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Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Mid-Year National Program Review and Evaluation Workshop June 23-27 2!

Program Areas #$M Key Trust and Priorities %mproved &''$ Monitoring o) all -hildren esp those with no s+hool Status as of May 2013
(SS) no longer utili(ed )or updating *ene)i+iaries, .ut o) the /" !01 +hildren *ene)i+iaries w2o s+hool )a+ilities onl3 "/ 043 were updated in P" 5 P2 updating +3+le

tems in the W!P

Workshop Template "PM# A$$omplishments

ssues %n$ountered

&ap to 'e filled

A$tions Plan

6o date 2! !00 +hildren *ene)i+iaries with s+hool )a+ilities were updated, 7nd varian+e is still at 8" !!4,

&navaila*ilit3 o) '+hool heads 2 Prin+ipals who will sign the s+hool +erti)i+ations o) our *ene)i+iaries during the 7pril-Ma3 period,

$ownload list o) -hildren *ene)i+iaries without s+hool )a+ilities per muni+ipalities to *e a*le to identi)3 M9s responsi*le )or the updating o) the *ene)i+iaries and +losel3 monitor their varian+es, %rregular en+oding o) grievan+e o))i+ers due to slow internet +onne+tion, ", 7llo+ate region *ase en+oders )or :R', 2, 'trengthen the te+hni+al assistan+e to the grievan+e o))i+er regarding en+oding in &N%-'--RM


;ull3 .perate &N%-'

7"8 En+oded grievan+es )rom Januar3 < Ma3 2!"3

;or the past 8 months the :R' en+oded /!" grievan+es in &N%-'-RM, 7ll Provin+es are properl3 monitored in en+oding grievan+es and 6e+hni+al 7ssistan+e is provided is ne+essar3

#ased on the reports o) the P:.=s slow internet +onne+tion )rom the P..=s dela3 the grievan+e o))i+ers to en+ode grievan+es regularl3,

Engage -'.s and other stakeholders )or monitoring and validation


9ower Resolution time

7s o) Ma3 we have a minimal on-going +ases that are en+oded in &N%-'--RM,

6he RPM. are a*le to provide te+hni+al assistan+e to P:.=s and -:.=s to resolve grievan+es on-time, 6he RPM. have alread3 )inish the R:last 7pril and )orwarded the resolution to NPM. )or N7o M92-9 reiterates the importan+e o) edu+ation and health during the +ondu+t o) ;amil3 $evelopment 'ession to the mother grantee, o #ene)i+iaries were well oriented a*out the program as well as their +oresponsi*ilities, o 'takeholders supported the implementation o) the program *3 providing )eed*a+k to the parents regarding the per)orman+e o) their +hildren in s+hool, o -ondu+t s3stems +he+k to the )a+ilities as well as +ondu+t homevisit )or the non-+ompliant *ene)i+iaries, o -ondu+t

'ome grievan+es need )urther validation in the area that hinders to resolve the grievan+e on a timel3 manner, 6he long pro+ess that %E +ases undergoes

6o *e a*le to provide appropriate resolution in the grievan+es re+eived in a++ordan+e to the :R' timeline, 6o *e a*le to have +ondu+t P:regularl3,

'treghthen P:-

7s o) Ma3 have +ases that was alread3 deli*erated )rom P:-,

6o have more trainings and te+hni+al assistan+e in order to improve the resolution time in handling grievan+e, Re?uest to review on the pro+ess o) %E +omplaints on the program,


Monitoring o) 9ow Per)oming 7reas

%n+rease the monitoring rate o) low per)orming areas, #elow were the result o) turn-out per +ategor3A 3-0 "st monitoring 81,33B 2nd monitoring 74,81B 8-"4 "st monitoring /1,31B 2nd monitoring 1",88B Pregnant and !-0 "st monitoring 12,22B 2nd monitoring 12,23B

o #ene)i+iaries tagged as no s+hool and no health +enter due to update reasons, o $istan+e2 ina++essi*ilit3 o) areas,

o -ontinuous updating )or the pantawid *ene)i+iaries tagged as no s+hool and health +enter, o 9o**3 during the M7- meeting,

o -ontinuous +oordination to the #$M. and providing the list o) *ene)i+iaries who needs to undergo updating, o -ontinuous +ondu+t o) s3stem +he+k to the )a+ilities as well as home visit )or the non+omplian+e, o -ontinuous +oordination to the stakeholders regarding the status o) +omplian+e rate as well as suppl3 side +on+erns,

7dvo+ate Partners to *etter re+ords keeping and management as *asis o) +v

regular update )or the li*rar3 and s+hool2health

7s to date maCorit3 o) our stakeholders were oriented a*out the +omplian+e veri)i+ations s3stem and in)ormed the possi*le strateg3 )or re+ords keeping D e,g maintaining separate log*ook )or pantawid *ene)i+iaries to eas3 tra+k down the +omplian+e o) monitored *ene)i+iaries E We are +urrentl3 on pro+ess o) data +lean up,

)eed*a+king during M7- meeting with regards to the turnout o) +omplian+e o) the *ene)i+iaries, o 6he -@ )o+als +ondu+t s3stem +he+k to the )a+ilities and provide strateg3 to the stakeholders )or *etter te+ords keeping, o -92M9s and --@. seat-in during M7N-.M meeting $-W and midwives meeting to update the stakeholders regarding the s3stem, o 6he M92-9 su*mitted the +lean list o) with supporting do+uments, o 6he -@ )o+als -M6 and R%6. were +urrentl3 doing the merging o) )a+ilities in edu+ation, o Prior to the merging o) )a+ilities te region +ondu+t a+tual updating to +orre+t the )a+ilities o) the *ene)i+iaries,

o 9a+k o) suppl3 to *e used in separate re+ords o) Pantawid *ene)i+iaries,

o M7-

9o**3 to the

o -ontinuos +ondu+t o) s3stem +he+k to the )a+ilities to ensure that the3 have a *etter re+ord o) Pantawid *ene)i+iaries,

o -ontinuous data +lean up o) li*rar3 o) )a+ilities,


''7 Mapping 7ssignment o) P9s and 'W.s as )o+al in

'uppl3 'ide MaFmi(e 7doption o) alternative deliver3 mode


'pot +he+king o) ;$'

;$' monitoring and spot +he+ks are +ontinuousl3 +ondu+ted )o+used on o*serving a+tual +ondu+t o) ;$' )or pro+ess +he+k and ensure that ;$' do+uments are properl3 )iled and maintained in the respe+tive areas, 7ll provin+es and muni+ipalities had +ondu+ted ;$',

G-onsolidated and 'u*mitted ;$' Reports < ;$' Plan to NPM. G-ondu+ted spot +he+ks to muni+ipalities with high and low +omplian+e rate as well as muni+ipalities with high in+iden+e2num*er o) non-+ompliant < 4 set "H 3 set 2H 4 set 3 and 2 set 4 and " set 0 muni+ipalities )or the )ollowing +on+ernsA -.*serve and ensure that re+ords o) attendan+e and minutes o) ;$' are maintained as *asis )or monitoring the +omplian+e in monthl3 ;$' in -@;4H -@alidate reasons and responses2a+tion taken at the muni+ipal level to resolve +ases o) non-+omplian+e G$o+umented some *ehavioral +hanges

G No +lear guidelines to )ollow in the implementation o) ;$' *e+ause +ra)ting and approval o) )inal ;$' :uidelines took long time *e)ore it was downloaded to the )ield o))i+es,

G'tri+t o*servan+e and +omplian+e on the poli+ies stipulated in the ;$' guidelines parti+ularl3 on the regular +ondu+t o) ;$', G%n+ul+ate to the lo+al partners and stakeholders their maCor role in the +ondu+t o) ;$' G6ap and identi)3 pool o) RPs )or augmentation in the +ondu+t o) ;$' G'trengthening o) 3-s among )ield implementers and stakeholders

G.rientation to )ield workers2operations o))i+es regarding the guidelines with the help o) the 'W. %%%s

G-ommitments o) some lo+al partners and stakeholders in the +ondu+t o) ;$' is not delivered

G%n+lusion o) ;$' .rientation in the M7- 7genda to en+ourage parti+ipation and involvement o) stakeholders in the +ondu+t o) ;$' G-oordinate with the inter-muni+ipal partners or )o+al persons on health and edu+ation on the parti+ular topi+s assigned to them and +ome up with regular s+hedule o) sessions and series o) topi+ to *e dis+ussed

G'+hedule o) ;$' were postponed and not o*served *ased on su*mitted plan G'ome muni+ipalities2*arang a3s have no regular ;$' due to emerging and overlapping +on+erns and e?uall3 important a+tivities -2M9s need to attend

thru the testimonials o) grantees related to their learnings out o) the +ondu+t o) ;$' in +oordination with the +on+erned P.. and M9s G Ensured that ;$' do+uments are properl3 )iled and maintained in the -2M9s areas and or in their respe+tive +luster and operations o))i+es, G$o+umented some o) the good pra+ti+es o) implementers )or possi*le repli+ation in their respe+tive areas, G;indings and result o) spot +he+ks were rela3ed to +on+erned P9s and 'W. %%%s )or appropriate a+tions, GMonitored +ondu+t o) ;$' on 7+tive -iti(enship in Mas*ate Provin+ial .perations .))i+e spe+i)i+all3 )or 'et " Muni+ipalities and share it with the M9s

to, G'ome muni+ipalities have in+omplete num*er o) -2M9s to +onvene the parent groups )or ;$' due to )ast turn-over o) sta)) - either resigned and end o) +ontra+t sta))H hen+e repla+ement were dela3ed, G%mpa+t and appli+ation o) learnings in ;$' not properl3 do+umented2 monitored,

G$o+umentation o) *ehavioral +hanges2su++ess stories relative to ;$' must *e in+luded in the +ase )olders2progress notes

G.n time su*mission o) ;$' reports

G9essen num*er o) non-+ompliant households G%n+rease attendan+e rate o) +ouples in ;$' G9ate and in+omplete su*mission o) ;$' reports

G -2M9s 'W. %%%s and ;$' ;o+als in -oordination with 'M& to su*mit monthl3 report D'u++ess 'tories2progress notesE to monitor the impa+t o) ;$' and as part o) their +ase management GRegular monitoring2+he+king o) +ase )olders to ensure that impa+t2movement in the well-*eing are properl3 do+umented, G;iling o) ;$' do+uments su+h as attendan+e and minutes2do+umentat ion must *e maintained in the respe+tive o))i+es G-ondu+t home

G-ondu+ted spot +he+k on the implementation o) ;$' *3 -'. < $io+ese

GNon-+ompliant households in ;$' G9ow

o) @ira+ 'o+ial 7+tion ;oundation %n+, $@'7;%E, GProvided supplemental in)ormation and input also with the help and 67 o) ;7 %%% 7llan 6o+a )or the review o) the li?uidation and its supporting do+uments and )a+ilitate re?uest o) 2nd tran+he )und trans)er, GProvided 6e+hni+al 7ssistan+e thru +oa+hing to -2M9s in sele+tion o) the topi+

parti+ipation2attenda n+e o) +ouples in ;$'

GNo *udget or allo+ation to pur+hase supplies,

visits and in+ul+ate to the household grantees who do not seem interested in attending )amil3 development sessions and eFplain the importan+e o) these to them, G9o**3 )or in+lusion o) *udget )or ;$' supplies,

$evelopment o) New relevant modules monitor movement in the level o) well*eing using 'W%

No new modules were developed

'kills in 6e+hni+al writing needs to *e developed and or enhan+ed, No engagement 3et in 'W% monitoring parti+ularl3 in the movement in the level o) well- *eing o) *ene)i+iaries, 7s )ar as ;$' is +on+erned 'W% Result is *eing used as a *asis o) identi)3ing topi+ in ;$' as an intervention to the +ases o) *ene)i+iaries, Role delineation in terms o) +ra)ting the 6ransition plan is not well-de)ined Role o) ;$' ;o+al in 'W% monitoring is not 3et +lear and or de)ined,

-oordinate with ;$&-NPM. reA pro+ess and *asis in developing new modules -oordinate with NPM.-;$& reA +lari)i+ation o) roles in monitoring the movement o) level o) well *eing *ased on 'W% result

-omprehensive transition plan )or 'et "

NPM.-;$& to identi)3 and +lari)3 the role o) ;$' ;o+als vs, +onvergen+e sta)) in

-olla*orate with the +on+erned unit )or the s3n+hroni(ation and agree on the

the development o) the 6ransition plan

en+ourage parti+ipation o) -'.s in the +ondu+t o) ;$'

-oordination meeting and appearan+e to 7#'NE6 Meeting is +ontinuousl3 done with the help o) -'. ;o+al to en+ourage and invite more -'.s to engage in the +ondu+t o) ;$',

G.rientation and updates on ;$' and ;$' Plus were provided to in+lude pro+ess o) engagement as well as the do+umentar3 re?uirements,

Pea+e -ore @olunteers ERP76 @olunteers $I62'67RM.@ER' < RY$ER' ;aith #ased-.rgani(ations and -atholi+ -hur+h Missionaries .) -harit3 DM.-E 7--.R$D7ssistan+e and -ooperation )or -ommunit3 Resilien+e and -ommunit3 $evelopmentE -7R%67' M7'#76E P97N %N6ERN76%.N79 < M.@E @.9&N6EER' engaged as :a*a3 #anta3 6ula3 and Iaagapa3 were mo*ili(ed as resour+e persons during the +ondu+t o) ;$', G-amalig #ank ;oundation started Piloting o) )inan+ial litera+3 Modules in the sele+ted muni+ipalities in the Provin+e o) -amarines 'ur and -atanduanes also as #anta3 :a*a3 6ula3 and Iaagapa3

GMaCorit3 o) the -'.s are having a hard time +ompl3ing with the do+umentar3 re?uirements parti+ularl3 on the li+ense and registration +on+erns o) their agen+3, 'ome o) the interested -'.s did not pursue their proposal to engage in the +ondu+t o) ;$',

division o) tasks in terms o) monitoring the movement in the level o) well*eing o) the household *ene)i+iaries G-lose +oordination with -'. ;o+al and P..s )or the advo+a+3 and +ontinuous en+ouragement o) -'.s in the respe+tive provin+es )or their possi*le engagement in the +ondu+t o) ;$'

G$io+ese o) @ira+ 'o+ial 7+tion ;oundation %n+, engaged in the +ondu+t o) ;$' with )und trans)er,

-ap #uilding

intensi)3 +ap *uild2empowerm ent o) *ene)i+iaries

6he 6raining )or Parent 9eaders 9evel % o) 'et 8 is +urrentl3 under the pro+urement pro+ess, 6his will *e +ondu+ted simultaneousl3 in venues in 7l*a3 -am 'ur -am Norte and Mas*ate to +over a target num*er o) " 74/ parent leaders, RPM. and P.. sta)) shall *e the mem*ers o) the training team in ea+h respe+tive lo+alit3, 6he pro+urement pro+ess )or the 6raining o) Parent 9eaders 9evel %% has *een +ompleted, -oastal @iew Resort in 7l*a3 is the identi)ied servi+e provider o) the a+tivit3 to *e +ondu+ted on .+to*er /-24 2!"3 in 3 *at+hes,

", -apa*ilit3 #uilding 6raining )or Parent 9eaders 9evel % )or 'et 8 2, -apa*ilit3 #uilding 6raining )or Parent 9eaders 9evel %% Dinvolving " P9 per mun2+it3E

6he RPM. has now esta*lished a training team per P.. +onsidering the num*er o) *at+hes the a+tivit3 shall run on the target s+hedule, 7ll training logisti+s are also *eing prepared *3 the training sta)) in +oordination with the PP'' ;inan+e &nit and the P.. sta)), 6he training sta)) also devised a set o) +riteria )or the sele+tion o) the target parti+ipants )or the 9evel %% training, 6his shall eFpedite P..2M9s to identi)3 +apa*le parent leaders to *e the program advo+ates, 7lso a training module )or the said a+tivit3 is *eing innovated *3 the RPM. to +ome up with a mu+h su*stantial appropriate and )easi*le a+tivities and

6he 6.6 +ondu+ted last .+to*er /-"" 2!"2 )or the roll-out training o) the 9evel %% )ailed to +ome up with a generi+ module or guidelines on the +ondu+t o) the a+tivit3, 6here were ke3 points2areas whi+h the -#& issued )or RPM. to +onsider in managing the a+tivit3 *ut no material has *een generated, 6he +ondu+t o) the mandated training a+tivities still le)t some untrained proCe+t sta)) due the )ast turn-over or va+an+ies whi+h were Cust )illed up a)ter its +ompletion, 9imited )und )or the training a+tivities was also a +onsideration o) the RPM. in +ondu+ting +apa*ilit3 *uilding endeavors to Cust sele+ted

6he -#& needs to intensi)3 the +ondu+t o) 6raining Needs 7ssessment D6N7E to ensure timeliness o) the a+tivities relevan+e o) the training to the needs o) the target parti+ipants and +learer2 measura*le out+ome o) the o*Ce+tives o) all +apa*ilit3 *uilding endeavors,

;or 2nd 'em 2!"3 -ondu+t mandator3 trainings )or the untrained proCe+t sta)) RPM. shall innovate the administration o) 6N7 to the target parti+ipants Dsta)) partners and *ene)i+iariesE ;or -Y 2!"4 -ondu+t trainings as mandated *3 the -. Results o) the 6N7 will *e +onsidered to innovate other +apa*ilit3 *uilding a+tivities )or the sta)) partners and *ene)i+iaries



'o+ial Marketing

massive +ampaign in support o) the departments +onvergean+e

7dvo+a+3 and 'o+ial Marketing a+tivities )o+used on the J#awal 7ng Epal $ito -ampaignK

%, #awal 7ng Epal $ito D#7E$E -ampaignA a,E:rand 9aun+hing 5 Provin+ial 9aun+hings 6he :rand 9aun+hing o) the #awal 7ng Epal $ito -ampaign was held in 9ega(pi -it3 last Ma3 4 2!"3, 9aun+hings were also +ondu+ted in all provin+es on the )ollowing datesA 7pril 0- $aet -amarines Norte 7pril "!- Naga -it3 -amarines 'ur 7pril ""- 'orsogon -it3 'orsogon 7pril "1- @ira+ -atanduanes 7pril 28- Mas*ate -it3 Mas*ate *,E6@ Plugging 6wo D2E versions o) the NPM. produ+ed 6@ plugs were aired regionwide over lo+al 7#'--#N ever3 Monda3 till ;rida3 )rom 7pril " to 3! 2!"3, +,ERadio Plugging ;our D4E versions o) the #7E$ radio plugs were aired L )ive D0E spots per da3 )rom

Produ+tion o) newsletter entitled J9arawanK is not in the -omm,plan

Monda3 till 'unda3 in the whole month o) 7pril over "1 radio stations in the )ive D0E provin+es o) #i+ol,

develop +ompendium o) *est pra+ti+es

%%, Iatutu*o -onvergen+e -aravan 7 Iatutu*o -onvergen+e -aravan was held at 'itio -ala*igaho #aranga3 .smena Dknown as the J7n+estral 9and o) the Ia*ihugsKE Jose Pangani*an -amarines Norte last Ma3 3! 2!"3, %ndigenous People +hildren and adult +oming )rom the muni+ipalities o) 9a*o Para+ale #asud -apalonga 'ta, Elena and Jose Pangani*an *ene)ited )rom the said a+tivit3,

%ndigenous support Peoples advo+a+3 )or the rights o) %P *ene)i+iares more %P-;riendl3 mode o)

intervention mainstream %P MMs in the +ommunit3

:ender and $evelopm ent

7lign Pantawid :7$ ;ramework to the dept




%ntensi)3 advo+a+3 on women empowerment and gender e?ualit3 among Pantawid *ene)i+iaries in +oordination with partner agen+ies and 9:&s %n+rease :7$related +apa*ilit3 *uilding a+tivities )or NPM. and RPM. sta))

-ontinuous +ondu+t o) ;$'


-ondu+t o) ;amil3 $evelopment 'essions relative to gender e?ualit3

:7$ ;ramework )ormulated *3 the :7$ ;o+als o) the "7 regions together with the NPM. sta)) during the :7$ ;o+als= Writeshop on Pantwaid ;ramework is not 3et *eing downloaded to RPM., -ases o) @7W- are re+orded *3 the M9s and su*se?uentl3 re)erred to M'W$.s

Provision o) a )inali(ed :7$ )ramework

7lignment o) Pantawid :7$ ;ramework and :uidelines to the $epartment=s ;ramework

%n+lusion o) a+tivities strengthening advo+a+3 on women empowerment to the :7$ Work Plan 2!"4

6o in+lude a+tivities strengthening advo+a+3 on women empowerment to the :7$ Work Plan 2!"4

$o+uments )or the up+oming :'6 are under the pro+urement pro+ess

-ondu+t o) :ender 'ensitivit3 6raining )or the Pantawid Pamil3a 'ta)) D-it32 Muni+ipal 9inksE

-ondu+t o) the 6raining on Enhan+ed ;$' Manual whi+h in+ludes topi+ on :ender E?ualit3

6he s+hedule o) :ender 'ensitivit3 6raining whi+h is supposedl3 to *e +ondu+ted on 7prilJul3 was moved on 7ugust 2!"3 and the target num*er o) parti+ipants was

Ensure *udget allo+ation

:'6 )or the remaining 4 P..s is in+luded on the :7$ Work Plan 2!"4, 7lso in+lusive in the plan is the +ondu+t o) :'6 )or Pantawid Pamil3a %P 9eaders and 6raining on the

%mplement the -ommunit3#ased :ender 7+tion Plan in pilot sites that parti+ipated in the nationwide :7$ assessment




redu+ed due to +ost +utting, 6he original target parti+ipants are the sta)) o) the siF D8E P..s to in+lude -2M9s P$.s 'W7s and 77s *ut on the revised proCe+t proposal -2M9s o) the 2 out o) 8 P..s will *e prioriti(ed, :7$ ;ramework )ormulated *3 the :7$ ;o+als o) the "7 regions together with the NPM. sta)) during the :7$ ;o+als= Writeshop on Pantwaid ;ramework is not 3et *eing downloaded to RPM.,

Empowerment and Rea))irmation o) Paternal 7*ilities DERP76E to Pantawid Pamil3a male implementers and )ather-volunteers

Provision o) a )inali(ed :7$ )ramework

7lignment o) Pantawid :7$ ;ramework and :uidelines to the $epartment=s ;ramework

%nstitutional 'trengtheni ng

Ensure regular meeting o) National and Regional 7dvisor3 -ommittee and the National and Regional ProCe+t Management 6eam 'trengthen the Provin+ial .perations .))i+es

Mad +ondu+ted " R7Meeting and " R76eam #uilding and 9earning @isits


Mad +ondu+ted " R7Meeting and " R76eam #uilding and 9earning @isits

%rregular attendan+e o) some R7Mem*ers

-ontinous +oordination with R7- Mem*ers to ensure their +ooperation

Meeting with 9:&s .rgani(e dialogue o) -'.s with P9s and N%7M- with P9s
>7t present 3 P9=s were invited to attend on the )orum *etween N%7M- and P9=s on Jul3 /-"" 2!"3 None >-oordinated P9=s )rom -amarines Norte D%P Mem*erE Naga -it3D&r*an poor mem*erE and 'orsogon DMale P9E $i))i+ult3 in identi)3ing parti+ipants in N%7M;orum spe+i)i+all3 -amarines 'ur area -lose +oordination with P..

-ompeten+3*ased re+ruitment sta))ing and human resour+e development Regulari(ation o) NPM. and RPM. sta)) -ontinue skills enhan+ement o) -ase Management '3stem using 'o+ial Wel)are %ndi+ators tools and 3-s )or Muni+ipal 9inks -ontinuous +apa+it3 development o)

program sta)) and implementers %nstitutionali(e the -iti(ens -harter o) Pantawid to ensure adheren+e o) sta)) at all levels -onsolidate and rationali(e the use o) ph3si+al resour+es 'trengthen and make s3stems and me+hanisms e))e+tive )or internal +ommuni+ations


Promote the Pantawid Pamil3a Resear+h 7genda and in+rease +olla*oration with a+ademi+ institutions on resear+h and

M5E Ouantitative 'o+ial Resear+h 6raining Responded to &ndergraduate2 graduate thesis proposals -olla*oration with %P$

No *udget is allo+ated in +ondu+ting the impa+t evaluation )or 'et "

-oordination with 3 undergraduate resear+h proposals, -oordination with 2 :raduate 'tudies,

No returned )inal thesis or studies )rom *oth undergraduate and graduate s+hools,

Resear+hers must have terms o) re)eren+e in order to *e+ome lia*le o) the results o) their studies,

6o +ondu+t a meeting in +olla*oration with the &niversities and 'tate -olleges in #i+ol Region to promote Resear+h 7genda o) Pantawid Pamil3ang Pilipino Program,

impa+t evaluation %mprove lo+al monitoring in +oordination with 9:&s and -'.s through the +reation o) multi-se+toral 9o+al Monitoring 6eam -ondu+t )ollow through a+tivities on the 'pot -he+k and %mpa+t Evaluation )indings
None None None &ntrained Provin+ial M5E=s n +ondu+ting spot +he+ks and +oordinating with 9:&=s and -'.=s, 6o +ondu+t trainings with the provin+ial M5E=s 9:&s and -'.s in +reating 9o+al Monitoring 6eam,

-ondu+t o) Muni+ipal 'pot -he+k

No *udget is allo+ated in +ondu+ting the impa+t evaluation,

-ondu+ted 4 Muni+ipal 'pot -he+ks )or 'et " 5 2,

$evelopment o) M5E design )or M--6


N. *udget is allo+ated )or M--6 in

7ttended the M--6 6raining on Report :eneration

:iven with 2 Regional M5Es +overing the #i+ol Region with 8 Provin+es "!7 Muni+ipalities and 7 -ities will *e di))i+ult to +ondu+t )ollow through a+tivities with its limited time and geographi+al lo+ation, $uring the training there was no )inal agreement in lo**3ing the monitoring o) M--6 to M5E .))i+ers,

Provin+ial M5E are untrained in +ondu+ting spot +he+ks,

6o provide te+hni+al assistan+e in )ormulation o) .perational 'pot -he+k tool )or Muni+ipal 9evel,

6o provide the )inal M--6 )ormat in generating report in regional level,


;ull implementation o) the Modi)ied --6 )or )amilies

For the implementation of FNSP in partnership with Simon of Cyrene Children Rehabilitation Center, Inc. we have

1. Q arterly Re!ional "echnical Coachin! and

#ble to cond ct the coachin! and mentorin! on Case $ana!ement and Social %elfare

&Slow phasin! of pro!ram implementation in terms of deadlines !iven by Central

Constant s pervision and monitorin!' spotchec( in the implementation. &Contin es follow p.

Contin e e)plore partners CSo and *+ on the implementation of $CC" FNSP

in need o) spe+ial prote+tion )or vi+tims o) natural and man-made disasters and street )amilies and other )amilies in need o) spe+ial prote+tion

already re!istered ,-. beneficiaries and for /)tended #!e Covera!e Pro!ram we re!istered 00000000. In terms of cond ct of Family 1evelopment Session they have contin es cond ct of the per parent !ro ps. $onitorin! of compliance were also done thr man ally done Compliance 2erification Form partic larly on ed cation, health and F1S.

Case Conference 3. Roll&o t "rainin! 4R5"67 Case $ana!ement 8. R5"7 Psycho& social Interventions 9 "herape tic care for CNSP ,. R5"7 :se of $CC" system 9 s(ills enhancement for C$"s ;.CS5 ' *+: cons ltation with RP$5s 4F5s6

Indicator 4S%I6.

5ffice. &:nh rried passin! of *i< idation for the 1st "ranche 48.=6 transferred to SCR1FI. Still waitin! for their li< idation this end of > ne, 3.18. &No system' database for the implementation of $CC" FNSP. It is man ally done. &Financial li< idation no template provided by Central 5ffice. & 5perational + idelines for $CC" still no pdate from Central 5ffice.

&Raised already the iss e to Central office concernin! database.