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Getting NY Back in Business

New York has been headed in the wrong direction for far too long. The good news is that with careful guidance and common-sense policy making we can turn things around and help get New York headed in the right direction again. As a former small business owner who has seen New York struggle, I offer a plan to help make the state a better place for future New Yorkers, one where our children and grandchildren can thrive.

Reduce Crippling Taxes on Families and Business

Taxes in New York State are simply too high to foster real job growth. Every day, we lose jobs, businesses and families to states that dont place such a dramatic nancial burden on their communities. Numerous organizations have issued studies labeling New York with one of the worst business climates in the U.S. For businesses to begin putting more people on the payroll we must reduce taxes. MY BACK IN BUSINESS PLAN WILL:  CUT TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS: Permanently reduce income tax rates for middle-income taxpayers and small business owners. IMMEDIATELY END THE ENERGY TAX: Eliminate the surcharge on utility companies that results in higher energy bills for consumers and businesses. The 18-a Utility Assessment is another tax on New Yorkers. CUT BUSINESS TAXES: They are burdensome, costly and stie job creation and economic expansion.

Cut the Red Tape That Drives Jobs Out of New York
Many local businesses cannot afford to expand their operations and hire new employees because they are overwhelmed by New Yorks complex and confusing maze of taxes, fees, rules and regulations. Cut the red tape that suffocates local job creators while protecting the safety of workers and the community. A Division of Regulatory Review & Economic Growth would make sure that state law uses the same common-sense principles that people trust to govern their everyday lives. MY BACK IN BUSINESS PLAN WILL:  CREATE THE DIVISION OF REGULATORY REVIEW & ECONOMIC GROWTH (D-RREG): Empower D-RREG to stop proposed regulations and make binding recommendations for the elimination of burdensome regulations, unless overturned by the Governor or Legislature. Establish an 800 hotline and website for businesses and the public to report regulatory burdens and excessive nes and prepare a comprehensive study measuring the cost of regulations to businesses throughout New York State. REFORM WORKERS COMPENSATION: Reduce costs on businesses and improve outcomes in Workers Compensation. REPEAL ANNUAL NOTICE: Eliminate the Wage Theft Prevention Acts annual notices requirement a costly government mandate that hurts businesses bottom line and sties job creation. REMOVE THE UNEMPLOYMENT TAX ON BUSINESSES: Honor the commitment to eliminate the Interest Assessment Surcharge in 2016.

Getting NY Back in Business

Eliminate Wasteful Programs
Creating long-term solutions to grow New Yorks economy will require a greater commitment than implementing gimmicks and one-shot measures. To solve New Yorks economic problems, we need to make a long-term commitment to existing businesses with a focus on creating a sustainable, favorable and fair business climate that doesnt merely rely on temporary programs and initiatives that benet a select few. MY BACK IN BUSINESS PLAN WILL: CUT WASTE: Close wasteful programs to new applicants and let them expire as planned. PAY OUT EXISTING INCENTIVES: Pay out promised tax incentives that are currently promised to businesses.

Get New Yorkers Back to Work; Give Businesses the Support they Need
Too many families and young people are unemployed and underemployed. Hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors are still without work, and struggling to nd a way to get back on track. Letting folks live paycheck to paycheck or rely on government assistance is not the way to move New York State forward. It is time for Albany to step up and provide support to existing businesses, and make it easier for employers to get people back to work with the Hire-NY tax credit. MY BACK IN BUSINESS PLAN WILL: IMPLEMENT THE HIRE-NY TAX CREDIT: Enact a tax credit to businesses for each new job created, up to $5,000. An additional $3,000 credit would be provided if the job goes to someone who is currently on unemployment. ENACT THE GROW-NY ECONOMIC GARDENING PROGRAM: Provide technical, informational and logistical support to existing businesses, helping them succeed and employ more New Yorkers.

Building a Strong Workforce

Businesses are in need of specially trained and highly skilled workers more than ever. A recent national study indicated that 600,000 jobs across the country are currently unlled due to the lack of trained professionals to hire. Strengthening our economy and improving our business climate starts by placing a renewed effort on promoting workforce education and training here in New York. Utilizing New Yorks outstanding colleges, universities and BOCES programs more effectively is essential. Pairing these institutions with local businesses in growing industries like hightech, nanotech and biotech manufacturing, will help provide an educated workforce that can meet hiring demands. MY BACK IN BUSINESS PLAN WILL: REWARD WORKERS WILLING TO BE TRAINED: Provide a Personal Income Tax exemption up to $50,000 per year for the rst 5 years for new high-tech employees who completed a high-tech training program within the past 12 months (any college, vocational or certication program). ENHANCE THE IMAGE AND APPEAL OF TRAINING SCHOOLS: Increase the commitment to promote training programs that prepare the next generation of workers for skilled trades and future employment. Market BOCES education & training courses to attract students and provide the necessary skill sets that lead to successful vocational careers. PARTNER COMMUNITY COLLEGES WITH BOCES PROGRAMS: Create a partnership between community colleges and BOCES through a High-Tech Manufacturing Job Training Program.