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Is the Red Flag Flying? The political economy of the Soviet Union today Albert. Szymanski Is the Red Flag Flying? The Political Economy of the Soviet Union Albert Szymanski To my parents, Aland Vera, and sister Judy. Cf Zed Press, $7 Caledonian Road, London NI 9DN 1 the Red Rag Flying? wae fit published by Zed Pres, $7 Caledonian Read, London NL 9DN in Jane 1979, Copyright © Albert Seymansk ISBN Hy 0 90576235 Po 0905762363, Printed by Redwood Bum Ld Trowbridge and Esher Typeset by Lyn Cale, Designed by Mayin/Shaw Alright eseved Other Books by Albert Szymanski ‘The Capita State and he Polite of Ca (Boston: Winthrop Pubishing Co, 1977) (ass, Conciusnes, and Contains: An Inroduction {0 Sociotogy Coat with Ted Geertz (New York: Van Nostand, 1978) Contents Acknowledgements 1. Introdvetion The Nature ofthe Soviet Union: A Creal Question ‘Assomptons and Motions Unering Tis Book ‘Suna of Tis Book I Note on Sores 2, What isa Socaist Society? teri for Csteporng Soi Fomations Cental ‘nner, Consol nd Day 4-Day Operation san Soc Ce Rillng Cae and Power Ets Mechanisms of Poplr Control Forms of Soca ‘Traaformtion of Scat Societies ‘The Role of Market Forces Commodity Markets and Prices ‘oe Labour Market Conciion 4. Socal Clases ‘The Disrbston of Material Rewards ‘Tendencies Tounds th Formation of Soil Clase Conan 5. Polis Processes ‘he Formal oie! Srctare ‘bt Debate nd ble Opinion Formation PopulatPrtipaton Stat Bodies ‘The Commani Paty Sicko of he Leader Sivctr Bouman of Sate Paces Summary and Cons 6 Soviet Foreign Relations: The Logic of Trade and the ‘aes of the itary