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Power of 21

Gan, Chennai
1st Time you find it Difficult 10th Time it looks not much Difficult 20th Time it becomes Easy 21st Time it becomes your Habit 1st Time You know it is a Mistake 10th Time it looks as though it is a Mistake 20th Time it looks somewhat ight 21st Time it becomes your Habit

Good or Bad, everything becomes a Habit. Sooner or later you fall into the Groove. Once it becomes a Habit, you are tuned to it.

When I took u a !ob, for the first fe" days of my !oining duty, I could notice so many im erfections in the setu . #ll odds "ere clearly visible to my $yes. %or fe" days, I could not ad!ust myself to those im erfections and "as murmuring. &ays assed. 'hen, I became art and (arcel of the setu . #ll im erfections are invisible in my eyes.

Our dis osition, someho" gives a sense of difference "henever "e enter a )e" Office or a )e" House or a )e" (lace. We could immediately make out the analysis of it. But,

subse*uently, "e become used to it and soon "e get accustomed to it.

When an outside national first visits the streets of India, "ould be shocked about our state of living. What about us+ Congested ,oads, (erilous (ot holes, (regnant Buses, Intruding #utos, &angling Cables, Stinking Garbage &um s are no indifferent to us. Ha ily "e have agreed u on these as our routine state of living.

# erson taking bribe gets tuned to it sooner or later and find it an easy going and never re enting for it. So is the case of a 'hief, -urderer, Cheat, Criminal, s"indler, ick ocket and so on.

#ddictions like Smoking, &rinking, Che"ing 'obaccos,, Gambling etc are also such. Get a taste of it, continue to do it and fall victim to it. What a Horrible one+ -ind gets -esmeri.ed.

Children falling rey to Cinema, 'elevision, Internet /%acebook, '"itter, Games etc0, -obile (hones, S-Sing , Hanging to -usic (layer and Women addicted to 'ele Serials are fe" such addictions.

Getting accustomed to Good Habits also belongs to the same category. Getting u early, (raying God, Going to 'em le, Brushing 'eeth before Going to bed, etc are also by and large Habits only.

!! "#T$%& P'"& !!
(("ny Thought without an "ction Plan becomes futile((


# roverbial statement says 3#nything done for 41 'imes becomes an Habit and gets ingrained to you5


So, choose your actions in a "ise manner. If you feel an #ction is Harmful never try it.


)ever associate yourself to Bad (eo le. 'heoretically you should fall victim sooner or later. 7ee distance from Bad (eo le. ,ather associate yourself to Good (eo le through Satsangs.


'hink Good, S eak Good and do Good. (ray God. Go to 'em le, -os*ue, or Church. Be in the com any of Good (eo le.

92. $ntros)ect! Intros ection is the key to understanding self and others. &o intros ection.


*tudents ! (lease be in the com any of ,ight -inded Students. #void the 9 &evils . -obile (hones, Internet /%ace Book, '"itter etc0, 'elevision, Cinema, and -usic (layers.


Parents ! Set yourself as a ,ole -odel. What you do is im lanted in your children and society. <nderstand your ,es onsibility.


*atsangs ! #ttend Satsangs. $ven a grou of 9>12 eo le can start a Satsang. Satsang is nothing but the Sanskrit 'erminology for 3'ruth #ssociation5. -eet once in a "eek and discuss on Self &evelo ment. ?ust 9 (eo le is enough. -ake a start. See your develo ment.


+rite and ,ile! Create a %ile called A-y Success %ile /-S%0. %ile Self Hel #rticles. Write and %ile all your 'houghts and ,evie" it.

122. ead -ood .ooks! ,ead books that "ould u lift you. Become a 'rendsetter. Become a ,ole -odel. <nderstand the (o"er of 41.