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McDonalds, fast food is a product that serves beef and chicken burgers, fries, fried

chicken, soft drinks, breakfast foods, milkshakes, ice cream and other delicious and nutritious dishes with very affordable prices. The history of McDonalds began in 194 , with the opening of a restaurant by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. !owever, the date of the establishment of McDonalds was declared in 19"", after the date of opening of the first franchise restaurant by McDonalds #$% at the time, &ay 'roc. &ay 'roc franchised restaurant is a restaurant the ninth McDonalds opened at that time. (. McDonalds has built its name in Malaysia for the first time in December 19) when

McDonald*s #orporation +nited ,tates awarded the -olden .rches &estaurants ,dn /hd, the license to operate McDonald*s restaurant chain in Malaysia. 0ow, McDonald*s Malaysia has ( 4 restaurants nationwide network and make new restaurant growth pro1ection rates are between 1"2( restaurants annually. 3ith the opening of this new restaurant, of course, employment opportunities for local citi4ens increases. The estimated 1" ( 14, McDonalds Malaysia plans to have 6 percent market 7uick ,ervice &estaurants. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING 6. The human resource department in McDonald*s are given responsibilities for new 1obs will be created by the opening of new restaurants, additional staff and remodeling e5isting. Towards restaurants, and make pro1ections will serve more than 1( million customers every month . McDonalds Malaysia currently has a 4(

selecting, motivating, developing and evaluating the employeess. .ll managers therefore take on human resource responsibilities. $mployees are the most important resources in McDonald*s, particularly in creating a competitive edge. 4. MISSION. McDonals Malaysia mission is to be our customers* favourite place and

way to eat. ". VISION. Mc Donals vison is to provide ,imple $asy $n1oyment to every

customer at every visit. 1



McDonald*s mission is to be our customers* favourite place and way to

eat 9 with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched :uality, service, cleanliness and value every time. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION RECRUITMENT ;. <n McDonalds recruitment process is decentrali4ed. $very branch of McDonalds is

independent to hire the employees. +sually at McDonalds employees are hired in a form of badge. .lso the transformations of employees within the franchises of McDonalds took place for recruiting the employees.. ). McDonalds have uses two ways in recruitment their employee which is internal

recruitment and e5ternal recruitment. =or internal recruitment Mc Donalds have uses two basic method which is 1ob positioning and succession planning. <n >ob positioning McDonalds select candidates from inside by considering their past performance. 9. =or e5ternal recruitment, McDonald?s often goes though they mostly prefer internal

recruitment or internal promotion of the employees to the higher posts. $5ternal recruitment of McDonalds involves@ a. Recruiting via internet. 0ow a Days &ecruiting via <nternet is becoming

very common. McDonalds has its own site where they publish for the 1obs and offer people to send their resume through online process and often recruit employees. b. Advertising. .dvertising is the most used method for recruitment. McDonalds

approaches the 0ewspaper or a maga4ine adds mostly to invite employees for 1obs.

SELECTION 1 . The selection process of McDonalds involves the following factors@ a. Initial Screening. <n initial screening McDonalds collects the application

forms of candidates from their 3ebs its online and also by Mail or =a5 and than they choose those applications which are according to their 1ob re:uirements and call those candidates for further process. b. Testing. McDonalds take the tests to check the abilities, knowledge and nature

of work of employees. McDonalds conduct tests to know the factors such as Moto rA physical skills, BersonalityC attitude testD and #ognitive abilities C.ptitude and <ntelligence testD C1D Testing Pr cedure. McDonalds always want a multi2skilled worker or

employee who could work efficiently at any level. <n McDonalds employees are tested in two basic ways first through some oral or written tests they are 1udged and then they are allowed to perform a practical work, where the McDonalds managers could evaluate them more accurately. C(D Mcd nalds Testing Met! ds. McDonalds test method to test the CaD CbD CcD CdD CeD c . Bhysical fitness test. .ttitude test. .ptitude test. #ase study test method. %n2the2>ob evaluation test


Intervie"ing# This is where the final and overall assessment of the candidate

takes place and selection decisions are made. <n McDonalds interviewing system apply subse:uent method. =irst they e5amine the 1ob description, specification, duties, and re:uirements for a 1ob such as skills,knowledge or abilities,.fter that they create

situational C1ob2relatedD :uestions for the candidate to know their capabilities.=inally, they appoint the interviewers to conduct and evaluate the interview. EMPLO$EE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT TRAINING 11. .t McDonalds, a 1ob is never 1ust a 1obE employees know that working at McDonalds

provides them with a wealth of knowledge, e5perience, skills and above all a true fun work $nvironment. McDonalds follow a highly structured training process. $mployees in McDonalds are trained at all levels. They are trained to work on floor base area to back area. McDonald*s employee training programs are based on the company*s core principles such as 7uality,,ervice,#leanliness,Falue. 1(. .s like other organi4ation McDonalds training and development program starts from

orientation. <n McDonald?s employee orientation program range from " to 8 months and it includes such contents@ a. 3elcome %rientation Day is arranged for the new employees where they got

familiar with the history or background of the company, cultural values, present conditions, future goals and ob1ectives or plans of the company. b. c. $mployees are formally told about what to wear their dress code or uniform. Then employees have to spend 1" to (" days in different sub departments

under one department. d. The head of the department decides that what ob1ectives a new incoming

employee should carry out. e. f. <n McDonald each employee works with or under a supervisor. $mployees get at least 8 months of time to show their skills and knowledge. 4


.fter these " to 8 months orientation employees get their appointment letters

as a permanent employee of McDonalds. 16. The most used training methods that McDonalds uses such as@ a. On%T!e%& ' Training. The ma1ority of training is floor based, or G%n2The2

>obG training because people learn more and are more likely to retain information if they are able to practice as they learn. They will also attend classroom2 based training sessions where they will complete workbooks for :uality, service and cleanliness. b. & ' R tati n. McDonalds also uses the most known type of on the 1ob department so that the

training H>ob &otationI. <t is done within the specific employee becomes familiar with all level of 1obs. c.

Lectures. $mployees are introduced with a complete description about the are the 1ob re:uirements and

1ob, and a guideline that how to work and what procedures. d.

Audi %visual 'ased training. =or the new trainees McDonalds also provide

them with DFDs, films, video or audio tapes related to the operational or functional work of the organi4ation. 14. McDonalds evaluate its training program through %n2The2>ob /ehavior that after the

training session the behavior of employees are changed or not. They match up the performance behavior of employees before training and after training like, the behavior of a crew member is more courteous to customersJ The <nventory control manager is now more practical in his work and manages the inventory more systematicallyJ


DEVELOPMENT 1". McDonalds has established a development program for managers, employees and

also for the workers at lower level. <t includes@ a. b. c. Management development plan for employees at all levels. McDonalds provide facilities to employees in their career planning. Transformation of employees is also carried out within the branch or in other

branches. d. 18. Different training courses are also arranged for the employee?s.

The Management Development is divided into four key programs@ a. S!i(t Manage)ent. <t develops the skills and techni:ues in trainee managers

re:uired to become effective in all aspects of running a shift. b. S*ste)s Manage)ent. <t targets the second assistant and newly promoted

first assistant managers. This program covers all areas of McDonald?s systems and hence increasing the manager?s business knowledge and also develops individual techni:ues. c. Restaurant Leaders!i+. <t introduces the managers to the key skills needed to

become effective restaurant leaders like team2building, communication, decision2 making. d. ,usiness Leaders!i+. <t focus on the need to develop a business strategy that

encompasses both internal and e5ternal factors.

PER-ORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND APPRAISAL 1;. Berformance appraisal compares each employee?s actual performance with his or her

performance standard. Managers use 1ob analysis to determine the 1ob specific activities and performance standards. HBerformance appraisal helps in estimating employee?s current performance, setting work standards and then providing feedback to employees with the aim of eliminating performance deficienciesI. 1). .t McDonalds every employee is on a race to give the best performance through their

knowledge, abilities and skills. .n appraisal session is also arranged for the employees. .n appraisal interview in McDonalds is taken by !ead of the Department only and the progress report of the employee is also in the hands of the !ead of the Department. <n McDonalds the yearly appraisals of employees are done in >une to >uly. 19. McDonalds uses the -raphic &ating ,cale Method for evaluating the performance

appraisal of employees.Through the -raphic &ating ,cale the head of the department rate the person according to the performance of its work, skill, knowledge, e5perience and after the assessment according to the rating scale, rate the employee as appraised. -raphic rating scale method involves the following traits such as communication, personel effectiveness Kefficiency,teamwork,productivity,:uality of work and reliability. COMPENSATION AND ,ENE-ITS COMPENSATION ( . McDonald uses /road banding trend of compensation, in this trend wide range of 1obs

and salary levelsare represented by /ands. ,o the employee, whose 1ob falls on one of these grades, gives the pay range listed on that grade and determines his or her salary. McDonalds has this system of compensation because, broadbanding allows for fle5ibility in terms of pay, growth and movement.McDonalds is using broad banding method for compensation because it is the most used method by companies and it is relatively easy to handle. .s there are so many 1obs and each 1ob has its own description and value so by making bands of similar 1obs

and assigning them the appropriate salaries will make easy for McDonalds to set the pays of employees. (1. McDonalds conduct salary survey, that what other employers are paying for the same

nature of 1ob to the employees. McDonalds pays more to their employees as compare to market.,o,the salary survey is necessary for establishing pay rates. McDonalds has also given its salary ranges on different 1obs in their site. ((. Bricing of pay grades assigns pay rates to pay grades. =or assigning pay rates to any

level of 1ob, McDonalds uses 3age #urve which shows the relationship between value of the 1ob and wage price for the 1ob. McDonalds through wage curve assign pay rates to part time and full time 1obs according to the re:uirement of 1ob. More specifically according to the 1ob nature of employee such as for part time crew member the pay rate will be different from full time depending on their work. ,ENE-ITS (6. The benefits that has been given by McDonald to their employee are@ a. !ealth and protection includes all of these benefits which is Medical .id,

Bension or Brovident =und, Disability #over, =uneral #over and .ccidental Death A Dismemberment. b. McDonald*s also believe in work and life balance and they offer the

programs to assist their employees which is .nnual Leave, Leave of .bsenc, $ducational .ssistance,$mployee Discount #ard and ,taff .ppreciation Days. c. McDonalds pay and reward method is fair which is highly competitive salary

packages such as performance based bonus, employee of the month program, annual employee recognition awards, and opportunity for local or international training at all levels.

EMPLO$EE SA-ET$ AND HEALTH (4. McDonalds has a comprehensible strategy of occupational health, safety and security

of employees. =or health safety in Mc Donalds,its has a safe environment regarding to health, there are no such serious health safety threats in McDonalds but they have developed a systematic health and safety program for those employees specially who work in production lobby. ,uch factors could be a health and safety problem for McDonald?s employees which is high temperature,hygiene,smoking and infectious disease. (". McDonalds keeping in view the factors take the following steps ahead to prevent their

employees from any health ha4ard@ a. Ventilati n s*ste)# Broper ventilation systems such as e5hausts are placed

so that the high temperatures don?t cause any health problem to employees who work inproduction lobby Ccooking areaD. b. Ins+ecti n. =or the hygiene of office and cooking place per month a inspector

from food department visits to observe the cleanliness system, this is better for employees themselves and the customers as well. c. N s) .ing rule# <n the office a smoking rule is obeyed for the health

protection of employees and restaurant environment. d. In(ecti us diseases# . medical check up of employees is conducted to know

that any employee doesn?t have any viral disease and if any employee becomes serious ill heKshe is granted a leave so that no other employee could suffer from same problem. (8. =or safety and security of employees two areas are considered such as, inner area of

the office and outside threats. McDonalds according to the above mentioned security risks use two basic facilities of security given as@


Natural Securit*. McDonalds has ,ecurity -uards and #heck Bost


parking lot. They have security guards in their Barking .rea and at the $ntrance Door as well. b. Mec!anical Securit*# McDonalds has placed a scanner at their entrance door,

##TF cameras are also fi5ed in and outer area of the restaurant, fire e5tinguishers and stabili4ers? for short circuit. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS (;. <ndustrial relation also known as employee relations involves the body of work

concerned with maintaining employer2employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale. $ssentially, $mployee &elations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations. <n McDonals advice is provided to supervisors on how to correct poor performance and employee misconduct. <n such instances, progressive discipline and regulatory and other re:uirements must be considered in effecting disciplinary actions and in resolving employee grievances and appeals. <nformation is provided to employees to promote a better understanding of management*s goals and policies. <nformation is also provided to employees to assist them in correcting poor performance, on or off duty misconduct, andKor to address personal issues that affect them in the workplace. $mployees are advised about applicable regulations, legislation, and bargaining agreements. $mployees are also advised about their grievance and appeal rights and discrimination and whistleblower protections. CONCLUSION (). !uman resource management now plays a very important role in an organi4ation. .t

McDonald?s, they strive to fulfill their responsibilities in each sector of their system, and have made tremendous progress in them. <n spite of their achievements, tey will remain dedicated in pursuing continuous improvement and engage their stakeholders to work together to e5plore future opportunities for brand e5cellence.