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Perez 1 David A Perez John Kubler English 114A 12 November 2013 Annotated Bibliography The student debt crisis

is something really difficult for the American Nation. The nations economy has also been affected by this crisis that, its come to the point where students have already accumulated one trillion dollars in debt (Robinson). Students are graduating from college and are paying almost more than 50 percent of their paychecks making them unable to support themselves. Something should be done in order to aid those people who are paying these accumulating loans. People are living poor because of this giving them a hard time succeeding in life, even surviving. There is a solution to this crisis, one which is given by VP Joe Bidden, which wants to establish a bill where flexible payments may be made and how it comes with various benefits when being passed including declaring bankruptcy. Im bringing up a solution to this student loan crisis using different articles to support my thesis. I strive to sound persuasive in a strong impacting way. I will attempt to use these articles and videos to support my arguments though my essay.

"Student Loans: More Debt, More Defaults, More Problems." PBS NEWS HOUR. N.d.YouTube. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. This Source tells us about the Student Loan Crisis. Its a video by PBS and documents the struggles of real life college graduates going through tough times trying to survive the real world with student debt. The video demonstrates a good example of a teacher, who after teaching at a campus she has to take a bar tending job just to help her pay her student loans and gain enough to pay her rent and other bills. She inevitably still does not have enough

Perez 2 money to sustain her way of living. Her struggle demonstrates that the payment plans she has now arent flexible enough, and telling us how these students dont really know what theyre getting into from the beginning.

Robinson, Jenna A. "Encourage Bankruptcy, Not Forgiveness, for Student Loans (essay) | Inside Higher Ed." Encourage Bankruptcy, Not Forgiveness, for Student Loans (essay) | Inside Higher Ed. inside Inner Ed, 7 Dec. 2012. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. This article is about how there has been many approaches to the problem in the student debt crisis. Thats where I got the statistic for: more than $1 Trillion have already been taken out in student debt. The article also talks about possible solutions such as easy payments, more flexible, in order to make the borrower more comfortable in life, such as %10 percent of their paycheck. The solutions suggested in the articles explains how such solutions can help the economy go up and possibly prevent more of the crisis transferred to the nations national debt. Vedder, Richard. Forgive Student Loans? Its the Second-Worst Idea Ever. National Review Online, 11 Oct. 2011. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. This article is mostly saying that forgiving the student loan on a person is a bad idea. Number one, being the actual loan to a student in the first place. This article is really thorough with what other people have to say about the authors opinion. He is able to connect the issue to the nations national debt. He asks questions such as who is going to take on the debt after its forgiven. Things just dont disappear. The author comes up with an outline just listing the sins of the loan program are many and so forth. He connects the matter to something selfish for us to think of and how its rendering the ones who go out of the debt bad spenders, suggesting they could have paid their debt sooner, rather than letting them enjoy their money.

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Donovan, Tim. Student Loan Debt Should be Treated like Detroits. Salon Media Group Inc., 24 Jul. 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. This article writes about the student loan crisis and how its unfair that places like Detroit are being forgiven of their debt with filing bankruptcy while students are doing the same thing to get out of student debt but cant escape even after filing bankruptcy. Detroits debt has been forgiven while students, who have gone bankrupt trying to pay back their loans, cannot seem to be forgiven.