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The Day I Met Him (Chapter 1)

Turns out you can meet someone cool on your first day at a new school. Cause I did. I was walking into Ashburg High, and I ran smack into someone. Obviously I didnt know their name so I said, Oh! Sorry, I didnt mean to-- I trailed off after looking up at his amazing features. Chocolate colored brown eyes, super cute blonde hair, and chiseled facial features.

"Its okay..." he trailed off looking at my map of the school and schedule. "Want some help?" I nodded, and he chuckled.
Yea. Sure, I wasnt actually sure if I wanted his help, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. So I let him show me where my class was. Take a left at the end of the hallway here, he looked up from the map and pointed down the hallway and to the left. Then you need to take a right, then another right and room C402 should be the...uh... second room on your left. Thanks. I smiled. I really didnt know what else to say back to him besides that. Before he could walk away, I asked him one more thing. Will I see you again? He chuckled. According to your schedule, you and I are both in Spanish eighth hour. We also have sixth hour free period. And we have lunch together. So to answer your question, yes. Now adis. I had no idea what he said, because I suck at Spanish, but I started walking away before I could ask him anymore stupid questions. Room C402, U.S. History. I walked into the room as the bell rang. The teacher, Mr. Western the board said, came over and starting putting us in a seating chart. ...And Faith Macy, you can sit right next to Hailey Payne. The girl named Hailey waved at me, so i went to sit in the desk to her right. Or was it my right? I dont know. As soon as Mr. Western turned around, Hailey immediately asked me, Faith, do you believe in werewolves? Oh my god! Did she know about me? Theres no way she could know. The only person Id ever told was Brandon, and my old pack. Brandon had been an exception because hed been my boyfriend at the time. Not anymore. Flashback I was walking to my last hour of the day when I decided. Im going to tell Brandon Im a werewolf. I waited until we were alone to tell him. When we were walking home together -we were neighbors-, I told him. Brandon, can I tell you a secret? I asked him quietly. Yeah. Babe, you know you can tell me anything. He had a flash of sympathy in his eyes. Ok here goes nothin. , I-I-Im, I stuttered. Uh... A-a... Umm.... Imawerewolf. I added quickly. I risked a glance over at him. He looked speechless. W -what? He stammered. You-youre... A what? Werewolf, I stated. Werewolf, he repeated to himself. Werewolf. He said again. We were two blocks from our houses. I cleared my throat. Yeah. I squeaked, trying to stop the awkward silence from happening. Werewolf. He repeated for the third time. He looked confused. Then, he started laughing. Hard. Hahahaha my girlfriends a werewolf. Hahahahaha. Babe, youre hilarious. But I wasnt kidding, Brandon. I told him. I'll show you. Since you don't believe me, th en why don't you see for yourself? I pulled him in the nearest alleyway, and shifted. Shifting wasnt really that painful, when youre used to it. I felt my legs stretching out into long furry legs with giant paws. My head became larger. My ears also stretched into points. When it was all over, I looked at my boyfriend. His eyes were wide with surprise, and his mouth was draped open. Oh. My. God. I can't believe it. My girlfriends a werewolf. I quickly shifted back, and walked over to him. I cupped his face, trying to comfort him. He grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms away. I'm so sorry Faith. This is

too weird for me. I wont tell anyone, but we can't be together. And with that, he ran away with tears in his eyes. I didnt realize I was crying, until I felt wetness on my cheeks. I just showed Brandon my biggest secret, and he broke up with me! I sighed. At least he promised he wouldnt tell anyone. Not that his promises meant anything anymore. End Of Flashback I suddenly felt a tear slip from my eye , but I didn't pay any attention to it. Great. I told myself. Now Im crying for Brandon again. Suddenly, the bell rang. End of the hour already? I thought. Yay! One hour closer to hanging out with Jace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lunchtime~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I entered the cafeteria, my nose was assaulted with various different smells. Fresh garlic bread, Spaghetti, and some type of vegetable. Mmmmm. Spaghetti. I got my lunch, and paid for it, then looked around. I scanned the cafeteria until I spotted Jace. I quickly made my way to him through the crowd of people. When I got to his table I asked, Hey, uh, Jace. Mind if I sit here? No. I dont mind. Go ahead. He answered kindly. I sat down next to him, and started eat ing. All of the sudden, Hailey yells from across the lunchroom, "FAITH!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM! JACE IS A---" Jace cut her off saying, "HAILEY SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I just kept eating, until my fork flew out of my hand, onto the floor. I started to reach for it, and so did Jace. Our hands brushed each other, and I felt a sudden rush of cold air shoot through me. We both looked at each other with surprised. Mate. My wolf said to me. Oh. My. God. I got up and ran out of the cafeteria, to my locker, then to the office to tell them I wasn't feeling good. Because truth be told, I wasn't feeling well at all. I wanted to stay by Jace. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to hold him. And I didn't want to leave. I needed him.. Forever....

My Mate? (Chapter 2)
So I went to the office. The secretaries immediately sent me home. They said they didn't want me to throw up on anyone. So I headed home. As soon as I got home, I texted my best friend, Erin Summerfield. To: Erin Erin, i found my mate. About five seconds later, she texted back. From: Erin WAIT. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! To: Erin Yeah. I think so. It was really weird. She texted back right after I pressed Send From: Erin Did you feel cold wind rush through you after you touched? Weird, how does she know about the cold wind? I texted Erin back, asking her just that.

To: Erin Yeah i felt cold wind. Why? From: Erin Its just what you feel when you meet your mate... Thats just what I've heard anyway.... To: Erin Cmon. I can tell you're lying. How do you know? From: Erin Fine. I met my mate. okay. To: Erin You did? And you didn't bother telling me? From: Erin I just met him today. His name is Jake..... I'll tell you later when we skype. I have to go though. I'm in study hall. hehe. :) bye bye Faithy Poo. Lurv ya! To: Erin By Erin! Luv ya 2! lol I stopped texting Erin, and was about to turn my phone off when I got another message. From: Unknown Faith we need to talk. I didnt know what to say to this unknown person. But I think I know who it is.. To: Unknown Who is this? Please tell me. Unknown texted back right away. From: Unknown You already know who this is. Were mates. I know you felt it. To: Unknown So im guessing this is Jace? I quickly changed Unknowns number in my phone from unknown to Mate. From: Mate Yes. you guessed correct. Sorry but i need to go. now. see you at school tomorrow. ;) To: Mate Goodbye Jace. See you tomorrow too. :) After I was done texting Jace, I turned my phone off. Then I went to take a shower. I stomped up to my bedroom -It was upstairs- went into my bathroom, and stripped out of my clothes. I stepped into the marble shower

and turned the hot water on full blast. I started thinking. Is it possible to not be with your mate? If its possible, I might consider it. Might is the big word though. To be honest, I didnt know Jace very well, but the universe must think were perfect for each other. But I dont know. I dont even wa nt to think about Jace right now. Maybe I should take a nap. Or go for a walk. Or maybe even just go to the mall and make other friends. I dont really know. I just need to do anything to keep my mind off my mate. I ended up going for a walk in the park. The park was right next to my new house. The park obviously had green grass and trees. It felt-and looked-ordinary, but to me, somewhere deep down, it reminded me of a magical place. It reminded me of home. The place where I grew up. Where I met my best friend. The place where every major event in my life took place. Home. I started walking into the entrance of the park, when I felt coldness run through me again. Damnit. I thought to myself. I looked up just in time to stop myself from running into Jace. Hey Faith. Jace said to me while I tried to avoid making eye contact. I looked around before saying, Hi Jace. I tried thinking of an escape plan when Jace said something. You know you cant pretend it didnt happen. And you cant stop it from happening. I knew exactly what he was talking about. He knew I didnt want to be mates. He probably knew that I wanted to be a normal teenager. Most werewolves don't want to be normal, because they want to be special and different. They all want to show their individuality with being able to shift into a wolf. But I dont. I want to be able to have a movie night with friends on a fu ll moon. Instead, Im forced-by the moon-to shift into my wolf form, and hunt with my pack. Oh well. Its just something all of us have to get used to over time. Erin has. So do I. Jace interrupted my thoughts by talking again. Look, Faith. I can sense that you don't want to be with me. But you cant mess with the mating process. We all know that. I want to be with you. Ever since I first saw you, I fell in love with you. Even if the universe didn't put us together, i would still love you. Thats how perfect you are. I was looking at him now, and I watched a stray tear fall down his cheek. I used my thumb to wipe it off, then cupped his cheeks. I leaned in, closed my eyes, and planted my lips on his. He kissed back, and pulled me closer. The kiss was great. And might I add, fireworks were EVERYWHERE! I pulled away and hugged him. I love you Jace.

Faith In Me / Faith In Us (Chapter 3)

I love you too, Faith. Jace was curling his fingers in my hair. Ohmygoshicantbelieveijustsaidthat was the first thing that came to my mind. I stepped out of Jaces warm embrace. I looked him in the eye and said, Jace, I need to go. I bit my lip. Ok. Go ahead, He told me. So I ran. I ran back the way I came, I ran down the blacktopped path, back to the front entrance to the park. I ran the little bit to my house, opened the front door, then slammed it shut. By the time I got into my bedroom, my adrenaline was pumping super hard. I ran out of my room, and down the stairs, into the living room. I went outside, and went into the forest that was right behind my house. I shifted, and started running. I ran until it was dark out, and me-being stupid-forgot where I came from, and had to run around, until I reached the road. By the time I found my house, it was already morning. I shifted back and looked down. I was covered in mud, leaves, and sticks. My feet were sore, and my palms were red, and contained blisters. Faith, honey? Are you okay? My mom asked as she walked outside. I shook my he ad, and fell to the ground. No mama. I'm not. I miss home. I miss my friends, and my pack. I found my mate yesterday too. I'm not ready for a mate yet! I stopped. I was crying now, and I was crying harder than ever. I understand honey. When I found my mate, I was scared too. I wasn't ready for a relationship. But now look at me. Look at your dad. Look at how happy we are. Mom said softly. I shook my head. No mom. You don't understand. You didn't get moved across the country. You didn't get torn from your friends! I did. And now the universe is trying to make me get with my mate. I don't think so. I yelled, running back into the forest. I shifted again, and ran until I found a river. I stared at my reflection. This was the first time Ive seen my wolf. My fur color was a nice jet black, my ears and paws white. My eyes were a very cool purple. And my snout was a gray colour.

I stepped into the river so I could bathe. I heard a snap behind me, so I turned around. There stood a big wolf, the color of snow. The wolf had one black paw, one brown and one blue eye, and a gray ear. I could recognize this wolf from anywhere. It was Erin. I shifted back into my human form and do did she. ERIN!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I hugged her tightly. Another twig snapped, Behind her, was a large gray wolf, with blue eyes, white paws, and black ears. Weird. The wolf shifted into a boy. A very handsome boy, I might add. Hey Faith!! This is Jake. Hes my mate.. She paused. We both got suspended from school. So we decided to come here. We ran the whole way in our form, and when we got to your house, your mom said you were in the woods. She was worried. I just stared at Erin. Then I looked at Jake, then back to Erin again. Thats when I heard another noise. The leaves rustled and I felt cold air go through me. Jace. My wolf told me. Whos Jace? Erin asked, curiosity creeping into her voice. Shoot did I say that out loud? Yes. Yes you did. I hung my head down low. Im Jace, my mate said, while stepping out of the woods in his human form. My head snapped his way. Im Faiths mate. Erin gasped, and Jake just stared with wide eyes, and mouth open wide. Jace walked out and looked at Erin, then at me, then to Jace. They just stared at each other for a couple minutes until Jake spoke. Jace. Buddy! Is that you? I havent seen you in a while! Jake said walking up to him, and giving Jace one of those man hugs. Jace suddenly looked happy to be here. He smiled and said, Yeah, Jake, It is me. Im glad to be able to talk to you again. I looked at Jace the same moment he looked at me. Our eyes connected and I wanted to go and kiss him really hard. I couldnt believe that I wanted to do that in front of Erin and her mate, but Im just getting used to the idea of mates and how the mating process works. But the urge to was too strong. I ran over to Jace and kissed him. Instantly I felt fireworks. I only pictured Jace and I together, with no one else around. I imagined me and Jace, together, sitting in a green meadow, fill with different flowers. But thatll be later in life... Then Jace pulled away. I was breathing fast when I looked at him. He was breathing heavy too. Now he spoke. Faith, he whispered. I was absolutely sure I was the only one who heard him. Later, he promised. I looked away from him to Erin. She was staring wide-eyed at me. Wow! You two are extremely cute together! Well we have to go get a hotel or something because we are not traveling back now. And I want to hang with my bestie!!! Erin squealed. Jake nodded, and Erin jumped on his back. She lightly pecked his cheek bone, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Why don't you stay at my house? I have a guest room, and my mom is away at her business trip. She left today. I think. I said quickly. AHHH I WOULD LOVE TOO!!! I mean, WE would love too. Erin emphasized on the we.

Midnight Memories (Chapter 4)

We walked back to the house and I started thinking. What will happen when Jace and I mate completely? Will I get pregnant? Oooo I wonder what-- Erin squealed, breaking my chain of thought. "WE SHOULD GO SHOPPING!!!!!" I nodded and smiled. That would be fun. We arrived at the mall and she immediately pulled me into Victorias Secret. "So have you and Jace mated yet?" She asked while checking out a blue and silver lace bra. "Ummm no? Have you and Jake?" She shook her head, and checked the price of the bra. She did a little happy dance and got the matching underwear to go with it. "No but I'm planning on it." She smirked. She pulled me towards the lingerie section and something caught my eye. A black see-through cover to go over undergarments. Oh, maybe Jace would like that.. "Hell yea he will!!!!" I smiled at her. I picked it up, without bothering to look at the price tag. We kept looking for more to buy, when I found something else. Well, actually two somethings. A pink and white polka dot push-up bra, with matching undergarments. I quickly grabbed it, and hurried back to Erin, who just laughed and went to look at more stuff. After about 3 hours of shopping in Victorias Secret, Deb, Pac Sun, and Aeropostle, I ha d bras, underwear, some cute dresses, cute shorts, and some shirts. When we were in the car, Demons, by Imagine Dragons came on. When the days are cold And the cards all fold And the saints we see Are all made of gold

When your dreams all fail And the ones we hail Are the worst of all And the bloods run stale I wanna hide the truth I wanna shelter you But with the beast inside Theres nowhere we can hide No matter what we breed We still are made of greed This is my kingdom come This is my kingdom come When you feel my heat Look into my eyes Its where my demons hide Its where my demons hide Dont get too close Its dark inside Its where my demons hide Its where my demons hide Curtains call Is the last of all When the lights fade out All the sinners crawl So they dug your grave And the masquerade Will come calling out At the mess you've made Don't wanna let you down But I am hell bound Though this is all for you Don't wanna hide the truth No matter what we breed We still are made of greed This is my kingdom come This is my kingdom come When you feel my heat Look into my eyes Its where my demons hide Its where my demons hide Dont get too close Its dark inside Its where my demons hide

Its where my demons hide They say it's what you make I say it's up to fate It's woven in my soul I need to let you go Your eyes, they shine so bright I wanna save that light I can't escape this now Unless you show me how When you feel my heat Look into my eyes Its where my demons hide Its where my demons hide Dont get too close Its dark inside Its where my demons hide Its where my demons hide Erin and I sang. By the time we got home, the song was over, and our throats hurt. When we got out of the car, I watched Jake run up to Erin, and swing her around. It was so cute.. They were so cute together.. Then Jace came up and hugged me from behind. So Im gonna spend the night at your house, right Faith? He asked me. Thatll be fun. I swallowed and nodded. Why am I so nervous? I asked myself. Because itll be the first time. And in your own house. My ignorant wolf told me. We went into the house and went to the kitchen. I looked at the time on the clock. 10:49 PM. Wow! Look at the time!! I think Im gonna go to bed now. Jace, wanna join? There was a twinkle in his eyes, he nodded went upstairs. Goodnight Erin. Night Jake. Erin winked at me while I waved and went upstairs. When I got up to my room, Jace was sitting on my bed. Hey there. Jace smirked. Hey... Cmon. Just do it already. I'm anxious. My wolf was saying. Fine. I said to it. Ill make the first move. I straddled him, and kissed him passionately. He kissed me back and put his hands on my hips. His lips left my mouth, and went to my neck. I moaned quietly, and took my shirt off, revealing a black bra. Faith. Are you sure about this? Jace asked hesitating a little. Mhmm hmmmm. I took of his shirt, and saw his chest. Wow he is ripped! OMG I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW FAITH!!!!!! My inner wolf yelled at me. I chuckled a little and pushed him back onto the bed. I started kissing him again, then moved to his neck. I started going lower until I remembered that I havent marked him yet. So I brought my lips to his neck and sunk my teeth in his skin. He winced in pain, but then realized what I was doing. I stopped and looked at his neck. There was nothing. Maybe I did it wrong. Then it started appearing. It was a crescent moon mark. He sat up and did the same to me. It hurt, yet felt super good. When he was done, he looked at it and smiled excitedly. He lifted me up and threw me on the bed. Then got on top of me, kissing me passionately. Wow. Mating felt good. Holy crap! I screamed in my head. I just mated with Jace!!!! ~~~~~~~~~A little later~~~~~~~~~ I got up from the bed, and looked over at Jace. He was sleeping softly, and I didn't wanna wake him up. I walked to the dresser and threw one of my new dresses on. I went downstairs to see a note on the table. It said,

~Faith, Jake and I went for a run. Be back later. Hope you had fun with Jace ;) bye ---Erin

So now me and Jace have the house to ourselves... I wondered what we were going to do until Erin and Jake come back. Hmmm...

Taken (Chapter 5)
We could take a walk in the park? I suggested. Jace shrugged. Hed gotten up about 5 minutes ago, and for those 5 minutes, wed been trying to figure out what to do before Erin and Jake get back. Well, Id been trying to. Jace's hair was still messy, but in a hot bedhead sort of way. "Jace. Can't you just help me out here? I want to do something with you, yet all you do is lay around!" I threw my hands down with frustration. "Fine Ill go for a walk. Bye." I saw hurt flash across his eyes before I ran out the door. As I was running towards the forest, I saw Jake and Erin exiting the forest, holding hands, and smiling. A tear slipped out of my eye before I could stop it, and Erin noticed. "Faith?" She paused, running up to me. "What's wrong. Jake can you go inside? I'm gonna talk to her." He nodded and walked into the house. "Let's go. C'mon. So what happened with you and Jace?" Erin asked. "He was acting like he didn't care about me or anything we do. It's obvious that he doesn't want to be with me." "Whoa. Don't go makin' assumptions. He might have been tired or something. Hell. If I was tired, I wouldn't wanna do squat!" She yelled laughingly. 'Crack.' A twig broke behind us. We twirled around to see, large black wolves emerging from the bushes. They shifted quickly from their wolf forms, into buff humans. "You grab the one on the right. I got the this one." The large man said, standing in front of me. He grabbed my arm, whipping me around, and flung me towards him. He wrapped rope around my wrists, and pulled me closer, pulling my hair, so I could look up at him. "Now if you know what's best for you, you'll keep quiet." I nodded and he let go of my hair. I looked to my right to see Erin in tears, with a red mark on her left cheek. All of the sudden I felt a sharp pain on the back of my neck, then everything went black. ~~~~~~~~Back at the house~~~~~~~ Jaces POV Where is she? I asked my wolf, hoping he would know. I looked around the house frantically for my shoes. Im sick of waiting for her to come back. I finally spotted them sitting next to the front door. I shoved them on my feet, and ran out the door. I started running in a random direction. I stopped after running for about 200 feet. I shifted into my wolf. I was all brown, my eyes changing constantly. First blue, then green. I sniffed the air to try find her scent. I found what I was looking for. Flowers and strawberries. It was a faint trail and it led to the right of where I was standing. West. My wolf told me. I ran west until I couldnt find the scent anymore. Where could she have possibly gone? I screamed in my head. Damnit. I shouldve gone with her when she wanted me to. This is all my fault. Why am I so stupid. Then I caught another scent. It smelled like pine needles. Immediately I knew it was a guy. Some guy took her. My wolf told me. Or she went willingly. No. No, she couldnt have gone willingly.