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The main aim of the project is to make a tool to manage all users login, product management, dealer management, stack management, customer management, sales management, purchase management and complaint management. This project deals the total flow of a company in a single form. Management of any departmental store is a very difficult task. Departmental store is an attempt to computerize the day to day activities of store. It is designed to help the store to perform daily duties and transaction with ease. Mem ers satisfaction is the foremost priority of the system. !fter a detailed study of the e"isting system, it is evident that it does not fulfil the o jectives of the organization. It is re#uire having a computerized information system with the help of which all tasks can e processed more accurately $ #uickly. To achieve this it is necessary to design $ develop a new system which will have enefits, over e"isting system The generation of reports in the proposed system will take minimum time $ they are electronically prepared. !s a result, it is highly accurate. It will e easy for the users of the system to compile information at a very high pace, measure the performance over a period $ draw conclusion from the information retrieved y using the proposed system. !s new information are eing added to $ released from other respective courses every year. It will e highly used friendly to track $ maintaining presentation of all the students. The system is such that is stand up to the user e"pectation like easy and faster retrieval f information. The system is very easy to learn $ understand. ! native user will e a le to use the system effectively. Information eing prepare of electronically can e said as accurate which is first and foremost condition for taking a crucial decision y the management. %ork carried out y a staff at various stages will e loss time consuming. &esides this, the proposed system will have the following capa ilities.

Project Description 'nline (hopping system is we portal where the customer can search particular product online. This (ystem is aimed to provide information to the customer a out the product and services of the shopping of the country. In particular scenario, the customer could have to access internet. !nd user can input their product details or services according to their need. The we interface is provided some searching criteria and filters )town, su stituting product* that allows user to ease the search process a out the searching criteria. %hen the user finished input, the system will show the result according to the searching criteria. The result is ascended according to the nearest shoppings+pharmacies to the user that specifies the region+town. !nd it provides some details a out the product+service such as the price, availa le stock, discount and etc. there are several types of users that involve with the system.


'perating (ystem 0rocessor (peed Memory (ize - %indows ./// or ! ove - 0entium I1 - ! ove 2.345z - .36 M& or ! ove

7ront 8nd &ack 8nd - 1&.98T - Microsoft (:; (erver .///

The proposed system (uper Market is developed with 1 .net and (#l server.In this project datas of the customer, product are stored and maintained in the data ase and payment are made at the store. De!erits" Datas are stored in the data ase. (hopping is done at the store. 0ayment is made at the vendor place. Time consumption. 8ach and 8very process done only in shopping place.

The pitfalls of e"isting system can e overcome y the 0roposed (ystem <On#ine s$per M%r&et' developed y ! as 7ront end and (#l server as &ack end and this project has more advantages. MERITS =ustomers can do (hopping from their sitting place. 0ayment is done through online process. =an avoid #ueue for payment in cash counter. Time is saved 9o need for customer to go to store directly for purchase. 0roducts are delivered as home delivery to customer place.


%hen developing a system, it is necessary to evaluate the feasi ility of project at the earliest possi le time. >ne"pected technical pro lems and timing pro lems can occur when poor pro lem definition is o tained. It is advisa le to conduct discussions regarding the analysis and design of the project efore starting it. Econo!ic Fe%si)i#it* The proposed system developed includes the following related issues. =ost of resources needed for development. =ost ? enefit analysis. 0otential market growth.

%hile concerning the cost of resources for the server side, amount is invested for the high capacity of storage media, high speed processor and large amount of memory needed for the system. %hile concerning the client side a minimal amount of cost is needed. 'verall the cost of setting up the server and configuring it will e costly at the time of installation. %hile considering the cost enefit analysis, huge amount will e invested only at the time of first installation. Tec+nic%# Fe%si)i#it* The technical feasi ility involves the analysis of all possi le condition for o taining the system. It actually involves a study of function performance and constraints that may affect the a ility to achieve an accepta le system, the considerations that are normally associated with the technical feasi ility include the following Development risk @esource availa ility

Technology The development risk concerns the pro a ility the function of all elements and its performance should e same in all platforms and in the system that is eing developed. This system is developed according to the we standards and the development software tools are selected in such a way to avoid the pro lems sited a ove. The resource availa ility states whether skilled staffs are availa le to develop the system elements and the availa ility of hardware and software. The hardware is provided y the organization satisfying all the re#uirements. Oper%tion Fe%si)i#it* It is a standard that ensures interopera ility %ithout stifling competition and innovation among users, to the enefit of the pu lic oth in terms of cost and service #uality. The proposed system is accepta le to users. (o the proposed system is operationally feasi le.

USER DETAILS" Re,istr%tion" >ser can register their full details in the registration form availa le in the page. The username and password are entered in this form. >ser can login with the user name and can surf. If the details are correct, user can login. If it is not correct, an error message is displayed Se#ectin, Pro-$ct" 0roducts availa le are listed and from the list user can select their products PURCHASE" A-- to c%rt (elected 0roducts during purchase are added to cart and even products can e added if the users wish to add. C+ec& o$t &efore doing payment user can check and confirm whether the products added are correct, here user can add products additionally or delete the products. P%*!ent process 'nce the checkout process gets over payment is done through online process. PRODUCT DETIALS" A-- pro-$ct !ll products managed through this module. !dd new products. 9ew 0roducts are added when they are introduced in the market with product id, name of the product, description, product picture and price of product. Mo-i.* pro-$ct Modifying products such as updating the products, deleting the products are done here.

MANAGEMENT ADMIN" User !%n%,e!ent >sers can e added, deleted, updated and viewed y administrator through this module. Or-er 'rder (tatus is set y the administrator in this module. E/#etter !dmin send eletters to their customers and this process are maintained in the module.

Asp0Net !(0.98T is more than the ne"t version of !ctive (erver 0ages )!(0*, it is a unified we development platform that provides the services necessary for developers to uild enterpriseAclass %e applications. %hile !(0.98T is largely synta" compati le with !(0, it also provides a new programming model and infrastructure for more secure, scala le and sta le applications. Bou can feel free to augment your e"isting !(0 application y incrementally adding !(0.98T functionality to them.

Microso.t0NET Microsoft.98T is prefa ricated infrastructure for solving common pro lems in internet applications. Microsoft.98T has een getting enormous amount of pu licity lately, even for this industry. Microsoft. 98T is an addAonArunAtime environment that runs on windows ./// operating system. ;ater versions of .98T will pro a ly e made part of the operating system, the >.(. department of justice willing. Microso.t0NET Fr%!e1or& The .98T 7ramework is a runAtime environment that makes it much easier for programmers to write good, ro ust code #uickly and to manage, deploy and revise the code. The programs and components that you write e"ecute inside this environment. It provides programmers with cool runAtime features such as gar age collection and easier access to all system services. It adds many utility features such as easy internet and data ase access. It also provides a new mechanism for code reuse ? easier to use and at the same time more powerful and fle"i le than ='M. The .98T 7ramework is easier to deploy ecause it doesnt re#uire registry settings.

. !(0.98T is a compiled, .98TA ased environment, you can author applications in any .98T compati le language, including 1isual &asic .98T, and Cscript .98T. !dditionally, the entire .98T 7ramework is availa le to any !(0.98T application.

Developers can easily access the enefits of these technologies, which include the managed common language runtime environment, type safely, inheritance, and so on.

!(0.98T has een designed to work seamlessly with %B(I%B4 5TM; editors and other programming tools, including Microsoft 1isual (tudio .98T. 9ot only does this make %e development easier, ut it is also provides all the enefits that these tools have to offer, including a 4>I that developers can use to drop server controls onto a %e page and fully integrated de ugging support. Developers can use %e 7orms or DM; %e services when creating an !(0.98T application, or com ine these in any way they see fit. 8ach is supported y the same infrastructure that allows you to use authentication schemes, cache fre#uently used data, or customize your applications configuration, to name only a few possi ilities. %e 7orms allow you to uild powerful formsA ased %e pages. %hen uilding these pages, you can use !(0.98T server controls to create common >I elements, and program them for common tasks. These controls allow you to rapidly uild a %e 7orm out of reusa le uiltAin or custom components, simplifying the code of a page. !n DM; %e service provides the means to access server functionality remotely. >sing DM; %e services, usinesses can e"pose programmatic interfaces to their data or usiness logic, which in turn can e o tained and manipulated y client and server applications. DM; %e services ena le the e"change of data in clientAserver or serverAserver scenarios, using standards like 5TT0 and DM; messaging to move data across firewalls. DM; %e services are not tied to a particular component technology or o jectAcalling convention. !s a result, programs written in any language, using any component model, and running on any operating system can access DM; %e services. 8ach of these models can take full advantage of all !(0.98T features, as well as the power of the .98T 7ramework and .98T 7ramework common language runtime.

(AC2 END" SQL SER3ER " ! data ase is a collection of interrelated data stored with minimum redundancy to serve many users #uickly and efficiently. The general o jective of data ase design is to make the data access easy, ine"pensive and fle"i le to the user. %ith new tools approaches and availa le, the applications can e uilt that more closely match the needs and work ha its of the usiness. (:; stores each data item in its own field. 7or e"ample a persons first name, date of irth and their postal code are each stored in separate fields. The name of the field usually reflects its contents. It stores all records relating to each other in the form of ta le. ! ta le is easily visualized as ta ular arrangement of data. The iggest advantages of a computerized data ase system over manual filing system are speed, accuracy and accessi ility. 8ach Management system is having its own rules for naming the data fields. ! field has little meaning unless it is seen within the conte"t of other fields. In (:; the fields relating to a particular person, thing or event are undled together to form a single, complete unit of data called a record. 9o fields in records can have the same field name. The strengths of (:; provide enefits for all types of users, including application programmers, data ase administrators, managers and end users. To communicate with data ases, (:; supports the following commands, D%t% De.inition L%n,$%,e 4DDL5" Data Definition ;anguage is a set of (:; statements that define or delete data ase o jects such as ta les or views. (ome of the commands of Data Definition ;anguage are create, alter, drop, grant and revoke commands. D%t% M%nip$#%tion L%n,$%,e 4DML5" ! set of (:; commands that is used to load data into data ase, retrieve data from data ase, update data ase or to remove any data ase. . (ome of the commands of Data Manipulation ;anguage are insert, select, update, delete.

Tr%ns%ction Contro# L%n,$%,e" ! set of (:; commands such as commit, save point, roll ack that is used to do undo and redo operations are called as Transaction =ontrol ;anguage.

A-6%nt%,es o. SQL Ser6er" (:; (erver is very useful for accessing the data ase to create the records, delete, and modify and also for listing records. D& server is the key for solving pro lems of information. ! server must relate $ manage a large data in multi user entry. D& server must also prevent unauthorized access. The distri uted data ase system allows application to access data ase from local and remote systems. The encryption option makes the data ase more secured to transfer information to remote systems.

Input design is the method y which valid data are accepted from the user. This part of the designing re#uires very careful attention. If the data going into the system is incorrect, the processing and output will magnify these errors. Inaccurate input data are the most common cause of error in data processing. The input design is carried out such a way that the input screens are user friendly. The goal of designing input is to make input data entry as easy and error free. Input screens filter the invalid data from ecoming an operational data at each entry phase. This is achieved y providing proper checks and validations. OUTPUT DESIGN Designing computer should proceed in well thought out manner. The term output means any information produced y the information system whether printed or displayed. %hen analyst design computer out put they identified the specific output that is needed to meet the re#uirement. =omputer is the most important source of information to the users. 'utput design is a process that involves designing necessary outputs that have to e used y various users according to re#uirements. 8fficient intelligent output design should improve the system relationship with the user and help in decision making. (ince the reports are directly re#uired y the management for taking decision and to draw the conclusion must e simple, descriptive and clear to the user. 'ptions for outputs and forms are given in the system menus.

(ystem testing is a critical aspect of (oftware :uality !ssurance and represents the ultimate review of specification, design and coding. Testing is a process of e"ecuting a program with the intent of finding an error. ! good test is one that has a high pro a ility of finding an undiscovered error. The purpose of testing is to identify and correct ugs in the developed system. 9othing is complete without testing. Testing is the vital role to the success of the system. It is the most vital activity that has to e enforced in any system development cycle. This could e done as parallel activity along with the system development or during the implementation. The feed ack received during this testing is carefully e"amined for further enhancement to e made in the system. (ystem testing is designed to recover weaknesses that were not found in earlier tools. In testing, engineers create a series of test cases that are intended to demolish the software that has een uilt. =onsidering all these in mind, the software have een tested successfully, implemented and it serves the need of the endAusers.

! <>nitE may e defined as a piece of code with a single intended purpose. ! <>nit TestE is defined as a piece of code which e"ists to codify the intended ehavior of a unit and to compare its intended ehavior against its actual ehavior. !fter sourceAlevel code has een developed, reviewed and verified for correct synta", unit test case design egins. >nit testing focuses verification effort on the smallest unit of software designA the module. This ena les to detect errors in the coding and logic that are contained within the module alone. This type of testing can e conducted in parallel for multiple modules. The unit tests integrated at initial development time can serve as later assurance that maintenance and reAfactoring performed on codes does not reak any of its intended

functionality or ehavior. The results of unit tests may additionally e used as a metric y #uality assurance personnel along with the results of other tests to gauge code #uality efore it is shipped. Inte,r%tion Testin, Integration testing is a systematic techni#ue for constructing the software architecture while at the same time conducting tests to uncover errors associated with interfacing. The o jective is to take unit tested components and uild a program structure that has een dictated y design. The results of integration testing should e formally documented. The following are the types of integration testing70 Top Do1n Inte,r%tion This method is an incremental approach to the construction of program structure. Modules are integrated y moving downward through the control hierarchy, eginning with the main program module. The module su ordinates to the main program module are incorporated into the structure in either a depth first or readth first manner. 80 (otto! $p Inte,r%tion This method egins the construction and testing with the modules at the lowest level in the program structure. (ince the modules are integrated from ottom up, processing re#uired for modules su ordinate to a given level is always availa le and the need for stu s is eliminated. The ottomAup integration strategy may e implemented with the following steps2. The lowAlevel modules are com ined into clusters that perform a specific software su Afunction. .. ! driver )i.e.* the control program for testing is written to coAordinate test case input and output. F. The cluster is tested. G. Drivers are removed and clusters are com ined moving upward in the program structure.


>ser acceptance of a system is the key factor for the success of any system. The system under consideration is tested for user acceptance y constantly in touch with the prospective system users at the time of developing and making changes wherever re#uired.




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