is a program aimed at enhancing civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth by developing the ethics of services and patriotism while undergoing training in any of its three (3) program components specially designed to enhance the youth’s active contribution to the general welfare. promulgated in 2001.The National Service Training Program (NSTP) Law or Republic Act 9163.  What is the National Service Training Program Law? .

Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) which refers activities contributory to the general 2. and health. train. Literacy TrainingTraining Service (LTS) 1. segments of society in need of their services. out-of-school youth and other provide motivate. Reserve Officers Corps welfare andare the betterment of life for the members What the Program which is designed to is train students to teach (ROTC) which designed to provide of the community or the enhancement its literacy and training numeracy skills to NSTP school components of the ? to military level students into order facilities. entrepreneurship. mobilize them to national defense safety. organize.3. environment. recreation and morale of the citizenry and otherpreparedness. education. social welfare services . especially those developed improving children.

are required to complete one (1) NSTP component of their choices as a graduation requirement. male and female. .All incoming freshmen students. enrolled in any baccalaureate and in at least two (2) year technical-vocational or associate courses.

.Each of the NSTP components shall be undertaken for an academic period of two (2) semesters and credited for three (3) units per semesters with 54 to 90 training hours per semesters.

CHED and TESDA subject to the capability of the school and the AFP to handle the same. formulated and adopted by DND.A one (1) summer program in lieu of the two (2) semester program may be designed. What if the NSTP cannot be taken up during the regular semester? .

however. of Service. not offered in any school ? whether they are managed by different AFP branches to the existing rules and regulation of their school of origin and the accepting school. shall be subjected . These students.School do not meet the required students in order to conduct a Program component or do not offer the component chosen by their students shall allow them to What if the NSTP program cross-enroll to other schools irrespective of whether component a student is that school is underchosen CHED or by TESDA and for ROTC.

Are currently-enrolled students covered by NSTP? Male students. are covered by NSTP. currently enrolled but have not taken any program components of the previous Expanded ROTC (E-ROTC) /National Service program (NSTP). .

Will a students who has completed all the academic requirements of his course except ROTC be allowed to graduate? A student who has completed all his academic requirements except for ROTC will be allowed to graduate provided that he is a certified candidate by the school on or before the affectivity of the NSTP which is March 23. . 2002.

WHAT IF MALE STUDENT HAS COMPLETED TWO SEMESTERS OF E-ROTC/NSTP? He is deemed to have compiled with the NSTP requirement. .

What if a male student has only taken one (1) semester of Basic E-ROTC/NSTP? He shall take one more semester of any of the NSTP components to qualify for graduation. .

subject to DND requirements. Graduates of the ROTC component shall form only part of the AFP Citizen Armed Force.What will become of NSTP Graduate?  Graduates of the non-ROTC components shall belong to the National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) that could be trapped by the State for literacy and civic welfare activities. .

.How can a student continue to qualify for enlisting in the AFP Reserve Force? He/she may qualify for enlistment in the AFP Reserve Force as long as he/she has completed the two (2) Semesters of Basic ROTC.

. which should not be more than fifty percent (50%) of the charges of the school per academic unit.How much fee will be charged for an NSTP component? No fees shall be collected for any of the NSTP components except basic tuition fees.

CHED and TESDA students from DND which will existing laws and shall ensure that the health andavailability accident group regulations and subject to the of 3.The following incentives to students are to provided for when they take up NSTP: 1. A Special Scholarship Program for qualified insurances are provided to students enrolled in funds. School authorities concerned. TESDA subject to the availability of funds. A program of assistance/incentives for ROTC 2. . NSTP shall be administered by CHED and any of the NSTP components.

formulation. . adoption and implementation of the different NSTP components in their respective schools.Who is responsible for supervising the NSTP? School Authorities shall exercise academic and administrative supervision over the design.

.CHED Regional Offices. TESDA Provincial and district Offices and the WHAT LEAD AGENCIES WILL DND-AFP through the major Service MONITOR THE IMPLEMENTATION Reserve Commands and their ROTC OF THE NSTP? Units shall oversee whether if the trainings conducted are in consonance with the Republic Act.

.All Higher and Technical-Vocational Institutions be offering IsEducational the NSTP available shall in all Schools at least one (1) of the NSTP components and Universities? while State Universities and Colleges will offer the ROTC components at least one other NSTP components.

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