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They discuss Aboriginal Rights as if a segregated entity Let me check nope 1 and all with us get the rope

HOLIAN Home!grown Original Local Indigenous Aboriginal Nati"e o"ereigns And then there#s those of the $lack of us %%% on and on of the pot calling we in the kettle black a rainbow yet to unite tracing to the bottom %%% behold our gold&&& If we don#t stand up for them they call aboriginal they will ensla"e us all %%% Oops %%% 'au( )as %%% 'reudian lip %%% O* then must amass our scrambled senses so collecti"ely a ma+ority of one in a COST consensus of sense tran,uility no longer Accosted As -1st .mas nears recalls of li"ing hell but most of all

I Remember how they stole Mama

A theory )lanet . relati"ity www%IyffyI%com /T go home for .mas

0a+ority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy% Howe"er1 it is also possible for a minority to be oppressed by a 2tyranny of the ma+ority2 in the absence of go"ernmental or constitutional protections of indi"idual and3or group rights% An essential part of an 2ideal2 representati"e democracy is competiti"e elections that are fair both substanti"ely 4156 and procedurally%4176 'urthermore1 freedom of political e(pression1 freedom of speech1 and

freedom of the press

are considered to be essential1

so that citizens are adequately informed

and able to "ote according to their own best interests as they see them%41-64186 It has also been suggested that a basic feature of democracy is the capacity of indi"iduals to participate freely and fully in the life of their society%4196 19 : ; in cribbage Truth trumps $ in www%/uchrestrions%com It is also possible for a majority to be self oppressed by a tyranny of the majority to the ultimate benefit of a <uria minority "ia due process )RI<* mi 'I$I$ )olitical Religious Insidious <harlatan *leptocracy media inciting 'ickle Inherent $ias Ignorant $liss

*nowledge of Nature =ermane *ON=

www%>? TI</1@%com AThere were no dates in this history1 but scrawled this way and that across e"ery page were the words $ene"olence Righteousness and 0orality B finally I began to make out what was written between the lines% The whole "olume was but a single phrase1 /at )eopleC httpD33www%scribd%com3doc3185E51;F;3On! econd!Thought!to!0y!Guery!Hill!the!<uria!<ontact!0e 'acts must ha"e root F take root =od coherency 2<atch FF2 must ha"e semblance F catch do= chase tail www%Tail1@%com A snitch in time sa"es nine )olitical Religious Implicit <omplicit /(plicit )RI</ )olitical Religious Insidious <apitalist /mperors Like other financial empires in history1 mith claims the contemporary model forms alliances necessary to de"elop and control wealth1 as peripheral nations remain impo"erished pro"iders of cheap resources for the imperial!centers!of!capital%416 $elloc estimated that1 during the $ritish /nclosures1 2perhaps half of the whole population was proletarian21 while roughly the other 2half2 owned and controlled the means of production% Now1 under modern <apitalism1 >%H% mith claims fewer than 5;; people possess more wealth than half of the earthIs population1 as the wealth of 13F of 1!percent of the ?nited tates population roughly e,ual that of the lower 9;!percent% Obstruct >ustice truth and source kill www%O>task%com They buried the <onfucius cholars and now in the process of burying me a scholar without portfolio

www%=allagher<hronicles%com F

Jes itIs all about me B e"eryone a me B same bell tolls for thee *ON knowingly or not In his essay Politics and the English Language K19E7L1 Orwell wrote about the importance of honest and clear language and said that va

ue writin can be used as a !owerful tool of !olitical

mani!ulation" In Nineteen Eighty-Four he described how the state controlled thought by controlling
language1 making certain ideas literally unthinkable% The ad+ecti"e Orwellian refers to the frightening world of Nineteen Eighty-Four1 in which the state controls thought and misinformation is widespread% e"eral words and phrases from Nineteen Eighty-Four ha"e entered popular language% Newspeak is a simplified and obfuscatory language designed to make independent thought impossible% Moublethink means holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously% Thought Police are those who suppress all dissenting opinion% Prolefeed is homogenised1 manufactured superficial literature1 film and music1 used to control and indoctrinate the populace through docility%

Big Brother is a supreme dictator who watches e"eryone% 'rom Orwell#s no"el Animal Farm comes the sentence1 2All animals are e,ual1 but some animals are more e,ual than others21 describing theoretical e,uality in a grossly une,ual society% Orwell may ha"e been the first to use the term cold war1 in his essay1 2Jou and the Atom $omb21 published in Tribune1 19 October 19E5% He wroteD 2He may be heading not for general breakdown but for an epoch as horribly stable as the

slave em!ires of antiquity"

Humans incompetent to pro"ide the lu(uries the curia deser"e Thank =od precious as collateral 'orthright 'orthwith 'orthcoming '''

In the name of =od of1 for and with the )eople HT' httpD33www%youtube%com3watchN":?bA<<=f7,!c

''' 'ickle 'ate 'inger Is there a noise when a tree falls in a forest of silent ma+ority stumpedN And what is the moral of the story of amoral knowingly or otherwiseN


httpD33www%scribd%com3doc318F8;5-153R/NO!1@ Legal certainty death and inheritors ta(es )roclaimed de +ure =od B administered antithesis de facto Miablo RO$ Roots of $abble!ons $o(ed in choose one beware the $ait and witch

?ltimately no matter your aspirations either way dusk to dusk ashes to ashes www%Amen777%com 2It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change2 Naught but two way street bi!asses

Out of body e(periences /piphany in belief broke through to / ) 7th sense dimension1 alas all in dementia with each a brand new day to start from the due process beginning /<LI) / /ncapsulated <ommon Law Ill )recedence tatutes /(posure ne"er to realiOe not down the rabbit hole but up the ass holes in <L A0OR <ircular Logic Armaments 0ake Opulent Richer 5

Ne"er sampled the one about ample money for all good for ample business instead the MAJ of HAR) Mark abyss Joke %%% Har"ester Aspiring Righteous )ropaganda

'acts must ha"e root F take root =od coherency 2<atch FF2 must ha"e semblance F catch do= chase tail 1@ Truths Holistic Interacti"e Retrospect Transcendental /lectromagnetism /nsla"ers Nemesis httpD33www%scribd%com3doc318F8;5-153R/NO!1@ )roclaim /galitarian <onstitution de +ure administer antithesis Me facto Miablo ubterfuge /(plicit /(posure //


Large 0outh $ass Tags Largess Accountably Responsible =o"ernment /stablishment 0edia Orators ?tter Hogwash Truth Heist $ait and witch ubterfuge Traditions Attorney =eneral pirit httpD33www%scribd%com3doc31E5588-@E3$ar!to!$ar!>ustice!<auses!/ccentric!to! addle!?p!to!the!$ar 'acts must ha"e root F take root =od coherency 2<atch FF2 must ha"e semblance F catch do= chase tail www%Mamage<ontrol1@%com ?naware e(posed to ?nderwear on <)A< akin continue to demonstrate de facto Miablo proclaiming antithesis de +ure =od Rule of Law in wet your pants and P F laughter patting each other on the back siOing up for $ Q $ack tabbing 2It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change2 AThey must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdomC Ja got an undies change B nay only brought a gross

Hhose to +udgeN

Let =old be the >udge

www%Amen777%com Thy *ingdom come to them who ha"e learned to help and forgi"e self www%Mamage<ontrol1@%com Large 0outh $ass Tags httpD33+ustice1@%com3aboutF8%html The Lord sayeth on to the human family come forth interpreted fourth and so they did Misplaced without a "oice in due process a 0OI 0a+ority of Ignorance urpassed the Illiteracy of Anti,uity but cannot be made to think 2The people may be made to follow a course of action1 but they may not be made to understand it2

httpD33www%scribd%com3doc318@E85E8F3Holy!shitland!$atman!yes!Robin!soon!the!way!of!the!?N!e!corn A Higher a!! Ho!y "hit!a#$ %atma# & ye" & Robi# "oo# the way o' the U( e corn )a ca# !ea$ a hor"e to water* but ya ca#+t make it $ri#k )a ca# !ea$ a re!igiou" "ect to be!ie'" a#$ we a!! e#$ up over the bri#k

He are what we $/M Q $reathe /at Mrink due what they are fed and lie in it I/ Interacti"e /lusi"ity

#own to earth $$$$$$$$$$" Snow %ob ?nless behold the )ale Horse httpD33en%wikipedia%org3wiki3$ookRofRRe"elation Mamn it put your Tro+ans away <ritical thinking )RO )olitical Religious Optimists I/ A flea backstroking with reser"ed erection calls fourth for the draw bridge to be raised =et your minds out of the $o( sa"e that for recreation httpD33en%wikipedia%org3wiki3$ookRofRRe"elation The $ook of Re"elation1 often known simply as Re"elation or the Apocalypse1416 is the final book of the New Testament and occupies a central part in <hristian eschatology% Hritten in *oine =reek1 its title is deri"ed from the first word of the te(t1 apokalypsis1 meaning 2un"eiling2 or 2re"elation%2 The author of the work identifies himself in the te(t as 2>ohn2 and says that he was on )atmos1 an island in the Aegean1 when he was instructed by a hea"enly figure to write down the contents of a "ision% This >ohn is traditionally supposed to be >ohn the Apostle1 although some historical!critical scholarship re+ect this "iew%4F6 Recent scholarship has suggested other possibilities including a putati"e figure gi"en the name >ohn of )atmos% 0ost modern scholars belie"e it was written around AM 951 with some belie"ing it dates from around AM -;% 9

The book spans three literary genresD epistolary1 apocalyptic1 and prophetic% It begins with an epistolary address to the reader followed by an apocalyptic description of a comple( series of e"ents deri"ed from prophetic "isions which the author has seen% These include the appearance of a number of figures and images which ha"e become important in <hristian eschatology1 such as the Hhore of $abylon and the $east1 and culminate in the econd <oming of >esus <hrist% The obscure and e(tra"agant4@6 imagery has led to a wide "ariety of interpretationsD historicist interpretations see in Re"elation a broad "iew of historyS preterist interpretations treat Re"elation as mostly referring to the e"ents of the apostolic era K1st centuryL1 orTat the latestTthe fall of the Roman /mpireS futurists belie"e that Re"elation describes future e"entsS and idealist or symbolic interpretations consider that Re"elation does not refer to actual people or e"ents1 but is an allegory of the spiritual path and the ongoing struggle between good and e"il%

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Old duffers never die they just lose their balls and shed their skins How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if knew of the woodpusher duffer?


Old Money Evolves Nefariously OMEN AMEN Pagan God PG Papal Guidance

httpD33www%youtube%com3watchNNR:1Ufeature:endscreenU":.5LR(7RH/Es /mpire of the <ity Vatican1 London1 M< A0/N atanic =od www%Amen777%com httpD33en%wikipedia%org3wiki3Anastasia Anastasia K=reek WXYZ[YZ\YL is a personal name and the female form of the =reek male name Anastasius3Anastasios K=reekD WXYZ[YZ\]^L1 meaning 2resurrection%2416 The name1 and its male counterpart1 were often gi"en to =reek children born around Mecember FF or around /aster during the early days of <hristianity% It is the name of se"eral early saints% Anastasia of irmium1 a Fnd!century <hristian saint martyred at irmium1 is commemorated during the second 0ass on <hristmas May each year according to the traditional calendar of the Roman <atholic <hurch% he is no longer commemorated on <hristmas May according to the Vatican II calendar% he is the patron saint

of wea"ers%4F6 The best known Anastasia is the =rand Muchess KRomano"aL Anastasia Nikolae"na1 youngest daughter of the last tsar of imperial Russia% Legends about her ha"e been the sub+ect of numerous books and films%
Tis a tangled web they wea"ed when disclosed time to distance self weary of the mule skinner Legal certainty


Reciprocity Tit for Tat )RI<* mi 'I$I$ )olitical Religious Insidious <harlatan *leptocracy media inciting 'ickle Inherent $ias Ignorant $liss 'ounded on ,uicksand <uria e(posed whereIs the sand bo( this cat has got to go The infamous $i!asses begin to fit in with the masses httpD33en%wikipedia%org3wiki3AnastasiaRTremainePAnastasiaRTremaine =o with the whims of Anastasia Tremaine ! Triage to a"oid the Trauma

Hhims a winch used to lift ore or water from a mine1 drawn by a horse

www%O>task%com Obstruct >ustice truth and source kill


The 1F decipher pages followers yet leaders of

>? TI</ 1@
>esus ?nbiased ocrates Tesla Intellect <onfucius /lectromagnetism Hhen youIre dead right youIre dead B


AA little learning is a dangerous thingS Mrink deep and taste not the )ierian springS There shallow draughts into(icate the brainS And drinking largely sobers us again%C Ale(ander )ope 1788 ! 1-EE

)erchance their en"ironment donIt get me first

=i"en preference a shot in the dark B deep draught of hemlock B best hope a rope alas The other )ope
Any more help from them and I will be dead making the

enator that threatened me a prophet

maintaining their e(ploited profit e(ponentially secure I draw on what AI C B is In your face for your Information www%IyffyI%com
0any a blog radio in pursuit of my spoke B but nope B must learn to spoke for self B may borrow the criteria as did I

httpD33www%scribd%com3doc31-F;5F@@13Mear!Lord!Hhich!Life!'orms!$elief!is!the!=reater! anctimonious ?ntil their last laugh I watch <)A< akin political parties asserting nearest to =odly httpD33www%scribd%com3doc31-881@8993Mear!Lord!who!should!be!fired $less em All Hhen push comes to sho"e www%Tail1@%com comes to Trial added an ArC for retrospect and re"ersed AaiC to RO)
I/ Imminent /minence IT In Tail pin I shall obser"e regardless of material or spiritual form TI/ Timing is /"erything

httpD33www%scribd%com3doc318717EE@@3It!s!0y!?nderstanding!Hhistle!$lowing!Legal!in!Mue!)rocess Assuredly I knew Hoto set me up

Transcendental 1% Not e(perienced but knowable )hilosophy independent of human e(perience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge F% 0ystical Relating to mystical or supernatural e(perience and therefore beyond the material world the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena1 especially by using systematic obser"ation and e(periment

Certainly to the i norant the 'ord wor(s in mysterious ways))