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Secret Lair of The Clockwork Priestess

Ayunie Adiana

Character Biography
The name of the Clockwork Priestess is Verdasha Brian, a half Italian, half Japanese woman. She is better known as Sister Verdasha, a name which represents her status as a member of the Jewish clergy. Sister Verdasha was born into a deeply religious family and it did not come as a surprise to those around her when she chose to join the kohenet priestess- Hebrew seminary at the age of sixteen. While many of her relatives saw this course of action as her way of dealing with her grief purposefully, this choice was made with a more cynical intention in mind. Just four years earlier, Sister Verdasha encountered her first experience with death when she witnessed her parents brutal murder at the hands of the Italian mafia gang, La Romano Cartel, while hiding in one of the kitchen cupboards. Sister Verdasha made it through the event physically unharmed but she was left psychologically and emotionally scarred for life. While the young Verdasha spent five gruelling hours curled up in the cupboard, trying to suppress her sobs and agony over the cruel fate that has befallen her family, a tiny clockwork locket became her source of comfort. It was a silver-rusted almond shaped pendant that hung from a short chain that Verdasha hung around her neck. It was a gift from her parents when she turned eight. The locket could be opened with a click of a tiny button that would reveal a mirror on one side and whirring clockwork on the other. Her father had explained that the clockwork represented more than just the movement of time. That it in fact each gear symbolises relationships and values of a person and the clockwork, denoting the person, can only be at their best if all their gears are in top notch condition. She was too young to understand it then, but as she hid in the musty cupboard and focused on the whirring of the clockwork to block out the ghastly noises coming from outside, she finally understood that her clockwork will never be the same again. This experience made the most profound impact on her relation with God, as she began to question His ability and fairness towards devout, God-fearing people such as her parents. In order to avenge her parents death, Sister Verdasha took on the role of God. Traditionally, it would take about seven years to attain priestesshood but with her quite determination and focus, Sister Verdasha was ordained just three years later. This appointment became the springboard to her well thought of plans to seek revenge on the La Romano Cartel. Coming from a family with mixed heritage, Sister Verdasha is a stunning woman. Standing at 1.7 meters, with long brown hair and honey-almond eyes, Sister Verdasha was able to put her looks to use to charm her parents killers. Little did they know that by arranging confession sessions with her, they were signing their death certificates with the bitter, cold-blooded priestess. The toughest test for Sister Verdasha was coming face to face with the boss of La Romano Cartel, who not only ordered her parents execution but also her maternal uncle. When she finally confronted him, her faith in God and katana skills were put to the ultimate test to finally bury her haunted past and set her clockwork right again.

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