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Welcome to the latest edition of the Cranlea Sports Performance product catalogue.
Cranlea are the premier suppliers of medical diagnostic and physiological testing equipment. Our many years of experience help us to provide our customers with what they need, when they need it and at the best price. We have a fantastic product range which features some of the finest products available in the world. Our relationships with market leaders such as Cortex, Lode and Woodway continue to grow and we are proud to be recognised by these companies as one of their top distribution agents in the world. We hope you find our new brochure useful and informative. Any questions that are not answered in this catalogue can be quickly and professionally supplied by trained operatives who are waiting for your call. Alternatively, you can visit our website or those of our partners (as indicated below) for more in depth detail on any product you are particularly interested in. We look forward to working with you.

The Cranlea Team
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How to Order
Ordering by Telephone Cranlea opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm and orders can be placed by calling +44 121 472 0361. Our friendly staff are on hand and can offer help and advice for all your enquiries. Ordering by Fax Please call +44 121 472 6262 Ordering On-line Please visit our website or send us an email

How to Pay
Official Purchase Orders Purchase orders to be received by Post, Fax or Email and must contain the order number and the name and department of person ordering. All purchase orders must hold an approved signature. Cheque Please make cheques payable to Cranlea and Company. Credit Card We accept all major credit and debit cards. Visa, Mastercard and Delta. Leasing We also offer leasing options, please call us to discuss in more detail.

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Sit and Reach Box Takei Dynamometers. Mini Peak Flow Meter. Stadiometers Bodystat Body Composition Monitoring Units Tanita Composition Analysers Hosand Bodymetrix System Mega Range Mega Range Cybex Humac Norm Isokinetic System Biometrics. Syringes Micro Medical Spirometers Micro Medical Spirometers. Hygrometers Thermometers and Temperature Sensors iCool Ice Bath Systems Stopwatches Brower Timing Systems Activity Monitors Training and Service . Barometers. Hand Grip Analyser. Cortex Metalyzer Sport Cortex MetaLyzer Cortex MetaMax Cortex Meta Control 3000 Servomex Analysers. Anthropometers. TurboAire Analox Analysers YSI. Douglas Bag Systems Hans Rudolph Hans Rudolph Douglas bags. BoSo Range Seca Range Seca Range Harpenden Calipers. Treatment Couches. Wattbike NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers Woodway Treadmills Woodway Medical Treadmills Range Lode Treadmills Polar Range Polar Range Hosand Range Nonin Range Accoson. Hitech Analysers. Terms and Conditions Section 2 : Treadmills Section 3 : Cardiovascular Monitoring Section 4 : Body Measurement and Composition Section 5 : Bio-Mechanical Measurement Section 6 : Metabolic Measurement Section 7 : Respiratory Monitoring Section 8 : Lab Analysis Section 9 : Timing and Activity Measurement iii Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail Hemocue. Jump Systems Cortex Aircheck. Accutrend.Contents Directions Introduction Contents Installations Customer feedback Section 1 : Ergometers i ii iii iv v 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 Lode Arm Ergometry Lode Imaging Ergometry Lode Cycle Ergometry Lode Cycle Ergometry Monark Ergometers Monark Ergometers. Privacy Screens. Lactate Pro. Osmocheck Centrifuges. Concept Rower. Calibration Gas. Goniometers.

We pride ourselves on ensuring all of our equipment is installed correctly and our customers can then rely on our product knowledge and continued support. Douglas Bag Frames.C. Cybex..Installations Our installations team continue to be busy with many new builds as well as working with our existing customers. Servomex Woodway ELG treadmill Lode Excalibur Sport with Pedal Force Measurement Full Cortex MetaMax ambulatory system Cortex Lab system Another 30 user Hosand Aqua system Another Cortex CPX system Woodway Curve Multiple Cortex Systems Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Liverpool City College Norwich University of Hull University of Glamorgan University of Teeside Sheffield Hallam University University of Cumbria Stoke-on-Trent College High Performance Swimming Liverpool John Moores Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Cumbria Fire and Rescue Woodway Curve 3 Treadmill Full Lab installation including iv . Servomex Hosand. Servomex etc Lode Ergometer. Hosand. Some of our latest installations include.

They work with high quality manufacturing companies and offer an outstanding product range.” Tim Blackmore Southampton Solent University “I have dealt with Cranlea and Co for the last 10 years for the provision of Sport and Exercise Physiology equipment for our labs. They have consistently provided excellent service from advice on the best equipment for a refit of our lab. For customer care and support. or talking you through how something works when the manual doesn’t make sense. We look forward to continuing our close relationship with them for the continuing development of our teaching. Having a company like Cranlea on hand is an essential requirement in the ongoing running of our facility. including the installation of Woodway treadmills with bodyweight support. They offer high quality product demonstrations and training as required. Below are some examples of feedback that we get from our customers.” Mr Scott Burnett Southampton Solent University “The excellent support and service offered by Cranlea make them our first choice for the supply of all our physical testing equipment. Their sales team keep abreast of the most current products in the field (equipment. repairing broken equipment. They have a wider network of technically gifted support staff that offer yearround professional assistance with troubleshooting. research and consultancy activities.Customer feedback We are great believers in maintaining good relationships with our customers by ensuring that we provide the very best in sales and service support. with a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who are always available to offer advice and unparalleled product support. I find them very helpful and enthusiastic. “We have worked with Cranlea over the past 12 years and feel their products and support services are second to none in the industry.” Mr Martyn Morris Oxford Brookes “I have worked with colleagues at Cranlea for over 10 years and the service and support systems they have in place are simply first class. In my experience there is no other UK supplier that meets this high standard of professionalism and support.” Mr Nathan Thompson Anglia Ruskin University v Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.” Mr Duncan Orme University of Cumbria “I have been very impressed with the level of service and customer care offered by the team members at Cranlea. hardware and software) and have excellent technical and applied knowledge which is a distinctive feature of the company. They have helped in the refurbishment of two sport science laboratories here at Oxford they are simply outstanding! I recommend Cranlea and Company very highly indeed!” Dr Mark Lyons University of Limerick “Cranlea offer us a superior service. research and consultancy. It’s reassuring that they are always just a phone call away. installation and operation of equipment if needed.” Mr Matthew Barlow University of Plymouth “The level of support is outstanding and leads the way for all distributors of such high end equipment to Sports Science facilities such as ours. The company offer a diverse range of products to meet the needs of Sports Science teaching. Lode Ergometers and Cortex metabolic systems to name a . which I have found very helpful in deciding if a product meets my needs or applications.

“ Helen Lloyd Senior Technical Officer Sheffield Hallam University 1 .Section 1 Ergometers “The Lode Excalibur Sport PFM is an essential component of our work within teaching. research and consultancy. It provides valid and reliable data at a high resolution whilst the LEM allows flexibility to suit our diverse requirements.

Optional reclining chair with electrically variable positioning and adjustable backrest offers a wide range of ergometry testing. Possible parameters . LOD-928812 Programmable control unit LOD-928842 Programmable control unit with SpO2 and heart rate LOD-928816 Blood pressure module LOD-917804 RPM set LOD-917810 LOD-917803 LOD-917812 LOD-906804 LOD-906805 Heart rate module Pedal shoes Hand grips LOD-917904 Lode Angio with automatic stand Adjustable cranks 80-170mm(set) LOD-917813 Electrically adjustable chair for Zero watt start up system automatic stand 2 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. leg ergometry and testing wheelchair subjects. Workload of 7-1000 watts allows range of applications and settings. LOD-917902 With static wall mount 3 Lode Angio with Electrically Adjustable Wall Mount Vertical movement range of 70cm with remote control adjustment. step. gives optimal flexibility and adjustability. Dimensions Workload RPM independent 73 x 42 x 54cm Hyperbolic 7-750 watts 30 . Pedal shoes. Physiotherapy and . Electrically adjustable height for ease of use. Additional display facing the operator. Blood Pressure Module Accurate stress testing blood pressure monitor with Dimensional K-sound Analysis (DKA). Hand grips.LODE Arm Ergometry 1 2 3 4 System Options *Standard Angio supplied without hand grips.150 rpm Weight 33kg Peak load 1000 watts Accuracy < 3% 2 Lode Angio with Static Wall Mount Supplied with a wall mounting bracket and hand grips as standard. Further Options Adjustable cranks. RPM set and Heart rate module. Equipped with both analogue and digital interfaces.ramp. Infra-red port for wireless communication. over a range of 140cm . Programmable control unit Hand grips RPM counter 1 Lode Angio – Arm Ergometer Perfectly suited for arm ergometry applications in Sports Medicine. torque and heart Supplied with hand grips and can be used in various applications. Supplied with mounting bars and standard pedals. LOD-917903 With electrically adjustable wall mount 4 Lode Angio with Automatic Stand Free-standing mount.suitable for arm ergometry. linear. LOD-917901 Lode Angio arm ergometer Options Programmable Control Unit Programme up to 24 User-defined protocols. can also be supplied with a variety of accessories. including hand grips. Subjects can be tested in wheelchairs or in an upright position.

Supplied with circular or push/ pull exercise movement for cardiac MR examinations. 6 Lode Corival Supine with Mechanical Cardiac Stress Table Suitable for ergometry in combination with the 3 . Dimensions 204 x 60 x 85cm 7 Lode Angio Echo Cardiac Stress Table Power consumption 200VA Remote control adjustment for supine Weight 105kg positioning with an additional 45 degrees trespa (permeable Material rotation over the longitudinal axis. Adjusts up to 180 degrees to suit subject leg length. ultrasound scanning and table nuclear examinations. Please contact sales team for order information 8 Lode Angio Nuclear Imaging Table Various back and leg support adjustments Dimensions 207 x 92 x 76cm and the movement range of the Angio Angle adjustment of ergometer give optimal patient comfort. Perfect for examinations as the Angio folds away when not in use.5 Tesla models. Magnetom Vision (Siemens) and the Philips Gyroscan 0. Adjustable up to 180° to suit subject leg length. back panel 0 – 33° Design stability and construction make Adjustability range of it comfortable to use for the test subject leg length 40cm and the operator. 1 & 1. The back support of the table is permeable to X-rays. Mechanically adjustable for seated or supine patient positions.LODE Imaging Ergometry 5 6 7 8 5 Lode MRI Ergometer Perform exercise tests within the magnet. Specifications WLP l Workload range: 10-250 Watt l Linear (rpm dependent) mode l Hyperbolic mode l RPM independency: 40-120 rpm l Manual settings and protocols l Absolute power settings l Constant heart rate settings Options l Patient support l Fixation sets l The MRI spectroscopy ergometer is compatible with the GE-Signa-Horizon (General Electric). LOD-907900 With nuclear imaging table Adjustable back/shoulder supports and hand grips. shoulder support and hand grips. Can be easily combined with a variety of measuring methods LOD-924900 With mechanical cardiac stress ECG recordings. Can be used for cardiac examinations & spectroscopy. to X-rays) Removable back support section (near the heart) allows better view from the rear. Supplied with up/down movement for spectroscopy. Table fixed ergometer ensures minimal time between stress induction and imaging. Dimensions Patient Capacity Angle adjustment of back panel Height of platform at 0° 218 x 100 x 75cm 200kg 0 – 33 ° 60cm LOD-927900 With echo cardiac stress table Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.5. Adjustable back support panel.

save and analyse ergometry data. stable design and new operation methods for ease of use. The Lode Ergometry Manager can be used for testing and training in several rehabilitation settings. With the software. durability and reliability. LOD-928902 LOD-928903 LOD-928908 LOD-928909 LEM PC bike control LEM Multi bike control (1 PC controls up to 16 ergometers) LEM Export module LEM Astrand test module 4 4 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Extended load range of 7-1000 watts for a variety of applications. various ergometry data is made visible. physiotherapy and research The operator will be satisfied with the ease of executing the test. The Lode Ergometry Manager can be extended with various modules. 177 x 76 x 112cm 80kg 250kg 7-750 watt 7-750 watt ± 3W < 3% < 5% Increments Peak load Dimensions 1 watt Weight 1000 watt Max. The software enables the operator to program protocols. Dimensions Weight Power consumption Workload range Workload accuracy 115 x 60 x 114cm 56kg 130 VA Hyperbolic Linear 7 – 100 watt 100 – 500 watt 500 – 1000 watt 2 Lode Corival Recumbent This ergometer can be used with elderly and obese test subjects as well as for rehabilitation purposes. The software has been developed and tested according to the Lode principles of accuracy. The programme also provides a patient database. Dimensions Weight Max.170mm (set) Shortened saddle shaft Pedal strap extension Fold away demonstrator Corival LOD-903900 Lode Corival Paediatric 4 Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) The Lode Ergometry Manager is a Windows-based software package used for controlling Lode ergometers and monitoring test subject ergometric parameters. sports medicine. The Corival recumbent is easily accessible to all test subjects with the same features as the previous Corival.LODE Cycle Ergometry 1 3 Programmable control unit 2 1 Lode Corival A modern ergometer with an ergonomic. Patient weight LOD-929900 Lode Corival Recumbent 3 Lode Corival Paediatric This ergometer is completely adapted for children between the ages of 4-12 years and has all the features of the standard Corival. Adjustable display parameters with five pre-programmed languages to suit individual requirements. each with its specific functions and visualisations. visualise. Features and Benefits The modular structure of the Lode Ergometry Manager software in combination with the accurate and reliable Lode ergometer offers a complete and modern ergometry . Patient weight 934 x 648 x 925mm 33kg 95kg LOD-906900 Lode Corival ergometer 1000 watt Options LOD-928810 LOD-906805 LOD-928840 LOD-928815 LOD-928824 LOD-906804 LOD-906806 LOD-906808 LOD-ERGO003 LOD-906905 Lode Corival nuclear design Programmable control unit Zero watt start up system Programmable control unit with SpO2 and heart rate Blood pressure module Heart rate option Adjustable cranks 80 . The Lode Ergometry Manager is the ideal supplement to a modern ergometry setting. control ergometers. Simplified keyboard with 3 button access to full menu functions. print. enabling the operator to view ergometric parameters during the test and to control or quickly intervene when necessary.

Performs Wingate sprint test in the constant torque mode. averages. It is also possible to read the most important parameters of the test subjects seating position on the control units display. increments of 10mm steps LOD-401068 Paediatric saddle LOD-925806 Sports cranks . Protocols can be programmed based on time intervals (maximum 60 minutes) enabling continuous registration of pedal force. LEM software and PC workstation are included as standard. The Lode Brachumera Sport Ergometer has all the same features as the widely used Excalibur Sport. LOD-928811 LOD-928841 LOD-925805 LOD-928815 LOD-928826 LOD-925804 Programmable control unit Programmable control unit with SpO2 and heart rate Zero watt start up system Blood pressure module Heart rate option Paediatric cranks .step-less adjustment. Can also be linked with all Lode analysis software and used with CPX systems. Since athletes are becoming more powerful and testing more advanced than ever.easily adjustable range 80 -170mm. Numeric data such as peak values. range 135-185mm. absolute maximum. vertical and angle adjustment The height of both the handlebar and saddle can be positioned by Lode’s unique one-touch adjustment handle. this ergometer has been developed for extreme workloads up to 2500 5 . angle. indication click at each 2. LOD-925900 Lode Excalibur Sport 7 Lode Brachumera Sport Ergometer As the standard of athletic performance improves so does the technology used to accurately measure and collect information. total efficiency.optional) 7 Adjustability Versatile positioning of the test subject with increased adjustability of the handlebar and saddle l l Handlebar can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically Saddle has horizontal.LODE Cycle Ergometry 6 5 6 Lode Excalibur Sport with Pedal Force Measurement This option measures the force exerted on the left and right crank providing detailed reports and analysis. Pedal measurement Adjustable seat Programmable control unit 5 Lode Excalibur Sport The newly designed Excalibur Sport ergometer meets the latest requirements of modern sports medicine and research. rpm and left/right ratio are registered and saved. Export to statistical programmes is available through the optional LEM Export Standard external control unit allows the workload to be controlled in various modes l l l l l Isokinetic Hyperbolic Linear Torque Heart rate (fixed RPM) (RPM independent) (RPM dependent) (fixed torque) (fixed heart rate .2500 Watt can be maintained for a maximum of 6 minutes. Elite athletes have been known to exceed the 750W maximum in certain tests on a standard Arm Ergometer. LOD-925901 Lode Brachumera Sport LOD-925910 Lode Brachumera Pedal Force Measurement Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. LOD-925909 Lode Excalibur Sport with Pedal Force Measurement Lode Excalibur Sport Options The Excalibur Sport can be extended in a variety of ways.5mm step LOD-925801 Comfort set standard handlebar and saddle LOD-911817 Wingate software module with correction for moment of inertia. Workload control The peak load of 1500 .

Complete with chest belt. Weight 52kg Length 1120mm Height 890-1130mm (at handlebar) 890-1120mm (at seat) Width 530mm (handlebar) 460mm (feet) 5 3 Monark 827E Specifically designed for intensive use in institutions and gymnasia.5kg. that also works as a traditional weight ergometer. Complete with chest belt and PC software. Complete with chest belt and PC software. exercise time. Complete with chest belt and PC Precise user-friendly ergometer providing Software. Measures heart rate. The patented weight basket system requires no calibration as the precision weights ensure that the workload 2 Monark Ergomedic 839E Ergometer is correct. Easy to calibrate and just as easy to check when in use. PC software Length 1120mm and calibration pulse training and 800-1120mm (at seat) work tests via ECG or PC. Width 530mm (handlebar) 460mm (feet) Weights Supplied with weights Weight 56kg 4 x 1kg. designed to optimise interval training. Features an RPM controlled release of weight basket and test duration of up to 99 minutes. Complete with chest belt and PC software. 4 x 0. 1 x 0.Ergometers 1 2 3 4 1 Monark Pendulum 828E Ergometer The most widely used ergometer for fitness tests and workouts.5kg.5kg.1kg MON-884E Monark Sprint 884E ergometer 6 Monark Peak 894E Ergometer An ergometer designed for anaerobic testing. MON-827E Monark 827E 6 5 Monark Sprint 884E Ergometer Specially adapted ergometer for effective training with direct feedback. Weight Length Height 63kg 1120mm 890-1130mm (at handlebar) 800-1120mm (at seat) Width 530mm (handlebar) 670mm (feet) Weights Supplied with weights 8 x 1kg.1kg MON-894E Monark Peak 894E ergometer 4 Monark Weight 874E Ergometer . Features complete Height 890-1130mm (at handlebar) reports for fitness tests. 1 x 0. Weight Length Height 65kg 1120mm 890-1130mm (at handlebar) 800-1120mm (at seat) Width 530mm (handlebar) 670mm (feet) Weights Supplied with weights 8 x 1kg. target speed & distance in km/miles per hour.1kg Length 1150mm Height 760-1135mm (at handlebar) MON-874E Monark Weight 874E ergometer 800-1120mm (at seat) Width 530mm (handlebar) 460mm (feet) MON-839E Monark Ergomedic 839E ergometer 6 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. 1 x 0. 4 x 0. 4 x 0. Electronically measured RPM. a constant workload independent of pedal Weight 57kg speed. easy to use bike for all types of MON-828E Monark Pendulum 828E ergometer fitness testing. Can also be used as a standard weight ergometer.

The best-selling rowing machine in the world. which means you get more out of every session. 4 x 0. The trainer is easily portable and ideal for use in rehabilitation. The crank arms are individually adjustable and the unit can be calibrated to offer precise work loads. so you can be assured that it is built to last. Wattbike Pro Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Weight Length Height Width Weights 60kg 1500mm 1660mm 700mm Supplied with a set of weights 8 x 1kg. Weight Length Height Width 22kg 540mm 550mm 470mm Monark Cardiac Rehab 891E A new arm ergometer that satisfies the requirements for upper body fitness and endurance testing. which is more than you’ll find in most other aerobic activities. CONCEPT 2 Rowing Ergometer Heart rate receiver (excludes transmitter) CONCEPT HR CONCEPT SLIDE For realistic rowing action Wattbike The Wattbike is a revolutionary indoor bike which monitors your pedalling technique and power output with every turn. rowing clubs. arms and shoulders will each see 90 . the Indoor Rower can be found in Weight Length Height Width 25kg 600mm 530mm 180mm (front feet) 450mm (rear feet) Monark Rehab Trainer 881E A versatile arm and leg ergometer with the potential to suit most exercise applications.1kg MON-871E Monark Compact Rehab 871E MON-881E Monark Rehab Trainer 881E MON-891E Monark Cardiac Rehab 891E Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer If you’ve ever been in a gym. The machine you buy for the home market is the same one that gets used every day by top international rowers and every minute in gyms up and down the country. It is rare to find an activity that works as many muscle groups through as wide a range of motion as rowing does. Ideal for rehabilitation. only been available to elite athletes. exercise testing and use with disabled athletes.Ergometers Monark Compact Rehab 871E A small. reliable arm and leg trainer which is easy to use offering smooth operation for both warm up and exercise testing. hips.5kg. Knees.130 degrees of rotation in every stroke. the chances are you’ll have come across the Concept2 Indoor Rower. The Concept2 rower is a very versatile machine and can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. schools and Olympic training centres around the world. 1 x 7 . With the Wattbike you can capture data up to 100 times per second across 29 separate parameters whilst at the same time offering you feedback that has until now.

Recumbent Cross Trainers T5XR The all new T5XR represents the full power of NuStep innovation with an extended range of features. adjustments. Length: 60 in (152 cm).uk . and versatility. There are two more cross trainers in the product range which offer Lecturerwith in Sports Science the same level of excellent performance. resistance system with 10 different workload settings Variable work rates achieved at any of the 10 settings Ergonomically sound design minimizes joint stress and low back strain Comfortable swivel seat at the correct height (20–22”) swivels 90 degrees to either side for safe and easy transfers Simple. frictionless. (227 kg) weight capacity Dimensions: Height: 43 in (109 cm). l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Low step-through design Smoother stepping motion Larger ergonomic seat 360° seat swivel Adjustment for users 4’ 6” (1. seating position with a smooth stepping motion to provide safe and effective exercise. together the same University of Plymouth versatility.0 m) 15 workload levels Resistance range of 5 to 1400 Watts Colour display console with vivid resolution Push button workload control We have found Woodway Seat position and workload shown on treadmills the display to be Comprehensive workout data and very accurate in their extremely reliable 13 workout programmes ability to produce exact running speeds. Product Weight: 205 lbs (94 kg) Low step-through design Smoother stepping motion Larger ergonomic seat 360° seat swivel 18” of arm and seat adjustment for users 4’6” (137 cm) to 6’7” (200 cm) 15 workload levels Resistance range of 5 to 1400 watts Workout data tracking and export via USB Built-in heart rate monitoring 500 lb. large and easy to read LCD display Accommodates users ranging in height from 4’6” to 6’5” and weighing up to 400 lbs Maintenance free Dimensions: Height: 43 in (109 cm). Workout data tracking and export via USB which we have been able to use to effectively Built-in heart rate monitoring test athletes and other participants for Nustep Recumbent Cross Trainers comfortable research and sportscombine science a support purposes. Width: 28 in (72 cm). Width: 28 in (72 cm). Length: 60 in (152 cm).37 m) to 6’ 7” ( Matthew Barlow T4 l l l l l l l l l Smooth and natural semi–recumbent stepping action Quiet. Product Weight: 205 lbs (94 kg) T5 l l l l l l l l l l l NUSTEP T4 NUSTEP T5 NUSTEP T5xr Recumbent Cross Trainer Recumbent Cross Trainer Recumbent Cross Trainer 8 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. all designed to offer the benefits of life transforming exercise to more users.

” Mr Matthew Barlow University of Plymouth “The main reasons I use Woodway treadmills are because you can use them for any fitness level .Section 2 Treadmills “Woodway Treadmills are extremely reliable and very accurate in their ability to produce exact running speeds.from weight loss to rehabilitation to elite athletes. That flexibility makes them really useful. plus you get the best workout at any of those levels. This allows us to test effectively for both research and support purposes.” Mr Paul Robbins Athlete’s Performance 9 . . resulting in less wear. Health & Wellness brochure O Optional feature l Standard feature Desmo Elite Coded/Non-Coded Polar Heart Rate Pick-up ANT + Heart Rate Pick-up Touch Grip Heart Rate Pick-up LED Display Board Desmo Mercury Path Curve EcoMill Pro Pro XL l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l O l O l O l l l User interface Personal Trainer Display Board 19” LCD HDTV Embedded Touch Screen Made for iPod USB Power Source CSAFE/FitLinxx Wireless Remote Computer Software RFID System Running Surface Dimensions 0-15% Incline 0-25% Incline -3% . WOODWAY have a product to suit every need.5 MPH (0-20 km/h) 0-15 MPH (0-24 km/h) 0-16.5 km/h) (Requires 208V/220V) 120 V Power 208V/220V Power Efficient AC Brushless Servo Motor O O O O l l O O O O l l O O O O l l O l O O l l l O Self Powered Self Powered Non-Motorised Self Powered Self Powered Non-Motorised O l l O l l ** Treadmill features and options subject to change without written notice 10 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.Treadmills The WOODWAY Difference From light duty fitness to high performance sports and medical treadmills. lower electric bills and an overall longer treadmill life.5 MPH (0-26 km/h) (Requires 208V/220V) 0-18 MPH (0-28.+22% Incline 22” W x 68” L (55 x 173 cm) O O O O O l l l O O O l O l O l l O O 22” W x 68” L (55 x 173 cm) O O 17” W x 68” L (43 x 173 cm) O O 22” W x 52” L (55 x 132 cm) 17” W x 67” L (43 x 170 cm) Curved Design 17” W x 67” L (43 x 170 cm) Curved Design O 27. WOODWAY designers set out to develop a safe and comfortable running surface that also reduced the friction and wear associated with the conventional conveyor belt style.5”W x 88”L (70 x 173cm) (70 x 224cm) l l l l l l O O l O O l O O l l O O Specifications 0-11 MPH (0-18 km/h) 0-12. less maintenance. fewer repairs.5”W x 68”L 27. This combined system provides a running surface of 38-43 type A shore hardness. To do this they started with a ball-bearing transportation system and then created an entirely new slat style running surface. WOODWAY treadmills feature an original (internationally patented) design that was developed in response to conventional treadmill designs. the low friction ball bearing transportation system alleviates the forces to all mechanical and electrical parts. Additionally. while not changing proper biomechanics. which was found by the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne. Germany to be the ideal “softness” to eliminate the harmful shock to connective tissue. The Force ELG Woodway treadmills are fully compatible with Cortex CPX systems See page 34 for details For further details please refer to our Fitness.

Medical and Medical Treadmills

Rehabilitation Treadmills



Treadmill shown with optional parallel bar handrails

3 WOODWAY User System (WUS) Display l LCD touch screen operator panel (can be swivelled) l Menu driven operation l Remote speed, stop and elevation control l 18 pre-set programmes (ability to create/store up to 200 custom programmes) l Medical Test Cycles (e.g. Conconi, Cooper, Bruce) l Automated pulse monitoring l Speed, distance, elevation, pulse, time and calorie readout Woodway Split Belt Treadmill An advanced gate measurement and analysis tool for synchronous and asynchronous running. The Split-Belt is a locomotion therapy tool that provides infinitely variable speed control of each leg independently, which can accommodate patients with asymmetric walking patterns. The Split-Belt comes standard with PPS style stationary parallel handrails, but can be outfitted with a front-mount single bar for video gait analysis. Running Surface 170 x 68cm (Split belt – 2 x 33cm wide tracks) Speed Range 0-25km/h Elevation 0-25% User Weight Capacity Running 227kg, Walking 363kg 2 Woodway PPS Treadmill The PPS facilitates virtually every application in the area of motor activation and performance diagnostics. Perfect for use in rehabilitation, physical therapy, orthopaedics and sports medicine. Patient Safety and Usability l Dual handrail support system l Advanced SlatFlex shock absorption with non-slip vulcanized rubber surface l Emergency stop magnet and safety lanyard Convenient Controls/Accurate console l External WUS touch screen console l Pre-programmed medical tests and protocols l Time, speed, elevation, distance, pace, calories l MET digital feedback display l Contact heart rate monitoring l Remote control of speed, elevation, and stop Running Surface Speed Range 173 x 55cm 0-20km/h 0-7km/h reverse, zero start, 0.1km/h increments Elevation 0-20% User Weight Capacity Running 225kg, Walking 350kg Options Higher speed and elevation (25km/h and 25%) Parallel bar handrails Touch screen programmable controller Arm supports or combined arm and under arm supports The PPS is also available in an Environmental model. PPS 43Med Treadmill with 157 x 43cm track PPS 55Med Treadmill with 157 x 55cm track PPS 70Med Treadmill with 157 x 70cm track
For further details please contact our sales team

3 Woodway HELP System The new LokoHelp system is specifically designed for rehabilitation purposes. The system allows controlled training intervals, more frequent treatments and therefore accelerated therapy results. The patented WOODWAY slat-belt technology guarantees a non-slip drive mechanism and an optimal shock-absorbing running surface that absorbs 90% of the shock at the point of impact and allows for less stress on the ligaments, tendons, and joints.

For further information on the Woodway range of treadmills please conact our sales team.

Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail


Lode Valiant Plus Treadmill
Smooth acceleration and continuously adjustable in a range up to 25km/h. The treadmill also has a positive elevation of 25% and can be used in a variety of different applications. The treadmill can also be controlled by external equipment and has a maximum user weight of 160kg. Running Surface 170cm x 60cm Max Speed 25km/h Optional negative elevation 10%

Lode Valiant Special Treadmill
Lode also offer customers the chance to custom build treadmills to their exact specifications. This allows higher speeds, larger tracks and allows the use of wheelchairs and cycles. Please speak to our Sales Team for further information.

Body Weight Support System
The objective of Body Weight Support System is to lift part of the bodyweight to perform “bodyweight supported treadmill training”. Up to 80kg of bodyweight can be unloaded while walking with a maximum patient weight of 160kg. Dimensions of support system 160 x 110 x 250cm (L x W x H)

Lode Katana Treadmill
Lode have recently launched a brand new slat belt treadmill which allows the user to get to speeds of up to 40km/h and a 25% negative and positive elevation. The treadmill has a maximum user weight of 225kg and can be controlled by external equipment. Running Surface 190x70cm Max Speed 40km/h Elevation 25% Optional negative elevation 25%



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Section 3

Cardiovascular Monitoring

The benefits of being able to monitor an athlete’s heart rate during swim repetitions are well known. Using the Hosand Aqua system provides data in real time, which is a huge advantage to our coaches looking to maximise performance in every training session. Work with the system includes optimisation of training sets in terms of work to rest ratios with coaches and athletes from the British Disability Swimming World Class Programme. A huge advantage of the system is its capacity for monitoring up to 32 athletes at any one time, which we have found extremely beneficial in the training camp environment.” Catherine Gilby Sports Science & Sports Medicine Manager British Swimming


Silver or Orange. Offers one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk. Available in Black or Red. Purple. Displays calories burned. Available in Black/Gold. Black/ Displays calories burned. Displays calories burned. The Energy Pointer tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning. 90036747 Black/Gold 90036746 Black/Silver 90037103 Black/Red 90036748 Red/Silver 5 Polar FT40 For active exercisers who want clear guidance and to monitor their fitness level. Available in Black or . pace and distance in a variety of outdoor sports. Black/Red or Red/Silver.POLAR Range 1 3 5 2 4 6 1 Polar FT1 For the first step into heart rate-based training. Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk. Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display helps improve your fitness with automatic agebased heart rate target zone. Helps you train at the right intensity with personal sport zones. 90037558 Black 90042852 Blue 2 Polar FT2 For recreational exercisers who want an easy start to fitness. The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress. Displays a summary of your latest workout. Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk. Add a G1 GPS sensor to measure speed. The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress. 90037559 Black 90042858 Red 3 Polar FT4 For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple. Displays a summary of your latest workout. The Energy Pointer tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning. 90036620 Black 90036629 Orange 14 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate. 90038871 Black (M) 90038875 Black (F) 90040926 White 6 Polar RS300x For recreational athletes who require all essential heart rate and timing features. Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk. Black (Female) or White. Add an S1 Foot Pod to measure running speed. Displays calories burned. Available in Brown. Available in Black or Blue. pace and distance. 90036752 Brown 90042867 Purple 90036750 Silver 90042879 Orange 4 Polar FT7 For those who want to know if they’re improving their fitness or burning fat. Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display Helps improve your fitness with manual heart rate target zone. Available in Black (Male). Offers one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk.

The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress. downloadable from polarpersonaltrainer. Helps avoid over or under training by aiding you to train at the right intensity. pace and distance. Helps avoid over or under training by aiding you to train at the right intensity. 90038975 Black/Grey 10 Polar S3 Stride Sensor More than just speed and distance.7 9 11 8 10 7 Polar RS400 For endurance athletes and runners who rely on systematic training. Comes with Polar ProTrainer 5 software for analysing. Compatible with the RS800 range and the RCX5. 90038882 Black 90038885 Red Also available is the G5 GPS sensor. Race Pace helps you cross the finish line in time. planning and keeping a training diary. Gives heart rate even in water with a comfortable hybrid transmitter. Improves performance with endurance training programs. 91026636 Polar CS Cadence Sensor The complete range of Polar is available from Cranlea. 91029854 Polar S3 Stride Sensor 11 Polar CS Cadence Sensor The most practical way of measuring your cycling session is with our advanced wireless cadence with the Polar Data Link. planning and keeping a training diary. Up to 8-11 months of battery 9 Polar RS800CX For multisport athletes who require a wide range of performance information. Measures detailed information about your performance The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress. Measures detailed information about your performance. Sport profiles guarantee swift switch between different sports. It measures your pedalling rate as revolutions per minute in real time and average time so you can compare the technique of your ride against previous rides. helping you analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of your run. Light (46g) and always ready for use with no need for 15 . Zone Optimiser coaches you to train at the right intensity. please call our Sales Team for further details Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Add an S1 Foot Pod to measure running speed. 90026352 Black/Grey 8 Polar RCX5 For endurance athletes who want precise coaching to perfect their training. Call for details. Compatible with the RS800 range and the RCX5. this small and lightweight durable sensor measures each stride you take. Available in Black or Red. Comes with Polar ProTrainer 5 software for analysing.

uk . Health and Wellness section of our catalogue. Hosand Mini-Cardio The one and only heart rate monitor with no elastic chest belt. Available in 3 options. A full breakdown of Hosand products are featured in the Fitness. CHEST STRAP SW200 RF 5 KHz TX200 SX200 RF 433 Mhz RX200 Hosand Mini-Cardio Hosand GT system Allows you to monitor up to 32 athletes in real time with a range of up to 200m. out in the field and also in the swimming pool. watch your GPS track and monitor your heart rate all at the same time through your Smartphone. Hosand 60 Beat 16 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Allows you to monitor your training with flexible They now provide an extensive range of products which allow the user to evaluate athlete performance on a daily basis as well as providing specific information to set target goals and improve individual training. Hosand 60 Beat Listen to music. the GT system can be used in the gym. Hosand BX Hosand BX A revolutionary technology which allows an accurate body composition analysis through ultrasound. For use with both indoor and outdoor training.Hosand Hosand Technologies is a company whose mission is to develop technical products which improve athletes health and physical strength.

for emergency use to long term bedside monitoring. No routine maintenance or recalibration 17 . field tested for durability Adjustable Automated or on-demand readings and printouts. plus recall for personalised alarm and inflation pressure settings NON-2500 Avant digital SpO2 and NIBP monitoring 6 Nonin 9600 Table Top Pulse Oximeter Reliable and accurate monitor utilising Nonin PureSAT SpO2 technology Versatile design for use with neonates to adults. Light and compact unit. Suitable for transport use and comes supplied with a 12VCD connector. spot checks to long-term Energy efficient 100 hours of use from alkaline or 45 hours from rechargeable batteries Reliable Proven Nonin PureSAT SpO2 technology NON-2500 PalmSAT series digital oximeter 5 5 Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitoring Dual Function Proven PureSAT SpO2 and High End Oscillometric NIBP monitoring Powerful 33 hour memory and 300 reading on-screen history display Paediatrics to Adults. emergency use to bedside monitoring Versatile Portable Light and compact unit. field tested for durability 6 NON-9600 Table top pulse oximeter Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. indicates pulse quality Reliable Proven digital pulse oximetry technology Portable Weighs only 280g with 6 x AA batteries Energy efficient 100 hours of continuous use .co. Features a unique pulse quality indicator which offers a fast and simple “Green is Good” assessment of signal quality. weighs only 60g NON-9550 Onyx II digital finger pulse oximeter 2 2 Nonin 9590 Onyx Vantage .best in class Compatible Works with Nonin’s full range of sensors NON-8500 Hand held digital oximeter 3 4 4 Nonin 2500 PalmSAT Series Digital Oximeter Easy to use 2 button operation with intuitive user interface Versatile Full range of sensors for adults to neonates.Cardiovascular monitoring 1 1 Nonin 9550 Onyx II – Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter Easy to use Automatic switch On/Off when finger is inserted Reliable Now with even faster response times Efficient Now with improved 5000 spot checks Durable Even in the toughest environments Compact Small enough to carry at all times. Easily positioned on fingers from small child to large adult (8mm 26mm finger thickness). NON-9590 Onyx Vantage 3 Nonin 8500 Hand Held Digital Oximeter Easy to use 3 button operation with LED display.Finger Oximeter with soft carry case Unparalleled reliability and accuracy which is trusted by hospitals/ EMS and clinicians world wide. Compact enough to carry at all times and weighs only 60g. . batteries and record card l 7 8 9 7 BoSo Medicus Standard l Fully automatic l Single push button operation l Four set inflation levels avoids over inflation l Adult cuff l Large 3 value display l Supplied with carrying case.4mmHg l Performs an auto calibration to zero each time it is switched on l Display of cuff deflation rate l Any cuff size can be used l Frequent calibration checks are not required l 5 6 5 BoSo Medilife Wrist l Ideal wrist mounted BP unit l Compact design l 30 memory blocks provide 14 day profile l Large 3 value display l Supplied with storage case. suitable for both right and left hands l Lightweight plastic moulded case l Supplied in pouch case with brass zip and adult velcro cuff. batteries and blood pressure record card 6 BoSo Medicus Uno Ideal for those requiring a and accurate digital BP Unit l Simple one button operation l Memory of last measurement l Irregular heart beat indication l Large 3 value display l Optional extra large cuff available l Supplied with carrying case.E.Cardiovascular monitoring 1 Accoson Six Inch Wall Aneroid Sphygmomanometers l Large diameter white dial inclined for easy viewing l Wall model has swivel mounting bracket l Desk model with convenient carry handle l Stand model with heavy stable base on five castors l Cuff stored behind dial l Supplied with adult velcro cuff. adult cuff. batteries and record card 8 AW Monoscope AW Duoscope l Single or double sided general use. adult cuff. latex free bulb & coiled tubing l Range 0-300mmHg l 1 2 4 3 3 Accoson Dekamet Mercury Sphygmomanometers Lightweight die cast case l Shatterproof plastic manometer tube mercury reservoir isolation valve l Steel hinge pivots l Supplied with adult size velcro cuff & latex free bulb l Range 0-300mmHg l 4 Accoson greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometers Provides a reliable and accurate alternative to the mercury sphygmomanometer l Manual device with resolution of 2mmHg l Easier to read than mercury l Calibrated to 0. Stethoscope l The standard of the health care professional worldwide 10 10 Littmann Cardiology STC Stethoscope l Cardiology grade acoustics in single sided chest piece 18 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. lightweight alloy chest piece 9 Littmann Classic II S. latex free bulb & coiled tubing l Range 0-300mmHg 2 Accoson Limpet Hand Held Aneroid Sphygmomanometers One-handed use.

we have products to suit all applications.Section 4 Body measurement and composition We offer the complete range of products from Seca as well as products from leading manufacturers such as BodyMetrix. From scales to full body composition analysis. Tanita and Bodystat. 19 .

Measurements are processed by six analytical modules and presented in easy to understand graphics.2 kg Power supply: Batteries Dimensions: 321 x 60 x 356 mm Functions: kg/lbs switch-over / Automatic switch-off / Mobile measuring / Tap-on function / Mother/child-function 5 Seca 710 Mechanical column scales with waist level beam Capacity: 200 kg Graduation Weight: 50 g Weight: 15. The six modules are: l Energy l Fluid l Function/Rehabilitation l Development/Growth l Health Risk l Raw Impedance data NEW PRODUCT Technical data Capacity: 300 kg Division: 50 g Calibration class: III Medical Device class: IIa Dimensions (W x H x D): 984 x 1209 x 850 mm .9 kg Power supply: Batteries Dimensions: 433 x 47 x 373 mm Functions: kg/lbs switch-over / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Tap-on function / Step off 3 Seca 862 Digital floor scale with cable remote control ( III ) Capacity: 200 kg Graduation Weight: 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g Weight: This new analyser from Seca allows you to look at Fat Mass. normal mode: max. Fat Free Mass. Ethernet Measurement method: 8-point bioelectrical impedance analysis Measurement current: 100 µA Measurement time.4” touch-screen display.7 kg Dimensions: 503 x 1020 x 520 mm Functions: Reset-to-zero function / Transport castors 6 Seca mBCA 515 Accurate body composition analysis with a weight range up to 300kg.Body measurement and composition 2 1 3 6 4 5 1 Seca 760 Capacity: 150 kg Graduation Weight: 1 kg Weight: 3. 20 seconds Call us for more details on the complete SECA range. Body Water and Skeletal Mass.5 kg Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor Dimensions: 292 x 75 x 357 mm Cable length: 2.3 m Functions: HOLD / BMI / Automatic switch-off / Mechanical overload protection / Upper limit value / TARE 4 Seca 876 Flat scales for mobile use Capacity: 250 kg Graduation Weight: 100 g < 150 kg > 200 g Weight: 4. 20 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.0. USB 2. can be rotated 360° Display type: Interfaces: 360° wireless (wireless).5 kg Dimensions: 303 x 118 x 470 mm Functions: User defined zero setting 2 Seca 813 Electronic flat scales with very high capacity Capacity: 200 kg Graduation Weight: 100 g Weight: 2.

230 cm Graduation Length: 1 mm Weight: 1.1 kg Dimensions: 308 x 2320 x 286 mm / 308 x 1320 x 286 mm when folded Functions: Wall fastening essential/possible 12 Seca 217 Stable stadiometer for mobile height measurement Measuring range: 20 .200 cm Graduation: 1 mm Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.220 cm Graduation Length: 1 mm Weight: 202 g Dimensions: 125 x 125 x 173 mm Functions: Wall fastening essential/possible 14 Seca 200 Automatic roll-up measuring tape Measuring range: 15 .6 kg Dimensions: 328 x 2145 x 574 mm Functions: Mobile measuring 13 Seca 206 Mechanical height measuring tape Measuring range: 0 .3 m + 1.200 cm Graduation Weight: 50 g Graduation Length: measuring rod 1 mm Weight: 16.2 m RS232 interface for connection to printer or PC.2 kg Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor Dimensions: 360 x 930 x 520 mm Functions: damping / PRINT/Auto-PRINT / Auto-CLEAR / SEND/ Auto-SEND / RESET / Acoustic signals can be activated / HOLD / kg/lbs switch-over / BMI / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Mechanical overload protection / Transport castors / TARE / Mother/child-function / Pre-TARE 8 Seca 763 Electronic weighing and measuring station with automatic BMI calculation Capacity: 250 kg Measuring range: measuring rod 110 . suitable for most models. 11 Seca 222 Mechanical telescopic measuring rod with large measuring range Measuring range: 6 .Body measurement and composition 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 7 Seca 703 Capacity: 300 kg Measuring range: measuring rod 60 – 200 cm Graduation Weight: 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g Graduation Length: measuring rod 1 mm Weight: kg Power supply: Power Adaptor Dimensions: 360 x 2150 x 690 mm Functions: cm/inch switch-over / kg/lbs switch-over / Auto-BMI / Auto-HOLD / Mechanical overload protection / Transport castors / TARE 9 Seca 769 Electronic column scales with BMI function Capacity: 200 kg Measuring range: measuring rod 60 – 200 cm Graduation Weight: 100 g Graduation Length: measuring rod 1 mm Weight: 21 .2 kg Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor Dimensions: 294 x 831 x 417 mm Functions: kg/lbs switch-over / BMI / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Transport castors / TARE 10 Seca 460 Weight: 122 g Dimensions: 100 x 25 x 60 mm Cable length: 0.205 cm Graduation Length: 1 mm Weight: 3.

604 Condyle caliper 3 Harpenden Anthropometer Constructed of a light anodised alloy. Range: 0 . 7 QS4000 Body composition. Accuracy: 1. this is a counter recording instrument that can be effortlessly operated from the tips of its .140mm. Includes Body Manager software to print summary reports and trending results.can include Blood Pressure. Optional Wellness software . Unique Illness Marker (whole body and segmental) based on raw impedance data only. Comes complete with sturdy carry case.50mm.602VR With standard counter With VR high speed counter 2 3 5 Bodystat 1500 Body Composition Monitoring Unit Single frequency. Supplied in vinyl carrying case. Actual results and recommended ranges displayed within seconds on two-line display screen. Available with either a standard counter or a high speed VR (Veeder-Root) counter. competitive athletes and in the critically ill.0mm HCC-98. Accuracy: 1. Assesses fluid ratio between ECW & TBW and cellular health status in healthy people.up to 17 pages of educational measurement data. BS1500MDD 5&6 Body composition and wellness monitoring unit 7 Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Body Composition.570mm.602 HAR-98.Body measurement and composition 1 1 Harpenden Skinfold Caliper The Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is one of the most up to date and versatile calipers on the market.2mm Software option now available HSK-BI Skinfold caliper 2 Harpenden Condyle Caliper Nickel plated caliper for making a variety of body measurements. without the need for actual body weight. Fluid & Illness/Segmental Monitoring Unit Multi-frequency for the measurement of Extra-Cellular and Total Body Water and Body Cell Mass assessment. ideal for adult (from 18 years) assessment. fluid & illness/segmental monitoring unit 22 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Range: 0 . feel their way to the desired measuring points in order to obtain a degree of accuracy not possible with conventional anthropometers. ideal for children (from 6 years) and adult assessment. The operator can. Includes comprehensive Body Composition and Fluid Analysis software with alternative predictive equations.2100mm. and much more. Used correctly it will give good service and reliable results for many years. BS1500 Body composition monitoring unit 6 Bodystat 1500MDD Body Composition and Wellness Monitoring Unit Dual frequency.601 Anthropometer 4 Harpenden Stadiometer Harpenden Stadiometer with standard/VR high speed counter is a counter recording instrument with an effortless counter balanced movement. Cholesterol. Wellness and Body Manager. Range: 600 .co. Applies to all age groups from neonates to the very elderly and irrespective of population group. Increments: 0. Innovative Wellness Marker for overall health assessment.0mm HAR-98.0mm 4 HAR-98. Tracks change over time in graphically presented Trend Analysis. Increments 1. optional windows software to download test results and print educational and highly motivational reports including Cardiac Risk Analysis . Range: 50 . by means of their free fingertips.

Body Water Mass. Metabolic Age We also provide the complete range of Tanita products. 2 Tanita BC-418 MA Medically approved segmental body composition analyser.Body measurement and composition 1 2 3 4 5 1 Tanita MC-980 Body Composition Analyser The ultimate tool in providing fast in-depth information for truly personalised health or fitness professional consultations. weighing only 4. such as segmental analysis. body water % and bmi Ideal for paediatric and adult patients: age range 5–99 years Clinically proven accuracy with supporting validation Highly portable monitor. Special features: l l l l Light up icon navigation tor easy use Highly portable Instant print out of results using integrated thermal printer Wall mountable display 5 Tanita SC-240 MA World’s first lightweight . high capacity scale and body composition monitor Instantly calculates body fat %. This monitor has been meticulously designed for fast. Basal Metabolic Rate. Muscle Mass. l l l l l l l l Weight BMI BMR Fat % Fat Mass Fat Free Mass Visceral Fat Total Body Water Desirable Body Fat % ranges 23 . software available Additional body composition features also available when connected via software .7kg Large. Visceral Fat Level. The MC 980 provides a full body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds and has an easy to follow colour interactive touch screen display. Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. The in-built software shows the results. basal metabolic rate and phase angle in an easy-to-read format. low-profile platform suitable for overweight or elderly patients Data transfer via usb port.Fat Mass. 3 Tanita BC-420 P MA Medically approved monitor with visceral fat monitor Gives printout for: l l l l l l l l l 4 Tanita SC-330S Whole body Composition analysis. The analyser is fast. easy to use and can be linked to data capture and trend analysis software allowing less time -consuming paperwork and more consultation time. convenient and accurate consulting. Fat Free Mass. Please contact us for further Bone Mass. high capacity Medically Approved Body Composition Monitor.

BX Deluxe) As used by: University College Dublin Newman University College Loughborough University City College Norwich Robert Gordon University Call our Sales Team now for a Product Demonstration!! 24 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. therefore providing consistent results. When ultrasound waves penetrate tissue. but if you’ve ever heard an echo you’re a long way to understanding the graph and how the BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound to measure tissue thickness. By making measurements at multiple points on the body an accurate body fat % can be determined. For example. The software will also allow you to set target goals for each individual so they can monitor their progress giving you an idea of what physical activity to recommend on a daily basis to improve results. If you time how long it takes for you to hear the echo you can calculate how far away the reflecting object is. Also. and caffeine intake. reflections occur at different tissue boundaries. there are strong ultrasound reflections at fat-muscle and muscle-bone. exercise level. You hear an echo when sound travels through air and reflects from a wall or mountain and comes back to your ear. Ultrasound allows the BodyMetrix to detect the true fat thickness at each measurement point. How does it work? Ultrasound may sound intimidating. BX DELUXE Ultrasonic Body Composition Analyser (BX Deluxe) BX2000PRO Ultrasonic Body Composition Analyser (BX Pro) UPG DELUXE Bodyview Software Upgrade (BX Pro . The system will let you perform a direct measurement of tissue thickness without the need to create a skinfold resulting in an easier and more accurate .co.Body measurement and composition Hosand – Bodymetrix System The BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate Body Fat % and weight distribution. The BodyMetrix System generates an ultrasound signal that travels through tissue and then records the reflected signal. ultrasound measurements are not affected by hydration.

This technology enables us to couple this data with our force plate and high speed camera data for a more holistic approach to the analysis.“ Mr Nathan Thompson Anglia Ruskin University 25 . bare foot and using the Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoe ware.Section 5 Bio-mechanical measurement “We are using the portable Mega system for investigating the activation of the postural musculature surrounding the core as well as the lower leg and foot muscles during standing and walking in every day shoe ware.

The device has several applications in laboratory environment as well as in varying field conditions.0 EDR Weight – 16g/Module Size – 35 x 35 x 15mm Additional Sensors – Goniometers/Accelerometers/Foot Switch/ ECG Sensors Digital Video Option – Up to 4 Cameras The system is available up to 16 channels Data Transfer . Mega can offer a solution to all your testing needs. Neuro monitor for ME6000 Digital video EMG Isolation unit. l l l l l l l l 2 ME6000 system A portable telemetry and data logger designed to meet the most demanding needs in measurement and monitoring of electromyography (EMG) and other physiological signals up to 16 channels simultaneously. Iso-Kinetic and Motion Analysis systems to both the WBA and ME6000 systems. l l l l l l l l l l The system is available up to 16 channels Wireless Freedom – Sensors are available with short wires and snap connectors Sampling Rate – 1000Hz Data Transfer – Bluetooth 2. The compact device offers precision bio-amplifier micro processing capacity with lead wires to disposable electrodes and includes a small li-ion rechargeable battery. or if you want to integrate the data with external systems. 1 WBA system A compact wireless bio-amplifier for rehabilitation. Please contact us for more information.Bio-mechanical measurement 1 2 Mega EMG Systems are considered amongst the best in the World and offer customers a complete range of products to cater for all EMG .co. research and various sports applications. This ambulatory unit includes the unique features of pocket-size data logger and wireless telemetry in a single compact unit. Whether your testing is in the Lab or out in the Field. 4 isolated analogue inputs Waterproof case for ME6000 4 channel Waterproof case for ME6000 8 channel Waterproof case for ME6000 16 channel Pre-amp cable 2 channel (for ME6000/4/8) Pre-amp cable 4 channel (for ME6000/16) 26 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.USB or WLAN mode Telemetry Range up to 70m EMG Type – Raw/Integrated/Averaged/True-RMS Sampling Rate – 100/250/500/1000/5000/10000 Hz/Channel Weight – 344g Size – 181 x 85 x 35mm Additional Sensors – Goniometers/Accelerometers/Foot Switch/ECG Sensors Digital Video Option – Up to 4 Camera’s Can be fully synchronized with iso-kinetic systems ME6000 4 channel EMG system ME6000 4 channel telemetry EMG system ME6000 8 channel EMG system ME6000 8 channel telemetry EMG system ME6000 16 channel telemetry EMG system MT-WBA-8 MT-WBA-16 MT-WBA-4 VP00385 WBA-3D WBA system 8 channel WBA system 16 channel WBA system 4 channel WBA Goniometer Transmitter for 1 axis WBA Transmitter with 3D MT-M6T4 MT-M6T4WLAN MT-M6T8 MT-M6T8WLAN MT-M6T16WLAN Options MEG-990000 MW-DVO ME-4ISO MT-WPROOF4 MT-WPROOF8 MT-WPROOF16 Spares MT-VP00257 MT-VP00275 You can link various external devices such as Force Plates.

3 axis (6g) Twin axis goniometer 65mm Twin axis goniometer 110mm Twin axis goniometer 150mm Single axis torsiometer 110mm 4 channel EMG Weight of one sensor: 16g Dimensions: 35 mm x 35 mm x 15 mm Sampling frequency: 1000 Hz Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery Connection: Bluetooth 900510 900511 eMotion 2 channel kit eMotion 4 channel kit Mega EMG systems are used by: University of Coventry University of Derby University of Abertay. 2 axis (6g) Accelerometer. 3 axis (10g) Accelerometer. Dublin Anglia Ruskin University Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Dundee Trinity College. The new eMotion EMG system takes advantage of all this knowledge and makes assessment of back muscles fast. Motion Analysis and Force Plate Systems. l l l l l l 4 Additional Sensors The WBA and the ME6000 system can be used with various types of additional sensors to further enhance your testing protocols. Inclinometers: Used to indicate the inclination angle in measurement where there is no fixed reference point. Mega supply different sensors for different joints. The pads are placed on the toe and heel to give accurate measurements on the four impact positions.Bio-mechanical measurement 3 4 3 eMotion EMG Fully automatic system for quick low back muscle the switch is connected using four pads (two for each foot). Sensors for 2 and 3 axes are available. biofeedback and free-mode measurements. Twin axis goniometers measure movement in up to 2 planes and single axis torsiometers measure rotation. Sensor has 2 channels to measure both the X-axis and Y-axis. convenient and accurate. 2 axis Accelerometer. MS-MEIN VP00268 VP00269 VP00366 VP00355 SG65 SG110 SG150 Q110 Inclinometer. Markers and Triggers: Can be used for event markers and for synchronisation with other equipment. Goniometers and Torsiometers: Designed for angle measurement. Accelerometers: Designed for measuring acceleration changes in free 27 . Back muscle endurance and its effects have been studied intensively for over 45 years. Foot Switches: Designed for Gait Analysis. We can also integrate the EMG signal from the Mega systems into external devices such as Iso-Kinetic. 2 axis (10g) Accelerometer.

The Humac Norm is fully compatible with all Mega EMG systems. The Humac Norm includes attachments to perform the isolated patterns covering the shoulder. knee. wrist. Test Graphic Summary Narrative Progress Multi-Session l l l l l Curve Overlay Exercise Repeatability Group Summary Normative Data CYBEX Cybex Norm isokinetic system 28 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Preference options include feedback. This makes sure that your software and your investment is never obsolete. ankle and back. data analysis and reporting. For further information please contact our sales team. . four resistance models (isokinetic. It offers a variety of easy-to-read reports with options including l l l l l The Humac’s Preference settings give you the flexibility to customise the software to your specific needs. hip. The Humac software is constantly under development and is always backward compatible with all Cybex machines.Bio-mechanical measurement 1 1 Cybex Humac Norm The Humac Norm is your solution for measuring human performance. The Humac software allows users to easily carry out testing of patients both quickly and hassle free. isometric and passive) and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of today’s researchers. In one machine it offers 22 isolated-joint movement patterns.

8” and 12” GON35 GON40 Plastic goniometer 8” Plastic goniometer 12” 3 Clinical Goniometer Small enough to carry in a pocket and can measure ranges of joint motion not easily obtained using conventional models. This combination of sensors and instrumentation provides the advantage of true portability using the DataLOG. Specific systems include precision instrumentation and sensors for Data acquisition of movement analysis and stateof-the-art surface EMG. Portable . Range 0-55cm. SARM Sit and reach box metal For further information on the full range of Biometrics products please conact our sales 29 .Emphasises the usefulness of real time display of parameters such as joint angle.Comprehensive package of sensors and instrumentation for static and dynamic measurements in a clinical setting. sheet steel construction with sliding magnetic measuring bar. CG Clinical goniometer 4 Sit and Reach Box Simple device to measure trunk flexion. Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. yet also real time display and analysis using the DataLINK.Basic package of instrumentation and sensors for simple static joint angle readout. Specifically designed for easy use within the clinical environment.Bio-mechanical measurement 1 2 3 4 1 Biometrics Data Acquisition Systems Biometrics range of Data Acquisition Systems collect both analogue and digital data from a wide range of sensors and are available in laboratory and portable configurations.Designed to provide maximum versatility in any setting. durable and A key benefit of the systems is that they are designed to readily interface to most video based motion capture systems. Laboratory . Available systems Clinical . 2 Plastic Goniometers Strong. Deluxe . This allows for surface EMG and goniometry data to be synchronised and simultaneously collected. Ideal for research facilities and educational establishments. Available in 2 sizes . force and EMG. Robust.

Kilograms or Pounds. Provides full graphical and numerical data for both strength and endurance tests. average Graduation 0.1kg TKK-5401 Takei digital handgrip dynamometer 3 Takei Analogue Leg/Back Dynamometer Easy to read scale to allow quick and easy recording of results. TKK-5106 Takei digital jump meter 8 9 9 Tip to tip Jump Board Can be fixed to any suitable vertical surface. Transducer displays values in Newtons. times both sprint and foot speed. Accurate to 1 Newton across physiological range.Bio-mechanical measurement 1 Takei Analogue Handgrip Dynamometer Easy to read scale to allow quick and easy recording of results. JJP-7610P Just Jump system (metric measurements) Just Jump system (plyometric option) JJP-Plyo 8 Takei Digital Jump Meter Vertical jump height measure. Handle and adjustable chain length ensure comfortable use. Handle and adjustable chain length ensure comfortable use. DGM MIE digital pinch/hand grip analyser 7 3 4 5 6 MIE Digital Myometer Multi-functional force analyser which measures magnitude of isometric contractions in various muscle groups. H/T2T H/T2THG Tip to tip jump board Tip to tip jump board with height measuring gauge 10 10 Standing Long Jump Fully graduated lightweight folding mat for standing long jump. Range 20-300kg Graduation 0. Range 0-300kg Graduation 1kg TKK-5002 Takei analogue Leg/Back Dynamometer 4 Takei Digital Leg/Back Dynamometer Easy to read LCD screen to allow measurements to be made with greater accuracy and resolution than the 5002 model. explosive power for four jumps and sprint times. Fitted around waist and secured to a rubber mat. Hand held unit displays height and hang time for one jump. Effective device for measuring jump height relative to height of athlete. ground time.5kg TKK-5001 Takei analogue handgrip dynamometer 1 2 2 Takei Digital Handgrip Dynamometer Easy to read LCD screen providing quick and accurate results. P/SLJ H/SLJM H/SLJ Standing long jump junior Standing long jump intermediate Standing long jump senior 30 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.5kg TKK-5402 Takei digital leg/back dynamometer 5 MIE Digital Pinch/Hand Grip Analyser Measures hand grip and finger “key grip” pinch performance. Range 0-100kg Graduation 0. Range . NOT ILLUSTRATED DMM CGM Digital myometer with CAS software Combined pinch/hand grip and myometer with CAS software 7 Just Jump System Measures vertical jumps.

Their ease of use and clear displays also make them ideal to use in student laboratory practical sessions.Section 6 Metabolic measurement “We use both a Cortex Metalyser and a Metamax at the University of Kent. Lex Mauger Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science Centre for Sports Studies University of Kent 31 . We find they provide both accurate and reliable measures of gas exchange which make them suitable for research and consultancy.” Dr.

coach your athletes and analyse their training results. Based on collecting this gas exchange rate and breath equivalents for oxygen and carbon dioxide. oxygen uptake. It is an easy to use. l l l l Cortex MetaLyzer Sport Based on the well proven high end Cortex systems the Sport allows quick and easy testing for maximum exercise. fat burning and resting metabolic rate. calibration free metabolic stress testing system which can determine specific parameters under various stress conditions. carbon dioxide output and heart rate. Basic measurements that are captured during the test are respiratory volume and frequency. Fat Burning or RMR) Test data can also be exported into Metasoft (optional) Dimensions – (L x W x H) 235 x 165 x 85mm System can be fully integrated with a Daum ergo bike cardio pro (see options) 230-01-001 720-09-023 720-09-024 729-09-025 610-00-041 MetaLyzer sport basic package (one license) Max Exercise test Fat Burning test Resting metabolic rate test Daum Ergo bike cardio pro 250-01-007 250-00-010 010-00-040 010-00-041 32 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. high performance sport and in the fitness sector. Fat Burning or RMR) Cortex Aircheck with Max Exercise or Fat Burning or RMR test (modules can be bought separately) Cortex Single-Use Flow Sensor (box 10) Cortex Personal-Use Mask including Harness size 5 (box 25) Cortex Personal-Use Mask including Harness size 6 (box 25) l l Breath by breath system Measures both O2 and CO2 Reusable volume sensor and masks Device upgrade for Metasoft application Selected software licenses (Max Exercise. lungs. Fitness Cortex Aircheck There is a booming demand for professional tests and advice relating to performance diagnostics.Cardiopulmonary exercise systems Cortex specialise in the development of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Systems. l l l l l l Mixing Chamber System Measures both O2 and CO2 Disposable volume sensors and masks Highest accuracy with calibration free volume and gas sensors Test data can also be exported into Metasoft (optional) Selected software licenses (Max Exercise. Cortex systems are used in medicine. The testing involves the parallel examination of reactions of a person’s . With the AIRCHECK you can draw up training plans. vascular and metabolic system while under physical stress. Once we have this data we can then obtain other parameters such as volume. statements can then be made as to the performance of individuals.

the STUDIO software manages and monitors all processes of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and controls all peripheral systems such as heart rate and blood pressure meters.1 Vol % ND Infrared 0 – 13 Vol % <100ms 0. With a whole range of new features. Measuring method Breath by Breath or Mixing Chamber system available Flow/Volume: Type Range Resolution Accuracy Type Range T90 time Accuracy Type Range T90 Time Accuracy Polar HR Digital turbine 0. the STUDIO software can offer unrivalled analysis and support to your every testing need.1 Vol % NEW PRODUCT Metasoft STUDIO software Available with all new systems and also as an upgrade to existing users.05 – 20 l/s 7ml 2% Electro-Chemical Cell 0 – 100 Vol % <100 ms 0. as well as for planning and monitoring 33 . No matter what you CORTEX measurement technologies in combination with our practical and high-performance software solutions are all you need. 210-01-995 220-01-008 MetaLyzer II CPX system MetaLyzer 3B CPX system For a demonstration please call our Sales Team Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. l l l l l O2: CO2: One software for all processes Perfect ECG integration Easy handling MSS training guidance MSS exercise scheduler Upgrade NOW! Heart Rate Physical specification Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight 3B System options 3 Channel ECG 12 Channel ECG External SpO2 Module Software Options Mobile Plus Trolley 235 x 165 x 85mm 1100g The MetaLyzer can also be linked to most Treadmills/ Ergometers giving you full control of a workload protocol through the Metasoft software. In your expert hands the system is an excellent and cost effective tool for performance testing. either a CORTEX metabolic stand alone device for performance testing or a complete system for cardiopulmonary differential diagnostics.Cardiopulmonary exercise systems Sports medicine Cortex MetaLyzer A sophisticated cardiopulmonary exercise testing system that can be used for bike or treadmill testing in the lab.

It also has a variety of hardware expansions and software options to increase its flexibility. 140-01-993 130-01-992 MetaMax 3X CPX system MetaMax 3B CPX system 34 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Features Mains independent operation up to 15 hours Wireless range up to 1.05 – 20 l/s 7ml 2% Electro-Chemical Cell 0 – 100 Vol % <100 ms 0.Cardiopulmonary exercise systems Cortex MetaMax The wireless outdoor and indoor Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing system is used for sports and exercise science as well as for occupational medicine. It’s unique bidirectional wireless transmission and battery operation allows you complete freedom for your Measuring method: Breath by Breath or Mixing Chamber system available Flow/Volume: Type Range Resolution Accuracy Type Range T90 time Accuracy Type Range T90 Time Accuracy Polar HR Digital turbine 0.0km.1 Vol % ND Infrared 0 – 13 Vol % <100ms 0. Cutting edge GPS technology to determine speed and altitude. Respiratory gas analysis using breath by breath or mixing chamber .1 Vol % O2: CO2: Heart Rate Physical Specifications Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight 3B System options GPS Kit 3 channel ECG 12 channel ECG Stationary Kit Software Options Mobile Plus Trolley 2 x (120 x 110 x 45mm) 570g (without battery) The MetaMax can also be linked to most Treadmills/Ergometers giving you full control of a workload protocol through the Metasoft software.

TFT flat screens l Colour Laser Printer Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.easy to adapt individually l Specialised in pre-operative assessment data presentation in real-time and for evaluation l Complementary and synchronised to stress l ECG software l Completely customisable l Provides various possibilities beyond the standard 3 Mask with volume sensor l Special CORTEX mask in different sizes ensures high wearing comfort l With perfect functionality and fit l Extremely durable.TFT flat screens l Colour ink-jet printer Optional l Blood pressure measurement module l SpO2 module l Electronic seat-height adjustment l Two 19’’.co. 1 METALYZER® 3B CPET device l Breath-by-Breath technology l Synchronized bidirectionally to the ECG device l Proven high accuracy and reliability l Easy to operate. Latest top of the line technology in a setup testing that sets standards.Meta control 3000 The complete cardiopulmonary diagnostic system Perform precise and reliable diagnostics Technical profile: The total cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) package meta control 3000 based on the custo diagnostic medical operating system and CORTEX MetaSoft®.uk 35 . completely controlled by MetaSoft® l Easy and comfortable calibration l Low operating costs 2 Software MetaSoft® l Comfortable entry of necessary patient data l Prepared special workload ramp profiles to perform pre-operative assessment tests . easy to handle and high-resolution sensor 4 Ergometer ergo control 3000 l Great stability due to a low access point l High load capacity: patient weights up to 210 kg l Modern and elegant design 5 CORTEX mobile plus trolley l Sturdy construction l Resistant against disinfectants and solvents l Power column with integrated cable ducts l Individually upgradable cart 6 12-channel PC ECG custo cardio 200 (USB) l 12-channel ECG device with a reusable electrode vacuum application system l Impressive signal quality and hygienic conditions at highest level l Digital pacemaker detection l Reduction of movement artefacts by ECG amplification and digitalisation directly with the patient 7 Software custo diagnostic l Optimum integration of all system components l Flexible connection to medical data management systems l Uniform and intuitive user interfaces save time 8 12-channel stress ECG l PC controlled stress ECG process means error free routine l ST monitoring of all channels during stress testing provides additional safety l Final report facilitates rapid and precise data analysis 9 Electrode suction application system l Excellent electrode conductance quality for anoptimal diagnosis l Easy cleaning means safe hygiene l Steplessly variable suction strength for greatest patient comfort and reliable measurement 10 PC system l Standard PC System fullfilling all requirements l Two 17’’.

6162 Digital dry gas meter 36 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Methane. Accuracy 1440 1440CO2 1440O2 O2 ±0.01% O2 and CO2 FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM 5 Douglas Bag Extraction Unit This product is designed to evacuate a Douglas bag via the Digital Dry Gas Meter.with sample pump 1 2 3 Hitech Analyser Accurate Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyser with integral sample pump. System is enclosed in a sturdy case and is easily transportable. Accuracy 5200HA 5200HF O2 ± The analyser is available in a fast response version with a response time of <200msecs at 150ml/min. and has a flow rate of 2. Each frame is supplied with Hans Rudolph valves and stopcocks which allow the user to carry out testing without the worry of any leaks or problems in mating components. contained in a robust steel case. The tapered inlet and outlet ports are suitable for most commonly used breathing hoses.1% 4 Cranlea Douglas Bag Systems The traditional way of measuring Oxygen Uptake has been to use Douglas Bags.25% O2 0. We also offer different sizes of Douglas bags on request. Carbon Dioxide or dual version measuring both. selective measurement of oxygen without the disadvantage of electro-chemical or zirconia cells.10% CO2 and 0 . Supplied fitted with tapered hose adaptor to fit most sizes of breathing tube.1% 4 6 Servoflex 5200 High Accuracy O2/CO2 analyser Servoflex 5200 Standard Accuracy O2/CO2 Analyser 2 Servomex SERVOPRO 1440 Analyser Provides high performance measurement of gases. The High Accuracy analyser displays to 2 d. CRADBEU Douglas bag extraction unit Programmable alarm output GIR250 O2/CO2 analyser 235/0047 Replacement O2 cell 3 6 Digital Dry Gas Meter Ideal for measuring the volume of expired gas collected in Douglas Bags or gases drawn through a system. This analyser is widely used in research applications.Servomex/Hitech/Douglas Bag Systems 5 1 Servomex SERVOFLEX MiniMP (5200MP) Multi Purpose Analyser Suitable for measuring levels of Oxygen. DBS4 DBS4+ Collection package 4 x 100 litre Analysis package 4 x 100 litre O2/CO2 analyser . mouthpieces and nose clips on request.1% CO2 ±0. available in single modules measuring either Oxygen. However. flow meter and flow control valve.with sample pump O2 analyser . Dimensions of Frame 128 x 48 x 48cm (easily transportable between rooms) Collection Package comprises Black. Ranges Resolution 0 . difficulty in being able to mate the various components and avoiding leaks has always been a problem. For many years now Cranlea have been producing their own custom built frames made with the highest quality components available. We also offer a wide range of complete systems together with full analysis software and . Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. Available with a choice of two paramagnetic oxygen transducers (standard and high accuracy) both offering fast.with sample pump CO2 analyser . 240 Volt pump with a rotary controller. at the correct flow rate. The system consists of a high flow. steel frame to support 4 bags 1 x Hans Rudolph 2700 breathing valve 4 x Hans Rudolph 2100C stopcocks 3 x Mouthpieces and nose clips 2 x 4 Way sample stopcocks 4 x 100l Douglas bags Breathing and sample tube Analysis Package as above plus Digital dry gas meter Extraction unit Temperature monitor Drying tube and Drierite Additional breathing and sample tubes All systems can be supplied with alternative breathing valves.1l per minute. the 5200 has a range of sampling and power options to suit all individual needs.1% CO2 ±0.

Section 7 Respiratory monitoring Featuring a wide range of high quality respiratory products. from the latest spirometry equipment to the simplest of accessories such as nose clips and connectors. 37 .

0-100. 0-35.1 L/min Neonatal Flow Sensor Range 0. 0-35. 3830 4830 3813 4813 Adult heated pneumotach (0-400 L/min) Adult non-heated pneumotach (0-400 L/min) Adult exercise heated pneumotach (0-800 L/min) Adult exercise non-heated pneumotach (0-800 L/min) Hans Rudolph Research Pneumotach RSS100 The RSS100 and RSS100/HR research systems measure gas flow using the differential pressure method.50Hz) 38 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Additional quantities sold separately. 0-400 and 0-800 litres per minute Zero and gain adjustment pots for both outputs LED Flow direction indicator Pneumotach amplifier +/. As gas flows through the pneumotach. patented and manufactured for Physiological and Respiratory testing.0-5.3% of reading Resolution 0. Linear Flow Range and Large/Small Flange Port tube size connection. 0-160. viscosity. Adult Flow Sensor Range 1. minute volume. 0-400 and 0-800 litres per minute The RSS100/HR is for use with linear pneumotachs. temperature. l l l Custom Windows software for displaying.24 to 40 L/min Accuracy +/.uk . lung compliance. storing and reviewing data Embedded microprocessor calculates flow rates and provides correction for gas density. The RSS100 is for use with adult and neonatal fixed-orifice pneumotachs. RSS100 RSS100/HR Research pneumotach system Research pneumotach system Many other models available Hans Rudolph Heater Controls Proportional solid state heater control accurately regulate temperature. Models are available with the appropriate parameters. etc.70cmH2O range Pneumotach amplifier +/. positive end expiratory pressure. All models are available as Heated and Non-Heated Pneumotachs and are supplied with an individual calibration record. the Hans Rudolph linear pneumotachs utilise a unique housing configuration and screen assembly design to convert the flow of gas in either direction into a proportional linear signal of differential pressure from the two pressure taps for input into a differential gas pressure transducer. 0-160. 0-10.0 to 180 L/min Accuracy +/. l l l Flow Ranges from 0-3. tidal volume. It will also provide an analogue output of an independent auxiliary pressure signal for measurement of pressure anywhere in the circuit.Hans Rudolph 1 Hans Rudolph Fixed Orifice Pneumotachs Fixed-orifice pneumotachs for use with RSS 100 Research Pneumotach system. 3850AF 3850BF Heater control for one pneumotach (230v .3% of reading Resolution 0. such as Volume Dead Space.50Hz) Heater control for two pneumotachs (230v . 0-5.140cmH2O range 1110A 1110B Hans Rudolph Linear Pneumotachs Specifically designed. Flow and pressure measurements are used to calculate several ventilatory parameters such as respiratory rate. the microprocessor based system converts the measured differential pressure to volumetric flow rate. Please order the relevant Hans Rudolph heated/non-heated linear pneumotach & heater control unit. barometric pressure and airway pressure Flow Ranges from 0-3. 0-10.01 L/min 171109 171110 Adult fixed-orifice pneumotach Neonatal fixed-orifice pneumotach Hans Rudolph Pneumotach Amplifier series 1110 Provides the instrumentation necessary to produce an analogue output proportional to flow when connected to any Hans Rudolph linear pneumotach. One of each size supplied with module.

Petite) 3 Mouthpieces – Vinyl General purpose soft blue vinyl reusable mouthpieces 1004 1002 1000 1001 1003 Paediatric mouthpiece Small adult mouthpiece Medium adult mouthpiece Medium large mouthpiece Large adult exercise mouthpiece Mouthpieces – Silicone rubber High quality silicone rubber reusable mouthpieces 602070-9063 602073-9062 602077-9066 602078-9065 Silicone rubber mouthpiece (35mm-38mm) Silicone rubber mouthpiece (28mm-33mm) Silicone mouthpiece with saliva trap (35mm-38mm) Silicone mouthpiece with saliva trap (28mm-33mm) Mouthpieces – disposable To suit most peak flow spirometry systems. The “T” shape stopcock has a 28. 7400 Series 669174 669173 669172 669171 669170 7450 Series 669199 669198 669197 669196 669195 NMB face piece Petite (1-5 years) NMB face piece Extra Small (4-9 years) NMB face piece Small (9 years to Small Adult) NMB face piece Medium (Large Adolescent to Medium Adult) NMB face piece Large (Large Adult) NMB face piece Petite (1-5 years) NMB face piece Extra Small (4-9 years) NMB face piece Small (9 years to Small Adult) NMB face piece Medium (Large Adolescent to Medium Adult) NMB face piece Large (Large Adult) 2 Directional Valves Manual Directional Valves are available in multiple flow bore sizes to accommodate most respiratory flow circuit requirements. 112078-2600 112079-2700 112262-2600B 112263-2700B SAL-VALVE T shaped NRB valve medium (35mm Ports) T shaped NRB valve large (35mm Ports) T shaped NRB valve medium (with saliva collector) T shaped NRB valve large (with saliva collector) Lightweight NRB valve large (with saliva collector) Both series of masks have specific Adaptors and Head Cap. Cardboard mouthpieces packaged in 500 DMP-1188 Disposable mouthpieces 3 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.Hans Rudolph 1 2 1 Breathing Masks The 7400 & 7450 Series The Hans Rudolph 7400 and 7450 series V2 Mask face pieces are designed for use with the Hans Rudolph Two-Way NonRebreathing Valves (NRBV) and other mask adapters designed for respiratory circuits with spontaneously breathing patients where the application requires a valve to separate the patient’s inspiratory and expiratory flows or a special connector to mate directly to a respiratory flow meter or other device. Exhalation and the subject’s Mouth Port. identified as 39 .6mm ID bore through and port adaptors to provide good laminar Medium. In the normal position. Large) 7400 Series (Extra Small) 7400 Series (Petite) 7450 Series (Large) 7450 Series (Medium. 112230-2100C 3-way T shaped stopcock (35mm Ports) 112253-2500C 4-way T shaped stopcock (35mm Ports) 112256-2400C 5-way T shaped stopcock (35mm Ports) Breathing Valves These Two-Way Non-Rebreathing Valves have three ports. Strap and Clips (sold separately) Headcaps 200525 201079 201133 201494 201493 201492 Adaptors 612399 010-00-001 Hans Rudolph (7400 & 7450) Cortex (7400 & 7450) 7400 Series (Small. Small) 7450 Series (Extra Small. primarily low volume dead space and low resistance to flow. the flow is straight through from the inlet to an outlet adaptor port.

Please call for full details. 40 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail .5 litre Calibration syringe 1 litre Calibration syringe 3 litre Calibration syringe 7 litre 4 Motorised calibration syringes With optional metabolic simulator 17050-2 17050-4 17051 Motorised calibration syringe 2 litre Motorised calibration syringe 4 litre Metabolic accessory kit for expired ventilation The above list of respiratory products represents a small part of our extensive range. 20%O2) Calibration gas can 110L (5% C02 balance Nitrogen) MicroCan 110 Calibration gas can 110L (100% Nitrogen) Pressreg1 Variable pressure regulator (MicroCan110) DF-Reg Demand Regulator Microreg Preset flow regulator 1000ml/min Case 1 Plastic carrying case to house 2 x 110L cylinders 3 Drierite Drierite desiccant used to absorb moisture in gas analysis sampling circuits. Shafts with multiple graduations and adjustable monitoring accessories 1 Douglas Bags and Accessories 300-1316 300-1200 300-1309 300-1218 300-1201 300-1310 300-1311 300-1134 300-1312 300-1065 300-1043 300-1199 300-1313 300-1314 300-1315 300-1306 50-7624 50-7699 A-1056-14 A-1080-06 Douglas Bag 1 litre Douglas Bag 2 litre Douglas Bag 5 litre Douglas Bag 10 litre Douglas Bag 25 litre Douglas Bag 30 litre Douglas Bag 40 litre Douglas Bag 50 litre Douglas Bag 60 litre Douglas Bag 100 litre Douglas Bag 150 litre Douglas Bag 200 litre Douglas Bag 250 litre Douglas Bag 300 litre Douglas Bag 500 litre Douglas Bag 1000 litre Drain plug Spring plug Douglas Bag 1” adaptor assembly Douglas Bag tubing adaptor (35mm) 1 2 2 Calibration Gases & Accessories Note: Minimum order x 4 for MicroCan 20 products MicroCan 20 MicroCan 20 MicroFlow MicroCan 110 MicroCan 110 MicroCan 110 Calibration gas can 20L (5% CO2. 112742-5550 112706-5540 112028-5530 112092-4900 Calibration syringe 0. 17% O2) Calibration gas can 110L (8% CO2. 1035 Drierite 1lb bottle 3 4 Volume Calibration Syringes A range of highly accurate calibration syringes. 17% O2) Calibration gas can 20L (100% Nitrogen) Control valve & flow indicator (MicroCan20) Calibration gas can 110L (5% CO2.

Its desktop docking station makes battery charging. Please note that the illustrated PC is not supplied. Features Connects directly to a PC or laptop without the need for any additional docking system l Precision Micro Medical ‘Gold Standard’ transducer l Measures up to 41 user-selectable parameters l No batteries required l Can upgrade existing Spida5 and SpidaExpert databases l Clear Graphic user interface l Export functions to PDF. The full colour high resolution screen makes accessing the spirometer’s features a matter of touching the appropriate icons. superfast and almost silent printer with auto-load paper mechanism.ATS (2005).123 x 81 x 23mm l Unit Weight: 191g Docking Station 124g l ML3535 ML3535S Spirometer Spirometer with Spida5 software 3 SpiroUSB Spirometer The revolutionary SpiroUSB Spirometer is PC-based and connects directly to the USB port of your desktop or laptop computer. XML l 2 MicroLoop Spirometer Features a high-definition touch-screen colour display which can graphically represent either a Volume/Time curve or a complete Flow/Volume loop. A desktop docking station is supplied and the MicroLoop can be purchased as a standalone unit or complete. The MicroLab Mk8 has a built-in. The MicroLoop can measure up to 41 spirometry parameters and has features a storage capacity for over 41 . ATS. the MicroLoop can be connected directly to a number of compatible printers. connection to a PC for data upload and printing results very quick and simple.Micro Medical Spirometers 1 2 3 1 MicroLab Mk8 Spirometer The stylish new and improved design of the market leading MicroLab has resulted in a spirometer that is remarkably simple to use. ML3500 ML3500S Spirometer Spirometer with Spida5 software Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Features l Easy to clean and maintain l Very low running/consumables costs l USB connectivity for PCs l Real time curves on screen l Quality control prompts to ensure acceptable technique l Automatic predicted values calculation and interpretation l Reversibility testing with % change calculation l Large internal memory for storage of full spirometry reports l Links to Spida 5 PC spirometry software l Up to 45 parameters measurable l Mains or battery powered l Conforms to all known spirometry standards (BTS. ERS) Specifications l Dimensions: 255 x 120 x 20mm l Weight: 715g MK8-SPIRO MK8-SPIDA Spirometer Spirometer with Spida5 package Features l Conforms to all spirometry standards (ERS . MS Word. Excel. Using its USB connection.000 patients. The supplied software allows a full range of spirometry tests to be BTS) l Effortless touch screen spirometry l On-screen QWERTY keyboard for simple data entry l Animated incentives help to maximise patient effort l Test quality assessment to ensure accurate results l Automatic predicted values calculation and test interpretation l Reversibility testing with ‘% change’ calculation l Inexpensive consumables l Rechargeable battery or mains power l Optional Pulse Oximetry module available Specifications 2000 patient memory l Dimensions: .

hospital outreach clinics. SpiroSafe Bacterial Viral Filters Designed to prevent moisture droplets passing to and from the instrument thereby protecting both patient and machine. occupational health and other situations where remote testing is required. economical operation Adult and paediatric mouthpiece options TurboAire Challenger with digital thermometer High pressure hose Target ventilation meter Support arm system with tabletop clamp T shaped NRB valve medium 35mm ports T shaped NRB valve large 35mm ports Large adult mouthpiece 2009 2009-1 2012 9055 112078-2600 112079-2700 1003 Accessories One Way Safety Mouthpieces Prevents patient inhaling through the mouthpiece after an expiratory manoeuvre has been performed thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection. . PeraSafe Sterilising Agent One 81gm container make up to 5 litres of PeraSafe sterilising solution. FEV1/ FVC%. Schedule tests when convenient. FEV6. Printer Paper Available in standard or Archive formats. FEF50 and FEF75) l Choice of predicted value l Results can be configured and displayed as % of predicted. Ideal for use where an inspiratory manoeuvre is required or when testing patients who pose a health risk to others. 3 Litre Accuracy Check Syringe The calibration of a Micro Medical spirometer does not drift from the factory setting unless physically damaged. FEV1/FEV6%. Standard Mouthpieces Essential for the operation and to maintain cleanliness of the Spirometer but will not protect patient or machine from the dangers of cross-infection. The meter is supplied complete with a full instruction leaflet. If you wish to perform an accuracy check you can do so with a 3 Litre Accuracy Check Syringe. standard deviation (SD) or Z-Scores l ATS/ERS Quality prompt for each test l Lung age l Choice of languages l Quick patient test mode l Rechargeable battery l PC configuration for user specific preferences l Configuration option for NLHEP mode l Powered by 2 x AA size NiMH rechargeable cells l Approximately 30 hours battery life Specifications Display: 128 x 128 pixel graphic backlit monochrome LCD l Transducer type: Uni-Directional Digital Volume l Dimensions: 162 x 61 x 30mm l l l l l l l l l l Low temperature -20°C Lightweight Instant cold dry air Ease of use with either exercise or isocapnic hyperventilation Operates on compressed air from tanks No electricity. Micro1 Spirometer 5 Mini Peak Flow Meter The low range peak flow meter is an essential tool for the diagnosis of asthma and other respiratory conditions. Features l Choice of up to 9 indices can be recorded l Comprehensive range of tests (PEF. The TurboAire Challenger supplies cold air any time. Perform bronchial challenge using cold air. Please refer to the Spirometer user manual for cleaning instructions. or liquids No maintenance Low cost. without the wait or worry associated with obtaining methacoline.Micro Medical Spirometers 4 5 6 4 Micro 1 Handheld Spirometer Designed specifically for situations where low cost precision spirometry measurements are required. Archive paper has a 25 year anti-fade life. The turbine may be immersed in the solution to achieve sterilisation. FVC. 42 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. FEF25. the Micro I™ is extremely lightweight and portable making it suitable for general practices. FEV1. FEF25-75. Features Built-in one-way valve l EU Scale meets new European standard EN13826 l 3410 Peak flow meter 6 TurboAire Challenger An excellent source of portable arctic air for bronchial provocation and exercise induced asthma studies throughout the year. bedside testing.

Section 8 Laboratory analysis and temperature monitoring An extensive range of products for both in depth laboratory and portable analysis. 43 .

Urate. 5. For a relatively small additional capital cost above the single parameter analysers. Lactate. Lactate. Cholesterol.6mmol/L standard 50 tests inc. Glycerol and Triglycerides. GL5 PGL5 Sports multi-assay analyser Portable sports multi-assay analyser 3 Analox GM7 Sports Multi-assay analyser The GM7 Micro-Stat is a research analyser with a unique assay menu including Glucose. .500/pack 250/pack 100/pack 50ml (70 analyser cycles) 2 Analox GL5 Sports Multi-assay analyser The GL5 MicroStat analyser offers the five simplest direct enzymatic-rate chemistries in one compact instrument. standard 140 analyser cycles inc. In fully portable form. Urate and Alcohol. Cholesterol. standard 20-40 tests inc. st 100/pack 500/pack 4 x 0. Alcohol. 3-Hydroxybutyrate. the P-LM5 lactate analyser provides one of the quickest near-patient lactate analysers available. Creatinine. standard 50 (2x25) tests 20-40 tests inc. standard 20-40 tests inc. Pyruvate.360 cycles 8. Glutamine.5ml 0. the GL5 can measure standard 140 analyser cycles. Acetoacetate. GM7 PGM7 Micro-Stat multi-assay analyser Micro-Stat multi-assay portable analyser 44 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.Laboratory analysis INSTRUMENTS 1 3 3 2 1 Analox LM5 Champion Sports Lactate Analyser The LM5 can obtain a lactate result on only 5µl of whole blood in less than 20 seconds from injection into the analyser.Hydroxybutyrate reagent kit Pyruvate reagent kit Blood glutamine reagent kit Ammonia reagent kit Creatinine reagent kit Glycerol reagent kit Acetoacetate reagent kit Triglycerides reagent kit Closures for capillaries Closures for capillaries Lactate/Pyruvate quality control serum Lysing tubes for ‘total’ blood lactate Lysing capillary/micro centrifuge tubes Lysing capillary/micro centrifuge tubes Alcohol reagent kit 250ml .2ml . inc. LM5 PLM5 Lactate analyser Portable lactate analyser CONSUMABLES GMRD-102 GMRD-011 GMRD-021 GMRD-084 GMRD-090 GMRD-092 GMRD-093 GMRD-100 GMRD-102 GMRD-103 GMRD-110 GMRD-130 GMRD-140 GMRD-150 GMRD-162 GMRD-170 GMRD-177 GMRD-180 GMRD-195 GMRD-055 GMRD-056 GMRD-074 GMRD-047 GMRD-070 GMRD-072 GMRD-113 Glucose oxidase reagent Glucose standard Uric acid reagent kit Cholesterol reagent kit Lactate II reagent kit Lactate II reagent kit Lactate II reagent kit Lactate II reagent kit Lactate II reagent kit Lactate II reagent kit Ethanol standard 3. standard 40-80 tests inc.2mmol/L standard 100 cycles 1000 cycles (4 x 250) 250 cycles 100 cycles with lysing buffer 1000 cycles with lysing buffer 500 cycles with lysing buffer 100mg/dl . Urea.4 x 1ml 20-45 tests inc.0mmol/L 30ml 70 cycles inc. Ammonia.

11 HCU 12.01 B-Haemoglobin analyser with case Plasma/Low haemoglobin analyser B-Glucose analyser B-Glucose 201 analyser Adult starter pack B-Haemoglobin Microcuvettes (pack of 200) B-Glucose 201 Microcuvettes (pack of 100) B-Glucose Microcuvettes (pack of 100) Safety lancets (box of 200) Carrying case Battery eliminator 6v:350ma Photometer cleaning spatulas (box of 5) 2 Accutrend Plus System Fast. The PLUS system also stores up to 100 results with date and time. serum or aqueous solutions. 50 Glucose & 25 Cholesterol test strips. disposable cuvette collects exacts amount of blood.04. PAL-OSMO Osmocheck Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Automatic temperature compensation using built in sensor.08 HCU 11. report forms.90 mmol/l. HCU 12. This relationship has been derived empirically from a selection of 70 different urine samples. and ensures high precision and accuracy across the whole measuring range for all parameters.333 to 1. accurately measures low concentrations in the ranges of 0.000 to 1.07. Measuring range of 0. Additional consumables are also available. Comes as a package including carry mmol/l.03-30.03. LT-1710 LACTATEPRO1 LACTATEPRO2 LACTATEPRO3 Lactate Pro blood test meter Lactate Pro reagent strips (box 25) Multi Lancet II device Lancets for Multi Lancet II (box 50) BEG2300 BEG2323 BEG2710 4 Hemocue Analysers Haemoglobin – Any blood can be used (capillary/venous or arterial).03 HCU 12.043 or a refractive index of 1. accurate glucose & lactate results in whole blood or plasma.350.16 HCU 11.01.01 HCU 13. glucose in 12 seconds and lactate in 60 seconds.03-3. Glucose – Based on a glucose dehydrogenase method which consists of dedicated analyser and disposable microcuvette.90.07.01 HCU 18.04.04 HCU 13. reliable on-the-spot screening for Blood cholesterol & Glucose. Plasma/Low Haemoglobin – Designed for finding low levels in plasma.08 HCU 20. meter. Accutrend Plus delivers results for cholesterol in 180 seconds.0 g/l and 0.90.04. 0. 05123119001 05123127001 11447475187 11418262171 11538144016 03012654016 03603539150 Accutrend Plus Complete Kit (GCTL) Accutrend Plus Glucose & Cholesterol Glucose Reagent II Strips (25 tests) Cholesterol Reagent Strips (25 tests) Triglyceride Strips (25 tests) Lactate Reagent Strips (25 tests) Accu-Chek Safe T Pro Plus Lancets (200) 5 Osmocheck Osmocheck is a hand held Digital Refractometer calibrated from 0 to 1500 mOsmols/kgH2O which equates to a specific gravity of 1. The YSI 2300 is ideal for: l l l l l l l l l STAT Lab or Central Lab Diabetes Evaluation Diabetes / Endocrinology Research Handheld Monitor Development Human Performance Evaluation Exercise / Athlete Evaluation Cardiac / Pulmonary Rehabilitation Neonatology / Paediatrics General Metabolic Research Glucose and Lactate analyser Glucose and Lactate starter kit Turntable 24 position automated sampler 3 Lactate Pro Blood Test Meter Measures lactate with only a small sample of blood (5ul) Results are obtained in 60 seconds.01 HCU 12.04.04 HCU 11.02-1.8 – 23.01. mixes with the reagents to produce a result in under a minute.Laboratory analysis 1 4 2 3 5 1 YSI – 2300 Glucose & Lactate Analyser Proven technology for fast. triglycerides in 174 seconds.05 HCU 45 . quality control materials & finger pricking device with lancets.00 g/dl.

Choose from . 3 or 4 section chrome privacy screen. Face hole with removable plug. Maximum safe working load 190kg. Adjustable height legs. Please specify when ordering. ES-WS6730 Digital Barometer 01300-00 01400-00 01985-00 01986-00 01881-00 01890-00 01971-00 01502-00 Haematocrit centrifuge Mk IV cube Haematocrit centrifuge Mk V pot Multi combo rotor 16 Place combo rotor 20 Place acetal rotor 30 degree fixed angle 8 Place acetal rotor closed fixed angle 24 Place haematocrit rotor with lid Reader 3 Privacy Screens 2.3 section Privacy screen . Removable vinyl curtains available in Blue. Adjustable backrest. l Outside temperature measured in the range -29. 46 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail .12. spirit thermometer and separate Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.H. Length: 1800mm/6ft Width: 610mm/24in Height: 660mm/26in-790mm/31in Weight: 15 kilos 5 Static One piece welded steel frame ensures stability.2 section Privacy screen .H. l Indoor temperature measured in the range -9. Removable face cradle. 1 Mk IV Cube l High speed drive system l Programme timer l Precision balanced motor l Interlocking lid l Imbalance detector 2 Mk V Pot High speed drive system l Precision balanced aluminium construction l Fused input socket l Haematocrit rotor machined from forged aluminium billet l High speed . l Indoor humidity measured in the range range 1% to 99%. Type66 – Direct reading mercury barometer 7 Digital Barometer Barometer with easy to read forecasting symbols.9°C. pressure we offer a full range of Case diameter 100mm equipment to cover all your needs.Multi Combo Rotor. 16 Place Combo Rotor. Green or White. measurement of temperature and Accuracy +/3% R.H. Suitable for rolls up to 51cm wide.9°C. Dimensions 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section H620 H63001 H63001/4 140cm overall length x 40cm x 180cm height 210cm overall length x 40cm x 180cm height 280cm overall length x 40cm x 180cm height Privacy screen . l Outside air humidity measured in the range 1% to 99%. Adjustable head section has step-less angle adjustment from horizontal to 75 degrees.000 rpm l Treatment Couches 4 Portable Complete with carry bag on wheels for easy transportation.9°C to +69. 20 Place Acetal Rotor.multiple lifting positions.easily adjust the couch to suit you.Laboratory analysis 6 3 7 8 1 5 2 4 Centrifuges 1 Mk IV Cube and 2 Mk V Pot Both the Mk IV and Mk V are available with a choice of rotors.9°C to +59. HYG111 Precision hair hygrometer Please specify colour when ordering.4 section 8 Precision Hair Hygrometer Precision Hair Hygrometer with a well ventilated chromium plated Paper roll holder fitted as standard. Graduations 1% R. For both static and ambulatory Operating range 0 to 100% R. 8 Place Acetal Rotor or 24 Place Haematocrit Rotor. 6 Direct Reading Mercury Barometer Barometer with silvered metal scale.

96. Audible alert when reading complete. Max/Min temperature memory Dual display. the Sport is a smaller unit with integrated RF capability and dual frequency. Cortemp Temperature sensors Wirelessly transmits core body temperature as it travels through the digestive tract. RF Remote Unit. Stores up to 99 individual sensors. A nice addition to the range for testing multiple athletes in real time without weight or bulky Clinical Thermometer Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Set includes battery and 20 protective tip 47 .26. RF Central Base Station Wirelessly receives real time data from up to 20 RF remote units. Can be used as a personal monitoring device or to record manual readings on multiple subjects. Includes DB9 serial cable and power supply. 810-080 Thermometer 12 Cortemp Ambulatory Data Recorder Displays temperature in real time and stores data for download and analysis. 96. graphing software and full support package.Laboratory analysis 9 10 12 11 9 Gas Monitoring Thermometer Probe can be fitted to inlet port of dry gas meter to give temperature of expired gas sample and ambient room temperature.1°C from 34° to 40°C.2°F to 108°F). accurate thermometer with LCD display.100 Infrared ear thermometer Tips (pack of 20) 11 Digital Clinical Thermometer Compact.21. storage case. data transfer cable. NOT ILLUSTRATED.000 96. alarm settings.0. 32° to 42°C temperature range. Temperature range Ambient -20° to +70°C Probe -50° to +70°C.26. 10 Infrared Ear Thermometer 1 second measurement. Selectable in °C or °F. Cortemp Sport data recorder Just released. Designed for human use only.2°C (93. Call our Sales Team for more information. Accurate to within +/. Range 34° to 42. 90m line of sight. System includes carry pouch.

We supply cooling and heating units along with fixed and portable pools ensuring that we offer the end user total flexibility with their recovery systems. Less than half the size of anything comparable The lowest price available.6 x 22 ins) 60 x 80 x 48 cm (23. excellent reliability. 1/2 Time 68 x 88 x 56 cm (26. Ice Baths iBODY – The original The original portable ice bath. plus years of field testing and the advice and support of many elite sporting coaches and sports medicine specialists. now the world standard.1 x 18. Available in a range of sizes. The new 2012 “Twin” is more powerful and a more compact ice bath cooling system than anything else available. Plunge Pool Range Strong enough for a permanent installation.9 ins) 600 litres (158 gals) Four Person 138 x 148 x 56 cm (54. DUAL TEMP – Hot or Cold The world’s first and only all in one cooling and heating mobile system for the popular contrast therapy protocols. The recovery systems are based on pioneering recovery and endurance research and the technology developed from that research at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport. used by thousands of athletes in over 50 countries. COMPACT TWIN – The most powerful High power cooler for quickly cooling multi-athlete pools. anywhere.3 x 22 ins) 110 x 140 x 48 cm (43. completely automatic operation and all at a surprisingly low cost for all this technology. excellent value The perfect choice for most recovery and pre-cooling applications. anytime. perfectly suitable as a permanent installation yet easily demountable for transporting to an event when required. easy mobility. Alternatively.9 ins) 200 litres (53 gals) One Person 68 x 148 x 56 cm ( ins) 700 litres (184 gals) 48 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea.3 x 58.6 x 55.5 x 58.9 ins) 330 litres (87 gals) Two Person 118 x 148 x 56 cm (46.1 x 18. for a two pool setup.3 x 22 ins) 130 x 140 x 48 cm (51.2 x 55.5 x 18.3 x 22 ins) 60 x 140 x 48 cm (23. All are a fraction of the cost of built-in ice bath installations. With the convenience to either heat or cool a pool from a single unit. heaps of cooling power.8 x 34.6 x 31. COMPACT COOL – Great performance. only from iCool.1 x 18. Cooling Units LITE – The world’s smallest ice bath chill Enjoy the important benefits of full ice bath recovery and endurance training sessions wherever you are. A range of products have now been created covering individual use right through to large teams and National Sports Facilities. Strong interlocking metal construction. one hot and one cold iCool offers a very compact low cost efficient heating unit for maximum versatility. It looks . because it is a perfectly optimised in every way to allow athletes all over the world to achieve perfection in ice bath and contrast therapy recovery and training sessions. spa baths or two inflatable pools at once now has even more power in a remarkably compact new mobile cabinet.8 x 58. TURBO COOL – For big spa pools The new iCool Turbo range is an entirely new concept for the automatically cooling and controlling of large ice bath pools or spas for up to 20 athletes at an affordable price.3 x 55.Temperature monitoring iCOOL – The worlds number 1 supplier of ice bath systems.

Section 9 Timing and activity measurement From stopwatches to activity monitors we offer a comprehensive range of timing and activity monitoring equipment. 49 .

30 lap memory. data recall mode for split times Fast14 Stopwatch 9 10 10 Fastime 19 Stopwatch Triple Display. table top timer. extra large (25mm) digits C5010 Laboratory timer 50 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. pacer and time of day mode Fast19 Stopwatch 11 Fastime DB1 Stopwatch Basic function stopwatch. Available in 7 colours Fast01 Stopwatch .uk . dome button waterproof DB1 Stopwatch 11 12 12 Fastime DB2 Stopwatch Simple to use lap and cumulative split time function DB2 Dual display stopwatch 13 Fastime DB3 Stopwatch Multifunction. triple mode display. 100 lap function Fast7 Triple display stopwatch 9 Fastime 14 Stopwatch Triple display. dual display. large display (10mm). 500 lap digits Fast1 Stopwatch 4 Fastime 2 Stopwatch Professional quality. 8 memory Fast5 Dual display stopwatch 7 8 8 Fastime 7 Stopwatch Triple display. large display (10mm). single display. extra large (12. split time function. basic function Fast3 Stopwatch 5 6 6 Fastime 4 Stopwatch Split time function.4mm) digits Fast2 Stopwatch 5 Fastime 3 Stopwatch Easy to use.Stopwatches 1 Fastime 0 Stopwatch Entry Level basic stopwatch Fast0 Stopwatch 1 2 2 Fastime 01 Stopwatch Triple mode. extra large (12. ideal for circuit training Fast4 Large display stopwatch 7 Fastime 5 Stopwatch Professional quality. multi function. single display. 80 lap memory.please specify colour when ordering 3 4 3 Fastime 1 Stopwatch Triple mode. 10 memory pacer and triple display DB3 Triple display stopwatch 13 14 14 C5010 Laboratory Timer Easy to use.

co. It has a range of 850 feet (260 metres). The Display is wireless and can be easily set up at the end of the course so that athletes can have instant feedback on their results. With the TC-Results Centre software. l l l l l Wireless timing device enables coaches to measure: Time. Its built in memory can assign multiple tests to one athlete. the data can be manipulated and organised to provide informative profiles displaying all the test results for the athlete. The digits are four inches and can be seen from 100 feet (30 metres). 3 TC-Timer USB The TC-Timer USB retains all the functions of the TC-Timer and adds the ability to download the timer data to a computer. 4 TC-Photogate A&B The TC-PhotoGate A & B create an infrared beam that can start.Timing systems RT3 1 2 3 1 Brower Test Centre Timing System The TC-System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time. all components of the TC-System have been designed to fit neatly into a small lumbar pack. Speed and Repetitions Accuracy to . With Brower’s dedication to portability. which can then be reviewed on the 51 . speed. users can add up to 9 splits.001 second Range up to 300m Equipped with 5 different signals to allow multi-system use Set-up time of less than 5 minutes 4 2 TC-Timer With seven different timing modes the TC-Timer can handle a wide array of timing needs. With the TC-System. 5 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. split or stop the time. 5 TC-Display The TC Display is a great addition to the Wireless TC System. count repetitions. input test data and save it all in the TC-Timer memory.

uk . cable & software RT3 Interface Docking Station and cable 6 Yamax Digi-Timekeeper Calculates distance walked or jogged. set average stride length in 1cm increments.999 T130 Chrome mechanical hand held tally counter 3 Fastime Pedometer Simple to use. subject position and many more. activity intensity levels. Actilife s/w. USB Cable & Belt 2 Hand Held Tally counter Counts up to 9. distance covered in miles or kilometres. GT3X Actigraph GT3X+ Triaxial Monitor AAMXP GT3X+ System inc GT3X+.999 steps whilst walking or jogging SW-200 Digi-Walker Classic 5 Yamax Digi-Walker Professional Calculates distance walked or jogged. RT3 Activity Monitor RT3 System Monitor with docking station. calculates calories used SW-700 Digi-Walker Professional 8 RT3 Tri-axial Activity Monitor Easy to use activity measurement and recording device. Fast Ped1 Pedometer 4 Yamax Digi-Walker Classic Counts up to 99. Lightweight and worn on the waist. Can be worn at the waist or the wrist and provides measurements such as activity it is designed as a complete measuring system for research applications. stop-watch and time of day SW-650 Digi-Timekeeper 52 Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. step counter measures up to 99. variable beat. Multiple RT3 units can be purchased and used with one docking station. steps taken. it continuously tracks activity through the use of piezo-electric accelerometer technology that measures motion in 3 dimensions and provides tri-axial vector data in activity units. metabolic units (METs) or kilocalories. set average stride length in 1cm increments. The GT3X-plus can also be worn during periods of sleep to measure the amount and quality of sleep. rhythm and 12 reference tones DM70 Digital metronome 7 Actigraph The GT3X-plus activity monitor uses a triaxial accelerometer to measure the amount and frequency of human activity.Timing and activity measurement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 Digital Metronome Adjustable volume.999 steps. energy expenditure.

co. the risk inherent in the goods shall pass to the customer. Call today 0121 472 0361 or e-mail info@cranlea. Goods will be invoiced at the price ruling at the time of despatch. Extended Warranty This is offered on all our main products. Prices All prices are subject to alteration without prior notice. inclination. faulty gas analysers. Our new dynamic Metabolic Calibration system can precisely test your system at varying ventilation and flow rates. Return of Goods No goods will be accepted for credit without prior agreement. together with precise values of VO2. Product Specification Details are correct at the time of going to print and may be altered without notice in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. distance and heart rate we offer a full calibration service on all treadmills. due and payable not later than the twentieth day of the month following the date of invoice. VCO2 and respiratory exchange ratio. Cranlea and Company reserve the right to inspect and investigate the complaint before any acceptance of liability is made. such as blocked sample lines. Quotations will be valid for a period of thirty days unless otherwise stated. Equipment Servicing We offer a variety of service options including routine.Training and service information Application Training (on site) Many of our products feature extensive operational options. preventative maintenance and fully inclusive extended warranty packages. We have ensured that all our extended warranties are cost effective and offer the customer complete peace of mind and satisfaction with our service. Cranlea and Company accept no liability for misuse or incorrect use of goods. which is chargeable at the prevailing rate at the time of order. Although these products are manufactured to the highest standards they still require periodic checks and calibration. Cranlea have a training package to suit every situation. both mechanical and electronic. Title of goods All goods remain the property of Cranlea and Company until such time that payment as per the invoice has been made in full. Terms and conditions Sales All sales are subject to these terms and conditions and no other shall apply. Insurance and Risk Upon 53 . Metabolic Calibration There are many reasons why stress testing systems can give inaccurate measurements. Whether training is required for one person or a group of people. Claims All goods should be inspected for damage and shortage upon delivery and any claim for such must be reported within three days of receipt. Warranty Cranlea guarantees to replace or repair any equipment that is faulty due to manufacturers defects for a period of twelve months from the date of invoice. Treadmill Calibration Using the latest equipment for the calibration of speed. No liability will be accepted for misuse or incorrect use of goods. In the fast moving world of high technology and software development our experienced training team offer cost effective solutions for all your staff’s needs. Carriage Carriage and packing charges will be payable on all orders unless otherwise agreed. For Staff training costs please contact us. faulty volume transducers etc. VAT All prices exclude VAT. The equipment required to carry out such tests is often expensive and in most situations not cost effective to purchase outright. the terms of payment for goods shall be net monthly account. treadmills and metabolic systems. Ergometer Calibration Using the latest LODE portable calibrator we offer full calibrations on most models of ergometers. Cranlea’s Service department have all the necessary calibration equipment to take care of this for you. All of the above Ergometer and Metabolic Calibrations include a FULL Calibration Certificate. Equipment Calibration We understand that a lot of research work is done using cycle ergometers. leaving you confident that all your research is being conducted with accurate technology. For further details on this and a full breakdown of all our training and service costs please contact the Cranlea team. Goods incorrectly ordered may be subject to a handling and carriage charge. The calibration can be performed within a range of 30 – 1000 Watt. Account Payment Terms Unless otherwise agreed. For further details on any of these options please contact our Service Team. .cranlea.