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Principal: Julie Blythe Deputy Principals: Yvonne Height, Helen Walmsley and Paul Murray Ph: 9841 7533 Fax: 9842 1350 Email:

Volume 18 29 November

Room 15 and 16 Community Care In Term 3, Room 15 and 16 joined together, every Wednesday afternoon, to knit some squares that were then joined up to form two blankets. Last Wednesday we went to Craigcare and donated the blankets. We were all very excited to be taking the blankets to Craigcare and we hope that the residents enjoy them. The students would like to thank Mrs Maureen Hannah, a School Volunteer, for giving up her time, and teaching them all how to knit. Lauren Kohlen, Room 15

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Yakamia Primary School

From the Principals Desk

Assembly Well done to the Year 1 students from Room 41 for hosting the last assembly. It was a fabulous display of your talents, what awesome Aussies you all made! Pursuit of Excellence The Pursuit of Excellence assembly will be held on Thursday 5 December in the Hall from 1.20pm. This is an opportunity to acknowledge a student from each class who has strived the hardest to achieve their very best all year. We look forward to your attendance at this special assembly. Winners and family members are invited to a special afternoon tea in the staffroom at the conclusion of the ceremony. Year 7 Graduation The Year 7 Graduation will take place on Wednesday 18 December from 1.20 pm. Students will be celebrating the completion of nine years at primary school with graduation and acknowledgment of a range of students for specific achievements. I look forward to seeing Year 7 parents and family attending and wish all Year 7 students the best for the future. I look forward to hearing about you as you move forward to high school next year. 2014 Newsletters Next year there will be no paper newsletters! Newsletters will be available via email, our Facebook page, or you can read it on our Block Noticeboards. Thanks to the P&C for supporting this initiative.

Julie Blythe

School News
Volunteers Morning Tea A morning tea will be held for all parents and school volunteers in the Yakamia staff room at 10.30am on the 11 December. This is our way of thanking anyone for volunteering their precious time to help out at the school. It can be in the classroom, Before School Reading, sports days, camps etc. If you havent received an invitation from your class teacher please ask at the office and return the reply slip by Monday 10 December. Bikes at School Second Hand Uniforms It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate your childs outgrown uniform items to the P&C for the second hand uniform shop. They are in need of faction shirts and skirts especially. Just drop them off at the canteen or at the front office. Anyone wishing to purchase second hand uniform items can contact Yvonne on 0407 997 795 and she will meet you there at a convenient time. Free Dress Day to Support Foodbank Students are welcome to come in free dress this The school has a special compound for student Wednesday, in exchange for a can or nonbikes. The compound is locked once school perishable food item for Foodbank. Foodbank commences and unlocked before the students helps needy families. Please check to make sure leave at 3.10pm. If your child has sport training the use-by-date of your food item is current. Food or an Active After School program on the oval, donations will be collected by student councilors please remind your child to take their bike with from the class rooms on Wednesday. Your them. Unfortunately, a bike was taken from the support for Foodbank is much appreciated, as compound on Friday during Active After School they are also great supporters of our Before Cricket. It is a bright green and black BMX bike. School Reading and Breakfast program that runs in our school Tuesday to Friday. Please let the office know if you see this bike.

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Yakamia Primary School

School Health News

This means that over the three immunisation check points, families will have an incentive of Children who have turned 4 years of age are scheduled to received 2 injections, MMR (Measles, more than $2,100. Mumps and Rubella) and DTP IPV (Diphtheria, If your child still requires his/her immunisations please see your usual immunisation provider or Tetanus, Whooping Cough, and Polio) vaccines. alternatively you are welcome to make an These are booster doses to ensure good levels of coverage against these life threatening diseases. appointment for our Tuesday / Thursday Population Health Immunisation Clinic, in These immunisations can now be given as early Albany. This is a free service, and appointments as 3.5 years of age. can be made by phoning 98427500. Parents of 4 year olds - Immunisations As of 1 July 2012, families will need to have their children fully immunized or have an approved exemption to receive the Family Tax Benefit Part A end-of-year supplement. The supplement, worth $726 per child each year, will now only be paid once a child is fully immunised at one, two and five years of age, or has an approved exemption. If you have any questions relating to immunisation please do not hesitate to contact me on the phone number below or by email. Anne Taylor, Public Health Nurse Immunisations/Disease Control WA Country Health Service Great Southern Phone 98427511 Email

Honour Certificate Winners17 May 2013

Room 11 Name Portia Walker Angel Leonard 12 Jakob Ball Shane Buss 13 Jonathon Haabjoern Courtney Puls 14 Eann Walker Damon Cameron 32 26 25 Room 24 Name Jorja Ercegovich Chloe Pietrala Sophie Moore Adam Hobbs Machaela Taylor Mitchell Russ Ryder Coleman Daisy Stewart Morgan 33 Tom Groth Abigale Kidman 34 Ella Mackenzie Olivia Groth 35 Emily Crannage Ellen Green 41 Luke Probert Aniqua Gray

Druss Cekerevac-Overall 15 Chloe Laudehr Lauren Kohlen 16 Tom Rudolewicz Tyler Rowley 21 Anabel Lilleyman Levi James-Wallace 22 Retha Lachmann Hayden Joss 23 Jedd Cunningham Harison White

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Yakamia Primary School

P&C News
Final P&C Meeting for 2013!!! Sundowner Tuesday 3 December 2013 57pm Corporate Room, Three Anchors, Middleton Beach
We will be running a short meeting at the beginning and then celebrating the year! Look forward to seeing you there! Other than the Sundowner, our final P&C commitments for 2013 are the Pursuit of Excellence Afternoon Tea and the Year Seven Graduation. This year the canteen will be catering for the POE (same as last year). For the Year Seven Graduation on Wednesday 18th December - we are still looking for volunteers to help set up, so please let me know if you are available to help out.

Community News

Please note notices appearing below are not necessarily endorsed by the school. We provide this space for community groups to advertise to the school community. It is up to parents to scrutinise the activity and organisers for their child.

Year 10 and runs from 2 December 2013 to 31 Just a reminder Yakamia Soccer is still in need of January 2014. This years Challenge is to read or be read to for 15 hours. All entrants have the volunteers to run the club next year. Just giving everyone plenty of notice as I will no longer be the chance to win an overseas holiday for a family of representative for Yakamia Junior Soccer. Please four thanks to Challenge sponsor, Qatar Airways. Children also have the option to fundraise for the feel free to contact me for any info. Lea Childs Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA. The entry forms 0417964128 can be obtained from the school library. To find Also if anyone still has a soccer shirt could they out more go to : please hand it in at the school office with your or name attached. Thankyou telephone 9270 3051. Due South Surfing Academy FlipzoneGymnastics & Recreational Trampolining This is a chance for all children to learn about Yakamia Junior Soccer Club ocean awareness and to do surfing lessons. Lessons run for about 2 hours each day for 3 days, all equipment supplied. They are held at Middleton Beach, Mutton Bird Beach, Bremer Bay, Hopetown, Cheynes and Nanarup Beach. Bookings are recommended, phone Tony Harrison on 9844 4263 or mobiles 0427 610 899/0427 451 030. Cost is $125 per person. December lessons are also available, bookings required. Premiers Summer Reading Challenge The 2013-14 Premiers Summer Reading Challenge in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA is open to children from birth to Classes for tiny tots to adults. Holiday programs available. Located in Unit 1 Master Builders Complex, 30 Graham Street, Albany. Call Kay on 0420 556 558. Re-enrolments now open, starting Tuesday, 3 December.

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