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How to profile addresses using Data Insight - Enterprise Information Management - SCN Wiki
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How to profile addresses using Data Insight

Added by Denise Meyer, last edited by Denise Meyer on Dec 26, 2012

This page is intended to help Information Stew ard Data Insight users setup and run address profiling on their data.

This w iki page is a basic how to on setting up address profiling in Information Stew ard Data Insight.

How to setup address profiling in Data Insight

1. Install address directories to a single location for all countries that are being profiled. 2. Make sure that the Address Reference Data Directory option is set appropriately in the CMC. Go to CMC > Applications > Information Stew ard > Configure Application > Address Reference Data Directory option (as show n below ):

3. Log into Information Stew ard and the Data Insight project that the address profiling needs to be done in. 4. In the Workspace area in Data Insight, check the table that requires address profiling (as show n below ):



How to profile addresses using Data Insight - Enterprise Information Management - SCN Wiki

5. Go to Profile > Addresses as show n below :

6. Fill out the relevant address fields and set the address profile name in the pop up screen as seen below . Postcode is the only required field.

7. Click Save and Run now or Save depending on w hat needs to be done. Save can then be run at a later date or scheduled to be run. 8. Analyze your results after the run is complete by view ing them in the chart provided (click the green check mark next to the table to view the results). Double click on an area of the chart to drill into the sample data:



How to profile addresses using Data Insight - Enterprise Information Management - SCN Wiki

Troubleshooting tips and tricks:

If the address profile is not able to run successfully, check the follow ing common issues first: 1. Is Data Services Information stew ard job server up and running? Can it be view ed in the CMC under Applications > Information Stew ard Application > View Data Services Job Server. 2. Are the directories you are running w ith up to date? Countries such as US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia can become expired if not using up to date directories. 3. Is your directory location correct and are all necessary files present in the directory? 4. Check the Data Services log folder for relevant log files to check for any other errors that may be present on the Data Services side. If the address profile results are not matching w ith w hat results you receive w hen correcting addresses directly in a job in Data Services, check the follow ing: 1. Are you seeing a lot of 4000 The secondary information is missing on input or not in the directory. or 4010 Possible secondary address line matches are too close to choose one. errors especially on US addresses? Check if you are using the USA Regulatory address cleanse transform (URAC) w hen running your job in Data Services. The URAC transform doesnt indicate an error w hen secondary information is involved and w ill list the address assigned to the primary range level. The Data Insight address profiling makes use of the Global Address Cleanse transform (GAC) w hich has this finer level of information code available for US records. This may account for the difference in numbers of assigned records. 2. How are you defining an address as assigned? A combination of assignment level as w ell as fault code or information code and, if applicable, quality code should be used. If you are going on information or fault code alone or on assignment level alone this could be the reason the perceived results are different then the percentages or numbers you are seeing w ith the Data Insight address profiling. 3. Is any massaging of the data done prior to passing it to the address cleanse transform in your Data Services job? If so, then the address cleanse transform is receiving data differently then how it is sent to the address cleanse transform from the Data Insight address profile this could account for some differences in the percentage of corrected addresses.

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