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Dr. Laura De Giorgio
To all my customers and clients, thank you for the opportunity to help you turn your dreams into reality!

Dr. De Giorgio has studied hypnosis / hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming through American Pacific University, American Institute of Hypnotherapy, Dynamind, Omni, NGH, Ultra Depth. Some of her trainers and coaches were Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Robert McDonald, Stephen Josephs, Marilou Seavey, Gerry Seavey, Wayne Topher Morrison, Gerald Kein, Jeffrey Stephens, Richard Nongard, and James Ramey. While Laura has been experimenting and playing with mind-power from an earliest age, out of insatiable curiosity for the effects and the influence of one's mind over one's life and over other people's lives - she gained access to her first hypnosis books around the age of 14. Her wide variety of reading material and experiments involved metaphysics, and spiritual teachings from cultures around the world. Regardless of the method of application, she discovered that whenever she needed a little bit of extra help from above, it promptly arrived, simply by asking for it. Her search and exploration was not around whether one method is more effective than other, but rather the underlying principles that made any of the variety of methods work, promptly and effectively. Laura's professional background is as versatile as her interests. She studied economy, accounting, foreign Trade. Due to her love of foreign languages and different cultures, she has worked for several embassies, as well as a translator and interpreter and telephone moderator on international phone chat-lines. Due to her love for creative expression, she has worked with Association of Applied Artists, and in film industry. Due to her love for challenge and finding hidden information she has worked as a private investigator in an undercover capacity. Due to her love for playing and excitement, she has also worked as a casino dealer (she couldn't help it, just had to experience it). She has also worked in a

Alchemy. © 2001-2013. Dancing is also her favorite way of getting into trance and working on her self-hypnosis projects. Vedic and Western astrolgoy for many years and you can now enjoy getting into a trance and creating the life you desire using Laura's CDs with Ancient and Powerful Sanskrit Mantras. swimming and weight-lifting. growing and expanding the range of her knowledge and skills. If in her heart she genuinely desires something. Laura's life is governed by following her heart's desires. Taoist Yoga. promoting artists through world-wide art directories (before the Internet era). She'd simply decide where she wanted to work. as well as dancing salsa. In her spare time. Rebirthing and Herbology. Sanskrit Mantras. Laura's other life-long passions include spirituality. Laura sees successful hypnosis inseparable from spirituality. architecture. so that they can feel empowered and this is the purpose the programs on this website are intended to fulfill. Her goal is not only to help people reach single outcomes. Eastern and Western Esoteric Practices. www. Laura enjoys playing piano or guitar. Laura has been studying and working with Sanskrit.samba. what she wanted to learn and she knew she'll get it. and when opportunity arises . Laura De Giorgio. and she likes to refer to the type of hypnosis she is practicing as "spiritual hypnosis". She has been in and out of trance (mostly through meditation and/or self-hypnosis) practically all of her life. alchemy and herbal remedies. she'll get it.variety of other industries: financial. That is the power of decision. practicing internal and external martial arts.deeptrancenow. advertising All rights reserved (unless otherwise specified) Home | About | Privacy Policy | Products | Newsletter | Affiliates | Sitemap | Contact . Dr. but to teach them how to establish a permanent relationship with the source of infinite power and knowledge within. She has used mind-power to get jobs in industries she desired to explore. no matter what. any project you'd like to accomplish in your life. banking. She also has a passion for helping others get the most of life. She has also learned that the mind-power must be used responsibly and that it grows with the correct use. mutual funds. and cha-cha-cha. Laura believes that you can dance your way to any destination. Kriya Kundalini Yoga. merengue. Spiritual Healing. Some of her trainings include Occult. She has a passion for learning. Silva Method.