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The Kite Runner - Loyalty and Betrayal

The Kite Runner - L…
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24th April 2012


The theme of betrayal is prevalent throughout "The Kite Runner". The betrayal i n the story directly correlate with the loyalty shown by Hassan. Each time that Ha ssan shows loyalty to Amir it appears that Amir betrays Hassan. This is shown wh en Assef attacks Hassan in the ally way, instead of standing up for and protectin g Hassan, Amir just watches as Hassan is brutally beaten and raped. It is not until Hassan is killed and Amir takes over custody of his fathers house th at he realizes his mistakes. Learning from them he decides to save Hassan's son from the brutality of Assef and the Taliban. But Sohrab instead attempts to kill hi mself rather than living with Amir because of everything that he had done to betr ay Hassan. Amir realizes how grave his mistakes had been, and fixed on making things right escapes with Sohrab to America where he is able to live a life free of worry and the Taliban's terror. Posted 24th April 2012 by Patrick McManus

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24th April 2012


The theme of loyalty is represented throughout "The Kite Runner". Hassan repe atedly shows loyalty to Amir in the story. When Assef tells Hassan that he would l et him go if given Amir's kite, Hassan refuses and takes the beating and rape inst ead of giving in. Another example is when Hassan is confronted by Assef and his Taliban Army at Baba's house, and he holds his ground in an atte mpt to protect his fathers house and possessions. The extremist group then kills both him and his wife for their disobedience. Amir, after living his entire life in fear and guilt, finally realizes that he must show t he loyalty that Hassan had been showing him all these years, and instead of hidi ng and forgetting about Hassan and his family he decides to confront Assef and save Hassan's son, Sohrab, from the same attacks that fell his father. This them e of loyalty continues throughout the book and is shown passing on from Hassan to Amir as the book develops. Posted 24th April 2012 by Patrick McManus

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Saudi Arabia. However he does not let the strife and struggle ruin him.Loyalty and Betrayal Send feedback 24th April 2012 Cultural Context The Taliban plays a key role in "The Kite Runner" because of the novel being se t in Afghanistan. Because of the emergence of the Taliban throughout the story Amir's life is changed forev er. Even before Assef joined the Taliban he directly atta cked Amir by raping Hassan. Amir is inspired to do good and eve ntually finds Assef's Taliban group who is holding Hassan's son Sohrab hostage. Posted 24th April 2012 by Patrick McManus 0 Add a comment thekiterunnerloyaltyandbetrayal.19/11/2013 The Kite Runner . and the United Arab Emirates. and was even given diplomatic recog nition from Pakistan. The Taliban ruled large portions of Afghanistan beginn ing in 1996 and coming to an end in 2001. This is mainly a result of Assef and his Taliban soldiers as they continuously attack and trouble Amir and those close to him. This time instead of watching and standing by Amir acts and protects Sohrab fro m the same attack that his father had received those many years ago. Assef. even ended up as a le ader of the Taliban Army. learn from it. Later on when Assef and his Taliban soldiers raid B aba's old house and kill Hassan and his 2/2 . and eventually sa ve Sohrab in the long run. The Taliban su rfaced after the Soviet Afghan War and was a major influence throughout the no vel to the life of Amir and Hassan. As Amir grew throughout the story he was constantly manipulated by the Taliban and more specifically Assef. The main antagonist of the novel.blogspot. instead he is able to turn from the misery of Hassan's rape and death.