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by Rick Heizman
The numbers of journalists and writers, presenting themselves as Human Rights Defenders, who are
mis-reporting on the conflict in western Burma/Myanmar, is troubling, annoying, and hard to fathom.
They largely have taken, swallowed,
and believe the tremendous amount
of mis-information, manipulated
photos and videos, and false
See here for quick examples:
FalseMedia, Al-Jazeera_exposed,

This is falsely labeled as: Muslim

victim of Buddhist violence

They seem to try to out do each

other, by making their articles even
more outrageous and inflammatory than the previous ones.

Here are 16 elements that are in common among these writers and their articles:

1) Create ever more hyper-inflammatory and outrageous headlines

The Monks Who Hate Muslims, by Emanuel Stoakes, The Independent
The Face of Buddhist Terror - by Hannah Beech, Time Magazine
The Buddhist war on Myanmars Muslims, by Jason Szep, Reuters
Burma's Bloodthirsty Monks, by Brennan O'Conner, The New Internationalist
Poison in the Sangha (Community of Buddhist monks), by Francis Wade, The Revealer
Growing Up a Proud Racist in Burma by Dr. Maung Zarni, E-International Relations
Yet Again, Myanmar Rape Allegations Spark Anti-Muslim Riots, Patrick Winn, GlobalPost
Burma: Open for the Business of Genocide, Rohingya News Agency - RNA
These loaded headlines do not even mention a) the savage and often deadly rapes and
attacks against Buddhist women and girls collecting clams, or fetching water and firewood,
b) the 60 years of aggressive Muslim militancy, aimed to expel, fight, and eliminate the
indigenous non-Muslims from their own ancient homeland, which the Bengali Muslims have
swarmed into. Now the deeply-rooted Buddhists are having to defend themselves from an
intolerant and supremacist campaign against them, the monks, and even Buddhism.
In this frenzy of demonizing and defiling Buddhists, one might expect the next headline to be
something like: Satanic, Rapacious, Terroristic Ogre Monks Dismember, Cannibalize
and Eviscerate Muslims Who Have Never Bothered Anyone - Anytime nor Anywhere.
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2) Begin with and feature absurd accusations,

especially against Buddhist monks.
The Buddhist monk grabbed a young Muslim girl and put a knife to her neck. If you follow
us, Ill kill her, Jason Szep
A Buddhist monk allegedly told a Muslim, If you dont want to die, you must sit and worship
us, Brennan O'Conner
It has become a near-monthly occurrence in Myanmar: a Buddhist is aggrieved, a Muslim is
incriminated and a rampaging mob sets a Muslim neighborhood alight. Patrick Winn
How about using something factual, like:
The Buddhist women were walking back to their village after gathering clams on the river
band, when a large group of Muslims viciously attacked them. see: collecting_clams
The Muslims in Maungdaw stormed out of the mosque and down the streets, beating and
killing Buddhists, setting homes and Buddhist temples on fire, and yelling in their Bengali
language, Maug-kara-hari, Maug-kara-hari, which translates as, Cut off the heads of the
Rakhine (Buddhists), Cut off the heads of the Rakhine. see: Maungdaw_video

3) Use a provocative photo - ex: young Buddhist monks with toy guns
- to immediately castigate the Buddhists as villains
Boys worldwide - even young Buddhist monks - may play with toy guns, (and video games).
The monks with guns photo looks staged.
In a market, ask the young kid
monks to pose with toy guns now you can help destroy this
Buddhist culture by using this
photo to portray them as
violent, gun-carrying, lunatic
monks eager to slaughter
innocent Muslims for no

This photo was sickly cap/oned: Monks

praying for genocide (Global Research)

If you want to show guns and make references to genocide, you can
use actual photos of Bengali Muslims
(Rohingya) training with REAL guns in their Mujahideen (Islamic warriors)
armies to fight a jihad (holy war for
Allah). They are not meditating nor
striving for peace and harmony - they
intend to use these weapons to kill
Buddhists and any other infidels (nonbelievers). see: rohingya_militants
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4) Refer to deeply-seated hatred of Muslims in the Burmese psyche

Repeat the simplistic, totally biased, and manipulative psychological insights' into the deep
core beliefs of the Buddhists (and only the Buddhists) and accuse them of harboring a long
and unwarranted deep hatred for Muslims.
But, make no mention of the much more factual, pervasive, and deeply embedded hatred of
all infidels (non-believers of Allah) with Hindus and Buddhists considered worse than others
because they dont believe in one supreme God - which is essential to the Islamic faith.
Ever since Islam started it has fought and
conquered others - in the belief that their God
(Allah) commanded them to kill - smite the
necks (cut off the heads - as the Quran says)
those who refused to convert to Islam. And this they
did, century after century, annihilating Buddhists
cultures (and others) down to very very few
survivors, or even zero survivors in many places,
such as in the lands now called Iran, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, and others.
Rakhine Buddhists are well aware that as the Bengali Muslim presence in Arakan increases, it
will repeat the path that it has pursued for centuries. They only have
to look at neighboring Bangladesh - a land of exalted Buddhist
Kingdoms for more than 1000 years - where the Hindu and Buddhist
population was decimated by the Muslim conquest of India (Indian
historians say 70-80 million Hindus and Buddhists were slaughtered
- in the name of Allah - during 8 centuries of Muslim rule).
Furthermore, at the time of Indian independence in 1948, the land
now called Bangladesh had over 20% Buddhists, and now has less
then 1% - and soon the Buddhists will be extinct - in a land that has
a far longer Buddhist history and heritage than that of the Muslims.
But, the Muslims there, and worldwide, have no qualms about that,
for Islam teaches that it is the duty of Muslims to destroy the infidel
religions, put their lands under the law of Islam, and if the infidels
dont convert, destroy them - and Allah will reward you.

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5) Use the words Extremist, Militant, Neo-Nazi and Hate Speech often
- and only with monks, Buddhist people , and even Buddhism

These are militant Buddhists gathering,

and compassionate Bengali Muslims gathering.

In both cases they are engaged in their religious practice.

And the reality is that there are no photos of a group of Buddhists monks with guns in their
hands, but there are thousands of photos of islamic jihadists, terrorists, suicide bombers, and
militants with all forms of deadly weapons - and thousands of instances where those weapons
were used to kill as many as possible.
The Buddhist monks are invoking compassion, insight, and metta (loving-kindness) and the
Bengali Muslims are praying for violent blood-letting of Buddhists, or do you believe they are
praying to sing together, dance with, and laugh and play with Buddhists? - isnt it strange for
them to be praying with guns in their hands?
The mis-use of the term Hate Speech is
becoming absurd. It is more and more used to
stifle any and all criticism or analysis of Muslims,
and of Islam.
Writers are constantly referring to the sermons
of hate from monk U Wirathu and others - yet
Can anything that ANY MONK allegedly said
come even close to the following?

Indonesians ready to kill Buddhists.

Anyone seen Buddhists carry such signs?

I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him, - Sheikh Bilal al-Masri
There should be no diplomacy whatsoever, we Muslims must fight. - Abu Arif, a Rohingya
Ulama (high Islamic cleric and scholar)
We need the Mujahideen from Indonesia to train.especially in bomb making. Commander Abu Shafiyah, of the extreme militant Islamic Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO)
"I address Myanmar's youth: take up the sword and kill in the path of God. No doubt, God is with us
- advice and encouragement from notorious terror group Tehreek-e-Taliban, Pakistan
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6) Be sure to mention The monk who calls himself bin-Laden

There are no audio or video clips where U Wirathu calls
himself the bin-Laden of Burma. None. Zero. There is no
journalistic integrity about this. None. ZERO. Writers and
journalists seem to be in an orgy of painting U Wirathu as a
monster, accusing him of being the cause of much of the
violence, and of preaching hateful violence - but there ARE
NO audio and video clips or written material where he says
to use violence or kill! He does talk about the problems,
threats, and reality that the Buddhists are facing, and he talks
strongly about it. Some people may like or dislike his style - but, there is freedom of speech,
and freedom to criticize, and freedom to agree or disagree. Any reasonable look at this
can see that Buddhists do not exhibit the grotesque hate speech and actions that are
seemingly constant in the Muslim world.
Why do the biased writers and journalists not report on the much, much, much more serious
hate speech and actions coming constantly from the Muslim world? see: kill_all_buddhists
They cant find any Buddhist calls for violence or killing in the sermons and speeches of U
Wirathu, but they deliberately refuse to report on the readily available and public calls for
killing, violence and destruction.
From a mosque in Kyauk-taw, Arakan:
Oh Allah, eternal God,
Accept those who believe in Islam and
destroy all the other non-believers.
Demolish the infidels communities,
Oh Allah, Break the foundation of their false religions.
Destroy and pulverize their villages and towns, and
even the ground beneath their homes must be
Those who don't believe in Allah, those who don't
listen to Allah, may everything be cursed for them.
Oh Allah, bring the natural disaster to the infidels,
bring the worst diseases to the unbelievers,
bring all forms of catastrophe to them.
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7) Mention the 969 group - bad, the 786 group - what?,

and the OIC Organization - why not?
The 969 Buddhist group is primarily a very popular nation-wide Buddhist religious group
concerned with Buddhist teachings, activities, community, and the issues with the Muslim
situation. U Wirathu suggests that the Buddhists buy only from the Buddhist shops, and not
the Muslim shops. The Buddhist shops are marked with the numbers 969.
Many Western activists and writers quickly and loudly said that is so racist and hateful - but
they ignore the fact that the Muslims have for decades marked their shops with 786 (an
Islamic practice throughout much of Asia), and have long advocated that Muslims buy only
from Muslims.
Most likely, many of the people opposing the Buddhists right to choose where to shop, have
endorsed and followed similar boycotts, for example (I am speaking from San Francisco),
there have been boycotts of anything to do with Arizona, and Texas, boycotts of certain
restaurants (Chipolte), boycotts against Boy Scouts, against China, and against corporations
in general, etc. Buddhists who have been treated badly, insulted, cheated, lied to, threatened,
and beaten have the same rights to boycott, warn others, and legally shut down bad and
abusive businesses. Conversely, they can also endorse, recommend, and promote good,
honest, and friendly businesses.
Another group that needs to be examined and exposed - and, is pushing to have influence in
the conflict - is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a group of 57 Islamic
governments, that promotes a unified Islamic front against the
non-Muslim world - concerning nearly anything from human
rights to economics and education to terrorism. However, the
OIC has its agendas and bias, and it would be unreasonable
and even ridiculous to allow the OIC any role, at all, in the
issue at hand, primarily because the OIC would conclude,
(as it already has and does) that the Bengali Muslims are the
people that belong on Arakan soil, and the OIC would do
nothing to recognize the Rakhine voices.
Read about 10 OIC countries, with informative descriptions of their repression and elimination
of their non-Muslim populations: OIC_1
Learn whats in the charter of the OIC, and learn about the more insidious Muslim World
League: OIC_2
Then you will see that the OIC clearly promotes Muslim to Muslim business, and above all promotes the forceful and the subversive spread of Islam, and the domination of Islam.
The activists and writers should criticize and condemn 786 and the OIC before engaging in
disingenuous smears of 969.
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8) Be sure to use the term NEO-NAZI, and use it only with Buddhists
Neo-Nazi monks, Neo-Nazi Rakhine organizations, Neo-Nazi agenda - are terms that are
completely demeaning to the Rakhine people especially the monks.
There are NO known Buddhist admirers of Hitler, nor any similarities or connections between
Buddhism and Nazism.
HOWEVER, here are the real Nazis and Neo-Nazis: It is well known that Muslims colluded
and conspired with Hitler, and that many Muslims, both then and now, admire Hitler and
Nazism. Hitler was attracted to Islam, and Muslims attracted to Hitler for good reason - they
were similar in many ways.
The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France. Adolph Hitler,
April 2, 1945
Hitler was greatly admired throughout the Islamic world and received numerous telegrams of
support. He was on the friendliest of terms with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of
Jerusalem, and the ranking leader of the Muslim world.

There are plenty of articles to write about Muslim adoration of Hitler from WWII days to the
current times.

9) Make the extremely ignorant statement that using the long used and
accepted term Bengali Muslim is racist and insulting, because
Rohingya has been used for centuries, and the Rohingya have
lived in Arakan since the 7th century
Read about it here, fully and logically explained: Rohingya_identity_trick
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10) Use the word GENOCIDE - like others: wrongly used, greatly abused
The word Genocide is grossly and manipulatively overused. There are so many shouts and
accusations of genocide that are not even close to the proper use of the word. Genocide
refers to huge numbers of people killed - so much so that it threatens the very survival of the
ethnicity or culture. Example of genocide include:
the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians by the Muslim Turks (1915-1923)
3.5 million non-Muslim Sudanese Africans killed by northern Arab Sudanese (1953-2005)
3 million Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims killed in Bangladeshs Independence War in 1971
Saddam Husseins genocide (300,000-500,000 killed) against the Kurds, 1980s-1990s
Pol Pots genocide against his own Cambodian people (1-1.5 million dead) in the 1970s
The only true genocide in the Rakhine State conflict is the 1942 Maungdaw genocide, where
Bengali Muslims armed by the British to fight the Japanese in WWII did not fight the
Japanese, but instead, turned the weapons on the dominant, indigenous Buddhist Culture,
killing 30,000 in Maungdaw town alone.
In 2012, there was great violence in Arakan, and the death toll was several hundred, perhaps
even 500, (and about half the victims are Rakhine Buddhists) but as bad as that is, its not
even close to a genocide.

A detailed comparison of Muslim genocides and Buddhist genocides: genocide

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11) Use the word Mobs - but only as Buddhist mobs

Ignore the Muslims mobs, for example, the mobs that started the full scale wave of violence
on June 8, 2012, when they poured out of the Maungdaw Central Mosque, surging down the
streets, beating and killing Buddhists, looting and burning shops, homes, and Buddhist

12) Always blame everything on the Buddhists, and say how they
attack the peace-loving Muslims for no reason - no reason at all.
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13) Ignore the atrocities that Muslims are committing around the world:
Against the Buddhists of southern Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc.
Against the Christians of Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
and plenty more.
Against the Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, the Bahai and Zoroastrians of
Iran, Jews anywhere, and even against other Muslim groups - the Ahmadis, the Druze, the
Alawhites, the Sufis, and of course the relentless killings between Sunnis and Shiites in
Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and others.
AND, dont leave out: Against the Rakhine Buddhists, and Burmese Buddhists.


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14) And, if you really want to stand out (in a terribly outrageous way)
write about how you believe that Buddhist women and girls who report
being raped by Muslim men are just making fake rapes stories especially the girls who are found dead and raped:
Patrick Winn, writing for the GlobalPost puts out his extremist hate speech, It has become a
near-monthly occurrence in Myanmar: a Buddhist is aggrieved, a Muslim is incriminated and a
rampaging mob sets a Muslim neighborhood alight.
Their grievance: a Muslim man
allegedly tried to rape a Buddhist
woman as she walked home..
From each episode of mob violence,
an origin tale emerges in the Myanmar
press to explain how it all started:
a refrain from Myanmars anti-Muslim
rhetoric: Muslim men are out to prey
on Buddhist women.
Read real rape accounts here:
Rape of Burmese Buddhist Women - 7 cases
Patrick Winn should receive the award for being the most callous, closed-minded, deplorable,
misogynist sub-human of the year. Imagine the feelings of these rape victims if they were told
about Patrick Winn and his evil hate. He has made himself nearly equal to the rapists.

15) Use the phrase:

The Rohingya are the most persecuted people in the world
16) Ignore the reality that:
The Rakhine Buddhists are the most falsely accused people on earth
Follow all these points, and you will have the next false, extremist, demonizing,
untruthful, manipulative, and outrageously accusatory hit piece, and you can
carry in your soul your contribution in harming a Buddhist culture under siege.
Rick Heizman, San Francisco, Nov 2013, full report: Arakan-conflict-report
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