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Josh Taylor Prof.

Shteirman ILS 562 31 October 2013 Collection Maintenance Overview On Monday, October 28, 2013, I visited Wolcott High Schools library media center to conduct an assessment of the 800s book section, which is categorized as Literature & Rhetoric. After a discussion with Library Media Specialist Sheila Distasio, and a thorough analysis of this section, the 800s section is generally well organized, but is missing some titles and could use some updates. Shelving and Shelf Reading The 800s book section is comprised of primarily pieces of American literature and corresponding literary criticism. The 800s begin with American poetry, move on to American novels and plays, and end with a relatively small section of World literature pieces and related works. In this sense, the organization is sound and relatively easy to follow. On the other hand, while this is likely just the nature of the Dewey Decimal System, this section is organized by author. While this sounds logical and obvious, it causes issues; for instance, F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel The Great Gatsbys shelf location may be nowhere near a literary critique of The Great Gatsby, depending on the literary critique authors last name. I believe it would be far more advantageous to group all texts about a certain novel together in one area of the shelves. The media specialist could position the main text so

that the cover faces the researching student, and then surround the novel with related texts. This would ease the process of student research greatly. Again, this would likely defy the Dewey Decimal System and require a reassessment of the entire book collection, but I think it is something to consider for the future. The photo demonstrates the inconvenience posed by this sections current organization. On the same shelf, there are books about Hawthorne, Hemingway, Clancy, and Steinbeck. It would be more beneficial to students if each classic literature author and/or book title had its own area of shelving.

With respect to shelf reading, the organization of the texts call numbers was quite accurate. There were a few titles that were positioned a couple of books away from where

they should have been, but these were small paperbacks that could easily go unnoticed to the shelf organizer. They were essentially hiding in between other books. Weeding Suggestions As mentioned in the site visit/observation assignment, this library just underwent a major weeding in the past year. That being said, there were still several materials in the 800s section that should be replaced. They are as follows: Source Title The Miracle Worker by William Gibson Anthology of World Prose Reason for Replacement This copy was published in the 1950s, and its pages are yellowed. This was published in 1940, is clearly aged, and can likely be replaced with an updated anthology that includes poetry from more recent decades (in addition to the older poetry). This copy was published in 1970 and appears to be worn out. This was published in 1957, and is not holding up well. It could be replaced relatively cheaply, as Barnes & Noble sells single volume collections of classic works by famous authors at affordable prices. An old paperback copy that is showing its age. This was published in 1981, is filled with stains, and has an aged appearance. Like Twains collection, an updated version can probably be found quite easily. They are from the early 1990s, and likely be replaced with more updated material, since these authors are very prominent in frequently discussed in literary studies.

This is My Best in the Third Quarter of the Century by Whit Burnett The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain

Voltaires Candide: A Bilingual Edition, translated and edited by Peter Gay A collection of Arthur Miller plays.

Books about F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nathaniel Hawthorne, written by Twayne.

The following items were listed as available on the automated systems report, but were not found on the shelves.

Missing Title William Blake, Poet and Painter: An Introduction to the. by Jean H. Hagstrum Complete Poetry and Selected Prose by John Donne The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway: Critical Essays The Amen Corner; A Play by James Baldwin Eugene ONeill by Frederic Ives Carpenter

Potential Explanation The book is from 1964, and was likely weeded in the past year. Similarly, this book was published in 1952, and was likely weeded from the collection. Uncertain; the book was published in 1975, and with other similar sources (published in or before 1975) still available, it may or may not have been weeded out. With a 1968 publishing date, it was likely weeded out of the collection. Uncertain; like the Ernest Hemingway collection, the source is newer than several other titles still on the shelves (published in 1979), so it may or may not have been weeded.

The following titles were identified as lost on the automated systems report: - Walden, and Other Writings by Henry David Thoreau (1981) - Thoreau: Mystic, Prophet, Ecologist by William J. Wolf (1974) - Henry David Thoreaus Walden (1987) - Tennessee Williams and Elia Kazan: A Collaboration in by Brenda Murphy (1992) - Anne McCaffrey: A Critical Companion by Robin Roberts (1996) Additional Information: Mrs. Distasio made it a point to mention that reference titles are now included among their corresponding sections and can be checked out by students. In other words, reference titles related to literary topics are now featured in the 800s Literature and Rhetoric section as opposed to being placed in a general reference area. Mrs. Distasio stated that since so much research is now done through online sources and electronic databases, the traditional reference setup no longer serves students properly. I found this to be a useful reorganization, and am happy to see that Mrs. Distasio is readjusting media center services to meet student preferences as the need arises.

Overall, this was a very valuable learning experience. While the book collections in the library media center had been weeded recently, there are still ways to improve the 800s section (and likely the other sections as well).