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Comp time cannot carry forward to the next year and upper management generally does not get comp time. They instead get straight salaries and the perks and privileges that come with it. He however didn’t get it due to the fact that comp time cannot be converted into dollars. This is a large number of hours if it’s compared to the people who follow him who have a total of 1000 hours. the interim CEO of Cumberland county crown center doesn’t have to show up to work for the next 18 months due to the fact that he has already clocked 3500 hours. all the business enterprise activities should be divided into six groups and should include: a technical. The former crown CEO had sought to get payment for more than 2000 hours on his exit. Fayol mainly focused on the administrative group because he believed that managerial and administrative skills were the most neglected aspect of .Running Head: 2 Introduction Paul beard. A remedy has been proposed that will avoid stifling the people in management who have accumulated excess comp time. financial. it will accrue and also can also be legally redeemed for cash at retirement. accounting . The plan is the conversion of comp time to sick leave. Administrative management theory The administrative management theory was created by Henri Fayol and it focused on creating general administrative principals that were applicable to the general as well as other managerial levels. When it’s converted to sick leave. commercial as well as managerial or administrative group. security. According to Fayol.

planning. 2005). a manager needed to possess physical. 2005). Authority and responsibility: Management involves getting work done through other people and as such. Commanding is keeping the institutional processes running. A person who is willing to exact authority would also be willing to take responsibility as these two are closely related (Tripathi & P. Moral qualities in addition to this he needed to have General education. 2011). Co-ordination aligning and harmonizing groups' efforts. Mental. In an organization. The administrative theory puts forward basic management principles that can be used in the management process in a business enterprise (Lussier. commanding. as well as personal power which is derived from intelligence and moral worth ad well as experience to lead. Division of work: This produces more and better work done using the same effort. Organization involves the development of the material and human resources. A manager may exact formal authority which he derives from the position he occupies. 2011). Control refers to ensuring that all activities are performed according to the appropriate rules and procedures (Lussier. 2005). Planning refers to looking to the future and anticipating and developing a response to the future change. . Special knowledge. the various functions like planning or organizing cannot be done by management alone. directing and coordination (Tripathi & P.Running Head: 3 the enterprise. and as well as Work Experience. According to the administrative management theory. that is. they should be delegated to experts in the respective fields (Tripathi & P. managers should have the right to exact obedience as well as give orders. Management according to the administrative theory included five basic functions. controlling.

the prevailing cost of living. Remuneration: The remuneration of the employees in the company should be fair and should be based in the general business conditions. Subordination of individual interest to general interest: The individual interest is always personal satisfaction and this is pursued by searching for more status. Respect for the superiors. 2005). This is to ensure that they are not pulling on opposite directions (Sahni &Vayunandan. 2005). money and this is usually at the expense of the organization’s general interest. Better remuneration for personnel means better productivity and better relationships with management (Tripathi & P.Running Head: Discipline: This refers to obedience to authority and observing the rules and norms and rules of performance. . This is to avoid confusing the employee (Tripathi & P. 2009). 4 Unity of command: Fayol believed that each employee should receive instructions about a particular job from one superior only. Thus the personal interest should be subordinated to general interest (Sahni &Vayunandan. the productivity of the particular employee and the firm’s capacity to pay. 2005). These goals should also be aligned to the departmental goals. respect for agreements that have been signed as well as sincere effort to get work done. Unity of Direction: There should be an identity between the organization and individual goals. Discipline is enforced and maintained in an organization when there are good supervisors at all levels. clear ad fair agreements between employers and employees across all levels as well as judicious application of penalties across all levels of the organization (Tripathi & P. 2009).

There should be fair treatment of all people in the organization. 2005). the morale and productivity will be affected. they should have the assurance of job security from management. Fairness is based on kindness and justice. Bedeian & Breeze. They will also lack attachment to the job as they will always be looking for other jobs (Lussier. Management is required to be just to everyone and this means that they should be free of prejudices and likes or dislikes towards particular persons (Lussier. For employees to work effectively. There should be a scientific selection of competent staff and assignment of duties to personnel should be done correctly (Tripathi & P. Orders should be passed through the proper channels of communication unless it’s an order that requires swift action which can be short circuited through the channels (Wren. . When staff is suffering from job insecurity.Running Head: 5 Centralization: Management should decide the level of centralization or decentralization of authority in the organization. It states the superior subordinate relationship as well as the authority the superior have over the subordinates. This refers to the hierarchy of authority from the top level of organization to the lowest level with an intention of communication. Its main purpose should be optimal utilization of the personnel faculties (Tripathi & P. type of activities and organizational structure. Equity. 2002) Order: An organization must pursue order by suitably organizing man and material. This is based on the nature of circumstances. 2005). 2011). Stability of personnel tenure. Chain of command. 2011).

2011). The interim CEO has a total of 3500 hours while the people closest to him in times of hours have 1000 hours. This decision showed discipline and in particular respect for the . 2008). This may have been caused by lack of division of work and hence the CEO had to put in all those hours. Employees should have freedom and should be encouraged to take initiative. Authority and responsibility is a principle of management that advocates that people in authority should also take responsibility for the decisions that are made (Fayetteville Observer. organizing and commanding should be entrusted to specialists in their respective fields as they cannot be efficiently done by one person (Fayetteville Observer. The county commissioner and the county manager are seen to engage in finger pointing due to this situation. there are high chances of achieving the organizational goals. When the immediate former CEO goes to claim for payment of 2000 hours of comp time. Discipline has been applied in this situation. They are in management and in a position of authority and therefore they should take responsibility for the current situation. 2011). He was denied due to the fact that comp time cannot be converted into dollars. 2008). When personnel are pulled together as a team.Running Head: Initiative. Management should allow for them to make suggestions on how to get jobs done even when mistakes occur (Lussier. The administrative theory advocates for division of work because all the managerial functions for instance planning. The team spirit can be cultivated by unity and strength (Lussier. 6 Esprit De Corps: it means team spirit and management should encourage the team spirit in the organization.

. The principle of order should also be applied in this situation. 2008). According to the theory. All employees should be treated kindly and with justice. This shows that the people’s interests have been made superior to the organization’s interests. The decision to put all the employees on the clock while general rules do not allow for the management to be under the clock should have been made with equity in mind so as to ensure that all the employees are treated justly (Fayetteville Observer.Running Head: rules and norms of the organization by the people who manage money (Fayetteville Observer. 2008). 2008). The principle of equity should be applied to the situation in the article. This should be altered to comply with the administrative management theory which calls for the superiority of the organizations interests to any personal or individual interests that exist (Fayetteville Observer. This article shows disorder in terms of how comp time is being addressed and the proposed remedies. Management should make sure that there is order in the way comp time is handled (Fayetteville Observer. the organization’s interests should be more important than the personal interests and management should enforce this (Fayetteville Observer. 2008). 7 In the article management is seen to get comp time but generally the upper management doesn't get comp time it instead gets salaries and the corresponding perks and privileges. The superiority of peoples interests above the organizations interests is also evidenced in the plan to convert comp time to sick leave so that the management level employees who have excess comp time do not get stifled and also so that comp time can be redeemed for cash when a person is retiring. 2008).

2008).Running Head: Authority should be exercised by management. 8 There is not team spirit in the organization. They should be giving orders and expecting obedience from the subordinated instead of mumbling and acting contrite (Fayetteville Observer. They are all focusing on how to get Comp time turned to cash and the county workers are not united with the managers because they see the management level getting comp time yet they know comp time does not apply to management because they get salaries and perks as well as privileges (Fayetteville Observer. . 2008). According to the article . management is engaging in mumblings and displays of contrition and also attempting to compromise with the county workers.

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