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Codes and Standards

ASME Standards ASME- American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This code is an international technical design code published by the American society of Mechanical Engineers, New York. This code is a collection of material selection, design, testing, fabrication, and inspection which gives safe pressure vessels for the manufacturers. The purpose of this code is to provide a well-designed and built vessel to operate safely under the temperature and pressure. The nameplate is stamped with the ASME U or UM symbol. This nameplate is fixed in the shell permanently to get the acceptance around the world. All types of Heat Exchangers are Designed, Manufactured and Inspected by JC Equipments Pvt Ltd as per following standards, Material Selection

ASME Sec II Part A For Ferrous material. ASME Sec II Part B For Non Ferrous material. ASME Sec II Part C For Welding rods, Electrodes, and Filler metals. ASME Sec II Part D For Properties of material.

Design and construction

ASME Sec VIII Div 1 For Pressure Vessels and (U stamp vessels). ASME Sec I For Boiler and Power Pipings. (S stamp vessels). NBICPart (1, 2, & 3) For Repair and alteration of Pressure vessels (R stamp vessels).

Reference standards for Design

Flanges Selection as per B 16.5 and B 16.47 (A and B Serious). Nozzles and Pipe selection as per ASME B 36.10 M. Socket and Pipe Fittings as per ASME B 16.11 M.

The Acceptance Norms are as below

ASME Sec IX Qualification standard for Welding & Brazing procedures, Welders, Blazers and Welding and Brazing operators. ASME Sec V Non Destructive Examination. ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Acceptable Procedures and Tolerances in Production.

With above High precision codes, standards and quality systems JC Equipments Pvt Ltd supply below types of Heat Exchangers to the world.