, Fusion, Screening, Cloning, Isotyping, Ascitic fluid, Purification, IgG, Yeast, Bacteria, Protein, Lung diseases.



Primary business / Areas of activity R&D, Manufacture, Production, Services, Distribution, Commercialisation. Human Health, Ophthalmology. Company profile AJL Ophthalmic is the only company dedicated to manufacture intraocular lenses at national level. Our company has a commitment to R&D activities for the development of new medical devices which contribute to improvements in the sanitary field. AJL has ISO 9001 and CE 0318, to be able to launch competitive, safe and high quality products. Key words Medical devices, Ophthalmology, Clean rooms, R&D.

Address: Parque Tecnológico de Araba Edificio E-3 01510 Miñano · Araba Spain Contact person: Eva Larra Telephone: + 34 945298256 Fax: + 34 945298209 E-mail: Website: Founding year: 1992 Employees: 36 Annual turnover (million c)
5 5-50 50

10 Website: www. developing programs with the HACCP/APPCC system and food and drinks microbiological control.biotalde. located in Galdakao (Bizkaia). the objective is the analytic support to the diagnostic of the biological quality of Founding year: 1988 Employees: 11 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 11 . · Water microbiologic. Microbiological control of food and water. Services. Legionellosis. Agro-food. environment and water through microbiological determinations. It is especially focused on Food Security. Key words Food safety. Food Technology.ANÁLISIS BIOLÓGICOS BIOTALDE Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. · Legionella preventive control. Environment and Industry. 13 48960 Galdakano · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Nieves Zabala Telephone: + 34 944566589 Fax: + 34 946009110 E-mail: biotalde@biotalde. Biosensors. working within the Food Industry and Environmental Industries. Environment. Address: Zabalea. Air quality. physical and chemical control. Microbiological assays. R&D. · Environmental and surfaces microbiologic control. Hygiene. HACCP/APPCC. Production. Biotalde’s work is based on a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 with the following scope: · Food and drinks microbiologic control. Company profile Biotalde Laboratories is a private company. In the environmental area. has obtained the ENAC acreditation according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for microbiological assays.

Agro-food. · Clinical approaches following the Good Clinical Practices: working directly for pharmaceutical companies and other firms involved in the design of trials for the study and registration of pharmaceutical compounds. 3. Clinic assay. These techniques are applied to both cattle and small animals. Human Food and Nutrition. Food analysis. · Introduction of Good Clinical Practices quality system in cattle farms. histology and molecular biology areas. Veterinary Consulting: · Design and lay out of sanitary development programmes for cattle. Ruminant mastitis. Key words Animal disease diagnostics. With this purpose this lab counts with microbiology. parasitology. 12 Address: Aritz bidea. · Food safety: food microbiological analysis and services to agrofood and consultant companies. Biochemistry. Website: www. Analytical Services. Veterinary consulting. 4. publications and brochures. Serology. 18b 48100 Mungia · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Iñigo Escobal Telephone: + 34 946744251 Fax: + 34 946744251 E-mail: inigoescobal@analiticaveterinaria. Microbiology. Research and Development: projects aimed at the development of new diagnostic techniques of interest for the cattle-raising and the agrofood industry. Production. Milk quality. Diagnostic techniques.analiticaveterinaria. specially on the milk quality improvement area.ANALÍTICA VETERINARIA Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. Manufacture. These activities include courses. agronomic engineers and Founding year: 1991 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 . biopathology. Veterinary Science. Services. Training and dissemination: · Design and management of training activities about animal diseases for vets. Company profile The company works on the following areas: 1. focused on the diagnosis of animal diseases.

martinez@bial.bial.e. Ethic specialities. antihistaminics. antiasthmatics.A. Key words Vaccines. also for human use. etc. is a company focused on the manufacturing and commercialisation of allergenic extracts for diagnostic and treatment (vaccines) of allergic diseases. R&D. 1º 48008 Bilbao · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Alberto Martínez Telephone: + 34 944438000 Fax: + 34 944438016 E-mail: alberto. in which several biotechnological research lines are carried out (recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibody production). glucocorticoids. Address: Alameda Urquijo 27. Human health. Founding year: 1941 Employees: 194 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 13 . Immunoallergology. Company profile Bial Industrial Farmacéutica. Allergens. Manufacture. are Website: www. Services. antiinflammatory agents. Several Ethic specialities. like antimicrobial agents. i. S. It has a R&D Department especialised in immunotherapy with biological products.BIAL INDUSTRIAL FARMACÉUTICA Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Commercialisation.

providing an innovative model for the drug development process. and other Founding year: 2005 Employees: 16 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 . 2.biobide. Biobide is structured around a Technology Platform with two key components: Biotechnology and Automation. Services. This platform allows Biobide to generate. Efficacy assays: SNC (Alzheimer): AChE inhibition assay. Cardiotoxicity: Cardiotox assay.1. Target identification and validation: by morfolines. 14 Address: Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián Paseo Mikeletegi 58 20009 San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Arantza Muriana Telephone: + 34 943309360 Fax: + 34 943309370 E-mail: muriana@biobide. as compared to other preclinical assays. High Throughput Screening: In vivo automated HTS for toxicity and efficacy. Key words HTS in vivo Zebrafish Automatized screening drug discovery services outsourcing fee for service cardiotoxicity QT prolongation hepatotoxicity teratogenesis metastasis angiogenesis. an in vivo model (with a high degree of genetic homology with humans. 1. optical analysis. 4. bioinformatics. R&D. highly informative results giving pharma and biotech companies a competitive advantage. Teratogenicity: Teratox assay.000 adult zebrafish capacity. Biobide counts on the most modern technologies for transgenic and/or mutant zebrafish generation to be used in the HTS platform. General and specific toxicity assays: Acute toxicity: Acutetox assay. etc. and facilities (tanks) with up to 150. quickly and at a reasonable cost.BIOBIDE Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Personalised Assays. Human health Company profile Biobide is a biotechnology company dedicated to in vivo High Throughput Screening (HTS) using the zebrafish model in an all-automated Website: www. Cancer: antiangiogenesis assay. The zebrafish is used as screening tool. Animal model development in zebrafish for human diseases. Bone and cartilage: ageing assays. Ototoxicity: Ototox assay. Our Services: 1. Production. 85%) for preclinical toxicity and efficacy prediction. 3. 1. Automation tools include robotics.

coli. Qualitative tests are available in a shorter period of time (3 hours). HPC. allowing a remote and in-situ water analysis and showing quantitative results in less than 10 hours. On-line.BIOFINDER Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Membrane filtration. Services. Commercialisation. and is based on an innovative sensor for the detection of the most common microbiological parameters both in environmental and food industry. coli. Escherichia. Presence/Absence. total Coliform and total Aerobic Website: www. Early warning. Contamination. Colony counting. This product has been customised with a user-friendly design. Key words Biofinder. Address: Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián Paseo Mikeletegi. Enterococcus. Microcolonies. Company profile Biofinder is a biotechnological company offering innovative microbiological analysis methods. R&D. 2 20009 · San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Koro San Vicente Telephone: + 34 943000926 Fax: + 34 943000927 E-mail: ksanvicente@biofinder. Coli. Rapid tests. Bacteria. Environment and industry. E. Our core product is the result of a project developed by Inasmet. Microbiology. Fecal contamination. That is to say. E. Production. GMP. HACCP. Culture Founding year: 2006 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 15 . Food test. Agar media. The offer is completed with specific growth medias and a field adapter.biofinder. Coliform. Manufacture.

Our objective is to develop diagnostics systems for ocular diseases through combined application of X-omics technologies integrated with molecular Website: www. Glaucoma.BIOFTALMIK Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Services. Bioftalmik combines different lines of business: 1. Development and commercialisation of its own diagnostic kits on ocular surface diseases and glaucoma disease. Dry eye. 3. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia. R&D. 2. Key words Biotechnology. Ophthalmic research. Services: Diagnostic test of the ocular surface (impression cytology and Rapid diagnostic of corneal pathogens by PCR).bioftalmik. Human health.suarez@bioftalmik. Impression cytology. Production. Biodispositives for ophthalmic surgeries. Edificio 800 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Tatiana Suárez Telephone: + 34 944069659 Fax: + 34 946562379 E-mail: tatiana. Diagnostic kits. Company profile Bioftalmik is a biotechnology company specialised in the ophthalmology field. Manufacture. autologous serum and clinical trials. Biodispositives. X-omics technologies. cell biology and clinic Founding year: 2007 Employees: 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 16 . Commercialisation.

BIOFUNGITEK Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Plant protection. to provide good plant Founding year: 2008 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 17 . Production. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 800 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Sergio Alava Telephone: + 34 685510350 E-mail: salava@biofungitek. as well as a safe application for users. Company profile Biofungitek is a new biotechnological company that develops different kinds of biofungicide products. Key words Biofungicide. Post harvest control. R&D. consumers and the environment. Services. Our objectives are to develop and market efficient safe biofungicides.

Gluconic Acid. but the current pipeline also addresses developments for healthcare. taking as reference the biosensor expertise for the agrofood and healthcare industry.BIOLAN MICROBIOSENSORES Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Website: www. Manufacture. Biolan is a R&D company that promotes research Founding year: 2006 Employees: 11 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 18 . Wine/Musts. development and innovation. Initial developments were focused on the food industry. Agro-food. especially in the wine subsector. Services. Production. R&D. Commercialisation. Company profile Biolan is a biotechnology company whose main objective is to develop and commercialise new biosensors capable of detecting molecules of interest in various fields. with the development and commercialisation of biosensors for the measurement of gluconic and malic acid in musts and wines. Suppliers and services. Food and agricultural industries. Key words Biosensors.biolanmb. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Ibaizabal bidea · Edificio 800 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Asier Albizu Telephone: + 34 946574161 Fax: + 34 946574164 E-mail: biolanmb@biolanmb. Support.

Manufacture. Address: Polígono Industrial s/n 01118 Bernedo · Araba Spain Contact person: Jordi Altarriba Telephone: + 34 945378238 Fax: + 34 945378228 E-mail: direccion@biomendi.BIOMENDI Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. Services. Company profile Pharmaceutical company specialised in manufacturing/production of big-scale injectable solutions for third parties. Key words CMO. Human Health. Founding year: 1992 Employees: 71 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 19 . Injectable solutions.

etc. DNA chip. Major Depression. Key words Human diseases. Therapeutic targets. Bipolar Website: www. a number of significant altered proteins in postmortem human brain have been identified in the patients’ brains.BRAINCO Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Transgenic mice have been created overexpressing the target proteins. R&D Human health. including psychiatric and some neurological diseases. Proteomic. Diagnosis Founding year: 2008 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 20 . including diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. These proteins have been validated and BRAINco is now developing a complete panel of assays to develop compounds against this targets. Multiple Sclerosis. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Vizcaya Edificio 801 48160 Derio · Bilbao · Vizcaya Spain Contact person: Juan Buela Telephone: + 34 944064525 Fax: + 34 944064526 E-mail: jbuela@brainco. biochemical and behavioural levels. Multiple sclerosis. BRAINco is developing diagnostics tools and treatments compounds for Nervous System diseases. Psiquiatric diseases. Genetic. Based on this know-how. Brain. neurologic and degenerative diseases. Drug discovery. Company profile BRAINco offers a personal medicine approach to the psychiatric. Epilepsy. In the last two years. BRAINco has identified new therapeutic targets and its developing treatments for Schizophrenia. Major depressive disorder. Transgenic animal models. Bipolar disorder. Proteins. Commercialisation. Gens.brainco. BRAINco is characterising these mice at cellular.

the generation of bioactivatable surface dental implants and the establishment of various protocols and techniques which guarantee its products´predictability all of them sustained by scientific publications.R. BTI is also a partner of one of the largest dental publishing groups in Europe (Team Work). Commercialisation. P. Company profile BTI Biotechnology Institute is a company dedicated to manufacturing and research in Implantology and Biotechnology. can speed up epithelialisation of tissues and reduce healing time to less than half time.prgf.F. 3. and owns its own publishing Website: www. Diagnosis. Growth factors. Chemical synthesis. The "P. BTI Scan: Software that helps the implantologist to get an accurate diagnosis. Engineering. The company owns 25 patents.G. applicated on the surgery location. The result of this effort is the development and application of the PRGF technique in diverse therapeutic areas. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Araba Leonardo da Vinci. Biotechnology. Treated blood gives place to a plasma rich in growth factors which. It is focused mainly on three fields: Founding year: 1999 Employees: 154 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 21 . Tissue reparation and regeneration. Biomaterials. The BTI Dental implant System. Services.BTI BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Key words Dental implant. R&D.bti-implant. On-Going Formation Courses in Oral Surgery & Implantology are held in different countries. Image planification and simulation. Human health. system": It deals with the use of the proteins contained in the patient’s own blood. 2. which is drained at the doctor’s office just before the beginning of the treatment. Cellular cultures. Production. 14b 01510 Miñano · Araba Spain Contact person: Eduardo Anitua Telephone: + 34 945140024 Fax: + 34 945154187 E-mail: eduardoanitua@eduardoanitua. Manufacture. Oral surgery.G.R. BTI dedicates much of its resources in R&D of its products to guarantee their biological safety and therapeutic / www.

es Website: www. Purification. from adherent cell culture to chromatographic steps. Production. 200 20009 · San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Marcos Simón Telephone: + 34 943308011 Fax: + 34 943000990 E-mail: marcos. SSB technology. 2. 3. R&D.simon@dro. Cell culture.DRO BIOSYSTEMS Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Protein. Static Support Bed (SSB). Fermentation. Standard or customised devices for production and purification of biologicals. Bioprocess.dro. design and construction of biomolecules. has been developed to aid at different points in the production process of biologicals. Suppliers and services. Founding year: 2001 Employees: 11 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 22 . The company is engaged in the development of improved biotherapy treatments by providing the industry and research groups with products and services that support the advance of biotherapy: 1. Address: Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián Miramón. Contract manufacture. Development and transfer of production processes for biologicals and. Support. Our proprietary technology. Services. Key words Biotherapeutics. Plasmid. Downstream processing. Company profile DRO Biosystems is a young biotech enterprise within the bioprocess sector pursuing international expansion and strategic alliances.

Suppliers and services. hospital services and universities in the development of new therapeutic strategies. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 801 B · 1ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Javier Ondarra Telephone: +34 944045504 Fax: +34 946559463 E-mail: jondarra@dynakin. Key words Bioanalysis. HPLC-UV. This new vision of investigation which constitutes an important component of the FDA Critical Path Initiative offers the opportunity to increase the efficacy of drug development management and decision making. Commercialisation. Company profile DynaKin collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.). PK/PD analysis. DynaKin provides bioanalytical support for regulatory Pharmacokinetic or Toxicokinetic studies in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs). CRO. At DynaKin. flexibility.DYNAKIN Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Services. Therapeutic drug Website: www. high reactivity and short communication lines. research sites. Our state-of-the-art laboratory offers specific technology that allows the quantification of a wide range of compounds in different biological matrices through all stages of R&D process (LC/MS-MS. etc. Support. allowing to reduce time and costs associated with this process while optimising resources and possibilities of success for a new drug. we offer high quality. DynaKin offers a very strong know-how to optimise the development of drugs using pharmacostatistical models that summarise Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic information from the different phases of drug Founding year: 2004 Employees: 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 23 . rigor. Our innovative services and products within the area of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics can be applied to any of the phases of drug development. Production. R&D.dynakin. Good laboratory practices. Manufacture. Modeling&Simulation.

Manipulative. providing a fully comprehensive analysis. We have facilities to which they have incorporated the latest technology to our best performance and with certification in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2005 shortly to ensure the quality of our services. Production. Founding year: 2008 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 24 .es Website: www. monitoring and more appropriate training for improving quality and safety of their products and services. Microbiology. Through its laboratory and consulting services Eliker delivers to customers the tools. Water. Bacteria. Salmonella. Company profile Eliker is a company specialised in the food-processing and environmental sector. Services. Agro-food. Environment. PCR.ELIKER Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. The main objective is to make our services focused on identifying and meeting the needs and expectations of all customers in the field of food and agricultural sector in a continuous and systematic. ISO 17025. Food. Key words Legionella. Research. Address: Jesús María Olagüe · Txuma 1 48950 · Asua-Erandio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Naiara Ayo Telephone: + 34 944710519 Fax: + 34 944712177 E-mail: asuarez@eliker. training and consultancy. Environment and industry.eliker. Food.

com Founding year: 2009 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 25 .EMBRYOMICS Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Services. R&D. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 800 · 2º 48160 · Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Francisco Domínguez Telephone: + 34 944040694 Fax: + 34 944030609 E-mail: fdominguez@ivi. but will also lower the costs involved in the process. Production. This will not only improve and simplify the current preimplantation diagnostic techniques that determine the viability of the embryo.embryomics. Company profile Embryomics is devoted to the non-invasive diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities in the preimplantation embryo using metabolomic Website: www. Human health.

Address: Máximo Aguirre · 14 48940 · Leioa · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Ana Muñoz Telephone: + 34 944818300 Fax: + 34 944818309 E-mail: amunoz@faes. with manufacturing facilities in Leioa and Amadora. Pharmacology. This will be an important boost in the worldwide consideration of its R&D Founding year: 1933 Employees: 419 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 26 . manufactures and markets prescription. Autoimmune diseases. Chemical synthesis. Cardiovascular diseases. Biopharmacy. Faes Farma consists of three business units located in Leioa (Biscay). Currently. Inflammation. Chemistry. Company profile Faes Farma is a Spanish Pharmaceutical Company that has been consistently established within the Spanish Stock Market since the past fourties and has its own R&D and Innovation centre almost since the company's foundation. Skin-care treatments.FAES FARMA Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. and capabilities. Services. Cancer. a new chemical entity entirely developed by Faes Farma has been submitted to the European Health Authorities in order to obtain the approval for commercialisation as a treatment for allergic rhinitis and urticaria. accounting for a surface of almost 20. Madrid and Amadora (Portugal). Over-the-counter medications. Raw material. Osteoporosis. Offices are in all three business units and management responsibilities for the different areas of activity are shared and co-ordinated. R&D Environment and industry. OTC and biotechnological drugs.000 m2 taking both manufacturing plants together. Commercialisation. immune diseases and central nervous system Website: www. Central nervous system. Human health. Recently (February 2009). Production. At the same time. including anxiety and Alzheimer disease. creativity. Faes Farma is clearly focused on research. Key words Prescription drugs.faes. Allergy. The main R&D areas of interest. in which some lead and head compounds have been developed are: cancer. Manufacture. 75 years ago. Toxicology. it develops.

Development and commercialisation of its own products: new tests of prenatal diagnosis.GENETADI BIOTECH Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Services. Our company is integrating its projects of research and development in Systems Biology applying the most modern techniques developed after the sequentiation of the human genome. Infertility. Paediatrics. Breast cancer. geneexpression analysis and microarrays of comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH).genetadi. Genetadi Biotech combines two lines of business: 1. molecular genetics. Andrology. R&D. Human health. paediatrics and oncology biomedical sectors. infertility. Oncology. Key words Genetic Human diagnostics. Gynecology. Endometriosis. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 502 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio· Bizkaia Spain Contact person: José Luis Castrillo Telephone: + 34 944044343 Fax: + 34 946566628 E-mail: jlcastrillo@genetadi. Production. quantitative PCR. 2. endometriosis and endometrial Founding year: 2004 Employees: 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 27 .com Website: www. Prenatal cancer. Human genetic diagnosis services: cytogenetic. Company profile Genetadi Biotech is a company that develops new genetic diagnosis kits specialised in the gynecology. neonatal screening. Endometrial cancer.

agro-food) and in environmental issues (bioremediation. Production. Agro-food. White biotechnology. 26 01015 Vitoria · Araba Spain Contact person: Francisca Barbero Telephone: + 34 945292700 Fax: + 34 945292919 E-mail: Website: www.guserbiot. Key words Industrial biotechnology. pharmaceutical. Industrial microbiology. Food biotechnology. Address: Polígono Industrial de Júndiz Júndiz. Services. Manufacture. R&D. Commercialisation. biosensors). Founding year: 2003 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 28 . development and production of wildtype microorganisms for their application in industrial sectors (chemistry. Environment and industry. Environmental biotechnology. Company profile Guserbiot is a technology-based company dedicated to the research. as well as to the development and production of water pathogen detection kits.GUSERBIOT Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Fermentation.

HISTOCELL Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. chemical and engineering. Production. Regenerative medicine. Services.histocell. Manufacture. · Biologic research service. cosmetics. R& Founding year: 2004 Employees: 12 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 29 . Company profile Histocell is a biotechnological company that works on tissue engineering and develops new products for regenerative medicine. food industry. Commercialisation. · In vitro biocompatibility studies. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 800 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Begoña Castro Telephone: + 34 946567900 Fax: + 34 944036999 E-mail: bcastro@histocell. health. Key words Tissue engineering. Human health. Histocell activity is directed to the following sectors: Website: www. Cellular biology. Histocell main activity areas are: · Tissue engineering.

development and production of ingredients and natural active principles for food. Extraction. using mainly the supercritic fluids technology in those 3 proceses. Active Website: www. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Ibaizabal Bidea · Edificio 502 .IDOKI Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. · Formulation of natural cosmetics and food suplements under the PlusKRITIK brand. · Formulation of natural food aditives. Natural foods aditives. Purification. cosmetic and other uses. · Industrial aplication development using supercritical technology. Natural Founding year: 2006 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 30 . Natural food suplements. Environment and industry. Production. R&D. Key words Supercritic fluids. Commercialisation. Natural cosmetics.1ª planta 48170 Zamudio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Nagore Ardanza Telephone: + 34 944048690 Fax: + 34 944048692 E-mail: nagore@idoki. Services. Company profile Idoki is a company dedicated to the research. Manufacture. Agro-food.idoki.

Services.IKERCHEM Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Founding year: 2006 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 31 . capable of generating new product candidates on a sustainable basis and with a competitive advantage. Computational design. which would consolidate our position in the pharmaceutical industry. Chemical Website: www. R&D. IkerChem is a chemistry-focused drug discovery and development company that is dedicated to the design and synthesis of valued-added Novel Chemical Entities (NCEs) for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. Human health. The main research lines are focused on therapeutical targets related to cancer epigenetics. Cancer. Company profile A spin-out of a leading academic research team of the Organic Chemistry I Department of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). 56 20009 San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Eider San Sebastián Telephone: + 34 943003460 Fax: + 34 943003476 E-mail: eider. Address: Pº Mikeletegi. Chemistry. Design. Epigenetics. Production. Modelling. New chemical entities.sansebastian@ikerchem. The objective of IkerChem is the development of our own molecule pipeline. IkerChem has an in-house platform technology that combines drug design and molecular modelling with chemical synthesis. created in-house and protected by patents. Key words Drugs.

Model colloids. Human health. Veterinary diagnostics. 2 Local 28 20160 Lasarte · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Joxe Sarobe Telephone: + 34 943164724 Fax: + 34 943880727 E-mail: jsarobe@ikerlatpolymers. Other applications of our products are directed to the fields of conducting polymers. Commercialisation. model colloids. Key words Micro . Polymer latexes. Sensors and detectors for diagnostics. although we are chemists. Organic and inorganic dispersions for clinical diagnostics.and nanotechnology related with diagnostics and biological/biotechnological fields. Conducting polymers.IKERLAT POLYMERS Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Fluorescent particles. support. Magnetic particles. Colloidal dispersions.. Company profile The company was founded in 2000 and its activity is directed to chemistry and micro. Address: Zirkuitu Founding year: 2000 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 32 . and calibration of scientific machinery..and nanotechnology related to biological sciences. R& Website: www. Environment and industry. Services. Suppliers and services. In this sense. Agro-food. Production.ikerlatpolymers. we develop and manufacture organic and inorganic dispersions that other companies uses for diagnostics and/or other biological/biotechnological applications. Latex particles. Manufacture. Polymeric dispersions. Products for separation and purification of proteins.

Test Strip. · Passive platforms. iLine Microsystems core technology is based on microfluidics. Address: Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián Paseo Mikeletegi 54 20009 Donostia · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Jon Peón Telephone: + 34 943005651 Fax: + 34 943000990 E-mail: jpeon@ilinemicrosystems. as samples are driven by capillary forces only. Company profile iLine Microsystems is dedicated to the development and industrialisation of Point-of-Care (POC) devices for medical self-diagnosis and Founding year: 2007 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 33 . This technology allows a new approach to Test Strip devices. Capillary. Human health. POC.ILINE MICROSYSTEMS Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. · Significant reduction of required sample volume. Key words Website: www. Point-of-care. The key advantages of such technology are: · Polymer based (extremely low cost at high production volumes).

com Founding year: 1992 Employees: 34 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 34 .inkoa. Key words Agro-alimentary. Suppliers and services.11 Edificio D1 · Local 208 48950 Asua-Erandio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Idoia Unzueta Telephone: + 34 902998367 Fax: + 34 902998366 E-mail: idoia@inkoa. support. Informatic. Inkoa has followed a strategy expansion. R&D. Services. Biosensors. Company profile Inkoa Sistemas is an Engineering Company specialised in supplying integral solutions directed to the Agro-Food and Environmental sectors.INKOA SISTEMAS Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. Environment. The solutions contributed by Inkoa start from the prior studies up to the introduction and start up of the projects. as well as the training and technical assistance. Environment and industry. including the elaboration of the preliminary designs and technical projects. Electronic. Production. Address: Ribera de Axpe. Agro-food. which are present in the AgroFood and Enviromental sectors in the internacional sphere. Sensors. technical management. Since its Website: www. diversification and technological innovation that it has brought about the creation of a group company. introduction and management of the installations.

allowing the collection of more information about the compounds in less time than other biological systems. Key words Cell based assay. DNA cloning and protein expression. Innoprot offer also includes customised products/services. Our efforts are directed to increase speed and efficiency of in vitro assays. which allow us to offer a global solution to the compound screening needs. The types and formats of our products fit the specific needs of our customers.innoprot. Assay development. HTS. High throughput Founding year: 2007 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 35 . Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 502 · 1ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Clarisa Salado Telephone: + 34 944005355 Fax: + 34 946579925 E-mail: csalado@innoprot.INNOPROT Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture. R&D. Protein interactions. Production. which lets them choose between kits for simple cell-based assays. Human health. kits for High Content Analysis and kits with higher quantity of cells for High Throughput Website: www. Stable transfected cell lines. Screening services. Services. Primary cells. Company profile Innoprot is a biotechnology company focused on the generation of recombinant cell lines intended for use in cell-based drug screening. Cell line development. HCS. Fluorescent cell lines.

Over the last 10 years Inteman SA has reorganised its business by implementing the biotechnology in his R&D&I Founding year: 1980 Employees: 11 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 36 . and recently in the Spanish standard UNE 150301:2003 "Environmental management of the process of design and Website: www. are formulated with a proprietary blend of microorganism plus a mixture of enzymes and biodegradable surfactants. Inteman SA is a company specialised in biodetergency cleaning products. Biodetergency. Eco-design". Bioremediation. Production. Green Public Purchase. ISO 14000:2004 and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme of the EU). Inteman SA has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System and an Environmental Management System.inteman. Ecodesigned products. Commercialisation. The biotechnological products. Inteman is certified in ISO 9001:2000. Ecolabel. Address: Polígono Industrial de Júndiz Lermanbide 23 01015 Vitoria · Araba Spain Contact person: Miguel Ángel Pérez Telephone: + 34 945292100 Fax: + 34 945290327 E-mail: maperez@inteman. Inteman has 17 ecodesigned products. industrial and commercial cleaning industry. manufacturing and marketing chemical products for more than 20 years. R&D. to be used by the institutional. Manufacture. Cleaning. three of them are EU ecolabel. Company profile Inteman SA was founded in 1980 and has been developing. sold under the trademarks: KENBI and Bioteman. Key words KENBI. with high standards of workplace health & safety and environmental protection. At this moment.INTEMAN Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Services. Bioteman. Environment and industry.

Company profile Invitrotek S. Our two business lines are: · High efficiency protocols for in vitro propagation of vegetable species. Biotechnology. Nursery industry.L. Somatic embryogenesis. Commercialisation. Agro-Forest-Ornamental. We offer advanced technology for vegetative multiplication and plant micropropagation (organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis) of adult individuals to the nursery industries. commercialise products and techniques developed at Neiker-Tecnalia that have a commercial potencial. Plant Micropropagation. Manufacture. Nursery Industry.L. Adult Founding year: 2008 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 37 . Neiker-Tecnalia. Organogenesis. Distribution. Invitrotek S. Services. Plant sciences. is a recent spin-off from the Basque Institute for Agrarian Research and Development (NEIKER-Tecnalia). Plant micropropagation. Production. Address: Parque Tecnologico de Bizkaia Edificio 800 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Eneko Ochoa Telephone: + 34 680118418 Fax: + 34 944030609 E-mail: invitrotek@gmail. Key words Technology transfer. · “Customises” production of high quality and improved plant by micropropagation.INVITROTEK Primary business / Areas of activity R&D.

Address: Plaza Aristondo 4. The company is based on horizontal software based technologies. LIMS. Key words PAT software. Following this. oriented to simulation. Software development.L. LIMS and on demand data analysis as well as turnkey projects. Manufacture. genomic and proteomic potential biomarker discovery software. Applied machine learning. was created on 2007 to offer bioinformatic products for pharma and biosciences Founding year: 2007 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 38 . Biomarker discovery software.kbdatamining.galdiano@kbdatamining. bajo 20740 Zestoa · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Josu Galdiano Telephone: + 34 943897297 Fax: + 34 943132445 E-mail: josu. On demand data analysis. Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics. we offer PAT related simulation and optimisation solutions. Company profile KB data mining Website: www. optimisation and analysis applied to pharma and biosciences vertical markets.KB DATA MINING Primary business / Areas of activity R&D.

APPCC. Certified by Spanish ENAC according to ISO 17025 and homologated for training in the food Website: www. Company profile Independent company dedicated to the research and provision of services around microbiological and chemical essays in food.laboratoriosaraba. It has two labs. Training. Agro-food. Key words Microbiological and chemical analyses. Services. Production. water and cosmetics. Founding year: 1989 Employees: 22 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 39 .9000. Environment and Industry. ISO .LABORATORIOS BROMATOLÓGICOS ARABA Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. Address: Pintor Obdulio Lopez de Uralde 3 01008 Vitoria · Alava Spain Contact person: Fernando Pérez Telephone: + 34 945200015 Fax: + 34 945225934 E-mail: fernando@laboratoriosaraba. ENAC certification. Quality systems. Cosmetics. in Vitoria and Bilbao. BRC.

GLPs and CFR 21.L. S. Key words Pharmaceutical development. Laboratorium Sanitatis. emulsions.LABORATORIUM SANITATIS Primary business / Areas of activity Manufacture.L. Support. Clinical testing batches. Services. Production. drops. Contract Website: www. · Liquid forms (syrups. Our laboratory is located in the Technology Park of Alava within a 1470 m2 ground area. capsules). gels). The main goal of Laboratorium Sanitatis is to provide a pharmaceutical development area. solutions). The aim of the company is to contribute to new pharmaceutical product launching by promoting their development into the industrial manufacturing area. conceived to give answer to the requirements of the sanitary and pharmaceutical sector from our environment. under the most severe control of GMPs. ointments. has specific equipment and facilities to manufacture different dosage forms: · Solid forms (tablets. Suppliers and services. Human health. R& Founding year: 2004 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 40 . Company profile Laboratorium Sanitatis. is a recently created pharmaceutical company. · Semi-solids forms (creams. Pilot batches. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Araba Leonardo Da Vinci 11 01510 Miñano · Araba Spain Contact person: Itziar Echevarría Telephone: + 34 945298144 Fax: + 34 945298217 E-mail: itziare@labsan. S. Founding year: 2002 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 41 . Address: Parque Tecnológico San Sebastián Mikeletegi Pasealekua 2 · Edificio Inasmet 20009 San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Iñigo Braceras Telephone: + 34 943000924 Fax: + 34 943000927 E-mail: inigo@lifenova. Protheses. Tissue regeneration. Company profile The company is focused on development and subsequent comerzialisation of surface functionalised biomedical Website: www. Human health.LIFENOVA BIOMEDICAL Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. Surface treatments. Key words Funcionalisation.lifenova.

Import/Export.litaphar. Laboratorios Litaphar has assumed a commitment with the society and the institutions related with the health. Manufacture. Key words Generics. Gynaecology. Human Health. Address: Orendaundi.LITAPHAR Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. 9 Bº Landeta 20730 Azpeitia · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Iñigo Juaristi Telephone: + 34 943157299 Fax: + 34 943127297 E-mail: ijuaristi@litaphar. Sanitary products. Website: www. The human team of Litaphar is highly qualified in the generation of active principles. Medicinal. reformulation of medicaments and in the development of industrial chemistry processes. Cosmetic. Distribution and Commercialisation. The basis of Litaphar lies on a research group of scientists with experience in chemistry-pharmaceutical projects. the acquisition of registries for the generic medicine commercialisation and the specific medicine development by means of collaboration agreements. Litaphar develops generic medicines throughout bioequivalence studies. Company profile From its Founding year: 2001 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 42 . phytotherapy.

and bioinformatics to create ground-breaking solutions for the rapid identification. Metabolomics holds the promise of significantly reducing attrition rates in the drug discovery process by giving valuable early information for lead selection.and long term research driven projects addresses the metabolomics and personalised diagnostics markets with a series of tailored and innovative products. Bioinformatics. Kits. We are currrently developing kits for the market’s fastest massspectrometric identification and quantification of hundreds of metabolites with broad metabolite coverage. The bioanalytical challenge of quantification and identification of biological matrix constituents are at the very heart of MDRenal product development. Key words Metabolic profiling.reichardt@mdrenal. MDRenal is currently tuning its technology for metabolite identification and data analysis into a complete bioanalytics platform to make massspectrometry based metabolomics easier and more accurate than ever. At MDRenal we are using our extensive knowledge in Website: www. organic chemistry. massspectrometry. the analysis of hundreds of metabolites in complex mixtures as blood or urine. Mass spectrometry. Company profile MDRenal is a privately held biotechnology company focusing on the development of mass-spectrometry based tools for targeted metabolomics.mdrenal. on mechanism of action and in drug safety assessment.MD RENAL Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. Metabolomics. mid. 43 Address: Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián Paseo Miramon 182 20009 San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Niels-Christian Reichardt Telephone: + 34 943005309 Fax: + 34 943530014 E-mail: niels. quantification and interpretation of metabolite biomarkers in blood and urine. A mixture of Founding year: 2007 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 . Liquid chromatography. Human health.

Midatech Group Ltd is a world leader in the design. synthetic vaccines. is a state of the art facility for the design and manufacture of glyconanoparticles to cGMP standards. The facility. These nanoparticles can be used to create a wide variety of products with novel Founding year: 2005 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 44 . Manufacture. Infectious Diseases. diagnostics. which opened in March 2007. Central Nervous System. As well as in-house product development it is prepared to licence this IP to 3rd Party pharmaceutical and diagnostic development partners whilst retaining manufacturing rights. Human Health.MIDATECH BIOGUNE Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. synthesis and manufacture of biocompatible nanoparticles. Midatech has IP covering design. nanoparticles. Production. manufacture and application/use of nanoparticles in both diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical areas. functions and applications that have the potential for multiple diagnostic and therapeutic applications. drug delivery.midatechgroup. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 800 · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Justin Barry Telephone: + 34 944034020 Fax: + 34 944034006 E-mail: barry@midatech. Key words Nanotechnology. The creation of the Midatech Biogune plant is a key part of the business strategy. a company dedicated to developing its glyconanoparticles for a wide range of therapeutical applications. Oncology. Company profile Midatech Biogune S.L. glyconanoparticles. is part of Midatech Group Ltd. Services. Midatech has exclusive world-wide rights for technology relating to the synthesis and applications of self-assembling nanoparticles. imaging. Website: www.

manufacturing and commercialisation of neurosurgical implants. 2. Innovation. Surgery. a new craniotomy bone fixation system.NEOS SURGERY Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. At the present moment Neos has two work centers. Address: Paseo Mikeletegi 2 20009 San Sebastián · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Lluís Chico Telephone: + 34 943000917 Fax: + 34 943000927 E-mail: lchico@neosurgery. Medical device. Website: www. Spinal Founding year: 2003 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 45 .neosurgery. Neos join the efforts of two well known Technological Centers. totally made in PEEK (it means that it is 100% radiolucent). Services. Company profile Neos Surgery S. Human health. focused in closing the burn hole. R&D. BHID. Shape memory. placed respectively in Donostia-San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) and Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona). Besides. Commercialisation. oriented to neurosurgical area as well as other medical areas. Cranial LOOP. Currently Neos is present in the market with two products: 1. Production. is a company focused in R+D. and knowledgeable professionals of the Medical Technology sector. Craniotomy. an innovative craniotomy bone fixation system based on Shape Memory material. Cranial fixation. Key words Neurosurgery. Manufacture. Development. the company has other new products in its pipeline.L. Nitinol biomaterials.

NorayLIMS. Computing Platforms. Biopharmacy.NORAY BIOINFORMATICS Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. · For biobanks: NorayBanks. Commercialisation. NorayBio intends to cover work requirements in all aspects of life sciences. · For laboratories and research units: ServiLIMS. Company profile Noray Bioinformatics SLU (NorayBio) is a bioinformatics company that supports the life sciences sector: biotechnology. · Biological information management and integration software design and development. Histomass. AniBio Aquatic. Software. Suppliers and Founding year: 2002 Employees: 35 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 46 . AniTrans. · Software for diagnosis kits and biosensors. Support. biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals by developing new computing solutions. NorayBio does also provide tailored bioinformatics services: · Bioinformatics consultancy. · For animal research centres: AniBio. · Biological data integration bioinformatics platforms. · Bionformatics outsourcing projects. Genomics. Key words Bioinformatics. With the creation of its products. NorayLiver.noraybio. Metabolomics. Noraymet BioEquiv. Functional. Website: www. Services. R&D. Manufacture. · For the pharmaceutical industry: Noraymet ADME. · For basic research labs: NorayLab Enzyme. Production. · For centres of assisted reproduction and infertility: Fivisoft. LIMS. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 801 A 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Marta Acilu Telephone: + 34 944036998 Fax: + 34 944036999 E-mail: acilu@noraybio. Proteomics.

Animal health studies. Human Health. · Monitoring of clinical trials. · Epidemiological studies. Data management. Address: Aptdo. Consulting. 336 20280 Hondarribia · Gipuzkoa Spain Contact person: Patxi Sarasola Telephone: + 34 943646087 Fax: + 34 943646158 E-mail: psarasola@ondax-scientific. ethical and scientific quality and operates in accordance with the principles of the International Co-operation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Medicinal Products. We are specialists in the conduct of clinical trials for registration purposes. CRO. Quality assurance. Pharmaceutical Product Website: www. Ondax Scientific is committed to the principles of confidentiality. Clinical trials. Our main services include: · Clinical Trials design and conduct. Veterinary Science. Key words Contract research organisation (CRO).com Founding year: 2000 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 47 .ONDAX SCIENTIFIC Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. · Data management and Biostatistics. Product registration. · Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs services. GCP. Human health studies.ondax-scientific. Company profile Ondax Scientific is an independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO) dedicated to the provision of clinical development services for the pharmaceutical industry (Human and Veterinary).

NASH. R&D. Obesity. Proteomics. Services. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 502 · Planta 0 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Azucena Castro Telephone: + 34 944318540 Fax: + 34 944317140 E-mail: acastro@owlgenomics. Key words Metabolomics. Non alcoholic Steatohepatitis. Hepatic diseases. Commercialisation. initially focused on hepatic diseases. Mass Spectrometry. we offer our expertise and technology platform to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and research centres in their R+D when metabolomic analyses are required. therapeutical targets. Biomarkers. Production. Human health. Company profile OWL Genomics is a biotech company focused on the identification and validation of biomarkers and therapeutic targets with the aim of developing early diagnostic and treatment systems. metabolomics and bioinformatics and have established a complete and highly productive platform which supports the advance of our developments. Steatosis. To accomplish this we utilise innovative technology in genomics. Manufacture. Website: www. OWL Genomics is currently introducing the first in vitro plasma based diagnostic for Steatosis and NASH In addition to our ongoing research. proteomics.owlgenomics.OWL GENOMICS Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Founding year: 2004 Employees: 12 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 48 . Liquid Chromatography.

Tissue culture. within our clinical research department we focus our efforts towards the development of novel approaches that seek for new biomarkers associated to cancer progression. Manufacture. FISH probes.PHARMAKINE Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. In addition. Tumor in vitro assays. 3D proliferation kit. Diagnostic devices. Chondrocytes. Spheroids. Human Health. Tumor in vivo models. Experimental Metastasis models. Gene expression Website: www. Production. we provide assistance through collaborative research and we are also willing to establish partnerships that enforce business development. developing and commercialising products and bioassays through comprehensive technologies involved in cancer and metastasis research. Skin xenografts. Transcriptomic services. Finally.pharmakine. Therapeutic evaluation. Diagnostic research. Molecular cytogenetics. Directed therapy. Key words Cancer animal models. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 801 · 1º 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Lorea Mendoza Telephone: + 34 944317037 Fax: + 34 944317039 E-mail: lmendoza@pharmakine. Immunohistochemistry services. Pharmacogenomic studies. Orthotopic tumor models. Oncology. angiogenesis and metastasis. Company profile Pharmakine is a biotechnological company that has been designing. Mesenchymal Stem Cells. 3D angiogenesis kit. Quantitative PCR services. Primary Cell Founding year: 2002 Employees: 22 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 49 . 3D-cell cultures. we offer preclinical evaluation of potential therapeutic drugs through our well-established in vivo animal models in which primary and secondary experimental human/murine tumors are studied. Laser microdissection. As part of these bioassays. Services. Preclinical studies. These are of great interest for those researchers focusing on the pathophysiology of cancer and host cell behavior during tumor progression. Drug evaluation. Comparative genomic hybridisation. contributing to the understanding of the regulation of cancer in organ-specific microenvironments. Prognostic biomarkers. Histology services. Customary tissue arrays. Research involving other pathogenic processes such as inflammation may also take advantage of our services.

Human diseases. More than 80 scientists work at Progenika (over 140 in the Progenika Group). Services. Manufacture. Proteomika S.. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 504 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Laureano Simón Telephone: + 34 944064525 Fax: + 34 944064526 E-mail: info@progenika. The company develops and manufactures novel DNAchips for Genotyping that can be used in the diagnosis and prognosis of human diseases. DNAchips. Company profile Pioneering Personalized Medicine. Production.L.A. This state of the art equipment is backed up by a team of Computer experts who develop the algorithms and software that facilitate the automatic interpretation of DNAchip results. R&D. is a privately owned Spanish company founded in April 2000. Diagnosis. Prognosis. Key words Pioneering Personalized Medicine. Website: www. Proteomika is involved in the development of protein arrays for the detection of disease biomarkers in human fluids. Progenika's fully equipped installations are specifically designed for the production and analysis of Founding year: 2000 Employees: 102 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 50 . Human health. a subsidiary of Progenika that provides complementary skills in protein biomarker detection.progenika. whose state of the art facilities are situated in the Bizkaia Technology Park in the outskirts of Bilbao (Spain). Genotyping.PROGENIKA BIOPHARMA Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Progenika Biopharma S. with the aim of designing and developing tools for Personalized Medicine.

Depression.PROTEOMIKA Primary business / Areas of activity R&D. The protein-related services and research performed by Proteomika complement the high-throughput transcriptional analysis services offered by Progenika. Human health. Based in the Bizkaia Technological Park Proteomika is the first company in Spain to provide a comprehensive proteomics research platform.A in order to provide R&D services in protein analysis and characterisation. Research is focused on the identification and functional validation of diagnostic and prognostic disease markers as well as the identification of potential therapeutic targets. The aim of the company is to deliver the highest level of research and development capabilities to commercial and academic customers in the rapidly evolving field of proteomics. Diagnostic. Proteomika seeks to establish a leading position within the European Research Area in the field of postgenomics through innovation and excellence in the provision of services and support to industry and academia. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 801 B · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Antonio Martínez Telephone: + 34 944064525 Fax: + 34 944064526 E-mail: amartinez@proteomika.proteomika. Company profile Proteomika was established in January 2002 as a subsidiary of Progenika Biopharma S. Primary areas of research interest include pancreatic and bladder cancer as well as neurological diseases including multiple sclerosis and depression. Human Website: Founding year: 2002 Employees: 29 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 51 . Prognostic. Multiple sclerosis. Together with Progenika. Key words Proteomics. In addition to providing protein-related services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries the company is actively involved with in-house R&D projects and collaborates widely with leading academics and clinicians. Pancreatic & Bladder Cancer. Biomarkers.

Avian influenza. R&D. Veterinary Sciences. Key words Technology Transfer. Johne’s disease or paratuberculosis is an infectious disease produced by Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis that affects primarily ruminants but can also infect many other animals (foxes. It has also been suggested that this bacterium might be a factor for the development of Crohn’s disease in humans. mice. Commercialisation. Polymerase Chain Reaction. rabbits. Animal Sciences. Infectious Diseases.bastida@vacunek. register and commercialise a new vaccine against paratuberculosis for use in cattle. However. Vaccine. Myxomatosis. Diagnostics. Company profile Vacunek S. Website: www. is a recent spin-off from Neiker-Tecnalia (Basque Institute for Agrarian Research and Development). Our two objectives are the development of an efficacious vaccine against paratuberculosis in cattle that does not interfere with the diagnosis of tuberculosis and the production of robust PCRbased diagnostic kits for animal diseases.VACUNEK Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Vacunek’s main focus is to develop. Neiker-Tecnalia. etc).vacunek. Founding year: 2006 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 52 . Available commercial vaccines against paratuberculosis cannot be used in cattle due interferences with the test for tuberculosis. Services. Pestivirus. Our first marketed products are PCR-based diagnostic kits for animal diseases developed at Neiker. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 800 48160 Derio · Bizkaia · Spain Contact person: Felix Bastida Telephone: + 34 615700036 Fax: + 34 946573565 E-mail: felix. Biotechnology. Paratuberculosis. Production.

museums and scientific sites. Production. Identification. New educational material has also been developed: practice kits in Biotechnology to experiment in class or in scientific sites. We aim at bridging the gap between the scientific community and society. Suppliers and services. Services. We spread scientific advances made in the field of Biotechnology and help society understand science by encouraging critical analysis. Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Edificio 801 A · 2ª Planta 48160 Derio · Bizkaia Spain Contact person: Melania Rosique Telephone: + 34 944069689 E-mail: m.rosique@vita-aidelos. Molecular Founding year: 2003 Employees: < 10 Annual turnover (million c) 5 5-50 50 53 . R&D. Agro-food. Vita Aidelos collaborates with the Genome Service: DNA Bank in the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Educative method. Company profile Vita Aidelos was set up with the objective of creating a positive attitude towards Biotechnology while maintaining scientific rigour.vita-aidelos. Website: www. Thanks to this combination of knowledge and technological experience we have already obtained three Spanish patents and three European ones. Rapid diagnosis kits. We collaborate with foundations. Commercialisation. Bioproduction. Practice Kits. Key words Biotechnology. Diagnosis. Laboratory. Enzymes. DNA. Manufacture. Microbiology. support. Practice equipment.VIT A AIDELOS Primary business / Areas of activity Distribution. Formation. Didactic method. Biotechnology kits.