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Information on specific UK and North Sea FPSO and FSU Installations

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Installed in North Sea 1989 Retired 1996 Operator Sovereign Emerald Field, UK North Sea until 1996 - Now Ima Field Nigeria 150m water depth No Turret Tripod Wishbone New Build

Detailed information not available


12 wells New Build Detailed information not available E4 . UK North Sea Internal Turret IPT Turret Supplier SBM Permanent Fluid Transfer system (FTS): Multipath Swivel FTS supplier: SBM Roller bearing Main roller bearing is located at the bottom of the turret above chaintable (See cross section drawing).2 ALBA FSO Installed in field 1993 Operator Chevron UK Alba Field.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (barge subcontractor) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. integration of hull. Fulmar pipeline tie-in. turret and topsides) FPSO and mooring installation subcontract. Monaco (main contractor). offloading. AMEC Process & Energy (subcontractor for turret and process system. Aker/Heerema. Japan (barge Build History subcontractor). McDermott. Central North Sea. 21/25. Holland (topsides engineering subcontractor). Teal South. Leeds Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors 24 August 1996 sailaway Delivery E5 . 305 km E of Aberdeen UK Shell Production Anasuria Production. Teal South). subsea facilities.. accommodation Production Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd. Shell Expro Engineering SBM Inc. flexible risers. storage. Stork Protech. 21/30 (Guillemot A). Conversion Engineering installation of tie-backs. Nagasaki.3 ANASURIA FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Newbuild monohull FPSO Teal. Guillemot A UK 21/25 (Teal. Cooper Oil Tools.

E6 . During normal operation ballast tanks can be either full or empty to allow ease of operation. treatment of produced water prior to disposal overboard. while the wing tanks are used for seawater ballast exclusively. provision of facilities for water injection. It is capable of storing 850. including the subsea systems. The centre tanks are allocated to crude oil storage.Temporary Safe Refuge) and a machinery space. The main hull is divided by bulkheads into the following compartments: fore peak water ballast. and a single bottom. The cargo and slop tanks are equipped to allow crude oil washing. The FPSO exports oil to the existing Shell/Esso fleet of shuttle tankers or to third party tankers.Basic Design BASIC CONCEPT The FPSO comprises a new build turret moored monohull vessel capable of continuous operation in the CNS. flowlines and control umbilicals. The barge is operated on an even keel condition in combination with ballast operation with a slight trim by the stern during stripping operations. inerting. All cargo and ballast tank equipment and associated systems are remotely controlled and monitored from the ICC (Installation Control Centre) located within the TSR. maintenance and repair. all located at the stern of the barge. no. The cargo piping system is designed to enable simultaneous reception of crude oil from the topside facilities and offloading of the cargo. cofferdam. production separator. BARGE DESIGN The barge is designed to receive. Dehydrated crude oil is then transferred to the dedicated oil storage tanks. topsides and subsea operations. cargo tanks and side water ballast tank.000 bbls of crude. store and offload crude oil produced from subsea wells and treated in the topside facilities. The FPSO is connected to subsea production manifolds using flexible risers. 1 side water ballast tank. Tankers are moored astern to the FPSO during loading. provision of facilities for water injection. are monitored and controlled from a single control room by an integrated Control and Management System. In this process the remaining water settles by gravity prior to being displaced to one of the slop tanks for further treatment to allow overboard disposal. aft peak water ballast tank. space and weight provision for a future identical gas compression train. A minimum service life of twenty years is required and it is envisaged that the FPSO will be demobilised after ten years service for major survey. A centre line swash type bulkhead is provided in the cargo oil tanks. The barge has a double hull consisting of side ballas tanks over the full length of the cargo tanks. The cargo tanks are equipped with individual submerged cargo offloading pumps. The main functions of the FPSO are summarized as follow: production of dead crude for export by shuttle tanker. All FPSO systems. based on 98% of full capacity excluding the slop tanks. It is provided with a helicopter deck. provision of utility systems for FPSO shipboard. machinery room and double bottom space. The produced oil from the topsides is received with a decanting line to where final crude dehydration takes place. Crude oil is exported via a fiscal metering system to a tandem moored shuttle tanker. and one pair of slop tanks. export of associated gases consistent with the Fulmar Gas Line requirements. All tanks are designed for filling levels ranging from empty to full in terms of local tank strength. The cargo tank part is divided by transverse bulkheads into seven cargo oil tanks. oil import and gas lift are included. venting and gas freeing of any individual tank without affecting the safety or the continuity of crude oil production and storage. Minimum provisions to allow future import of stabilized crude are provided. accommodation space (which functions as the TSR -.

IHC. Amec Process & Energy. Inverurie Switchgear module. Wallsend. Inverurie E7 . Ferguson Seacabs. Kinderdijk Processing topsides modules (22). Wallsend Quarters/helideck. Swivel. Nagasaki Main control room. 29 topsides modules.Main Components Turret consisting of four sections. 3500 mt. Amec Process & Energy. 500 mt. 1500 mt. Mitsubishi. 500 mt. 100-200 tonnes. Ferguson Seacabs.

and limits the number of critical mechanical components. A radial bearing assembly is used at tanker main deck level to absorb the radial loads caused by the accelerations of the upper turret structural mass and to act as a radial bearing during a possible offshore change-out of the main bearing. The turret's manifold area is protected from possible wave action (green water) by a raised bulwark extension of the barge's bow. A turret cylinder. fabricated by RKS. the mooring line and riser winches. with rigid piping at manifold deck level. The swivel stack comprises. housed in a 12. 150m x 6" chain attached to 2. thus limiting the vessel's excursion. wave and current. serves the complete above deck turret to remove swivels and perform other maintenance functions. The 7m diameter triple race bearing. such as the bearings. The turret can accommodate up to 14 risers of various Riser System diameters. from bottom to top: space for future swivel (2 x 8"). provides power via the swivel to activate the several types of valves in the product lines. space for oil production swivel (2 x 8"). supported by the FPSO vessel deck. 30m x 6" chain. gas export swivel (4" pipe swivel). by using a single roller bearing located at the optimum vertical position for weathervaning. have gained from their latest turret designs. It consists of a chaintable structure anchored to seabed anchor piles via twelve catenary mooring anchor lines. located on the FPSO deck. due to the effects of wind. oil production swivel for Teal South/Guillemot A (2 x 8"). able to limit excursions to 24 metres in extreme conditions. The flexible risers are supplied by Wellstream. clump weight consisting of 150m x 6" double length chain. and the swivel deck together with the swivel stack. initially 6 risers and 2 umbilicals were installed. oil production swivel for Teal (2 x 8"). A 40 tonnes pedestal crane.5" Bridon sheathed spiral strand wire rope. The product is then passed through toroidal swivels to the barge main deck and the process facilities. the manifold platform. The anchor system consists of. and all the earth-fixed part of the rigid piping. When the vessel moves off station. The entire assembly including manifold platform and swivel extends some 30 metres above the main deck.1m diameter x 31m long pile. hydraulic/chemicals/vent swivel (multiple path). The chaintable structure is suspended from a heavy duty roller bearing which is located approximately 7 metres above the keel of the FPSO. water injection swivel (1 x 8"). A tubular steel overhead framework is positioned directly over the turret to provide access in order to perform maintenance and operational functions. A hydraulic power unit. 700m x 5. This generates a restoring force which returns the system to the equilibrium position.Mooring The turret benefits from the experience SBM Inc. is mounted to the earth-fixed side of the main bearing. electrical/signal swivels (multiple path/dual units). is supported on the tanker side by a reinforced box structure integrated into the forward part of the FPSO vessel's hull. from top to seabed: 110m chain attached to base of turret. certain anchor lines are lifted. The turret mooring system is designed to securely moor the FPSO tanker in all sea states up to and including the survival sea state while allowing transfer of fluid products to and from the barge. Fluid transfer is achieved by flexible risers which are routed through the turret mooring and interface. Pigging facilities for production lines Other Features 20 years Design Life E8 . The turret cylinder houses the riser 'I-tubes' and supports the turret main deck.6m diameter well and extending upwards until some two metres above the vessel's main deck.

wind (1 min. Engineering Office. Anasuria FPSO E9 . Hmax 23. Single Buoy Moorings Inc. fax: (377) 92 05 32 22.. PO Box 199. AB12 3FY. Aberdeen.8m. MC 98007 Monaco Cedex. tel: 01224 882000.Design Criteria Registration Contact Survival waves Hs 12. 24 Avenue de Fontvieille. mean) 37 m/s.06 m/s UK Shell UK Exploration and Production.8m. 1 Altens Farm Road. surface current 1. tel: (377) 92 05 15 00.

Anasuria FPSO Swivel Courtesy SBM Anasuria FPSO process pipework E10 .

Norsk Hydro (2. Deminex (1. off mid-Norway Norway Statoil Construction Åsgard A Production. Neste Oy (7%). Aker Stord (main topsides contractor) Aker Stord (assembly and hookup). 6506/12. February 1999 (installation on Delivery field) E11 . Stolt Comex Seaway (subsea installation) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors November 1998 from Stord. 6506/11. 6507/11. Norway 6407/2. Mobil (6. Aker Elektro (electrical Conversion Engineering systems).4 ASGARD A FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Tentech 900 S design turret moored FPSO Åsgard Åsgard field. Haltenbanken area. SBM (swivel) Hitachi Zosen. Coflexip Stena Offshore (flowlines.65%). Saga (7%). Kristiansand (hull). Japan (hull and turret base.2%) Manager Engineering Maritime Tentech. storage. Ariake yard. offloading.6%). Agip (7. Total (7. Aker Engineering/ABB Offshore Technology. Oslo and Asker (topsides engineering). accommodation Construction Statoil Statoil (60/5%). risers).15%). Build History subconctract from Maritime Tentech). Aker Marine/Maersk (JV) (installation on field).9%).

Norsk Stål Mooring TURRET: 26m diameter. 210 mt. 24 slots. Norway.. riser and umbilical lockdown system. 130 C. topsides construction and assembling topsides to hull. Topsides will consist of nine main packages. installation Rockwater/Saipem (JV) Flare gas recirculating system Other Features Designed for 20 years field life with minimal requirement for Design Life drydocking Design Criteria Norwegian Registration Den norske stats oljeselskap a. 4400 mt. Postboks Contact 300. fax: +47 51 80 44 70.1m high. etc. Aker Verdal Steel: 5000 mt structural steel. 2 x 11. tel: +47 51 80 80 80. mehtanol. hydraulics. Approx.s. 90 C). including 12. Belleli Offshore Power/compressor modules: Dresser Rand Compact heat exchangers: Heatric Quarters/helideck: Emtunga Flare boom: 80m flare boom over stern. 130 C). E12 . 4 x 9-inch x 650m gas injection (500 bar. The bid package consisted of three main contracts: hull construction. air. Grenseveien 21. 15. 90 C). Compression modules: 4 x compression modules. gas export and tes. Aker Stord SBM SWIVEL STACK: 13. consisting of (from bottom to top) four toroidal swivels for 12 " product.62-inch x 600m gas export (170 bar. 1 x 11. upper turret 1200 mt.600 dry weight Main Components of modules installed in lifts of up to 1200 metric tonne Separation package: 3 x separation modules.000 mt topsides load. a methanol injection swivel and a gas injection swivel MOORING: Anchor spread consists of 12 chain & wire anchors Coflexip flexible risers: 10 x 9-inch x 700m production (390 Riser System bar.Basic Design The FPSO will be a newbuild Tentech 900S design.62-inch x 600m oil export (100 bar. Kvaerner Process systems. Nymo.. and will be the world's largest floating production ship (about 16 metres longer than Norne). a 550 kVA electrical swivel. two utility swivels with total 14 flow paths for heating medium. 4001 Stavanger.

E13 .

Asgard A Swivel Stack E14 .

further modifications to strengthen hull and turret and increase the number of risers undertaken by UIE E15 . storage. 25/11 Norway Esso Construction Balder FPU SPU 380 Production. Offshore & Marine. Sandnes (installation and commissioning of topside facilities). Jurong.5 BALDER FPU Balder FPU Courtesy ESSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Engineering Smedvig Build History Smedvig designed purpose built turret moored FPSO Balder Balder field. offloading. accommodation Construction Esso Norge A/S Ship built on spec by Smedvig A/S. Singapore. Norway blocks 25/10. purchased from Smedvig by Esso Smedvig/Esso joint team will manage the ship after purchase by Esso Far East Levingston Shipbuilding (FELS).

PO Contact Box 60. 4033 Forus. pinion drive rotation control and a drag chain transfer system. turret transfer system designed and built by Metool Tools. oil metering.Conversion Engineering at Scott Lithgow yard. chemical injection. It is turret moored and designed to maintain continuous oil production under harsh weather conditions. compression and gas reinjection. turret diameter 17. Advanced waste disposal and sewage processing systems Other Features 20 years Design Life General Northern North Sea weather conditions Design Criteria Norwegian Registration Esso Norge A/S Exploration & Production. flare. fax: +47 (04) 606124. and can handle up to 20 flexible risers. Smit Maritime Contractors (marine installation) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors Delivery Basic Design The FPSO is purpose built to Smedvig's own design and specifications. Port Glasgow. equipped with a bearing system with rollers. controlled by 5 double windlasses. ABB Group (subsea facilities). Mooring 10-point turret mooring system: each line containing 1220m x 92mm NV K4 chain and a 17tonne Stevpris anchor. Coflexip Stena Offshore (subsea installation). water injection. and includes the following units: oil separation and produced water. Norway. The vessel is also designed for maximum flexibility with regard to future expansion of processing facilities. turret has a central moonpool for inspection and/or additional riser tubes and can rotate 270 Capacity for 26 risers. HVAC. Grenseveien 6. Process and utility equipment is constructed as complete Main Components modules.2m. Balder FPU Turret E16 . electrostatic crude oil dehydrator and glycol unit was built by KPS [Kvaerner] at Port Klang. power generation. It has double sides and a double bottom. previous configuration had 15 risers in Riser System one metre diameter tubes. tel: +47 (04) 606060. Malaysia. The 700 mt module containing first and second stage separators.

project management and systems engineering carried out by Aker Engineering. Advanced Production Systems (APS) and Berge Hugin partnership (50/50 Navion and Bergesen) Engineering Advanced Production Systems (APS) [Aker/Statoil] (production facilities). Pierce field. accommodation Production Enterprise Oil Navion/Bergesen D. UK 23/27 and 23/22a UK Enterprise Production Berge Hugin Production. Koje (ship). Pierce Production Company (PPC).Y.6 BERGE HUGIN FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Multipurpose shuttle tanker/FPSO used as FPSO Pierce North Sea. storage. consisting of: Statoil. Coflexip (flexible Conversion Engineering flowlines and risers). AS (50/50 ship owners). APS (50/50 Aker Maritime/Statoil) owns and leases the process facilities. Cameron (wellheads and xmas trees). Rockwater (subsea installation) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors December 1996 Delivery E17 . Oslo Samsung Heavy Industries. Aker McNulty Build History (topside facilities) Smit Heavy Lift (modules installation). offloading.

s. The swivel can transfer a multiphase wellstream containing oil. then to Aker McNulty on Tyneside for outfitting of process topsides. The ship features a load-bearing deck to accommodate rapid installation of production topsides. On small fields. KCC Process Equipment and IKM. Capacity for 10 risers or more. fax: +47 51 80 89 10. other modules were supplied by Proser.. Shipping & Maritime Contact Technology. tel: +47 51 80 80 80. Submerged turret production (STP) involves a special disconnectable swivel that permits STL ships to be converted easily for oil output. it can load via an STL (submerged turret loading) buoy as developed by Statoil and partners and employed on several fields.Basic Design The Berge Hugin is the first of a series of multipurpose shuttle tankers (MST) prepared for FPSO operation. Topside facilities of up to 3500 mt in 100-200 mt packages can be accommodated on the aft part of the deck. Deployable in a range of water depths. Norway. weight about 5000 Main Components tonnes. or it can load on DP without anchoring. The MST has a double-skinned hull and incorporates the submerged turret loading and production system developed by Statoil. In this mode it can stern load while moored to a buoy. In the case of the Berge Hugin the ship is moored using suction anchors. storage unit or production system. mooring/loading in a production situation uses the APS developed STL/STP system. four of the modules were fabricated by Aker McNulty. The main component in submerged turret loading (STL) is a buoy which floats below sea level and is pulled into the bottom of a shuttle tanker before loading begins. such as satellite reservoirs. STL is currently installed on 11 vessels. E18 . The 'Berge Hugin' was initially taken to Blohm + Voss in Hamburg for about six weeks preparatory work. water and gas via a flexible riser into the weathervaning vessel. three 10 inch and one 8 inch Riser System flowline riser installed by Rockwater Other Features Design Life Design Criteria Norwegian Registration Den norske stats oljeselskap a. Alternatively. Multipurpose shuttle tankers use this solution in production mode. It can also be used as an FSO with no further modifications. It is also deployable in deep water. Topsides consisting of eleven modules. First adopted by Shell in 1993. STP is suitable for developments based on subsea production. As an alternative to FPSO use. Baker Hughes Process Systems. the buoy incorporates a turret shaft and riser swivel that allow the tanker to weathervane through 360° and remain bow-on to wind and waves at all times. Enerflex. the ship can be employed as a shuttle tanker. several risers from seabed wells can be tied to the swivel via the submerged buoy. APL and Framo. N-4035 Stavanger. Mooring The MST uses a DP system for positioning. which installed all eleven. the facilities are contained in standardized modules which can easily be transferred to another similar ship if required. and can be adapted for small or medium-sized fields.

Berge Hugin FPSO. Pierce field with STL offload System Courtesy APL E19 .

E20 .

Consafe UK (quarters) Smit Marine Contractors (mooring installation. UIE (topsides). construction. managed and operated by Bluewater. Owned. on lease to Talisman Engineering Bluewater UK (main contract). 13/29a.7 BLEO HOLM FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Bluewater Ross Ross field. UK North Sea UK Talisman Production Bleo Holm Production. Fluor Daniel (process equipment engineering. installation at field Delivery February 1999 E21 . UK 13/28a. procurement. tow-out and Conversion Engineering installation of FPSO). offloading. Stolt Comex Seaway (pipeline tie-in) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors September 1997 to UIE for completion. Lewis Offshore Build History (turret). outfitting. accommodation Production Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd. Japan (base tanker hull newbuild). storage. hookup & commissioning) Hitachi.

There is enough free deck space left to enable tie-in of possible future satellite developments. Mooring DESIGN: Bluewater designed internal bow turret mooring. fluid paths for gas. maximum turret capacity Riser System 18 slots. max. Design Criteria wave height (Hmax) 23. installation of turret. 6000 metric tonne topsides installed on deck. 2910 Essen. Belgium. tel: +32 36700260. 1200 Main Components quarters module. free weathervaning MOORING LINES: 3 x 3 lines SWIVEL: Bluewater design swivel. incl. oil and test.4 m/s Registration Bluewater Offshore Production Systems Ltd. hourly mean wind speed 35. Stationstraat Contact 202.7m.Basic Design The FPSO is based on a standard double-hull tanker newbuild with the moonpool already in place. fax: +32 36700269. fabrication of the accommodation and helideck. installation of ship piping systems. design wave height (Hs) 12. 20 years Other Features Design Life 50 years survival conditions. water. installation of flare tower. up to 5000 psi operating pressure Flexible risers and umbilical risers. Marine completion work consists mainly of: fabrication of turret deck housing. crane pedestals and module supports. E22 . installation of offloading equipment for crude transfer to shuttle tankers..9m. The ship was transferred to UIE Clydebank for installation of topsides and commissioning.

) turret moored FPSO Captain Captain field. Coflexip Stena Offshore (subsea installation) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors Delivery Launch 2 July 1996. Amec Process & Energy Engineering Astano (vessel).8"W UK Texaco Production Captain FPSO Production. Maritime Seanor (turret). Grimsby (process modules subcontract from Natco). El Ferrol. ABB Lummus Global (process) Astilleros del Noroeste SA (Astano). storage. Texaco North Sea UK Ltd. 1° 44'34. offloading. 135 km NE of Aberdeen at 58° 18'19. UK block 13/22a. sailaway 16 November 1996 E23 . accommodation Production Texaco North Sea UK Ltd.8"N.8 CAPTAIN FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Tentech 700 T (Maritime Group A. SHEFS.S. Moray Firth. Spain Build History Conversion Engineering Natco (process separation subcontract from ABB Lummus Global).

tel: 0171 719 3000.Basic Design The FPSO is a newbuild based on a conventional tanker hull. 134 mm coated wire. FPSO is able to weathervane 270 around turret 20 riser tubes: 4 riser tubes for Stage 1. typically 46m long with pile head driven one metre below seabed. 142 mm chain. 2438 mm piles. the ship also supplied electrical power to the wellhead platform adjacent. gravitational separators 20m long x 6-8m diameter Mooring 8-point turret mooring system. with hoses installed for Stage 1. including slots for Stages 1 & 2. and future expansion possible by additional drag chain or swivel. London E14 Contact 4HA. In addition to the normal processing and utilities. sliding bearing system. including: 8 linear chain jacks. 11 slots free plus moonpool. E24 . mooring installed by Saipem ('M7000'). total seven process modules fabricated by SHEFS (South Humberside Engineering and Fabrication Services) under contract from Natco. Coflexip 16" and 14" risers Designed to remain on station up to 20 years Other Features Design Life 100-year North Sea storm conditions Design Criteria Norwegian Registration Texaco Ltd. 1000m long. 5 riser tubes for Stage Riser System 2. drag chain transfer system. Canary Wharf. Two main PAUs (600 mt each) for separation and water Main Components treatment. 1 Westferry Circus. 250m long. turret turning system..

9 DOUGLAS FSO Field Location Installed Country Operator Liverpool Bay Liverpool Bay 1995 UK N/K Production No Turret CALRAM Wishbone Structure Detailed information not available E25 .

E26 .

hookup & commissioning). Belfast (marine conversion). installation at field July 1997.10 GLAS DOWR FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Newbuild tanker converted to FPSO Durward/Dauntless Between Durward and Dauntless fields. Heerema Hartlepool (process equipment engineering. ABB Lummus Global (topsides engineering subcontract) Namura Shipyard. Smit Marine Conversion Engineering Contractors (installation. Owned by Bluewater. procurement. outfitting. Engineering Bluewater UK (main contract). marine conversion Delivery work completed by end November 1996 and transferred to Heerema for process equipment installation in early 1997. Japan (base tanker newbuild). UK 21/16. manifolds). Central Graben. by Stolt Comex Seaway (installation of mooring. storage. 21/11. construction. Lewis Offshore (mooring system) Kvaerner Stolt Alliance (flowlines. hook-up) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors May 1996 delivery to Harland & Wolff. FPSO and riser system) E27 . on lease to Amerada Hess for a minimum of four years Managed and operated by Bluewater. offloading Production Amerada Hess Ltd. Harland & Build History Wolff. 140 km E of Aberdeen UK Amerada Hess Production Glas Dowr Floating production. including wellhead control.

fabrication of raised forecastle and helideck. Stornoway MOORING LINES: 3 x 3 lines.4 m/s Registration Amerada Hess Ltd. 9 x 600m. design wave heigh (Hs) 12. swivel flow path diameter 10 inches Flexible risers and umbilical risers. oil and test. max. crane pedestals and module supports. Contact tel: +44 (0)171 823 2626. total 4500 mt. heaviest 1200 Main Components metric tonne Mooring DESIGN: Bluewater designed internal bow turret mooring.87m. Design Criteria wave height (Hmax) 23. water. each 1050m. installation of flare tower.7m. Bluewater Offshore Production Systems Ltd. Marine conversion work consists mainly of: fabrication of moonpool.9m. engine room and living quarters. 33 Grosvenor Place. 1500 tonne holding power SWIVEL: Bluewater design swivel. E28 . Belgium. maximum turret capacity 15 slots 20 years Other Features Design Life 50 years survival conditions. installation of turret. upgrading of coating systems. modification of ship piping systems. 114mm diameter. tel: +32 36700260. initally fitted with seven Riser System risers and two umbilicals. free weathervaning. London SW1X 7HY. 2910 Essen. max. Stationstraat 202. turret deck housing. fax: +44 (0)171 887 2199. 4 fluid paths for gas. installation of offloading equipment for crude transfer to shuttle tankers. fax: +32 36700269. consisting of: chain. turret diameter 4. Bridon galvanized/Galfan spiral strand wire. 30 mt Stevpris anchors. Five main process modules.Basic Design The FPSO is based on a standard double-hull tanker newbuild. hourly mean wind speed 35. up to 5000 psi operating pressure. fabrication by Lewis Offshore..

gas dehydration. Kerr-McGee and partners Atlantic Power & Gas. the turret transfer system was built by Metool Products Ltd. also fabricated by McNulty. accommodation Production Kerr-McGee Oil (UK) Ltd. offloading. storage. crude oil separation. the major skid mounted equipment includes: gas compressors. produced water treatment. Spain McNulty Offshore Services. power generation.5m high portal frame structure which extends from the rear of the ship's turret to the fire wall forward of the poop deck structure. Main Components E29 . El Ferrol. Nottingham. a flareboom was added. Most of the production equipment was mounted on a 3. Aberdeen (management and marine operation) Astano SA. export metering and chemical injection. the 160 metric tonne carousel support structure was built by Swan Hunter Engineering Ltd.11 GRYPHON A FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Engineering Tentech International A/S Build History Conversion Engineering Tentech 850C design turret moored FPSO Gryphon Gryphon field. Tyneside. Tyneside (main contractor for topsides installation) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors September 1993 (installation on field) Delivery Basic Design The vessel is a purpose built FPSO built to the Tentech 850C design without topsides. Wallsend. water injection. fabrication of structures and installation of packages was carried out by McNulty Offshore Services. North Sea UK Kerr-McGee Production Gryphon A Production. UK block 9/18b.

Ferrol (La Coruna).8m ID. tel: (038) 04 33 33. riser tubes in the Riser System turret periphery. ten lines with 710 mt each holding power.1m diam. and for easy retrieval. ship can rotate about the turret by 270 in either direction without damage to the turret-to-ship transfer system. London W1Y Contact 1FA. Spain. with chain/wire extension to comply with site requirements. tel: (341) 431 38 71. to avoid damaging subsea installations. 75 Davies Street. top 80 ft of risers are furnished with buoyancy to avoid compression during drop. each line initially 400m chain x 84 mm K4. tel: 0171 872 9700. Tentech International AS. risers connected to QC/DCs operating individually or simultaneously. manifolds and injection headers on the turret manifold deck.5m Design Criteria Norwegian Registration Kerr-McGee Oil (UK) Ltd. central turret manifold deck. mooring lines have an emergency release system Risers are handled through 10 x 1. consisting of: five double winches on a dedicated winch deck. Norway. E30 . see also: 'Subsea Systems' below Designed to remain on station up to 20 years Other Features Design Life 100-year North Sea storm conditions. and are connected to the chokes. Astano SA. Apartado de Correos 994. 15480 Perlio-Fene. rotation and locking system consisting of hydraulic grippers on a plain ring. additional risers can be handles through the 8m diam. fax: (341) 575 87 15.Mooring Turret mooring system with ten anchor legs. Dvergsnes. wave heights 26. 4604 Kristiansand. fax: 0171 491 1377. ten Vryhof Stevpris anchors. turret diameter 19. fax: (038) 04 04 70. 15 mt each.

risers. Norwegian North Sea Norway Esso Construction Jotun FPSO Production. Burntisland (quarters) Installation at field. storage. quarters and helideck) Kvaerner Masa-Yards. Kvaerner Masa-Yards (engineering and procurement of hull). Rockwater Other main Contractors E31 . Consafe. Conversion Engineering umbilicals. Bluewater/subcontractors. Build History Stavanger (topsides). offloading. Stornoway (turret mooring system). Finland (hull). Lewis Offshore. 25/8. accommodation Construction Esso Norge AS Esso and field partners Engineering Kvaerner Oil & Gas Norway (EPCIC). incl. blocks 25/7. 15/11. Kvaerner Rosenberg.12 JOTUN FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager FPSO newbuild Jotun Jotun field. Kvaerner Engineering (engineering of topsides. 25/9. flowlines to tie back WHP to FPSO. Aker/Transocean (conceptuals). Bluewater (engineering and procurement of turret and mooring system).

12-point mooring system Capacity for 8 risers. control. PO Box 666. process deck and gantry by Lewis Offshore. an umbilical transfers electricity. they are configured in a lazy-S arrangement which uses two buoyancy arches 60 metres above the seabed. instrumentation and electrical systems. plus 4 extra for third-party use. tel: +32 36700260. fax: +358 21 2666 999. Contact tel: +358 21 2666 111. Topsides contain processing. Consafe Mooring Bluewater designed turret mooring system. support communication. Bluewater Offshore Production Systems Ltd. and a flare positioned aft. fax: +32 36700269. utility systems. living quarters. 850 mt. each riser Riser System consists of unbonded flexible pipe with a single-layer nylon pressure sheath. safety and emergency systems. with special attention to enabling low cost building techniques to be employed. power generation. installation on field early 1999 Delivery Basic Design The double-skinned hull is of conventional design. Finland.Other Main Contractors Tanker built 1997.. fabrication of turret. 2910 Essen. spider. E32 . including accomodation Main Components module. Stornoway. Belgium. chemical injection and control signals between FPSO and WHP 20 years Other Features Design Life Design Criteria Registration Kvaerner Masa-Yards. Total of eleven main modules. SF-20101 Turku. Stationstraat 202.

installation) Engineering Build History Conversion Engineering E33 . a JV of AMEC Process and Energy.P. work subcontracted by MASPRO to MAS Alliance. tanker supplied by A. a business division of Maersk UK. subsea facilities and standby vessel(s) 1983. Bin He. Møller Coflexip Stena Offshore (subsea facilities.13 MAERSK CURLEW FPSO Maersk Curlew FPSO Courtesy Shel UKl Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Curlew Curlew D & B fields. offloading. Møller FPSO leased from MASPRO (MAS Production Company).P. accommodation. at Odense Steel Shipyard. A. UK block 29/7. gas export Production Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd. Denmark.80'E UK Shell Production Maersk Curlew Maersk Dorset. Single Buoy Moorings and Maersk. storage. Lindø. 220 km E of Aberdeen at 56 44.09'N. 1 17. Dorthe Maersk Production. MASPRO will operate the FPSO.

substantial modifications to the superstructure. AMEC (topsides) A&P Offshore. and preparation for later installation of water injection equipment. installation of internal turret mooring system. Tyneside (conversion). turret fabricated in Abu Dhabi) Sailaway August 1997. anchor piles. as well as blasting and painting more than 100. 6 x 520m and 3 x 850m. Floating Production Div. Maersk Contractors. DK-1098 Copenhagen K. 1 Altens Farm Road.000m electrical cabling. designed and built by SBM. The process modules are positioned 3. (mooring system. Other Features mooring 10 years Design Life Survival in 100 year return period criteria Design Criteria Isle of Man Registration Shell UK Exploration and Production. Wear Engineeering (subcontract for some steel fabrication). vessel 10 years on station.. 3500m of pipework and 1725 tonnes of steel. topsides. Contact Aberdeen. installation on field August 1997 E34 . Wallsend.000 m2 of tanks. fax: +45 3363 4894. installation of tandem offloading equipment. installation of process equipment. installation CSO Dynamic risers Riser System Topsides 15 years on station. AB12 3FY. tel: 01224 882000. tel: +45 3363 3363.8m above the main deck to give maximum separation from storage tanks. installation of helideck. turret and pre-commissioning. Main Components Mooring 9 x composite catenary anchor legs (3 x 3 groups). After initial marine conversion work at A&P the vessel was transferred to the Amec yard for installation of the topsides support deck.Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors Delivery Basic Design The FPSO is a conversion of the tanker 'Maersk Dorset'. Bridon galvanized 6-strand wire rope. Denmark. Tyne Tees Dockyard (below waterline subcontract). Amec. Marine conversion work mainly involves: life extension and upgrade of the tanker for 10 years in water without drydocking. SBM Inc. installation of fire & gas detection. The work included installation of 50. 135mm diameter. Tyneside (topsides/topsides support deck). consisting of: Maersk/SBM (vessel). 50 Esplanaden. MAS Alliance.

14 NORDIC APOLLO FSO Nordic Apollo FSO with STL offloading Courtesy Remontawa SA Field Installation Conversion Operator Nordic Canadian Shipping/ Ugland Nordic Shipping AS Field Banff. UK Turret Type STL Turret Supplier Advanced Production and Loading AS (APL) Swivel Type Compact Swivel Swivel Supplier Framo AS Detailed information not available Nordic Apollo STL Base Cavity prior to installation Courtesy Rewontera SA/APL E35 .

E36 .

200 km offshore mid Norway.15 NORNE FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Tentech 900 S design turret moored FPSO Norne Norne field. Norsk Hydro Produksjon A/S (9%). Kvaerner Energy Conversion Engineering (generation. Norsk Agip A/S (6%). Aker Stord/Aker Elektro (hookup & E37 . Singapore (Yard Nr. Build History 892). accommodation Production Statoil Statoil (70% [direct state financial interest 55%]). storage. Stavanger (turret) Aker Stord (production facilities). 85 km NE of Heidrun field Norway Statoil Production Norne Production Vessel Production. Enterprise Oil Norge Ltd (6%) Manager Engineering Tentech International (pre-engineering and detail design vessel). Norwegian block 6608/10. compression). Kongsberg Offshore (subsea installations). offloading. Kvaerner Engineering (topside conceptual and detail engineering) Far East Levingston Shipbuilding (FELS). processing. Saga Petroleum A/S & Co (9%). Kvaerner Rosenberg.

K3 studless chain. 180m of 114 mm diam. K3 studless chain.6m high. 7810 mt topsides dry weight. Frank Mohn. E38 . fabricated by Kvaerner Rosenberg. oil storage and offloading. the three 730m dynamic LCU umbilicals with 2. fax: +47 51 80 44 70. discharge water <40 ppm oil. There are a total of 24 deck equipment packages weighing approx. diam. swivel consists of four 12 inch HP toroidal super duplex swivels (three production and one water injection). Main Components heating and cooling medium. Tentech International AS. chemical and methanol injection. non-disconnectable: turret 46. Grenseveien 21. water injection. both of which have been successfully employed in the North Sea. Postboks Contact 300.. anchor lines held taut by hydraulic winches installed on turret. air temperature -10 C Norwegian Registration Den norske stats oljeselskap a. Norway.000 tonnes in all.91 m/s. 2. fiscal metering. 380m of 121 mm diam. Jordan Kent Metering Systems. plus one electrical swivel and one 8 inch pipe swivel for gas injection. platic coated spiral strand wire rope.5 cm centre tube are manufactured by Alcatel Kabel Norge Hull structure 25 years. tel: +47 51 80 80 80.5m above the ship's cargo deck to provide an air gap required for safety reasons. x 12m long suction anchor with 1060m of 137 mm diam. ABB Environmental Norsk Viftefabrikk. 8. fabricated by Single Buoy Moorings. gas compression incorporating two gas turbine driven injection compressors and an electrically powered recompression unit.commissioning) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors 4 August 1996 from FELS Delivery Basic Design The 'Tentech 850S' design for a turret moored FPSO is based on experience gained through the Tentech 685 ('Petrojarl 1') and 850C ('Gryphon A') designs. Kvaerner Energy (General Electric LM 2500/Nuovo Pignone). assembly hookup by Aker Stord Total of 24 x 1400 mm riser tubes and 12 x 559 mm chain Riser System tubes arranged around turret. Kvaerner Process.8 metres. Read Process Engineering. each mooring line consists of: 4m diam. 1 x 8 inch gas injection and 3 x integrated control umbilicals for chemicals and control systems.3m high. Norway.2m diameter. 2 x 9 inch water injection. min. 12. they will be mounted on a deck 3. current (10m below) 0. field life 20 years Other Features Design Life 100 year significant wave height 16. Dvergsnes. weight 72 mt. emergency flaring only Mooring 12-point turret mooring system. The process modules and equipment are deck mounted and built according to onshore practices. 4604 Kristiansand. wind speed 45 Design Criteria m/s.0m. Kvaerner Process. weight 5000 mt. tel: +47 38 04 33 33. 20m of 137 mm diam. fax: +47 38 04 04 70. The Norne FPSO is built using normal shipbuilding techniques. 4001 Stavanger. K4 studless chain. 26. produced water treatment.s. separation. arrangement for Norne consists of 6 x 9 inch oil production.

E39 .

E40 .

Brown Brothers (swivel). Lewis Offshore (turret). incl. Granherne Engineering (process/utilities) A & P Offshore.2"N. offloading. 250 km NE of Aberdeen at 58 19'25. UK block 15/24b. accommodation. SLP Engineering (outfit and commissioning of process and utility topsides) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors E41 . work includes installation of FPSO mooring system and hookup of the FPSO on site. and pre-commissioning the system ATA (Armstrong Technology Associates) (hull conversion). Bluewater Engineering (turret). storage. module support frames and moonpool). Tyneside (life extension conversion work.8"E UK Conoco Production North Sea Producer Dagmar Maersk Production. gas export Production Conoco (UK) Ltd North Sea Production Company (NSPC) (JV Maersk Company Ltd/Tenenge SLP Engineering) NSPC Built as a bulk tanker in 1984 at Odense Steelshipyard/Lindø Coflexip Stena Offshore (subsea) (subcontract from SLP). 0 41'10.16 NORTH SEA PRODUCER FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Engineering Build History Conversion Engineering MacCulloch MacCulloch field. connecting flexible risers to turret.

10" toroidal swivel for production test. tel: +44 1224 708686. fabricated by Brown Brothers. 10" toroidal swivel for oil export. turret and spider fabricated by Lewis Offshore. electrical swivel for power and communications. as well as subsea work not directly connected to the ship. the high pressure stack contains: 4" axial swivel for gas lift and injection. 114mm diameter. A total of some 9000 tonnes of new structure and process equipment were added for the conversion. 360 weathervaning capability. 12" toroidal swivel for water injection. and provision of mooring and export lines and risers. swivel stack 10m high. Bridge of Don. 9 x 650m. The deck to support the process equipment will be added three metres above the ship's main deck. 20 years. 105 mt. 10 years on station. Contact Greenhole Place. risers allow the ship 30 metres vertical movement and 60 metres lateral excursion. 2 x 10" control umbilicals. mooring 10 years Other Features Design Life 100-year return criteria Design Criteria Isle of Man Registration North Sea Production Company. 3" toroidal swivel for air. Edinburgh. 6-path utilities swivel for hydraulics. 1 x 6" gas export. fax: +44 1224 825289. the design. twin 16" toroidal swivel for production Coflexip flexible risers from PLEM to FPSO. configured in Riser System 'Lazy S' with mid-depth buoyancy modules: 4 x 8" production. 3 x 12" spare. a total of 36 topsides packages were installed. Stornoway. 1 x 8" water injection. Bridon galvanized spiral strand cables. 1 x 10" oil export. procurement and construction of the process and utility packages. . E42 . Aberdeen AB23 8EU. 6" toroidal swivel for gas export.Delivery Basic Design The tanker is a sister ship of the 'Dirch Maersk' converted by Bluewater for the Amerada Fife field. Main Components Mooring Internal turret mooring system with nine catenary chain/wire legs in three groups of three. c/o Maersk Contractors. Conversion work consists mainly of insertion of an internal turret in the forward tanks. 1 x 4" gas lift.

E43 .

E44 .

storage. North Sea UK Talisman Production Petrojarl 1 Production. UK sector. offloading. block 16/21b.17 PETROJARL 1 FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Tentech 685 turret moored FPSO Blenheim Blenheim field. accommodation Production Talisman Energy E45 .

Owner Manager Golar Nor Offshore.. the ship can weathervane through 360 around the turret. Trondheim Golar Nor Offshore Engineering Tentech International A/S. additional riser for Bladon was added early 1997. 1995 upgraded to take 8 risers and umbilicals. each consisting of a mooring winch. normally flexible Riser System risers in 'wave' configuration are used. Kristiansand Nippon Kokan KK. Norway. Fjordgata 1. hydrocyclones for produced water treatment. Other Features Design Life Design Criteria Norway Registration Golar-Nor Offshore A. A crude stabilisation plant is located aft of the turret. new multipath swivel system fabricated by Brown Brothers and installed 1995 Can produce through rigid or flexible risers. fax: +47 73 88 01 88. equipped for operating flexible or rigid production risers. N-7001 Contact Trondheim. through a moonpool in the turret and into a common manifold where an emergency release coupling is employed on each riser. E46 . crude oil coolers. which uses a roller bearing system for vertical support of the turret and for centralizing the turret in the turret well. A number of modifications have been made to the original newbuilding: in October and November 1991 the ship was upgraded by HMV to allow for operations from two wells. Between the Hudson and Blenheim contracts in the winter of 1994-5 it underwent modifications at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven. The ship is equipped with a workover derrick for wireline/coiled tubing work. as well as improved NGL recovery and increased water handling. risers run from the wells to the turret. tel: +47 73 88 01 00. the bearing system is activated and controlled hydraulically. with crude stored onboard for offloading to a shuttle tanker. Tsu Build History Conversion Engineering Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors May 1986 Delivery Basic Design The Petrojarl 1 is a purpose built turret moored production ship. fitted with three Wellstream 6-inch production and 2-inch gas lift risers for the Blenheim contract. mooring line and 16 mt Vryhof Stevpris anchor. turret altered to accommodate up to eight risers and umbilicals. PO Box 482. new riser connections. and can be upgraded to heavy workover duty. and replacement of 8 x 600m mooring chains with studless type anchors. Main Components Mooring Turret mooring with eight anchor legs.S.. These included: installation of a new process control system. installation of a Brown Brothers multipath swivel. replacement of the gas lift compressor with a larger unit.

accommodation Production BP Amoco Golar-Nor Offshore Golar-Nor Offshore 1989. by Wärtsila. UK 204/19. Spain (vessel). McDermott Marine Construction (design. 204/24a. Astano yard (NC-273). see below for topsides components Installation on field November 1996 Other Main Contractors Delivery E47 . Finland Awilco (modifications to increase production capacity) Golar-Nor Offshore (design & construction supervision of FPSO). 190 km W of Shetlands UK BP Amoco Production Petrojarl Foinaven Anadyr Production. procurement. El Ferrol. offloading. hook-up and commissioning supervision of the FPSO process topsides) Astilleros Espanoles. storage.18 PETROJARL FOINAVEN FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Engineering Build History Conversion Engineering Other main Contractors Conversion of Russian designed submarine tender Foinaven Foinaven field. Turku yard.

PO Box 482. turret contains up to 15 flexible risers plus control umbilicals MOORING LINES: Ten x 1140m x 125mm wire mooring lines. 5 x liquid flow paths: 1 x 12" production/test.Basic Design The 'Petrojarl IV' is a converted five-year submarine tender originally built in Finland. buoyed subsea. risers are held in a pliant wave form by mid-water buoys. 2000 mt. leading to 1200m x 111mm anchor chains and 35t Vryhof anchor. Scotland LP compressors. line design load 1200t SWIVEL: 8m high. E48 . 1 x 12" water injection. Fjordgata 1. 590 mt. Dresser Rand Gas dehydration package. N-7001 Trondheim. Stornoway Separation package. 2 x 16" production. tel: 01224 832000. 1 x 4" air utility. up to 15 x 10-inch flexible Riser System risers can be accommodated through the turret. field life estimated 15 years 100-year storm Design Criteria Norway Registration BP Exploration. McDermott Scotland. Aberdeen Contact AB2 0PB.S. It has undergone major rebuilding. x 17m deep cylindrical lower section. x 5m deep upper part. Brown Brothers. Serck Baker Fiscal metering system. Other Features FPSO and subsea equipment designed for a production life of Design Life 25 years. Farburn Industrial Estate. tel: +47 73 88 01 00. and 12m diam. 4500 mt topsides equipment in 32 pre-assembled packages. 14. Lewis Offshore. FMC Swivel & steering gear. 30m x 12m diameter. 660 mt. Motherwell Bridge (sub from Kvaerner/Paladon).. Howden HP compressors. Thirty-two pre-assembled process units totalling 4000 tonnes were added to the ship for Foinaven. Norway. Dyce. risers and flowline jumpers manufactured by Coflexip and installed AugustOctober 1995 by 'Flex Installer' Ground flare. high pressure liquid and gas axial and toroidal swivel stack. 1250 mt turret.592 tonne double skinned middle section. Main Components designed by McDermott. Golar-Nor Offshore A. 1 x 8" electrical swivel Currently 8 flexible 8-10" risers. fax: +47 73 88 01 88. Length was increased to 252 metres by joining the existing bow and stern of the boat to a newbuild 142 metre. Edinburgh Mud mats. Kvaerner/Paladon Water treatment package. Ardersier Turret manifold. installed by Maersk. Kvaerner/Paladon Pressure vessels. Daniel Industries Mooring TYPE: Turret mooring with 360 weathervaning TURRET: Turret in two sections: 26m diam.

E49 .

E50 .

Maritime Tentech (design & supply of upper turret). module installation) E51 . storage. UK blocks 29/2a. South Shields (modules. North Sea UK Conoco Production Ramform Banff Production. Aker McNulty. 22/27a. Aker Maritime (topsides packages) Hyundai Heavy Industries.19 RAMFORM BANFF FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Newbuild 'Ramform B380' design monohull FPSO Banff Banff field. Build History lower turret). infield flowlines and gas export line) Atlantic Power & Gas (APS) (subcontract from PGS for production operations) Manager Engineering PGS (ship). South Korea (hull 9701. Brown Brothers. Mipo. Edinburgh (high pressure swivel stack). accommodation Production Conoco (UK) Limited Petroleum Geo-Services UK Ltd (PGS) (production services contract for supply of FPSO.

fabrication. control umbilical. incorporating five toroidal flow paths. Anderson Drive. tel: 01224 205000. oil and gas export lines. It is said to require only half the building time and one-third the amount of steel as comparable conventional FPSOs. DSND Oceantech (design. The consequence was a number of system failures and difficulties for personnel. being subject to violent motion in the seaway attributed to deficiencies in the novel hull design. plus tie-ins and HUC work) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors December 1997 Delivery Basic Design The Banff FPSO (also referred to as the 'Ramform B380') is based on a wedge-shaped 'Ramform' hull design.) Limited. The Ramform Banff FPSO vessel suffered major difficulties in the year 2000.Conversion Engineering Smit Heavy Lift (module lifts at yard). fax: 01224 205470.K. or turn with the waves. thereby increasing the allowable deck load. Rubislaw House. and axial gas swivel. control systems. Topsides packages delivered by various suppliers and installed Main Components at South Shields Mooring Fully weathervaning turret mooring system. 3 manifold structures. Riser System Other Features Design Life Design Criteria Isle of Man Registration Conoco (U. This produced excessive roll. E52 . etc. flexible risers. Contact Aberdeen AB15 6FZ. thereby allowing a great deal of flexibility in configuring the process facilities. The vessel is double hull. a mid-water arch. provision for a total of 15 risers in turret. outside design specifications. The Ramform design has been described as the only vessel design that can take its entire deadweight on deck. installation of 3 rigid infield lines. The vessel has undergone significant design changes. procurement. allowing the ship to 'wavevane'. The exceptional stability reduces the requirement for ballasting. 100 mt x 9m high swivel stack. The turret is located forward of midships. and an electrical slip ring plus utilities swivel Seven flexible risers.

Amec. accommodation Production BP Amoco Schiehallion partners Engineering Altra Consultants (topsides conceptuals).20 SCHIEHALLION FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Harland & Wolff designed newbuild FPSO Schiehallion Schiehallion field. storage. Trafalgar John Brown (subsea). UK 204/20. IHC Holland (sub-contracts from SBM). Burntisland. for the 1700 mt lower turret assembly. SubSea Offshore (installation of subsea facilities. offloading. Tyneside and for the 700 mt fluid swivel stack. Brown & Root (process topsides). E53 . Coflexip Stena Offshore (flexible risers). 150 km west of ShetlandUK UK BP Amoco Production Schiehallion FPSO Production. Harland & Wolff (hull). Fuel Subsea Offshore (DMac connection system) Harland & Wolff. the 'Subsea and Wells Alliance' consists of BP. 204/25b. Barmac (topsides) Build History Conversion Engineering Subcontract for 1000 metric tonne upper turret assembly. Consafe. Brown & Root AOC (hookup). tow-out and mooring). Single Buoy Moorings (turret/mooring). Belfast (ship). 204/25a.

total riser capacity 24. 140mm strand with 1700 mt breaking and 146mm strand with 1900 mt breaking. Dyce. which is a newbuild based on a conventional tanker hull. turret rotates on a bogey rather than segmented bearings. tel: 01224 832000. turret diameter 14. Kvaerner FSSL. delivery 1998 Delivery Basic Design Some 10. Main Components Ardersier in 37 major sub-assemblies. which reduces the height of the gantry. Aberdeen Contact AB2 0PB. some risers pre-installed. E54 . fatigue life 50 years. turret has inverted swivels. supplied by Bridon . 14 x anchor legs consisting of 2800 tonnes of 6. FUEL. allowing in situ repairs to be made. turret capacity for up to 24 risers 15 x dynamic risers containing 130 steel or plastic encased Riser System pipes and 2 umbilicals. Mooring Top mounted internal turret (TMIT) allowing 360 weathervaning. supplied by Scana Ramnas. fabricated by Barmac.000 mt of process topsides will be added to the ship. saves weight and lowers the height of the flare stack. Cooper Cameron. Farburn Industrial Estate. field life around Other Features 17 years Design Life 100-year storn criteria Design Criteria British Registration BP Exploration. PRISM and Reading & Bates Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors First steel cut 5 October 1995.Trafalgar John Brown.5m.25"/159mm LRS grade R3S studless chain. 6300 metric tonne process deck. and 2100 tonnes of sheathed spiral strand mooring wire. Hull design life 25 years. legs fixed to 100-tonne suction anchors at 1650m radius.

Singapore (supplementary work on hull). offloading. Kvaerner Oil & Gas. Bluewater (turret mooring system) Samsung Heavy Industries. Port Clarence (topsides). Lewis Offshore (turret/spider) E55 . Croydon (EPIC).21 TRITON 1 FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Newbuild FPSO based on tanker design Triton Triton Project (Bittern. South Korea (hull). storage. Sembawang Build History Engineering. accommodation Construction Amerada Hess Amerada Hess and partners Engineering Kvaerner Oil & Gas. Guillemot West and Guillemot NW fields) UK Amerada Hess Construction Triton 1 Production.

HVAC system and major deck cable trays and cabling work. with top and bottom bearing housings 6m diameter and 25m apart. installation of topsides support stools. Two process and two utility skids on the main deck.Conversion Engineering Coflexip Stena (riser systems). designed to remain on station for at least 15 years. The original design was upgraded by Amerada/KOGL and the ship was sent to Sembawang under its own propulsion to undergo the modifications programme. when the contract was taken over by Kvaerner Oil & Gas Ltd (KOGL) for use as an FPSO for Amerada Hess. cooling water caissons. 4. The turret casing. Stolt Comex Seaway (subsea installation) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors Drilling and subsea work under management of Shell Delivery Basic Design The tanker was a double hulled design being built by Samsung for Tanker Pacific of Singapore. fire pumps. E56 . The FPSO was then moved to the KOGL yard on Teesside for installation of the turret and completion of the topsides. 1 electrical slipring 9 flexible risers. 33 Grosvenor Place. 2 umbilical risers Riser System 20 years. 360° weathervaning MOORING: 9-leg turret mooring consisting of 3 x 3 groups of chain/wire. 7500 mt Main Components process and utilities equipment. fabricated and installed by Kvaerner. fax: 0171 887 2199. This included primarily: additional steel work to give added strength and service life. Port Clarence. Contact tel: 0171 823 2626.4m diameter. turret/spider 1100 mt. Other Features Design Life Design Criteria Registration Amerada Hess Ltd. fabricated by Lewis Offshore. London SW1X 7HY. Mooring TURRET: Bluewater designed internal bow turret. 1250m each SWIVEL: 8 toroidal swivels. stern discharge grillage. was also installed.

UK blocks 31/26a. spider). followed by 12 weeks outfitting.22 UISGE GORM FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Engineering Build History Conversion Engineering FPSO based on converted product tanker Fife Fife field. Central North Sea. Cadiz (vessel conversion). Natco (process systems and glycol plant). Lewis Offshore (turret. turntable. risers and anchor systems). 39/2. by Odense Staalskibsvaerft A/S. Bluewater Group (4 year contract to Amerada Hess including provision of chartered shuttle tankers) Bluewater Group 1983. accommodation Production Amerada Hess Ltd. 337 km ESE of Aberdeen. Lindo. storage. including 20 lifts up to 580 metric tonne using 'Taklift 6' Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors Delivery E57 . south of Ekofisk UK Amerada Hess Production Uisge Gorm Dirch Maersk Production. McNulty Offshore Services (assembly and outfitting) March 1995 delivery at Tyneside from shipyard. 31/27a. Denmark Rockwater (EPIC for flowlines. Brown & Root (engineering sub-contractor to Rockwater). 39/1. offloading. ABB Global Engineering (interface engineering) Bluewater Group Astilleros Espanoles.

25" chain to surface) mooring legs grouped in 3 x 3 mooring legs equally spaced at 120 apart. operating pressure 4200 psi. UMS and IGS Other Features 15 years Design Life 50 year environmental loads in North Sea Design Criteria Netherlands Antilles Registration Bluewater Offshore Production Systems Ltd. Originally nine risers in turret: 4 x production. swivel castings. stern offloading system. risers and anchor systems are leased from Rockwater by the Bluewater Group. additional risers added for Fife. plus space for another 8 risers. water injection and gas lift risers plus control umbilicals. 4 x gas lift. dual fuel power generation and processing equipment located in large modules. at pressures to 5000 psi.. a bearing arrangement which connects the turret including the 200 mt spider with the vessel hull. Weir. Belgium.25" spiral strand cable/420m Ramnas 5. Stationstraat Contact 202. 1 x Riser System water injection. the swivel has four flow paths for well bore fluids. a swivel stack for the passage of product. anchors & chains supplied under subcontract to Rockwater. mooring wire/chain installed by Smit Maritime ('Taklift 8')/Ugland ('Maxita'). Segregated ballast. 2910 Essen. flowlines. test product. E58 . injection water. diameter 10 inches.5m diameter internal turret is located close to the bow and consists of the following main components: nine anchor piles to anchor the nine individual mooring legs to the seabed. and upgraded safety features. multiple production. riser pipes which conduct well fluids. tel: +32 36700260.25" chain/1100m Bridon 5. River Don. Main Components Mooring The Bluewater designed 4. nine composite (100m Ramnas 5. gas and umbilicals through the turret to a platform above the main bearing. Fergus and Flora tie-ins. fax: +32 36700269. max. an internal turret with spider to connect the nine mooring legs by means of automatic chain stoppers (the turret also carries the hawse pipes through which the risers can be pulled in). main modifications included: turret mooring. flare. gas. max.Basic Design The FPSO was converted from a conventional motor tanker 'Dirch Maersk' purchased from AP Moeller. helideck. located on the main deck supports. control and monitoring system. and a slip ring for powering the electrical systems in the turret. Contracts include: structural castings. enabling the tanker to weathervane 360° . gas water and air.

FELS (turret/fluid tranfer system) Keppel FELS (Far East Levingston Shipyard). ABB Lummus Global (process topsides. accommodation Production Saga Petroleum A/S Saga Petroleum A/S (35%). Statoil (35%). Norwegian state direct financial interest (30%) Engineering Maritime Tentech (hull). storage. Singapore Build History (ship/turret/topsides integration). ESE of Maureen Norway Saga Production Varg FPSO Production. subcontract from FELS) Coflexip Stena Offshore (subsea). Stolt Comex Seaway (transport and installation of mooring system) Other main Contractors Other Main Contractors 6 September 1998 Delivery Basic Design Operating topside weight 5200 metric tonne Main Components E59 . Aker Maritime Conversion Engineering Contractors/Maersk Supply Service (tow-out and hookup).23 VARG FPSO Design Field Location Country Operator Status Designation Previous Names: Duty Status of Unit Unit Operator Owner Manager Tentech 700 SP design turret moored FPSO Varg Norway 15/12b. offloading. 35 km S of Sleipner.

Mooring MOORING SYSTEM Turret mooring system. fax: +47 67 12 66 66.Box 490. TURRET TRANSFER SYSTEM Metool designed and built turret transfer system.O. wells service. system supplied by Stordbase Fifteen years without docking. fire water and air supply. N-1301 Contact Sandvika. drag chain system allowing 270 weathervaning. gas injection. water injection. designed to operated without power in 100-year storm conditions. well testing. P. Kjørboveien 16. Ten riser guide tubes. extendable to 25 years with Other Features minor modifications Design Life 100-year return storm criteria Design Criteria Registration Saga Petroleum ASA. and anchored to the seabed by a steel template. 10 x 72-inch diameter pile anchors. also included are emergency power and control jumper cables and fire water hoses between the vessel and the turret. 10 x mooring lines. E60 . system manages all lines required for production. risers are supported by a 180 metric Riser System tonne steel buoy positioned 40 metres above the seabed. tel: +47 67 12 66 00. as well as electro-hydraulic supply subsea. Norway.

1997 Submerged Turret Loading (STL) Advanced Production and Loading AS (APL) Compact Swivel Framo AS Detailed information not available E61 .24 VINGA FSO Location Turret Type Turret Supplier FTS type FTS Supplier UK Fulmar Field 1993 .

E62 .

ANNEX F ANNEX F Information on World-wide FPSO Installations Key World-wide FPSOs listed in alphabetical order Includes UK and other North Sea installations See Annex A for summary information on UK FPSOs and FSUs See Annex E for more detail on individual UK and North Sea FPSOs and FSUs F1 .

F2 .


Annex F World Wide FPSOs
Name Agbani Al Zaafarana Anasuria Anoa Natuna Aoka Mizu Armada Perkasa Åsgard A BA VI Balder FPU Berge Hugin Bleo Holm Bo Hai Ming Zhu Bo Hai You Yi Hao Bonga TBN Buffalo FPSO Captain FPSO Challis Venture Chang Qing Hao Chi Linh Conkouoati Cossack Pioneer Ea FPSO Espoir FPSO F601 FPSO Hull FPSO Firenze FPSO II FPSO VI Girassol FPSO Glas Dowr Griffin Venture Gryphon A Hitra Isis FPSO Jabiru Venture Jamestown Jotun FPSO Kakap Natuna Khrak Knock Taggart Maersk Curlew Modec Venture I Nan Hai Fa Xian Nan Hai Kai Tuo Nan Hai Sheng Li Nan Hai Xi Wang Navion Munin New Orleans Country Nigeria Egypt UK Indonesia Japan Malaysia Norway Vietnam Norway UK UK China China Nigeria Australia UK Australia China China Congo Australia Nigeria Ivory Coast Japan Italy Brazil Brazil Angola UK Australia UK Malaysia Tunisia Australia West Africa Norway Indonesia Iran Nigeria UK Australia China China China China China Tunisia Field Abana Zaafarana Teal, Teal South, Guillemot A Anoa None PM-3 Åsgard Rong Balder Pierce Ross Suizhong SZ-36-1 Bozhong BZ-28-1 Bonga Buffalo Captain Challis/Cassini Bozhong BZ-34-2/4 Bach Ho Yombo Wanaea Ea Espoir None Aquila Marlim South Espadarte Girassol Durward/Dauntless Griffin Gryphon MASA Isis Jabiru None Jotun Kakap KH Soroush Akam, Adanga, et al. Curlew Elang/Kakatua Huizhou HZ-21-1 Xijiang 24-3 Liuhua 11-1 Weizhou 10-3 Lufeng 22-1 Didon Status of Unit Production Production Production Production Construction Production Construction Production Construction Production Production Production Production Probable Construction Production Production Production Production N/K Production Probable Probable Available Production Production Construction Construction Production Production Production Construction Probable Production Available Construction Production Probable Production Production Production Production Production Production Production Production Construction



Name N'Kossa NKP Norne Production Vessel North Sea Producer Northern Endeavour Ocean Producer P-31 P-33 P-34 P-35 P-37 Petrojarl 1 Petrojarl Foinaven Petroleo Nautipa Petronas Carigali Prostor II Ramform Banff Rang Dong I Ruby Princess San Jacinto Schiehallion FPSO Seillean Tantawan Explorer Terra Nova FPSO Triton 1 Uisge Gorm Ukpokiti FPSO Varg FPSO Whakaaropai Zafiro Producer

Country Congo Norway UK Australia Angola Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil UK UK Angola Malaysis Angola UK Vietnam Vietnam Indonesia UK Brazil Thailand Canada UK UK Nigeria Norway New Zealand Equatorial Guinea

Field N'Kossa Norne MacCulloch Laminaria/Corallina Kiabo Albacora Marlim Barracuda Marlim Marlim Blenheim Foinaven Kiame MASA Kuito Banff Rang Dong Ruby Sembilang Schiehallion Roncador Tantawan Terra Nova Triton Fife Ukpokiti Varg Maui B Zafiro

Status of Unit Production Production Production Construction Production Production Production Production Construction Construction Production Production Production Production Construction Production Production Production Production Production Production Production Construction Construction Production Production Production Production Production

FPSO Annex F Worldwide Installations v2.doc 2 2-Aug-01 485



Figure F1 Distribution of the world FPSO fleet, March 2001
Courtesy Bluewater website


F6 .

ANNEX G ANNEX G Information on specific FPSO turret and FTS system manufacturers G1 .

G2 .

(65)2651927 http://www. South Arne (FSOSAL) FELS Ltd Keppel FELS Energy & Infrastructure Ltd 31 Shipyard Road. Statoil. KOG/Statoil. Suite 350 Calabasas Note: Swivel and Turret supplier Part of IHC/Calland Group and sister company to Single Buoy Moorings Maritime Tentech AS Servicebox 408 4604 Kristiansand Norway Tel: +47 38 05 75 00 Fax: +47 38 05 75 05 E-mail: oystein. CA 91301-5359 USA +1 (818)880-0300 ext. T.akermaritime. (FPSO-Int. Lufeng CHINA (FPSO-STP) Enterprise Oil.Marine Taxiway Hillend Industrial Park Dalgety Bay Fife KY11 9JT Tel:+44 (0)1383 823188 Fax +44 (0)1383 824038 Note: Swivel supplier Framo Engineering AS PO Box 174 N-5049 Sandsli Norway Tel: +47 55 92 88 00 Fax: +47 55 92 89 10 E-mail: post@framoeng. Sofec/ Note: Swivel and Turret supplier Brown Brothers and Co Ltd Rolls Royce . Note: Turret supplier Astano Asilleros Espanioles Ochandiano 14-16 28023 El Plantio Madrid Spain Tel +34 91 387 81 00 Fax +34 91 387 81 14 Bluewater Engineering BV Marsstraat 33 PO Box 3102 2130 KC Hoofddorp The Netherlands Tel +31 23 5682800 Fax +31 23 5652053 http://www. T.mittet@akermar. Terra Nova.). Siri DS (FSO-SAL).htm Note: Turret supplier IMODCO Ltd IMODCO Inc. Njord NS (FSU-STL). Statoil. 27001 Agoura Road. Masa.bristol@akermar. & Int. A.keppelfels.ANNEX G Annex G Turret and Swivel Suppliers http://www.imodco. Singapore 628130 Tel: (65)2676700 Fax:(65)2617719. Pierce UK (FPSO-STP). 258 Fax: +1 (818)880-0333 Note: Swivel and Turret supplier APL Advanced Production and Loading AS PO Box 53 N-4801 Arendal Norway Tel: +47 37 00 25 00 Fax: +47 37 02 41 28 E-mail: fma@apl.apl. FMC/Sofec. Åsgard C (FSU-STL).com G3 .com E-mail: sissel.). Malaysia (FPSO-Ext. Banff (FSO-SAL).no Note: Swivel supplier SWIVEL STACKS FOR FSU/FPSO : STL/ STP/ SAL/ Ext. Turret Norsk Hydro.

Beeston.1723 Marly Switzerland Tel (41) 26 437 1161 Fax (41) 26 436 3313 Nortrans Offshore Ltd Clarendon House. Ruby Princess FPSO Turret Mooring.Sofec. Single Path Toroidal Swivel for CALM Buoy SBM Single Buoy Moorings Inc Head Office Note: Swivel and Turret supplier Note: Part of FMC G4 . Nottingham NG9 152 CH-1723.P. Route de Fribourg.singlebuoy. Al Zaafarana Turret Mooring .com Engineering Office 24.ANNEX G METOOL Metool Products Ltd Lilac Grove. Box 199 MC 98007 Monaco Cedex Principality of Monaco Tel (377) 92 05 15 00 Fax (377) 92 05 32 22 Note: Swivel and Turret supplier Known as SBM.nortrans. Ave de Fontvieille. Multiple Path Crude Oil and Water Injection Swivel. 2 Church Street PO Box HM 1022 Hamilton DX Bermuda c/o 1 International Business Park #10-01 The Synergy Singapore 609917 Tel: +65 665 6200 Fax: +65 567 5110 E-mail: hans. SWIVALS: Single Pass Swivel. Tel: +44 (0) 115 922 5931 Fax: +44 (0) 115 922 4578 E-mail: http://www.O. SBM Offshore Systems produces the turrets systems Part of IHC/Calland Group and sister company to IMODCO SOFEC Inc 6677 North Gessner Houston TX 77040 Tel 713 510 6600 Fax 713 510 6601 Note: Swivel and Turret supplier Camar Nusantara Turret Mooring. England.

ANNEX H Glossary of Terms H1 .

H2 .

Single-Point-Mooring Glossary ALC ALP ARTC BMIT BTM CALM SY CALM CALRAM CBM CONTROL ECT EDT ELSBM FDPSO FLP FPSO FSO FSU FTSPM IAT IDT IPT JSY OLT PLEM RMD RRT RTM SAL SALM SALRAM SALS SAP SBM SBS SLB SPAR SPM SPM SPOLS Articulated Loading Column Articulated Loading Platform Articulated Loading Column Bottom Mounted Internal Turret Buoyant Turret Moored Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring Soft Yolk Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring Catenary Anchor Leg Rigid Arm Catenary Buoy Mooring Control Buoy External Cantilevered Turret External Disconnectable Turret Exposed Location Single Buoy Mooring Floating Drilling Production Storage and Offloading vessel Floating Loading Platform Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel Floating Storage and Offloading vessel Floating Storage Unit Fixed Tower Single Point Mooring Internal Active Turret Internal Disconnectable Turret Internal Passive Turret Jacket Soft Yoke Offshore Loading Tower Pipeline End Manifold Rigid Mooring Buoy Rigid Riser Tower Riser Turret Moored Single Anchor Loading Single Anchor Leg Mooring Single Anchor Leg Rigid Arm Mooring Single Anchor Leg Storage Single Anchor Production Single Buoy Mooring Single Buoy Storage Submerged Loading Buoy Floating Cylinder Facility Single Point Mooring (General term) Single Point Mooring Single Point Offshore Loading System SPT STL STP TCMS TOWER HM TOWER STW TOWER SW TOWER TRMS UKOLS VALM Single Point Turret Submerged Turret Loading Submerged Turret Production Tripod Catenery Mooring and Loading System Tower with hawser mooring Submerged Tower with wishbone Tower with submerged wishbone Loading Tower Turret Riser Mooring System Ugland Kongsberg Offshore Loading System Vertical Anchor Leg Mooring CALM Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring CALM SY Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring Soft Yolk H3 .

ECT External Cantilevered Turret ETD External Cantilevered Turret RTM Riser Turret Moored CALRAM Catenary Anchor Leg Rigid Arm (CALM Buoy with Rigid Arm) H4 .

SAL Single Anchor Loading SALM Single Anchor Leg Mooring TOWER Loading Tower TOWER HM Tower with hawser mooring TOWER SW Tower with submerged wishbone TOWER STW Submerged Tower with wishbone H5 .

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