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Name of Organisation: Science of Life Studies 24/7

Company Registration No: 811025 T

SOLS 24/7 is an international organisation focused on providing holistic education programs to urban and rural communities throughout Southeast Asia. Our core program is to provide education in English, IT and Life Skills. We have projects running in Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, India, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. Over the past 13 years, SOLS 24/7 has trained over 130,000 youths. SOLS 24/7 offers a range of educational programs which cater for children, youth and adults, using SOLS Smart methodologies.

Community & Education Project 100 Volunteers

Interested in living and working for a year in Malaysia? We are looking for motivated people, ready to devote 1 year of their life to an amazing, non-formal education program for underprivileged people in Malaysia. Project 100 is aiming to open 100 community centers across Malaysia and will support these communities by providing access to free education in English, computer literacy and life skills, essential for employment in the 21st century. We believe in the power of knowledge. Our volunteers will support Community Development Officers to teach, engage and empower the local communities to which they are sent. For those accepted before the 31st of December, we are offering: An amazing opportunity to work and learn with SOLS 24/7, one of the most successful social enterprises in south-east Asia; The opportunity to discover Malaysian culture, meet interesting people and improve your teaching and social skills; Three weeks free training on the use of SOLS 24/7 teaching methodology in our training centre headquarters in Kuala Lumpur; Full accommodation and Rm500 per month allowance for food & living costs for the whole 12 months; A bonus of USD $1,000 on completion of the 12 month contract; Accident insurance and visa costs; Travel costs from Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to your community placement.

N.B. SOLS 24/7 cannot cover your return flight to Malaysia or health insurance costs.

View full job description and our website - - before applying

Location: Malaysia Supervisor: Raj Ridvan Singh, International Director (Malaysia) Volunteer Period: 12 months Volunteer Requirements Between 21 and 55 years old Pursuing a degree or has obtained one. Open minded and sensitive regarding religious belief and culture. Clear English reading, writing and speaking. Willing to live in a local community. Demonstrable interest in education, NGOs, and poverty alleviation issues. Confident, flexible, responsible and motivated. Willing to assist in the management of a community education program. Willing and able to take initiative. Good grasp of Microsoft Office. Allowance 1st month Living Allowance Rm 200 Food Allowance 0 (provided at HQ) 2-12th month Living Allowance Rm 200 Food Allowance Rm 300 USD $1,000 bonus on completion of 12 month contract Duties and Responsibilities Community Development Assist in the daily management of a community centre. Liaise and work with local community leaders for any administrative matters. Maintain good relationships with neighbors in the local community. Involve the community in activities such as sports, community clean ups etc. Assist the Community Development Officer in preparing reports and community centre details to the Admin and Reports Department at the HQ. Attend meetings at the HQ as and when necessary. Teaching Assisting in planning and preparing classes and group courses. Teaching according to the educational needs of pupils assigned to him/her. Setting and marking of work to be carried by pupils in and out of class. Working alongside the Community Development Officer to assess and report on the development, progress and attainment of pupils. Other Activities To promote the progress and well-being of individual pupils assigned to him/her. To provide guidance to pupils on both educational and personal matters. To give students advice on future careers including information about sources of expert advice on specific subjects. To participate in formal and non-formal functions for SOLS 24/7 as required. Any other necessary tasks as requested by his/her supervisor Contact To apply, complete the online form and email your CV and motivation letter to A: 1 Petaling Commerz and Residential Condos, #1-1, Jalan 1C/149, 57100, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. T: +6018 2222 247