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THIS WORK. THERE IS A SAYING THAT A BIRD OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. HOW TRUE YOUTUBE SHOWS IT AND OTHER SITES AS WELL I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT FLOWERBOWER IS MENTALLY ILL; LACKS INTELLIGENCE AND YOU CAN SEE THOSE WHO ARE JUST AS SICK. FLOWERBOWER; WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? ADOLF HITLER HAIL MASTER OF THE WORLD ALMIGHTY GOD YOUR CLAIMS ARE NOTHING BUT MISLEADING CRAP. MOREOVER, WHO ARE YOU TO DEMAND THAT I PROVE TO YOU THAT I AM A PROF? YOU ARE JUST A BULLSHITTER I DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING TO YOU I AM NOT ASKING YOU FOR A JOB; IF ANYTHING YOU WILL BE ASKING ME FOR EMPLOYMENT. ON THIS WEBSITE, I TEACHING OTHERS HOW I ACHIEVED WHAT YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING AND THAT IS UPSETS YOUR EGO KNOWING THAT YOU ARE TRUELY A FAILURE. By now people of sound minds must already accepted that Flowerbower is ill of mind and obsessed with downing those who are trying to help the world, free of charge and for those who wish to learn how I was able to achieve this concept. As our legal department gears up, it will be up to them as to when they drag Flowerbower to court on charges of poison pen postings an libel. I shall carry on teaching on my sites regardless, in the faith that others will gain hope from my life story to overcome their problems and thereby obtain a better standard of life than otherwise. I am not an expert or even claim to be, I am just a human being in the true sense of the word, just telling the World how I see things and what are the solutions I can see for such problems What I have done and including those who have played a part in that learning curve have made it possible to reach this stage of progress and it is far beyond that which I have seen from other inventors. Keep in mind there have always been idiots who down other peoples achievements and there will always be idiots in the future - they are themselves failures; it is the only way they know to feel better which is by putting everybody else down to their level. It is the only way, they can satisfy their lack of knowledge to innovate and invent, that makes them feel big and clever, what they do not understand is that they run a risk of a backlash; they fail to understand it might be more than they bargained for. However, time is moving forward and so is the company setup, it is shaping into specialise sections needed for the future progress in technology and science in the domain of energy and transportation. When we speak of going to Mars and beyond, we are truly in for some big problems, even the flight side calls for a well planned and developed control setup to be able to cope with all the functions which will be required of a company. Even ground transportation systems calls for a well design company whose functions are design to meet tomorrows needs. Todays systems are out of date, have to rethink on the best route for the future requirements of ground transportation and should be studied now and implemented as soon as possible. Our waterways will soon be a source of greater problems, what are we doing about them, they will fail under flash flooding, where is our intelligence in this field, it is an urgent matter now to start sorting it out, not after millions of pounds of damage has been done including loss of life and food. About food increasing the cost of food will add to the difficulties of tomorrows problems and it will hit us. Page 18.301

DOC-SISRC-ST-SM-OR-1. DATE: 28th May 1968 EDITION: First ISSUE: Two.

MORTIMER BERKSHIRE ENGLAND. LOCATION : Headquarters Mortimer Berkshire England DIVISION SEMINAR : Energy and Transportation. : Operational Research.

LECTURER : John Roy Robert Searl STATUS : Head of R&D Human studies.

Due to the very nature of Searl International Space Research Consortium which shall include a number of company sections to specialise in precise operations within a hub structure as a centre of research and development that will generate tomorrows energy and transportation systems for Ground and Space requirements. How I perceive such a set up for operational flow; will be seen within this book, as such much effort will be needed to get our sums right before implementing such a massive program. I shall continue with this study requirement:

In the process of statistical enquiry, it is necessary to characterise or classify the subject matter as a preliminary to enumeration. Classification is the process of arranging things in groups of classes according to their resemblances and affinities. For example, coins, bank notes and cheques are different varieties of monetary instruments with different characteristics, but since they share the ability to settle debts, they can all be classified under the one heading CURRENCY. Likewise, Copper, Iron, Aluminium, Neodymium are all individual materials but can be classified as metals, or elements. Within this technology we shall need to classify our materials in their structure concept, such as copper tubes, under which will list the OD in stock and how many tubes at what lengths; same with the Neodymium rods how many and their OD and lengths sizes. Production lines must operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week to meet market demand. Page 18.302

Therefore, there would have to be a supply line to feed the production lines for the company to be able to operate within an economic band. Classification, by distributing a definite population, or sample from that population, among the groups / classes so that nothing is left over, sets an enquiry on a numerical basis and, more importantly, assigns to each class its proper importance in relationship to the whole. In addition, classification also facilitates the following: 1. It displays points of similarity and dissimilarity. 2. It reduces mental effort by the systematic suppression of irrelevant detail. 3. It suggests bases for comparison and inference. BASES OF CLASSIFICATION: Variates have already been distinguished as either quantitative or qualitative. However, in discussing bases of classification it is necessary to improve upon that distinction. Logically speaking, classification may be performed on any of the following four distinct bases. What that law of the squares again, you cannot get away from it. 1. QUANTATIVE: the basis of distinction rests upon differences in quantity. For example, the analysis of furniture sales according to differences in volume (m3) or value () would be a quantitive classification. 2. TEMPORAL: referring to the time at which the subject matter in question occurred. For example, the analysis of annual S.E.G.s by weeks, months or quarters would be a temporal classification. 3. SPATIAL: referring to the distribution of items in space. For example, the classification of annual S.E.G. sales by geographical area would be a spatial classification. 4. QUALITATIVE: involves the necessity to distinguish between differences in quality or condition. For example, an analysis of S.E.G.s sales by product group, Domestic, Commercial, industry, Transport, space involves qualitative distinctions. EXACTNESS OF CLASSIFICATION: At the essential feature of classification is that all the subject matter in a group is treated as being similar, it is important to define the exactness of group classification to decide how finely the data should be divided. Obviously, the smaller the sub-groupings: the less chances there are of including unlike objects under the same classification heading. However, this meticulous approach could result in too many groups being included, with the overall result being complicated and unmanageable set of tabulations. In addition, the finer the classification of the subject matter, the greater is the possibility of producing irregularities in the data. This is because the smaller the number within a group the less probability that abnormalities will cancel out. Page 18.303

On the other hand, too course a classification may serve to obscure the essential facts and differences. Therefore, in many practical problems it may be necessary to experiment with different classifications before deciding upon the most suitable groupings. As a rule of thumb, the larger the subject matter under analysis, the finer the classification can be. TABULATION: Tabulation involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data, in a format designed to aid and assist the user to understand the problem under analysis. Assuming that the initial data collection and sorting have taken place, there are two basic stages in the operation of tabulation, as given below. STAGE 1: The first stage requires that the summarizing the working sheets. If required, the summaries transferred to a separate sheet. It is these summary sheets of information, which form the subject matter for the actual statistical investigation. Not surprisingly, therefore, rearrange of the original data makes it more amenable for analysis. STAGE 2: The second and final stage requires the preparation of the final tables, in as much detail as is necessary. To avoid any possibility of confusion all experimental and intermediate figures although required for purpose of calculation should be omitted from the final tables. As an added note, the tables should state whether they are original or derivative. Original tables present information in the same form as it was collected, while derivative tables imply some process of manipulation, for example, grouping, totalling or averaging. INSERT UPDATE: All equipment output would show on monitors in the Operational Research Department on an hourly basis, so down times can be assessed as to what the cause was, to solve ways to reduce such downtimes, which increases the cost of the product. UNIFORM APPROACH TO TABULATION: Although tabulation is a routine process, the staff employed within Searl Technology Ltd must take care to ensure that a uniform approach adopted throughout. No general rules can be given, but the following suggestions may be of use. 1. Too much should not be attempted at once: the data should be analysed stage by stage. 2. Accuracy and consistency of approach are essential. The data should be checked and crosschecked at each stage before starting the next stage. 3. Neatness of presentation, proper titles and columns that are not over crowed make tables more readable and understandable. Page 18.304

Here is a son of almighty GOD who has came from heaven to remove Searl as evil because Searl wants to clean up the mess others have made with better technology so everyone will have a better life than they have now. But this GOD is determined that Searl will not save this planet because he wants it to die as soon as possible; the sixth evil minded person I know upon planet Earth today. Let me assure you when the weather gets better I will go and take a photo where Flowerbower lives as well and it will be in this book. In a few pages, back you see I mark the area where this person lives. Flowerbower made a statement: which was precisely the same, which I am aware of that he made to another man. A person who I did at first suspect to be involved in this poison pen work, as he had been exposed in this book like the robbers who robbed me, that of my brother as he setup the attack, neither of who are truly technical minded, which Flowerbower avoids talking about technical merits of the SEG on YouTube. Peter had used the name Flowerbower in an e-mail to Martin, why I changed my views later was something Flowerbower said that made me think and about the fact that he was hitting others put Peter out of it. Page 18.306

I give everyone an opportunity to assist in this work, but those who take it upon themselves to act as GOD by becoming a poison pen writer must in the end expect to be exposed and later brought to justice. Yes, in this book I praised this man at my interview on Day Time Live, because what he was saying was to housewives present who I guess had never seen such a device and had no knowledge what it was, and when they left they still had no knowledge what it was; no wiser then when they entered the studio. Yes he did not outright down my work but came close to it in the long run, now he started a war with the wrong man, one good thing it shows how many idiots there are when one person farts they all fart as well. Education is sadly in disgrace by these idiots; time that education sorted out their house and put it in order so we can see real intelligence showing, thank heaven there are a few still around at last coming out of the woodwork and offering help. To them: I thank them from my heart for their conscience telling them support this effort right to the marketplace for the benefit of all humankind. Since man has been on Earth many have resorted to evil methods even the churches and governments have played such parts who should had shown human behaviour instead, only a few governments can hold their heads up high and say we have not killed for gain or hate. So how can human progress such evil around us, religion has failed in fact its record of accomplishment is shocking too even repeat. What been brought to my attention is some more crap out of the flowerbower gang followers of shallow minds, which I will present here: This expert wrote: It is important to note that rotors both orbit the center of the stator, and spin on their own, much like a wheel on a road. I would like to take this opportunity to further point out that the radial (wheel) motion is not possible if there is no friction, as according to Classical Mechanics. If there was no friction, the rotors would not need to spin, they would simply slide along. I would also like to point out that in mockups of the SEG, a distinct sliding sound is heard as rotors make their way along their path. This sound indicates waste energy due to friction, which further indicates wear and tear. Yet another false claim by Searl. HERE AGAIN IS PROOF OF FLOWERBOWER TYPE MENTALITY AND IT SHOWING US THEY TRUELY LACK KNOWLEDGE IN SCIENCE AND ELECTROMAGNETICS. CLEARLY, EXPOSING THEMSELVES AS IMBECILES FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. IF THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT THE WORLD TO SEE THEN EXPERT IMBECILES THEY ARE! First, the rollers of the mock up was not designed float nor do they not slide around, only presumptuous fools with no intelligence would make such a statement to impress viewers of their lack of knowledge. I can only thank them for making themselves examples for all to read. Clearly, from the above statement by this crackpot in reference his expertise, I believe it comes from masturbating daily, so in this manner he is an expert and understands that much about friction. What he does not know is a force called torque; unfortunate his penis does not experience it so he does not understand that act. Please kindly note that these rollers set never masturbate unlike this expert, they experience a force called torque, which is why they spin as they float; shown on our websites and known by visitors who actually keep up with the updates on my websites.


Just received more information about this imbecile, I show you here: Searl claims its a technology (it's not), and his illustration here is a joke. In a magic square, diagonals and rows/columns must add up to the same number. On the top face of the 4x4 cube, the first column, 6 + 12 + 3 + 13, adds up to 34. The third row, 3 + 6 + 9 + 14, adds up to 32. If you don't believe me, you could do the math yourself. Please do. If you haven't caught on by yet, that means that his 'example' of a Magic Square isn't even a goddamn magic square itself Honestly, how much more bullshit do I have to find with this guy? Not to mention that the 2x2 cube, with the numbers 6, 4, 13, and 11, are completely incapable of being a magic square in any arrangement. This entire thing screams bullshit. The guy is using fucking Sudoku as the mathematical basis for his electric generator, and you people are going to give him the benefit of the doubt? In. Sane.

This imbecile who wrote that crap above is dead wrong that is the insanity of this imbecile check for yourself. He says 3, 6. 9. 14 he cannot even see straight look for yourself surely, you have a brain and eyes to see that it is 3. 8. 9. 14 = 34 and the 2x2 is simply showing the kernel of the square. In addition, for the record: I Prof. Searl did not produce this cube, another person who got interested in what I stated in my books took up the challenge, actually did it, sent it to me and was included to the website. So you expert idiots can stick that right up your arse and smoke it; try to enjoy it, yes, I feel certain that they will enjoy it. Strange how the truth finds such imbeciles who think they are experts on matters they do not understand. Page 18.308

This shithead expert goes by a lovely handle called T0ILETSCRUB, which I accept is just right for the imbecile who exists in the world of the shithouse; here is the reply from all intelligent people of the world:

Sorry about that, but it is time to expose those imbeciles who are guilty as hell of trying to stop you from having a better life and better health then you have at this time. If you have young children or planning to create a family, surely you want to see a better world for them; without fear of a nuclear power station leaking or exploding killing them or disfigure them, or becoming a victim of an accident which this new technology can and would have prevented. Although SEG technology is now possible, here must be funds to get it into service quickly. It may interest you to know that those idiots are just helping those who want to keep nuclear power stations in place a very dangerous system for an unstable planet with terrorists along with fuel structures that can kill many and leave many in a serve state of disfiguration. It is time that these good men are fully back by intelligent people and given help with engineers and scientists to speed up this work. Let us do it and not just down it for a change: show our children that we do really care about making them a better future for a change. It is up to you to protect the future of your family and their future; I am here to help you to achieve just that, and all those who are now working with me are trying to achieve it for you, do not knock them but help them to help you and your family future today. Page 18.309

NOTE: when they insult me, they are actually insulting many others who have and are giving their time to create a better world for all people of this planet. Most of the insults against this effort are not all my material, but members of the scientific community who have submitted that articles for me to use if I feel it is worth using. So they are in fact insulting scientists in which they claim be themselves as one of them; it amazing how many idiots are out there in this world. Therefore, I shall end this document at this point, now that you see the real world, which I have to endure in my effort to create a better world for all humankind regardless. This document released by the authority of:

Prof. John Roy Robert Searl. Head of R&D tomorrows energy and transportation systems.
My plans at this time is my possible return to Thailand to make a film that should had been made in 1968 which has been blocked repeatedly and left only with promises and more promises. I have informed Thailand that I shall be free after the 15th May 2009 to take over the operation there and get the DVD 1 done. I am also hoping to travel down to Glastonbury to have a discussion upon setting up the UK centre for the SEG on film with the city mayor before I leave for Thailand. Film and lighting equipment I shall take there, either sent ahead of me or by sea in advance of me. I shall fly Thai Airlines; this time direct from Heathrow, London. That is my plans at this moment in time, there are other problem to deal with is the Scottishpower who keep sending me a bill for 400 odd where the bill should be 200 odd in which they have already taken from my bank 231.00. On Monday 29th April, 2009 I gave Scottishpower, 7 days notice to send me a correct bill or face legal action to get one, thus I am waiting until next Monday to see if they have back down and sent me a correct bill, or want a fight. I guess during the next few weeks I shall be drawing up my plans for the next court action to follow, who will that one be? There are a few on my list, so you can expect to see here names and addresses of who will be next to confront me in court. Over the years there have been a few companies who have gone because they chose to fight me in court; now wish they had not been so insane. There is a story for children about a hare and tortoise in a race, it appears many simply look down upon me as a tortoise but even a tortoise can spring a bit of a surprise, as the story goes, and how true that is in the world of reality. Page 18.310

Flowerbower and shitarse toiletscrub what do you know: I am even in here, cannot see you are you in the loo where you live, I guess so, clearly the right place for the both of you and the best place for the insane. Page 18.311

Flowerbower and arsehole ToiletScrub, what do you know: I am even in here, but cannot see you there either, why is that? Perhaps the both of you are playing with yourself on the loo to study what friction does. Page 18.312


SWALLOW COMMAND MORTIMER-BERKSHIRE-ENGLAND. LOCATION : Headquarters-Mortimer-Berkshire-England. DIVISION SEMINAR : Manned flight. : Bladder Problems.

LECTURER : John Roy Robert Searl. STATUS : R&D Human behaviour.

The substance of any world- point may always, with the appropriate determination of space and time be looked upon as at rest. Rest indeed can be a problem for young and aged, and all who fit between them, the bladder can without warning release its contents during the night, some of you may be lucky to get a dream warning that you need the toilet fast. This article continues about the problems in children, as I should know, as I was once a child as well, even if Flowerbower says I was not, I can assure you that I was, I know that because I have a birth certificate to prove it. During infancy, voiding patterns mature such that by age five only about 10% of children are completely dry. Day and night time incontinence occurred in up to 12% of children of 7 years of age in one Irish study. My records found the condition to affect some 15% of five year olds and 2% of twelve to fourteen year olds; nocturnal enuresis was approximately twice more common in boys than girls, By age 10, this proportion had fallen to 5%. There is a spontaneous rate of resolution of around 15% of individuals yearly and by the age 18 only 1% of Page 18.313

Adolescents experience episodes of incontinence. As I recall the 1997/1998, annual report of ERIC estimates the prevalence of persistent bedwetting in the UK as 500,000. Incontinence in childhood is twice more common in boys than girls, whereas daytime incontinence is much more common in girls than boys.

TABLE 18.1
ENURESIS (en-yoor-ee-sis) n.

Patterns of enureses.

The involuntary passing of urine, especially bedwetting by children at night = nocturnal, well you arsehole toiletscrub try to take the piss out of that, after all you are full of piss from what I can see. There are various patterns of enuresis in childhood as seen in table 18.1.

The commonest disorder to my knowledge of continence in children over the age of five years is primary noctumal enuresis. The underlying disorder resulting in the enuresis is not known, young people who experience bedwetting tend to be physically and emotionally normal as far as I can tell. Most cases are probably multi-factorial; such factors include slower physical development, nocturnal overproduction of urine and a failure of arousal in response to a full bladder and, in some cases, psychological disturbance. Between the ages of five and ten incontinence may be the result of low bladder capacity comparatively long periods of sleep and slow development of the neurological pathways, which signal a full bladder or desire to micturate. The natural history of this form of incontinence is to resolve completely, often without specific treatment. The normal young adult produces two-thirds of daily urine output by day and a third at night.

Page 18.314

There is a circadian rhythm of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) secretion, which limits noctumal urine production. ANTIDIURETIC HORMONE (ADH) (anti-dy-yoor-et-ik) n. VASOPRESSIN (antidiuretic hormone (ADH) (vay-zoh-press-in)) n.

A hormone, released by the pituitary gland, that increases the reabsorption of water by the kidney and causes constriction of blood vessels. It is administered either nasally or by injection to treat diabetes insipidus. Intravenous injections of vasopressin are used to control bleeding from oesophageal. For most children with enuresis the production of ADH is normal but a subgroup has been identified for whom this circadian rhythm is lost, causing excessive nocturnal urine production, which may overcome normal bladder capacity. There is also a genetic predisposition to primary nocturnal enuresis. As I recall it in 1995, a Danish group reported finding a mutation on chromosome 13 that appeared to be partly responsible for nocturnal enuresis in some families. Since then another gene, on chromosome 12, has been described. These are known as ENUR 1 and 2, respectively. If both parents are enuretic then a child has an 80% chance of also being enuretic according to the Law of the Squares.

In a small number of cases, incontinence is caused by physical problems in the childs urinary system. Rarely, a blocked bladder or urethra may cause the bladder to overfill and leak. Neurological damage associated with spina bifida can cause incontinence. In these cases, the incontinence can appear as a constant dribbling of urine.


Yes, I know that many have experience the pain of such problems; here I must look at the basic problem, as I have no time to dig into it now. Incontinence is one of the common signs of a urinary tract infection. Infection occurs much more frequently in girls who might date the onset of their lower urinary tract symptoms to a particular episode of sepsis.

Daytime incontinence that is not associated with urinary infection or anatomical abnormalities is less common than nighttime incontinence and tends to disappear much earlier than the night versions. One possible cause of daytime incontinence is an overactive bladder. The underlying disorder is identical to the overactive bladder occurring in adults; which I shall deal with much later in this book, and the treatment strategies are similar. Page 18.315

The original insult in girls often appears to be urinary tract infection; management is often complicated, as the symptoms experienced by the individual may be similar and difficult to differentiate between the causes. Some children may develop intermittent incontinence due to the habit of infrequent voiding in response to social need, e.g. at school. The practice of holding on until the last minute may lead to urgency and urge incontinence, or to inefficient voiding as a result of over-distension of the bladder. The intermittent nature of the condition may make successful treatment difficult. Some of the same factors that contribute to nighttime incontinence may act together with infrequent voiding to produce daytime incontinence. These factors include:

Hello Flowerbower and shithole toiletscrub, I am thinking that you may not have bladder problems because your loads are always flashing out the crap on YouTube and other sites, so your rectums must be empty, you lucky bastards. Sometimes, overly strenuous toilet training may make the child unable to relax the sphincter and the pelvic floor to completely empty the bladder. Retaining urine incomplete emptying sets the stage for urinary tract infections.

It has been suggested that anxiety-causing events occurring in the lives of children ages 2 4 might lead to incontinence before the child achieves total bladder control. Anxiety experienced after age four might lead to wetting after the child has been dry for a period of six months or more. Such events include angry parents, unfamiliar social situations and overwhelming family events such as the birth of a brother or sister. Page 18.316

Incontinence itself is an anxiety-causing event. Strong bladder contractions leading to leakage in the daytime can cause embarrassment and anxiety that lead to wetting at night.

Most urinary incontinence fades away naturally as bladder capacity increases and the neurological systems controlling normal micturition habits mature. However, various techniques are available to help alleviate incontinence.


Bladder training consists of exercises for coordinating muscles of the bladder and urethra and may help the control of urination. These techniques teach the child to anticipate the need to urinate and prevent urination when away from a toilet. Techniques that may help nighttime incontinence are:

Unfortunately, none of the above has demonstrated proven success.


This procedure involves waking the child periodically throughout the night, taking him or her to the bathroom to urinate, and then returning the child to bed. It is hoped that by teaching the child to awake and to empty his or her bladder many times during the night, he or she will eventually stay dry. This is clearly a demanding technique for both the child and the parents, and has a high relapse rate. I appreciate that one sooner prefer to put them in nappies that can hold the expected output from the child so both parties can get a full night sleep. Page 18.317

Techniques that may help daytime incontinence are:

At night, moisture alarms can wake a person when he or she begins to urinate. This technique was first developed to my understanding in 1938, but I know that I never had one of them, and is based upon classical pavlovian conditioning, clearly my foster mother did not believe in these devices she accepted that her rubber hand strap served the purpose of training children in the use of the pot. I understand that these devices include a water-sensitive pad worn in pyjamas or on the bed, a wire connected to a battery driven control and an alarm that sounds when moisture is first detected. For the alarm to be effective the child must awaken, or be awakened, as soon as the alarm goes off, the idea being that the child is able to complete his or her urination in the toilet normally. The question in my mind is it possible for a child to stop urination to get to the toilet to finish; something in my mind says doubtful in many cases. This I base upon my own problems if I start to urinate without knowing I find I cannot stop until complete. If I control the start it is with difficulty to stop just like that and if successful would be difficult to restart and painful. Therefore, I would not think of stopping that flow, this I feel would also apply to most children regardless. This may require having another person sleep in the same room to awaken the bed wetter, as I am aware that many children become habituated to these devices and fail to awake. Alternatively, the child may become apt at switching off the alarm and fail to awaken properly. Unfortunately, the relapse rate following this therapy can be up to 41%. This is in addition to a drop out from treatment rate of up to a third. Much of this I think to be due to parental, rather than child related, factors as this technique does require a lot of parental support. This discussion is set at an elementary level as a basic study of problems for long-term space missions of 15 to 25 years or more where a child most likely will be born, and without question on earth within S.I.S.R.C. Page 18.318

Increasing ADH levels may treat nighttime incontinence. This may be achieved by administering a synthetic ADH with no pressor activity, known as desmopressin, or DDAVP. This compound is poorly bioavailable and is administered either by nasal spray or in a tablet formulation. To my understanding, the aerosol technology is somewhat old and many adults prefer the tablets. Side effects are relatively rare in children and only occur if there is excessive fluid intake by the child, leading to a dilutional hyponatraemia.


(hy-poh-n-tree-mi) n.

The presence in the blood of an abnormally low concentration of sodium: occurs in dehydration, which leads me into electrolyte subject and therefore will belong to a later chapter on the body, sorry but it is a large subject while I am trying to keep this part simple and basic. Warning signs are headache and drowsiness, which I can well believe from the mass of medication I have to take sure suffer massive headaches and drowsiness like being hit on the head with a sledge hammer. Caution needs to be observed if DDAVP is taken with other medications, which have a predisposition to causing hyponatraemia. Some children to my knowledge do not respond to DDAVP, but there is a trend towards a greater likelihood of response with increasing age.

The world of reality that I belong to the question here is why do all appear different atoms must vary but how and why in the makeup each one of them that fascinate me how why? Page 18.319

A rechallenge at a later date is therefore warranted. The antimuscarinic agent imipramine is also used to treat nocturnal enuresis. It acts on both the brain and the urinary bladder.


(i-mip-r-men) n.

A drug administered by mouth or injection to treat depression TRADE NAME Tofranil. The first name drug I have to admit I had never came across it while I worked on the hospital wards so I m lost as to its functions, whereas the second name one I can write a couple of pages upon it, but that can fit into another part of this book, I just quote basic facts above. However, do not think you will get away with it that I will not give the details, which I know in this book, or that I am making excuses because I do not know because it was part of my life and this book is my life; you bound to read about it eventually. The administration of either of these compounds may have a dramatic effect upon nocturnal enuresis, giving dry nights. Unfortunate to my knowledge, total resolution occurs in only around 20 25% of cases.

Here I give a summary that has been covered in this section, remember there are many people devoted in trying to solve this problem. Within the Searl Technology complex-having babies in a ground bases is not a major problem, but once out there on deep space exploration missions of 10 to 50 years, does become a major issue which has to be resolved. That is just one more issue why men will not be going to Mars yet, much brain work is required much testing of concepts will be required. Page 18.320

Never forget that technology often has unpredictable effects on the structures it has been fashioned to serve. The Star ship Explorer will create unpredictable effects upon the economics of commercial business which will benefit the planet Earth by which you will reap the rewards not only of gains but of knowledge also. The future, which is under development, is amazing, and the Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) will play an important part of your life and your childrens future. The Project Star Ship Explorer shall require all this knowledge being discussed within this book and even if you hate medical facts, or any other issues quoted in this book, I feel sorry for you, as this project is a massive impossible task; so say the experts. Yet free of charge, you can read and see how such a project came about, who invented it and who helped over the years to bring a dream into a concept and those way back in time actually help with their input with no knowledge what the outcome would be. And stranger too, all was done by atoms in so many forms and shapes, dreamed up concepts then designed them into components then assembled them in products by which atoms can use for their needs. In addition, atoms having continence problems make things even more insane, yet to cover up this issue we proudly say this is a boy or this is a girl. We assume 90% of our knowledge base is fact; that in itself makes man going to Mars a problem, and beyond Mars a even greater problem. You can assume that this book will carry many issues upon the requirements of Star Ship Explorer before it even starts to be constructed, modelling it to check all issues will be vital, and time and cost consuming. Many meetings will be involved with companies who will supply the parts, as up to now China has played a major part in producing the special materials for us, and this side alone China will be playing a much greater part of the development work. Here on planet earth continence problems may be a laugh in space the opposite will be true, it will be far from a laugh, I know in my heart whatever happens in space the team will do their best to solve the problem, but they depend on scientists and technicians on Planet Earth to come up with the devices by which they can cope with such problems. This document realised by the authority of:

Prof. John Roy Robert Searl Head of R&D Human Studies. Manned Flight Division.
The Searl Technology has been and expected to be knock down by idiots, which has been the case throughout time for all great concepts and inventions of the past; thus, we continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge forward regardless. Page 18.321

Page 18.322

DOC-SISRC-MFD-2A-EHTPU-30 DATE: 7th November 1968 EDITION: First ISSUE: Three.

SWALLOW COMMAND-MORTIMER-BERKSHIRE-ENGLAND. LOCATION : Headquarters-Mortimer-Berkshire-England, DIVISION SEMINAR AUTHOR STATUS : Manned Flight. : Star Ship Ezekiel MK V. : John Roy Robert Searl. : R&D Human behaviour Studies.

This is the continue article upon the ten of 12 Channel Recorder type 12676 which was purchased by the late Rev. George Nicholson for me. In answer to those experts who claim that I had nothing and still got nothing of course I got nothing if evil people continue to steal the equipment to stop this work.

This is one of those units: type 12676, which you have been reading about, and about to increase your knowledge of this equipment. Dr. Edwards, Beloved almighty god Flowerbower, and that arsehole creep toiletscrub: take note I did have these products until they were stolen. For those who wish to see what it has taken to reach this stage of development this book has been made public as a record of my life, the hell and successes that has been involved. Sad to say thief of my property has lost so much over years, that should had been now in a museum for all to see, nevertheless we shall create our own museum where all our work can be saved for visitors to be able to witness and the future will be great, exciting, yes without a doubt!

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This is the continue start of this subject, which comes under test equipment heading, and it is heavy to move. This equipment was not the only equipment I had in use at the time, agree some of you living might remember in the 60s the mass of publicity that I had show the various equipment I had in use. Many of you who are dead certainly did see the news of the time. Now the UK appears not to be able to support this work, and clearly, Thailand is the only country far enough ahead in the work, should be the developing country of this technology and be farther equipped for the task. With a showcase of all under-takings done upon this study program to prove the technology and its different functions separated to show its functions, for all to see what have successfully been achieved. Searl Technology Ltd and Searl Magnetic Ltd in co-operation with NST Ltd, are working as one unit to reinvent the Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) for the purpose of mass production system and to assist in the recreation of the Inverse-Gravity-Vehicle (I-G-V). I tackle the task of requirements for Star Ship Explorer program, which is a massive task to undertake, far more complex in reference to the domestic S.E.G. You see my brain likes that situation where there are problems to solve which ends in success. Page 18.324

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That completes that section, thus you begin to see that this equipment was not your local amateur corner stores type to buy, so take no notice of what experts say about what you can get so cheap because in this domain of reality nothing is cheap. In the domain of phenomena, knowledge as the ordering of function can have no more than a technical significance, in the sense of more or less successful adaptation. If we wish to go beyond knowledge and to understand the world, in which we live. We must give full weight to the discriminations of being upon which all values depend. In earlier centuries, men tried to harmonize fact and value by forcing all knowledge into a pattern that conformed to some preconceived view of the universal order. In Western Europe for example, it was believed for more than a thousand years that any concept of nature must conform to a Christian scriptural revelation. There is a twofold error in such a belief. On the one hand, our knowledge of fact is reached by eliminating the distinctions of being from phenomena: for since phenomena are themselves subject to a particular form of subjective experience, knowledge of fact can never be more than an approximate representation of our ordinary experience and must, in addition, be subject to uncertainties that we cannot hope to remove. On the other hand, scriptural revelation this, by hypothesis, originates from the experience of higher levels of consciousness is transmitted to us through the medium of language. Language itself is relative to being, and we have seen that highest truths can be expressed only in the unique language of gesture. When these truths are systematically, translated into the medium of common speech. It is inevitable that conventional and artificial ideas should be introduced that have the effect of obscuring the deeper meanings. Hence, it is not possible to reduce revelation and knowledge of fact to any common denominator. Either in experience or in language. Therefore, if a harmonious, unified structure is ever to emerge, we must endeavour to penetrate to the total experience of function, being and will within this given totality, we may set ourselves to examine with the aid of the categories. The procedures of natural philosophy and the nature of revelation. The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) Preliminary Science Project Report. The Searl Effect Technology basic design function. The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) demands reliability and integrity. Materials, components, tools and equipment for this technology, and full subsystems monitoring are required to support safe operations within the Star Ship Ezekiel MK V programme, or any other InverseGravity-Vehicle (I.G.V) for airline or space work projects and those related to Planet Earth bound use, such as cars, or rail drive systems, or domestic and industry use. The space project of Swallow Command program faced with a need for sophisticated power system. That present day technology on the world market does not have to offer. Page 18.331

There is so far no proven technology on the world market to lift a disc shaped vehicle at an economically with a logical workload level, suitable for a space business requirements. Based upon facts presented to me, during past years; it is clear to me that a great number of people have their lines crossed on a subject termed a disc shaped aircraft developed in Canada; which, as they quote: was forcefully taken over by the yanks. This was a crap, the yanks did not forcefully take the project over; they were part of the team and funded the work with the Canadian government. From their statements, they were under the impression that the yanks finished this craft off, agree to some issues they did much of the finish development, and it flew at high speed and at great heights, sad to say that is also nothing more than crap. From what they stated, I drew the following line of mental considerations; if a craft of a disc shape was indeed true, then it did not fly as in the sense of an aircraft or rocket. Yes, it was tested tethered and appeared to be stable when released, it climb to around 2000 feet then went unstable and crashed; the project was then terminated. The Canadian government gave me the names of those involved, but could not confirm their addresses to write to see if they would support development on the I.G.V. It presents other points of interest based upon my own determination to develop a disc shape craft to meet space and Earth bound needs that if such a project was carried out in Canada and then in the U.S.A, then such firms and their staff involved within that programme could add much knowledge and experience to my own work. Better still, be interested to working along with me, upon this research project, in the interest of the airlines future needs. In pursuant to my needs to advance our technology to market requirements in the shortest possible time factor I approached the International Civil Aviation Authority, Canada, to which, at that time, I subscribed to on the behalf of them the Searl National Space Research Consortium, upon the subject of this so-called disc shaped aircraft. Their reply was in the negative, recommending that I could try G.R. Skinner, acting chief aeronautical planning and development division, Civil Aeronautics. They reply included excerpts from Janes all the world aircraft, indicated that between 1955 and 1962 Avro Canada did in fact undertake the development of a disc shaped vehicle called THE AVROCAR. That was the project these communications from the public I received referred to, and the company, which the Canadian government referred me to also was the same. That is the Avro Avrocar, at last we know what we are talking about thank heaven for wonders, you see I want the truth, and nothing but the truth, and the truth I shall search for regardless of idiots claims to differ. Development was part funded by the U.S. Air force and the U.S. Army. Officially, this was an U.S.A. project, now we all now know the truth so there is no need to worry the USA President about it, as you had worried me about it, and I have given you the answers. Flowerbower or you that arsehole creep toiletscrub, if you are so bloody clever, and you know better prove it then I shall check out your claims and expose the results. The rewriting this now ancient document I released so long ago has almost faded out of print. It was a part of my newsletter no.19, those who have one of those 2,000 copies can check it page 19.1 19.3 the only difference is the names of these two imbeciles listed here. Page 18.332

The only information that Avro had on this development is as follows: THE AVROCAR: The Avrocar is a VTOL aircraft, which has been under development for the U.S. Department of Defence since 1955 as weapons system 606A. It is reported to be a saucer shaped vehicle employing the ground cushion effect and involving the use of extremely high-pressure air jets at the side and underside of the body. It is said to be capable of hovering, to have maximum speed of 300 M.P.H = 480 KM/H, and a range of 1000 miles = 1,600 Km 1959 / 1960. Powered by three continental J69 turbojet engines, these drive the central fan, which provides a peripheral air curtain and ground cushion for VTOL operation. In forward flight, the body develops aerodynamic lift. The prototype began its tethered flight trials on December 5th 1959 and later taken to California for development testing. It was returned to Toronto for its first tests in forward flight which began on May 17 th 1961 1962. This covers all the news, except it crashed on its first free flight. From the data which I received, I accept that this was an up-grade hovercraft, its speed allowed it to gain a greater height then that of a normal hovercraft. Coming back to fact: it is clear that a complete new approach to power must be considered before we can go ahead with a disc shaped vehicle; such systems should be view upon well-proven knowledge used today in technology fields of industry. Carefully considered in how they function in performing their task combining those, which offer the best in performance to obtain a logic construction.


The SEARL EFFECT CONCEPT is only new in as much as how the systems interfaced to meet the power output requirements. Such as the needs for flight: either air or space; which became my first field of study after I appreciated what nature had to offer, within these forces, which man seemed to use in their separate forms within industry. I began to appreciate that these forces could be re-arranged and by so doing obtained a power load that could fill the demand of domestic or industry needs. By shaking up our nature forces again, I meet the needs of both road and rail use. I see many new roadways to travel in search for power for mans needs at home, at work and that of his methods of movement from A to B. May it be here on the planet Earth, or across the great domain of the universe? New materials, components, equipment and tooling; new techniques make tomorrows power search more and more exciting, than my newsletters of yesterdays. Inventiveness is not new and it is not a dreaded illness of the mind, but it is something that all human beings have, unfortunate rarely use it; most of you are afraid to say what your mind tells you at times. Page 18.333

Because you know that those you speak to may think that, you are ill in the mind. Yet, for this one major point, millions of new inventions go down the drain on the death of that would had been inventor, and what the county has lost, can never be calculated, no matter who the inventor is. When a new concept presents for the first time, it will always appear to be a nut case issue, too many people are not tuned in to the same channel, nearly most of them must wait for new materials or some other reason to take place before it becomes an everyday accepted concept. Sometimes there are many reasons as to why an inventor cannot demonstrate the concept: 1. No finance to foot the bill involved. 2. No suitable place to store the components involved. 3. No suitable place to develop the concept involved. 4. No tooling or equipment available to measure the results for him / her. 5. No labour to help in the construction work. It can be said that all the above applies to me. Because we had no storage place, all research and projects destroyed as soon as its usefulness to me from the point of knowledge is complete. No matter how important it is to the future of man; no matter how great or small that progress is. It is a shame that it should be written off as a lost. We must save all such future work so man will have a record on how it was done, and by whom! In the past work, the following were involved: Mr Philip Justice; Mrs Susan Justice; Mr Tony W. Justice; Mr Charles W Justice; Mr Charles Alfred Haskell; Mrs Gwen Haskell; Mr C. F. Bettice-Dean; Mr Peter C. Barrett; Mr B.L. Sholl; Miss Christina Jevons; Mrs Irene Patterson; Mr John Patterson; Mr Colin Bennett; Mr John Willstead; Page 18.334 Today there are others joining in the development work. Mr Gilbert Childs; Mr John A. D. Cork. These are just a few of those who work with me.

In the early days to bring into manufacture standards that which I could only see, by their efforts, they too could see that which was in my mind, and through modelling the result could be tested and evaluated, modified if needed to meet the materials or tooling available at that time. Yet, long before this time, long before I even knew that these people existed, the brain was already geared for this event. It was already programmed to carry out this task; to record data from every walk of life as reference there would be much sorry and pain involved long before I would appreciate the task I was singled out to undertake. There are two main types of inventors: 1. Those who invent the components instead of total systems.

2. Those who take these components and through them change complete systems of the times. The change may be in the way something is done or in the way; we use the new system or a complete different method to that which was operating. Sometimes it means a complete change in formula used in technology.


No doubt, it will change the whole systems of life: how we live, how we work and how we move about. It will open new avenues, which have been hidden from our view. Let us look at this new concept of power production, as power and as power to motivation.


In the SEARL EFFECT GENERATOR (S.E.G) are a number of standard systems, which are in common use today in industry. The only difference in Searls case is the way that he applies these systems to mix sciences, which in themselves are complete subjects have been blended together to give different results as output to that now applied in industry. The sciences involved within the INVERSE-GRAVITY-VEHICLE (I-G-V) to produce force lift and motivation are: 1. Gravity technology; 2. Gyroscope technology; 3. Flywheel technology; 4. Cyclotron technology; 5. Electrical technology; 6. Magnetic wave technology; 7. Ball race technology. The above seven sciences blended in various ways with the various materials give various outputs; either as electrical power or motivation or that of both; or high voltage or extra high voltage; or high current. Flowerbower and that arsehole creep toiletscrub, this report goes back to the 60s while you wore nappies! Page 18.335

Each subject has been investigated in their individual fields. However, time has passed from that first study in 1946 1952 1958. Yet, all this goes back to 1937 when all the now known facts were given me in building blocks but not understood, were accepted as nightmares at that time. However, chance results in some study work on electricity caused me to re-think upon the subject; this chance instance was over my homework with B.E.I.T. in the cause of improving me at work. This chance point was related to the present generators and magnetic fields that if metal cut lines of magnetic flux a flow of electrons will take place. Therefore, if the axle of a generator operates within the Earths magnetic flux, it must produce a small voltage and in 1946, I found that small voltage. I worked upon the ball race idea of a generator, which had to operate as if it was a gyroscope in a flywheel configuration: whose output characteristic resembles that of a cyclotron yet needs no other motor drive system. As it houses its own drive force system within itself through the magnetic setup acts as on nature forces. This has and will continue to be a source of disagreement within the scientific world as it has been since 1946 to this present time. The basic cause is the fact that I have always stated that it is a drive system so complex that its appearance seems perpetual in nature, in the sense that its movement is natural under its own free will, acting its own natural forces for its motivation. I have not and cannot yet give a better explanation to the phenomenon, this may remain the case for many years to come. Yet, the fact remain that no other source of power is needed to create movement of the generator functional parts. The generator basic structure is more or less that of a present day generator technology producing electricity by conductor lines being cut by magnetic flux. Design of generator loads can be calculated as in present day methods. The SEARL EFFECT GENERATORS (S.E.G) does not have to employ each of the seven named sciences to give a power output requirement. However, certainly have to if flight is required, for instance, power requirements only for home power plant would not include that of a cyclotron technology, or half of the electrical technology used in flight fields. When used in motivation such as cars or trains we do not need to use either cyclotron or electrical technology for the little amount of power needed in relation to the actual motive power that can be obtained by induction only. Therefore, it is clear from this newsletter, that the term SEARL EFFECT relates not to the power or motive power but purely to the drive system involved, which is obtained within itself thereby needing no other component part to create its motive force. In most cases the finished unit is circular in nature and flat in depth but it could be housed in a square box in which case it will be tall in height and narrow in width and in this case the motive force would be up and down or in and out; in such a system the gyroscope technology would not be involved. Page 18.336

The electrical energy would lag storage ability; the final output voltage levels would be low in relation to high current or high voltage in relation to low current. To obtain the best results for flight we must include the effects of gyroscopes, flywheel and ball race sciences for they have much to give. For each of these sciences are massive storage units, which plays a vital role in holding the desired charge this storage effect applies both in the electrical sense and that of the mechanical sense. This report on the Searl Effect generator (S.E.G) conceived initially as a study of the usefulness and practicality of mechanical energy storage systems in limiting pollution of present day combustion energy of road, rail and air transportation. Even today, this study continues, prompted by the increasingly stringent government restrictions on the pollutant emission levels of vehicle power plants. In view of inherent broad applicability of the S.E.G or SEARL EFFECT GENERATOR transient energy storage concept in the context of the modern environment energy crises, the scope of this study was broadened somewhat from that of 1968 of just space requirements. To that of the needs of cars, trains, home power units industry power units and that for the Inverse-GravityVehicles energy storage devices are very important. These newsletters are designed to fulfil three functions: First: Second: to show how transient energy storage devices can be used to help solve the energy environment problems associated with all forms of transportation. to collect rationalise and discuss the relevant information available concerning the engineering and fabrication of mechanical energy storage devices called the SEARL EFFECT GENERATOR (S.E.G). to outline a proposal for a research and development programme, this would lead to the production of workable hardware.


To achieve this requirement I am replacing the work that Gunnar Sandberg at the university was going to do as progress there came to a halted and then undertaken up by Paul Brown of the U.S.A. working as a team.

Take the automotive vehicle chemical exhaust emissions in urban centres have led to massive air pollution problems especially in large built up areas such as London, Los Angeles and many other locations. If pollutant emissions are not eliminated or severely curtailed then a dangerous health hazard will result and will become critical in time. The vehicles that cause this problem must be examined in our newsletters: Are wheel supported and driven passenger controlled and carry a self-contained power supply: cars, buses, trucks and a variety of other vehicles, trains and planes. The automotive vehicle highway road transport systems of which they are a part are far from competitive as with rapid mass transit systems. However, it is established and it has succeeded largely because of its overwhelming acceptance and popularity with the average individual. Bear in mind this report was release in the 60s, I see no change today still the same problem. Page 18.337

Today it is an integral part of our life style and in the past sixty years automotive vehicle have done much to improve and enrich our lives. As more and more vehicles are operated, the inherent drawbacks in their design and concept are magnified and come more apparent. Today here are many problems associated with automobiles apart from chemical pollution these include inefficient use of energy safety the encroachment of land by highways and roadways - especially in urban centres and thermal and noise pollution. Unless improvements are made quickly and cheaply the automotive vehicle may well die a death as quick and shattering as its birth.

Chemical pollution as mentioned before is the most pressing problem and new stringent legal measures are now forcing a rapid and difficult pace for improvement. The S.E.G. - GYR0-FLYWHEEL HIGH ENERGY DENSITY MECHANICAL MAGNETIC STORAGE DEVICE is capable of making significant improvements quickly and advantageously with minimal development cost and returns potentially beyond those of other recognised pollution-limiting device. Advanced study of the S.E.G. as a high energy density mechanical storage device has been proceeding for several years now within our INVERSE-GRAVITY-VEHICLE programme and within our domestic and industry S.E.G.s studies. The S.E.G. system consists of a sophisticated gyro-flywheel within a ball race characteristic configuration of an inner ring is set magnetic wise to cause its acting force to revolve the second ring to rotate. In turn, its acting force upon the next ring will induce rotation. In many cases and certainly within the INVERSE-GRAVITY-VEHICLE the power produced will create a vacuum within the rotating rings. One would be correct to consider that the rotor is a relatively high inertia body operating at very high angular velocities of 24,000 to 44,000 R.P.M. Except within the INVERSE-GRAVITY-VEHICLE, the controller velocities range from 1,000,000 down to 1,000 R.P.M. Although engineering and materials are considerable, it is more than a well worth investment as our whole future would blessed greatly by its success. It is on this point that we ask the general public at large to invest and not upon a finished project a concept for research and development. However, the S.E.G. when perfected will be a versatile economical and simple answer not only to all motivation pollution, but also to all our need no matter how great or small. Like any storage element the S.E.G. can be used as either the sole power source of the mobile vehicle such as in our INVERSE-GRAVITY-VEHICLE programme or as an integral part of any number of hybrid mobile engine storage systems. As the sole power source, the S.E.G. virtually eliminates localised pollution. As the voltage rise for that as would be used within a central power generating station or as per required by the INVERSE-GRAVITY-VEHICLE some by products may still be produced at the charging point but these have more usefulness then harmful effects. Page 18.338

As part of a hybrid system, it can effectively reduce the pollution level of almost any main engine. One of the most attractive aspects of the hybrid system as opposed to a pollution limited prime mover system is that improvement in emission levels without consequence in decreasing economy, efficiency and performance. Indeed the S.E.G. may actually improve operating parameters and can be used with certain inherently low polluting prime movers to improve their characteristics and make them more attractive. It should be made clear that the S.E.G. is not narrowly limited in application to automotive vehicles. Many additional uses exist in industry, in aerospace, in the home, and in every portable power situation, notably the transient energy storage concept and the S.E.G have potential for usage in advanced systems designed to head off the energy crisis. It is imperative for survival that we develop new sources of energy and new energy distribution concepts in the future and also learn to use what sources exist more wisely. This end that report in the 1968 newsletter No 19. In addition, the release of it here also is for the education of idiots like Flowerbower and that idiot toiletscruber who clearly love talking out of his rear-ends. This document released by authority of:

Prof. John Roy Robert Searl head of R&D human behaviour studies. Energy and Transportation Systems.
The requirements of my research and development means I need not only know about things but to understand them which is a completely different domain. Which I trust this book is clearly showing, that this horse should not be kicked unless you want it to kick you back harder, and if it hurts you then I am happy about doing a good job at it to evil minds. This book shows you what I know and understand as a matter of public record, because it is a true story of a boy and his dreams that nursed him into reality. Yet by an insane statement that god created us really, that surprises me that they can stand there and make that statement when they are wearing cloths as if their god was insanely dirty minded person to make us nude. When you say, he made you like himself which insanity I get from people such crap makes me want to spew up all over them. Reality: you are a naked ape whether you like it or not with the ability to create to improve a better world by which you can live in, but that is entirely up to you to make that commitment to achieve what can be yours but crap only delays that from happening. Therefore, you can blame yourself for the delays of a better world! Page 18.339

From Thailand: We the members of the team who are creating the world of tomorrow for the benefits of planet Earth by which you the people of planet Earth will benefit from our efforts and devotion, we sincerely thank you for your help and interest which you have and are showing in this work. Unfortunate, this creation means lot of equipment and machines and tooling are needed, today that cost is high to able us to obtain such products. We prefer at this stage to allow the general public to help to fund this cost, thus hopefully will keep the finish product at a much lower price than taking large investment that interest will have to be paid on from the sales making the price per unit much higher to buy. We as a team can only promise you our devotion to get this technology to the marketplace as soon as it is possible to start up mass production, which rely upon funding being available. We shall continue to update our websites so it will be a public record of an impossible project that started as a dream became reality through the devotion of a few who were prepared to have a go to prove that it was possible. Like all those things, which you have today were impossible until someone took the gamble and won, we too shall win likewise. To the future of the people of planet Earth may the power be with you always and good health remains with you and keep watching our websites updates to follow this living story that started with a boy as dreams to which he gave a meaning to and we are going to prove that dreams can come true, bless you all for your interest Thai Team. Page 18.340


Was I the cause of this meeting?

They were strange happening creating panic in the area, public meeting in the effort to solve these mysterious events.

Were you one of these who attended this public meeting? If so, what was that instant which changed the colour of your pants that led to this public meeting and did it solve the mystery? If it failed to solve the problem which this meeting was all about has it never made you wonder what that cause was, or even if it truly was aliens from another world creating havoc as a bit of fun? Alternatively, might it been an Earth bound alien instead just testing out some flying device he had constructed to see how it copes with flight. You are the judge: aliens from another world or an earthbound alien, you place your vote! Page 18.341

Could I had been the cause of that public meeting, or was it a party group returning home from a night out at the pub and just had one too many, an owl gave two hoots they crap their pants and blamed it on a U.F.O. However, I would say that a U.F.O. is out of that equation, so what are we left with a pub night out, over drinking something frighten them it sure is a good possibility or just by chance, they did see something or heard something, which was beyond their normal experience. I do know as matter of fact that some individuals saw the IGV only by shear chance or luck. They happen to look up at the right time and place. I know this to be true as an artists was drawing the area by chance saw one and included it in his work, signed it and dated it. Six months later watching the TV news, saw that IGV in flight and it was the same craft he had seen; the TV station pass his request on to me for meeting. Which I agreed on and he handed me that sign dated the drawing; that is correct, John Thomas who cleaned it up for me found it signed, dated and phoned me to tell me the news. Back to the past, was it I that created that meeting to take place I guess that the answer is yes but keep it secret I dont want a public spanking by an angry mob for changing the color instantly the color of their underwear. From where I sit, I had considered that I had done a good nights work, all night those tests were done on models which proved successful; does it really matter if I caused them to have an instant empting of their bowls? They should be grateful for the instant relief. Of course, I make allowance for a certain journalist arriving home late after entertaining his secretary behind a hedgerow and it all took longer than expected while the wife waits for his return as the meal has gone cold with a rolling pin on-hand. What he had seen that night instantly gave him an excuse as to why his was late but the best solution is to say aliens delayed him, wanted to know the way to our masters, so he showed them the way and that meant dropping in the pub for a drink as a thank you. Well that nicely explains why he was so late and not the last time for the aliens may show up again in need of his services. Understandably, that way to saves him from growing mountains off the top of his head from roller pin accidents. I trust this page has created a situation whereby your brain kicks into action as to what really happened. That reminds me that the American public spends 300 million dollars on non-prescription laxatives and antidiarrhea medicines, makes me wonder if these strange events, which took place here, if they increase those sales in the UK, an interesting thought. How strange earthlings are taking for example the Masai tribe of Africa who use cow manure as a healing agent for wounds. They also use cow manure as a cold cream for their complexions, well that answer our question to why are they seen with flies moving over their face, flies love cow manure! Page 18.342

DOC-SISRC-MFD-MED-UC-1. DATE: 21st 1986 EDITION: First ISSUE: Second.


LOCATION : Headquarters-London-England. DIVISION SEMINAR : Manned Flight. : Urinary Cytology.

LECTURER : Prof. John Roy Robert Searl. STATUS : Head of R&D Human behaviour studies.

For man to enter into deep space exploration we shall need to know a lot more about that structure and I mean from the world of reality not the world of fantasy.

Do you understand what I am stating here that this subject deals with these people but not only them but you as well, you are not left out Flowerbower or the other imbecile toiletscrub of this study. You have commenced reading this study in an earlier part of this book I shall now continue this study. To say we explore deep space, would it not be more precise to say my group of atoms are going to explore deep space? Because that is what we all are just loads of atoms and I am studying how they create a cell in the first stage of you which is ruddy amazing and to think that some of this effort is wasted on idiots like Flowerbower and toiletscrub is really sad: Thanks ladies and men for your help there. Page 18.343

I hope you can remember what you have already read on this subject, and I shall continue with that discussion. COLOR TONE OF THE CELL: In unstained urine specimens, virtually all cells show a basic gray tone, sometimes with an additional yellowish tinge. However, subtle differences in that basic tone can be important with respect to differential diagnosis, as follows: Cells showing shiny gray or even greenish tones are predominantly squamous epithelial cells of the intermediate-deep layer type. Cells showing a relatively clear yellow tone are usually transitional epithelial cells. Whitish-gray cells are generally macrophages or columnar epithelial cells.


Squamous epithelial cells of the intermediate-deep layer type stain poorly. If stain at all, these will be light pink. All other cells stain relatively well, with renal tubular cells showing the best stain quality.

The cytoplasm of most cells in urine stains either pink or red-pink. In contrast, most columnar epithelial cells and macrophages stain blue-violet or red-violet. This can be useful in differentiating the latter types of cells from other types.


Erythrocytes measure 5 10 m. Leukocytes measure 10 15 m. These values provide useful standards for differentiation, as follows:

Renal tubular cells, superficial squamous epithelial cells.

Squamous epithelial, intermediate-deep layer cell type, columnar epithelial cell, small macrophages.

Deep layer transitional cells.


Transitional epithelial, superficial-intermediate cell type, medium and large macrophages. I shall continue on the next page. Page 18.344


In their normal state, transitional epithelial, superficial-intermediate type cells and medium-large macrophages 2 or 3 nuclei. All other cells found in urine contain one nucleus.

FIGURE 18.3 Page 18.345

Location of nucleus.

Flowerbower and Toiletscrub makes for a cesspit yes, sounds accurate; you see this is my World, way above theirs and it will take some time for their type to look up at what is self evident to everyone else.

Table 18.1. Morphological features of cells typically found in urine.

*1 = unstained *2 = Stermheimer staining method.


As shown in Figure 18.3, a cells area can be conceptualised as having five zones, what that law of the squares popped again, defined by five concentric circles drawn at equal intervals. If the nucleus is in the central 1/5 of the cell, its location is central. Between 1/5 and 3/5 is somewhat peripheral. Page 18.346

Locations which are distal from the 3/5 point on out to the periphery are termed peripheral which to my mind makes sense. If more than one nucleus exists, locate the central portion of the multiple nuclei, and regard that site as the location of the nucleus treated as a mononucleus. If the cells are elongated, only the long axis applies. Cells can then be differentiated, according to the location of the nucleus, as follows: 1 Cells with mostly located nucleus: Squamous epithelial cells, transitional epithelial cells, superficial type. 2 Cells with mostly somewhat peripherally located nucleus: Transitional epithelial cells, intermediate-deep layer type. 3 Cells with central-somewhat peripherally located nucleus Columnar epithelial cells. 4 Cells with peripherally located nucleus: Renal tubal epithelial cells, macrophages.



The nuclei of macrophages are normally kidney or ovoid shaped. The other normal cells found in urine generally show spherical or spheroid nuclei. Dearly beloved Flowerbower and idiot Toiletscrub of the same cesspit, I will stop this document at this point to allow your brain to return to earth and cool off. This document released by the authority of:

Prof. John Roy Robert Searl Head of R&D human behaviour studies.
DIVISION: Manned Flight; Medical research. PROJECT: Star Ship Explorer. Date issue: 21st November 1986.

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The family of this lady took me in as one of their family member on this tour of Thailand. It was a lovely sunny day and I found this tour most interesting, its history and learned much about Thailands past that I did not know about. This family was wonderful, more so the youngest of them. Of course, I have since met them again.

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Just remembered that when I discussed this product, which many thought flew high and fast I missed adding a photo of it, original I had a real photo from Avro of it but evil-minded people burnt it while I was away but Thailand the team sent me a copy of it, not as good as original but it will do.

Well now, you see it never flew at 2000 feet at any time, nor was it ever intended to so. FACTS flowerbower and toiletscrub- here are the truths and it is something to think on: Modern Europeans discovered America by accident and named it serendipitously after a merchant-traveller, but Australia, named before discovering it and it was only after a long search for Terra Australis Incognita, the Unknown Southern Land. The amount of facts I know flowerbower would take years to write them out, but this book will give an indication of the vast knowledge and interests I have which surrounds me in my world of REALITY. Where there is so much of interest taking place these days, to my mind the past is extremely exciting also, shows how the human race to survived and how it progress to this day. There were the bad ones who try hard to stop progress but in the end failed; yes Flowerbower here you are exposed- your an expert failure. Page 18.349

People have short memories, who is this man and what did he do that stands him out as an odd person? This is the Astronaut Gene Cernan in the Apollo 17 command module. So what is important about him? On 14th December 1972, he became the last human to stand on the surface of the Moon and he is still the last one. Could Swallow Command be able to make a change in that record who knows nothing is impossible except that the state of your mind makes it so. Will Prof. Searl return to active duty on the flying side no one knows accept Searl! So keep watching, he may surprise you.

This is one of the latests pictures just in from the Research lab in Thailand upon the testing of the S.E.G concept. I am sorry Flowerbower and ToiletScrub if the rollers RPM reading upsets you for it is suppose to be impossible without friction; regardless, it shows yet again another SEG function isolated and validated. Actually, I am delighted that it upsets you both for it indicates we are making good progress towards a better and brighter future with this technology in both energy and transportation systems. Page 18.350