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1. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Powder, Form Pellets Granules Liquid phase or de-colouring carbon. Grade Gas phase or vapour absorbent carbon.

Liquid phase or decolouring carbon
Form Characteristics Light fluffy powder Large percentage macropores of transitional or

Gas phase or vapour absorbent carbon.
Form Characteristics Granules or pellet Large percentage of micropores

Pore size
Porosity and the pore structure are the most important characteristics of ctivated carbon. !i"e of the micropores is the deciding factor in selective absorption. tleast two systems of pores of distinctly different si"es e#ist in every carbon particle. $acropores %&''' to ()'' *eg + acts as large access ways for diffusion of particles. $icropores %&' to &'' deg absorption action. !urface area From ('' to (''' m(,g, depending upon the method and manner of preparation. dsorption behaviour + contributes towards large surface area which are responsible for

compounds responsible for foaming. i. pharmaceuticals.7 to . Product specifications ctivated Chemical parameters $oisture%-+ ma#.2 5il &. 5ature of applications For the removal of colour or odour. Acid washed &' (.7 '. $ethylene value%min+ 0mn12%min+ 3odine value sh%-+ ma#. steam. to improve product stability and to provide better U washed &' (/' )' &&'' 5 &''' d8ustable 5 5 5il 7 2 2-) gm.' )' &&'' 4 ('' ).7 2 to ) gm. Fe ppm p6 Chlorine%-+ ma# !ulphate%-+ ma# Phosphate cid soluble matter%-+ 9ater soluble%-+ PRODUCT APP"ICATIONS ctivated carbon is a unique and effective agent for purification and for isolation and recovery of trace materials. density !.*epending on the process of activation.e.. *uring the last two to three decades. metallic ions which constitute impurity and invisible impurities. the Carbon differ in their adsorption behaviour. treatment with active carbon has become an important unit process for separations and purifications in the food. sugar. . chemical and other processing industries. as or chemically activated.( '.2 '. o#idising chemicals.

6yderabad :leachaid $inerals $ehdipatnam ?nichar 3nternational.Chemical 3ndustries.:aroda A. hmedabad 5i. Goa nil !tarch Products Ltd. sugar. Gu8arat @a8 Carbons Pvt. '.. water fine Granular ctivated carbon utomotive canisters. I&PORTS E(PORTS INDIAN &ANU*ACTURERS =here are around 7' producers of sector. !urat $ahavir 3ndustrial Corporation. @a8pipla :aroda Carbons Limited. chemicals and food products. !olvent recovery. fats.hil 3ntermediates Pvt.For recovery of valuable materials. ctivated Carbon in the country. air purification. mostly in $edium and !!3 =he 3ndian producers of ctivated Carbon include the following. catalyst application etc round &''' tonnes per annum round (7'' tonnes per annum Pelletised ctivated carbon %. Gradewise application #rade Powdered ctivated carbon Sect$r <egetable oils.Ltd.Gu8arat .Gu8arat mar Carbon . to improve the appearance of product and to act as barrier to prevent migration of colour bodies. ).C. Ltd . treatment.. 3ndian $anufacturers > > > > > > > > > > ctive Carbon 3ndia Ltd . chemical and pharmaceutical industry. pharmaceuticals. to enhance purity.

. lwaye.. Pun8ab 6industan 3ndl.:haruch ?nique Carbon and Chemicals.Ltd. $umbai Chandra Chemical 3ndustries.*elhi ?nited ctive Chars %P+ Ltd. 0erala :ala8i Chemicals.Ltd.6imachal Pradesh >>3ndo German Carbons Chemicals..> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > !hri @a8pipla mar Carbon B Chemical 3ndustries.a 0ey-!un Cnterprises.*ist. Pun8ab :rile# Chemicals. mritsar Century bsorbents.Pun8ab !hriram Carbon !ales P. Ltd.=hane *aisy 3ndustries. B Fine Chemicals....Aaipur @a8eshwari 3ndustries.leshwar !hreema Chemicals P. $umbai 0an-Carbon %P+ Ltd.0arnata.=hane Curofine Chemicals.*ist..6oshiarpur :arium 3nternational. Coimbatore . @a8asthan :eta Gama Chemicals %P+ Ltd.Pun8ab 6osch 3ndustrial bsorbents.Carbon Products. Gu8arat 3ndustrial Carbons Pvt. $umbai dvance gro-=ech. @a8asthan Coco !hell Carbon %P+ Ltd.$umbai 0emie 3ndustries. n..0arnata.a Gowrishan.*elhi mar 3ndl.

... =he company is promoted by Galfar 3ndia Group and 0!3*C.?. for (7'' tonnes per annum ctivated carbon plant with technology from Carbo Consult. Calcutta =he !mita8a Chemicals P. Chennai $etroblue 3ndustries.P ?nicarbons B Chemicals. ?ttar Pradesh Aains Carbons %P+ Ltd. Calcutta 3nternational Chemical genices.!orbitol <egetable 1il . %0!3*C+.Ltd.. has put up a 8oint venture with 0erala !tate 3ndustrial *evelopment Corporation Ltd.7' &77' 4(7'' i t$ es per Pharmaceutical Plasticisers Glucose. Gha"iabad runodaya 3ndustrial Corpn..=amilnadu *ass @asayani..&7 crores at 0ochi in 0erala.Calcutta Global Cnterprises..> > > > > > > > > > > > > > Core Carbons P. <ellore <<* Crops and Chems Ltd. TRENDS Sectorwise demand Sect$r Dema d a -m ()4' &. Coimbatore Fermi Chemicals. Carbo ?dyog.*e#trose $onohydrate. DE&AND SUPP".Chennai !hell Carb. +. $adurai !outhern gro Chemicals %P+ Ltd. =uticorin !ri :ala8i B Co. Germany at a pro8ect cost of around @s. Ltd. 9est :engal >> 3ndo German Carbon Ltd..

?0. !ri Lan. California. )&'' 2'' 22D4' &ANU*ACTURIN# PROCESS AND TECHNO"O#. F ctivated carbon from Coconut shells Carbon @esources LLC. the demand for coconut shell carbon in water purification will grow because of proposed stricter limits on the levels of rsenic and $ethyl tertiary butyl ether %$=:C+ in water. /. agricultural waste li. #"OBA" SCENARIO round '.. which is based in Greenoc. A: Carbon ctivators. ( to 4. A: Carbon ctivators will manufacture coconut shell granular and powder ctivated Carbons under Carbon @esourceGs quality control standards. Li. Carlier. ?nder the company. lignite. is to mar.ely growth rate in demand E D to &'.of the total world production.per annum .. @aw materials such as wool. are generally used for the manufacture of ctivated carbons. coconut-shells. Coconut shell has been found to be most suitable raw material for in the ?! on behalf of =ate and Lyle Process =echnology.e bagasse.a are the ma8or producers and e#porters of ctivated Carbon. ?! . 1ceanside.''' tonnes per coconut shell ctivated Carbon products throughout 5orth merica on behalf of !ri Lan. rice hus. @aw materials having high carbon and low ash content are preferred. DEVE"OP&ENT ctivated carbon can be produced from any carbonaceous material.per annum *emand for ctivated CarbonE @aw material $a8or Producing Countries Global growth rate in demand .a has increased its e#port volume of ctivated Carbon to around &'. which on activation attain porous structure and consequently a large surface gas adsorption grade ctivated carbon. Carbon @esources signed an agreement to distribute natural char ctivated Carbon to the water filteration mar. ccording to Carbon @esources.$iscellaneous sector C#port !ector =otal 3ndian demand is partly met by imports. woods. =he Philippines and !ri Lan.7' million tonnes per annum =he wood based ctivated Carbon accounts for around 2'.

@ecommended capacity Cstimated pro8ect cost )'' tonnes per annum @s. RECO&&ENDATIONS ctivated Carbon manufacturers are increasingly loo.0. where cost advantages can be obtained for both coconut shell and coal-based ctivated Carbon. =amil 5adu is an ideal location for the pro8ect in view of the abundant availability of coconut to securing production bases in sia.h .7'' la.