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A few questions based on biological reasoning for the ICSE examination March ' 2011 Suggested b !

Ms"#u$al %" &'a 1. Dry seeds when placed in a beaker of water swell up. 2. When perfume is spilled in one part of the room , its fragrance spreads all over the room. 3. Jams are prepared in high concentration of sugar. . !he leaves of an uprooted plant start wilting after some time. ". Drops of water placed on a banana leaf , fail to enter the leaf. #. $resh water fish can not survive in sea water. %. !he phenomenon of osmosis can not be demonstrated by using a boiled potato osmoscope. &. !ransplanting of seedlings in a flowerbed in the evening is better thanin the morning. '. !he rate of transpiration recorded on a stormy day is more than the one recorded on a calm or a still day. 1(. !ranspiration is a necessary evil. 11. !he leaves of )erophytes generally possess sunken stomata and cutinised hair. 12. *)ygen given out during photosynthesis comes from water. 13. *lder people wear spectacles more than the children. 1 . !he cerebrum has convolutions is the form of gyri and depressions in the form of sulci. 1". +n,ury to medulla oblongata results in death. 1#. -n alcoholic person when drunk walks clumsily. 1%. !he spinal nerve is called a mi)ed nerve. 1&. !he arrangement of nerve cells in the spinal cord differ from that in the brain. 1'. We often lose our balance or feel di..y when we halt suddenly after spinning around. 2(. !here is an acceleration of body growth during puberty. 21. !he pituitatry gland is called the master gland. 22. -drenaline is also known as emergency hormone. 23. *lder people tend to feel more cold. 2 . +odine rich food must be included in our diet. 2". /oitre is usually observed in people living in hilly regions. 2#. 0ome ladies develop beard , moustache and masculine voice. 2%. 1outh dries up and heart beat increases during maiden speech. 2&. 1ilk is secreted from the breast of the mother during the suckling by the infant. 2'. +nsulin is administered to indviduls suffering from diabetes mellitus in the form of an in,ection and not given in the form of tablets which can be taken orally. 3(. 2ancreas is a heterocrine gland. 31. - large number of sperms are released in a single e,aculation. 32. !he mother3s blood does not circulate through the embryo. 33. !he umbilical cord is the lifeline of the foetus. 3 . !he full grown human embryo respires but does not breathe. 3". 4hances of pregnancy to occur are most favourable around the 1 51"th day of the menstrual cycle. 3#. !he acrosome plays an important role in fertili.ation. 3%. !he testes descend into the scrotum a little prior to birth. 3&. !wins may or may not be of the same se). 3'. !he amniotic fluid is necessarry for the normal development of embryo. (. 1enarche signals the onset of puberty. 1. 1ost often only one embryo is formed at a time although there are two ovaries in women. 2. *ur resources can not keep pace with rising population. 3. 1edical discoveries such as antibiotics and vaccinations have indirectly contributed to the sharp rise in human population in the present century. . *verpopulation affects the standard of living. ". !he use of +6D is of great help in family planning. A(( )*E +ES)