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A Holistic, Trusted 360 View of Your Data

Priya Krishnan, IBM InfoSphere MDM Product Management Mark Myers, Senior Product Marketing Manager, IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer

September 17, 2013

2013 IBM Corporation

Available data is growing in volume, velocity and variety

Transactional & Application Data Machine Data Social Data Enterprise Content

Volume Structured Throughput

Velocity Semi-structured Ingestion

Variety Highly unstructured Veracity

Variety Highly unstructured Volume

Today the worlds data is doubling every two years. Are you ready?
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Disruptive forces impact long standing business models AND create new opportunities

Pressure to do more with less

Shift of power to the consumer

Proliferation of big data

Data is the new oil. Data is just like crude. Its valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.
Clive Humby

We have an economy based on a resource that is not only renewable, but self-generating. Running out is not a problem, drowning in it is.
John Naisbitt

2013 IBM Corporation

IBM recognizes this as a major transformation

New Era Analytics

Web, e-business and SOA


Transaction Systems

Mainframe, IMS and CICS 1960-1980s

WebSphere 1990-2000s

Big Data Platform

2013 IBM Corporation 4

IBM is taking a holistic, integrated approach to big data

Systems Management Application Development Discovery

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Accelerators Hadoop System Stream Computing Data Warehouse

Almost all big data use cases require an integrated set of big data technologies to address the business pain completely Reduce time and cost and provide quick ROI by leveraging preintegrated components Provide both out-of-the-box and standards-based services Start small with a single project and progress to others over your big data journey

Information Integration & Governance






Improving the customer experience by better understanding behaviors drives almost half of all active big data efforts
Customer-centric outcomes
Digital connections have enabled customers to be more vocal about expectations and outcomes Integrating data increases the ability to create a complete picture of todays empowered consumer Understanding behavior patterns and preferences provides organizations with new ways to engage customers

Big data objectives

Other functional objectives

The ability to connect data and expand insights for internally focused efforts was significantly less prevalent in current activities

Customer-centric outcomes Operational optimization Risk / financial management

New business model Employee collaboration

Top functional objectives identified by organizations with active big data pilots or implementations. Responses have been weighted and aggregated. Total respondents n = 1061

2013 IBM Corporation

The key is to leverage all the data

But how do you find the signal from the noise?

2013 IBM Corporation

MDM and Data Explorer

8 20 2013 IBM Corporation

A customer is a puzzle made up of many pieces

Contact Information
Name, address, employer, marital

Business Context
Account number, customer type, purchase history,

Legal/Financial Life Social Media

Social network, affiliations, Property, credit rating, vehicles,

Every interaction requires someone to piece together parts of the puzzle

Professional Life Leisure

Hobbies, interests Employers, professional groups, certifications

Information about your customers is dispersed, forcing your employees to extract it pieceby-piece

2013 IBM Corporation

How do we deliver a holistic view to the users who need it?

External Content (Twitter, News Feeds...)

I cant unlock the value in my data to drive economic value to my business.

Internal Content (CRM, Warehouses, ERP, ECM...)

I cant find the right answers fast enough to support my customers. Innovation is falling short as I am unable to see the full research picture.

I am monitoring all angles yet I cant connect the dots. I dont know what I dont know where is my business exposed?
2013 IBM Corporation

Unlock the value of information when users need it most

InfoSphere Data Explorer

Data access & integration Index structured & unstructured Providing unified, real-time access and fusion of big datain place data unlocks greater Support existing security insight and ROI Federate to external sources Leverage MDM and governance Discovery & navigation Leverage taxonomies and metadata Clustering & categorization Contextual intelligence Easy-to-deploy applications All at big data scale

Improve customer service & reduce call times

Create unified view of ALL information for real-time monitoring


Identify areas of information Analyze customer data to Increase productivity & unlock true customer value risk & ensure data leverage past work compliance increasing speed to market

MDM delivers trusted customer information

Account/Policy Centric MDM Customer Centric

Inconsistent customer experience, poor service Missed opportunities Minimal understanding of relationships

Consistent customer experience Recognize cross-sell/up-sell opportunities Understand relationships and hierarchies for BI

12 2013 IBM Corporation

MDM delivers trusted product information

Disconnected Product Information Streamlined Authoring & Access

No collaborative authoring of products Lack of a single view of products No synchronization with up/downstream applications No ability to publish to commerce sites or product catalogs

Collaboratively author, aggregate and distribute product information Align with and enforce existing business processes Access to consistent product information Product factory build process (assembly of products)
2013 IBM Corporation

13 13

MDM and big data must work together

Master Data Management Core Big Data Technologies

MDM creates context for big data. MDM system provides trusted information and operationalizes insights from big data

Big data creates context for MDM. Big data provides new insights from social media and other sources for citizen/criminal profile
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Enhanced 360 view of the customer

Optimize every customer interaction by knowing everything about them

Create a connected picture of the customer Mine all existing and new sources of information Analyze social media to uncover sentiment about products Add value by optimizing every client interaction

Value Proposition
MDM creates an accurate and consistent view of customer. Organizations link unstructured content from external sources to the golden record for the enhanced 360 degree view.

360 view of a customer

Consolidated list of products owned based on account affiliation determined by MDM

List of past purchases by this contact from order tracking system and MDM

MDM ensures consistency, accuracy and reliable identiy Contact across all sources information from

Recent conversations from multiple sources: e.g., CRM, e-mail, etc. Information about contact from external sources
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Enhanced 360 View answers questions that require multiple systems

What products can I upsell this customer? What impact will inventory have on her? What marketing materials should I send? What should I know before calling her for renewal? Whats going on with this customer TODAY? How can we increase engagement with her? How can we get more customers like her?



Fusion of data from multiple systems enables deeper insightsnot just facts

Support Ticketing

Social Media


External Sources

Supply Chain


Content Mgt.


2013 IBM Corporation

A true 360 view leverages information access and MDM

Name: Address:

J Robertson 35 West 15th

Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Name: Address:

Janet Robertson 35 West 15th St.

Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Name: Address:

Jan Baker 36 West 15th St.

InfoSphere Data Explorer

Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15213

360o View of Party Identity

InfoSphere MDM
First: Last: Address: City: State/Zip: Gender: Age: DOB: Janet Robertson 35 West 15th St Pittsburgh PA / 15213 F 48 1/4/64
BigInsights Streams Warehouse

Unified view of partys information

IBMs MDM capabilities enrich information about business entities

2013 IBM Corporation

Enhanced 360 View secret sauce

Fusion of data and analytics from multiple sources

Data Explorer Index

InfoSphere Data Explorer

Enhanced 360 Degree View Application

InfoSphere Master Data Management

Making each investor feel like theyre #1

Large brokerage and financial services firm Leading provider of workplace and individual retirement savings plans, mutual funds and other financial products for 20 million customers
Secure access to over 30 different silos to empower agents to engage highvalue customers to promote up-selling and cross-selling


2012 IBM Corporation

Improve 360 degree view of customers and organizations A big data problem due to volumes and sentiment analysis Big data scale
1.5B+ customer records 20 systems 20% annual growth in records Generates over 300K duplicates daily

Sentiment analysis
Intermediary Social Hub collects all social data and generates a SNAP (Social Network Advocacy Pulse) score Scoring linked to on premise customer information, and used to help guide customer interactions

2012 IBM Corporation

Industry Use cases

-Financial Services -Healthcare -Retail -Government

201 3


2012 IBM Corporation

Big data & MDM use cases across industries

Optimize Offers and Cross Sell Contact Center Efficiency and Problem Resolution Payment Fraud Detection & Investigation Counterparty Credit Risk Management

Claims Fraud Customer Retention Catastrophe Modeling

Pro-active Call Center Network Analytics Location Based Services IT/Network Infrastructure Transformation Smarter Campaigns

Energy & Utilities

Smart Meter Analytics Distribution Load Forecasting/Scheduling Condition Based Maintenance Create & Target Customer Offerings

Media & Entertainment

Business process transformation Audience & Marketing Optimization Multi-Channel Enablement Digital commerce optimization

Actionable Customer Insight Merchandise Optimization Playbook Dynamic Pricing

Travel & Transport

Customer Analytics & Loyalty Marketing Capacity & Pricing Optimization Predictive Maintenance Analytics

Consumer Products
Optimized Promotions Effectiveness Micro-Market Campaign Management Real Time Demand Forecast

Threat Prediction and Prevention Social Program Fraud, Waste and Errors Tax Compliance - Fraud and Abuse Crime Prediction & Prevention

Measure & Act on Population Health Engage Consumers in their Healthcare

Data Warehouse Optimization Predictive Asset Optimization (PAO) Actionable Customer Intelligence Connected vehicle

Chemical & Petroleum

EDW Smart Consolidation & Augmentation Operational Surveillance, Analysis & Optimization Engineering & Operational Data Exploration & Mining

Aerospace & Defense

Uniform Information Access Platform Data Warehouse Optimization Predictive Asset Optimization (PAO)

Electronics / Industrial Products

Channel Driven Customer Analytics (CDCA) Predictive Asset Optimization (PAO)

Life Sciences
Increase visibility into drug safety and effectiveness

2013 IBM Corporation

Financial Services

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2012 IBM Corporation

Investment Services
Data Customer profiles Janets contact & HH information Recent transactions Customer Feed Product Portfolio Campaign Information Customer Sentiment Sources MDM MDM

Role : Chief Marketing Officer Company : Portfolio Investment Scenario : CMO trying to assess investment opportunities based on Customer Life Trigger events 1. New Data segments identified by Data and market analysis women with 2 or more children between 8 and 12, family income is above $150,000/year, growing cash accounts, and a track record of large investments CMO now has a subset of potential customers( from MDM) as targets and can drill down and look at individual profiles Individual Customer Janet- her transaction history, contact information (including her masked credit cared number), twitter data and chat history, as well as structured information like contact and household details. Data from unstructured sources show Janets propensity to invest in the future and data from MDM gives a solid foundation to trust the investment portfolio of Janet. With all this information on a single page, the CMO is able to confirm the hypothesis of his team and make a confident decision
2012 IBM Corporation

Aggregated from multiple sources Email database MDM Campaign Database



4. Social Media



CMOs homepage

Candidate List from MDM

201 3


2012 IBM Corporation

Individual Customer page

Transaction source from DE

Product info from MDM

Customer trusted Information from MDM

Unstructured content from Campaign Database

Customer feed from unstructured source

201 3


2012 IBM Corporation


201 3


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Health care Scenario

Data Customer Critical Information Available Plans Sources MDM Plan Administrative System Multiple sources aggregated Clinical Data Hub 3. SPSS MDM 4. Claims Database 5. Role : Call Center Rep Company : Consumer oriented Healthcare Payer or Provider Scenario : Healthcare Rep gets a call on a particular Claim from a consumer. The 360 view provides comprehensive and complete customer information 1. Using the trusted Information from MDM, a customer service rep is able to search for a customer and be sure that the system returns the right person Customers information from other nonMDM sources such as a Claims Database and her recent transactions show the Representative a view of the latest information A summary of Provider information, health Risk score and Clinical Data summary allows the representative to quickly assess any further medical analysis on this customer and claim in question The rep is able to make notes and alerts based on this information to avoid future costs Without the 360 view , the representative will have to access multiple systems to get similar information, while the customer waits on the call.

Recent visits and transactions Clinical Data Summary Health Risk Score Provider informaiton Claims Information



2012 IBM Corporation

Hom e
Janet Robertson ID R3245632

Jan Robertson
Information from all sources aggregated by Data Explorer
Customers Physician Relationships from MDM Department Reason

Logged in as Juanita Ramos I Help June 06, 2013 09:23

Recent visits
Date Facility

Care team
Provider Mary Jacobs, MD Angela Tan, NP Specialty Primary Care Wellness Cardiology Geriatrics


Peak Hospital Peak Hospital Hill Physicians Dr Jones Assoc

Cardiology Emergency Dept General Practice

ED Referral Erratic heart beat Lethargy

Contact Information
Janet Davis-Robertson 3216 Norland Ave. Sacramento, CA 95825 916-555-3425

Consumer Info from MDM

Dr Andrew Jones Dr Bob van Eyck

Personal Information


2013-0514 Date

Unstructured customer interaction data analyzed by BigInsights and updated in MDM Cardiology Routine check-up

Id 93 Amount $323 $4305 Status Open Paid Date 5/4/13 3/2/13

Additional Profile Household

Name Mark Davis Householding Info from MDM

Showing: All Interactions By Channel By Date By Author

12:44 21:20 14:22

Provider Online Mobile Chat

Explanation of benefits Checked claim status Claim question


2013-06-02 Relationship 2013-06-03 Spouse 2013-06-04 Plan info from Plan Administrative System Year Deduct 2013-06-05 2013 $147 2010 - 12 2011 - 12 $1000 N/A 2013-06-05 2013-06-06

Plan Information
Plan Medicare 65B PPO Gold 1K Chiro-Acu Plus

Resolved. Customer satisfied Verified

Item/Time Complaint email 09:22 Action Contact provider Detail Detail

15:39 21:16 09:22

Text Outbound Online Email

Text message - Verify medication adherence Viewed Wellness products Inbound email. Customer upset re co-pay amount

In queue

Risk Score

Health Risk Score calculated by SPSS on PDA 77


Clinical Summary from EHR / HIE / MDM Clinical Hub Allergies Medications Diagnostics

Name Heart First Healthy Living Date 2013-06-06 2013-04-15 Channel Outbound CC Email

Heart Disease


Atorvastatin Gemfibrozil Metformin

HbA1c = 6.6% LVEF = 49%

Sentiment History
Yelp Excel Health Dr Jones 201 Cardio: 3 Good, responsive 30 Poor, slow


2012 IBM Corporation


201 3


2012 IBM Corporation

Sporting Goods

Data Product Sentiment Vs Sales Product Information Product Transaction Customer support

Sources Cognos BI reporting MDM

Role : Marketing Executive Company : Sporting Goods/Retail Scenario : Assess market and product specific information to make significant strategic decisions on products, direct marketing techniques and investment strategies 1. A quick overview of sales and marketing campaign shows decline in sales inspite of successful campaign Data from multiple aggregated sources show consumer club has stopped Golf sale. The issue has been bubbled up to the attention of the executive and he can begin to understand why A targeted marketing line called Golf Pro Bag shows all the information from MDM about this particular product. This gives confidence about the trustworthiness of the product and its associated attributes Customer complaints and sentiments from other data sources expose a weatlh of information about this product Using all this information, the executive can change the strategy about Consumer Club dropping the golf line and take corrective actions
2012 IBM Corporation


Aggregated transactional source Customer Support Database





Retail Industry Use case

Cognos BI reporting against Sentiment Analysis

Product info from MDM

Product Transaction history

Email related to the product

2012 IBM Corporation 33


201 3


2012 IBM Corporation

London XXX Council

Data Citizen name,contact and other information Household Information Emails, sentiment analysis Customer issues

Sources MDM

Role : Council Worker Company : London XXX council Scenario : Search for a particular citizen in that council and get a 360 view of issues, complaints and resolutions, while providing a real time update on the citizen interaction with the system 1. The council worker searches for Dave Thatcher. The MDM system brings back a set of Citizen matching records. Council worker can then select the right person and see all related trusted MDM information , including Householding Clicking on the Household information shows all members related ( from MDM relationships) and other information such as maps pulled from external sources Information from internal sources such as emails and SharePoint can also be linked on this page The council worker can directly update the activity feed in real time and it will show up in his home page, which aggregates his contact list ( From MDM) Eg: Update of a phone complaint can be logged into this feed and will show up on the home page
2012 IBM Corporation



3. Sharepoint, email internal database Aggregated from multiple sources and shown as a graph 4.



Citizen Page

2012 IBM Corporation

Household Information


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Home Page for Council worker


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2012 IBM Corporation

IBM InfoSphere MDM and InfoSphere Data Explorer combine to give a holistic view
InfoSphere Master Data Management Ensure consistency and accuracy of customer and product data Uncover relationship links in customer information Distribute trusted information InfoSphere Data Explorer Find and navigate customer information regardless of format or where it is stored Enable discovery and navigation Present a unified view, combined with analytics

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