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Introduction There are many researches conducted in giving better and better perspectives on the pattern of inheritance. Genetics researches and analysis made, had discover variety of knowledge on genetics and molecular biology. Many famous scientists like Gregor Johann Mendel had made genetic researches not only focusing on one field only, but throughout all process of genetics in every field.

Classical G n tics In Classic Genetics, we were introduced to the changes happen in meiosis. The Classic Genetics usually linked to the discovery of new genes and how the genetics will be after !"s emerge to one another. In some cases, there are also none biological aspects changed after the meiosis had happen. Thomas #unt Morgan was some of the names that researched and developed data on the evolution of genes, mutations and heredity.

Mod rn G n tics Modern Genetics was discovered by Gregor Johann Mendel, a monk at the "ugustinian $t Thomas%s "bbey studied on inheritance on pea plants. #e, was also known as the &father of modern genetics', conducted series of e(periments on the behavior on pea plants in terms of genetics and molecular structures. Modern genetics usually connected to difference kinds of evolutions and changes on genetics and molecular structures. It is significant to studies such as

!" se)uencing,

!" Microarrays, Cytogenetics and many more. The research itself, giving

Gregor Mendel*s paperwork as references to many studies and famously named as the +Medelian Inheritance*.

Co!"arisons # t$ n t% Classical G n tics and t% Mod rn G n tics "lthough the Modern Genetics actually an upgrade from the Classical Genetics, there are some differences than can be seen , -. The Classical Genetics focused on the theory of heredity while the Modern Genetics focused on the theory on inheritance. .. The Classical Genetics focused on chromosomes changes while the Modern Genetics focused on genes changes. /. The Classical Genetics discovered the theories of 0volution and "daptation 1Thomas #unt Morgan, -23/4 while the Modern Genetics discovered the laws of $egregation and Independent "ssortment 1Gregor Johann Mendel, -5664. 7. In the Classical Genetics, researches were made based on mutation of the species while in the Modern Genetics, researches were based on the diversity of the species.

Conclusion In the end, both genetics discoveries are important and always related to one another. The fact that the Classical Genetics theories are the main keys for researchers to develop new genetics researches that relate to more Modern Genetics theories throughout the centuries.