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Biggest Names in Event Planning Come Together For One Elegant Night At The Event Planner Expo Wednesday, October , !"#
What$ The Event Planner Expo is the premier event planner net%or&ing opport'nity in Ne% (or& City) There %ill be more than ", !! elite members *rom the ind'stry in attendance, representing millions o* dollars in ann'al event b'dgets, boo&s and sales) The Event Planner Expo %ill sho%case more than +, exhibiting ven'es and service providers *rom aro'nd the Ne% (or& City area) Attendees %ill get to %atch live bands, sample a variety o* *oods and beverages, %atch magicians and experience all that event planning has to o**er) Where$ The -etropolitan Pavilion, " , West ".th /treet, Ne% (or&, N( "!!"" When$ Wednesday, October , !"# -edia Chec&0in 111111 #$!! 02$!! P)-) E/T Opening Ceremony 111))) #$#! 3 2$!! P)-) E/T 4nd'stry Exhibition 111)) 2$!! P)-) 3 +$#! P)-) E/T -edia 5o'nge 111111)) ,$#! P)-) 3 +$!! P)-) E/T Closing Ceremony 1111) +$#! P)-) 3 .$!! P)-) E/T The Event Planner Expo is sponsored by ven'es and providers incl'ding Capitale, 6ave and B'sters, Ne% (or& Water Taxi, Fig and Olive, 7W -arriott, and many others)

8eneral Admission tic&ets are sold at 9#, per person, and can be p'rchased at %%%)theeventplannerexpo)com) Follow all updates on The Event Planner Expo on Twitter @EMRGeventexpo as well as on Facebook at theeventplannerexpo. All media outlets interested in covering The Event Planner Expo MUST su mit re!uests via email to Sara "la#ton at sara$cla#ton%emrg$com$ &or more in'ormation on The Event Planner Expo( please visit )))$theeventplannerexpo$com*press$ ::: Abo't E-;8 -edia /tarted in !! , E-;8 -edia is a *'ll0service mar&eting, event planning and p'blishing *irm based in -anhattan) Over the past decade, E-;8 -edia has garnered p'blic acclaim and recognition as an innovative corporate event mar&eting company) O'r clients incl'de Fig < Olive, ;it= Carlton, Capitale, and o'r corporate clients incl'de Alicia >eys, Bloomingdales, Conde Nast P'blication, and many others) E-;8 -edia p'blishes the N(C ?en'e 8'ide, %hich *eat'res the best o* all that Ne% (or& City has to o**er incl'ding event spaces, resta'rants, hotels, night cl'bs and lo'nges) Ta&ing each company@s speci*ic needs into care*'l consideration, E-;8 media *orm'lates a 'niA'e and str'ct'red mar&eting strategy that ens'res a company@s increased visibility, b'siness prod'ctivity and *iscal sec'rity) For more in*ormation abo't E-;8 -edia, please visit %%%)emrgmedia)com) Contacts$ /ara Clayton B E-;8 -edia CD2DE #",0!2 2 B sara)claytonFemrg)com