Jack’s Back Fire on the mountain Appalu Uppalu Buzz Simple Simon Says Thumbs Up

1. 2.

Face to Face / Side to Side / Hand Shake / Back to Back & Jack’s Back - Change the partner Fire on the mountain -- RUN - RUN – RUN. Voice tone changes -High tone / Medium tone / Soft / Low tone. Make odd number group of 5 or 7 or to get somebody out like Musical Chairs Appalu Uppalu (Leader Misguides) Appalu - hands on the knee; Uppalu - hands on the cheek All multiples of No. 3, you have to say Buzz for eg. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30. Simple Simon say’s “Claps your hands” everybody claps. Action only for Simple Simon says. Use another name and action. Those who follow this are out. Action should be as per what Simple Simon says and not other names like Harry says or Jack says. Count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. At no.3, hand point out over the shoulders in the right or left direction and the counting continues from 4 till 6. The 7th person will not count the number but do the Thumbs Up sign. Those who do not follow at number 3 direction and silence at 7 are out. This game should be conducted from slow to a faster pace. People sit in a circle. Each participant has to call out a number from 1-20 only those whose nos begin with an S or T should put up their right hands instead of calling out the number. E.g. 1, 2 ( hand up ) 3 ( hand up ) 4, 5, 6 ( hand up ) those who do wrong actions are out . start with a trial round. The volunteer goes to one person seated in the circle and says ,”Do you love me”. IF ‘ YES ’ go to the next person. IF ‘ NO ’ give your reason why No? Eg : because you are wearing a watch. Then all wearing watches have to change their places. And carried away…. All those wearing Watches, Chains, Ties, Rings etc. Change places Give a running number / name to the whole group. Each one must remember his or her number. Anyone starts - First say your own number and any other number. Then clap twice ( 2 claps only ). Then the other number starts.

3. 4. 5.



S. T. Count


Do you love me ?


The Wind came….

10. Double clap


Check what you are?

Friends, (Handshake) Strangers, (Back to back) Guests (Namaste) All keep moving in the circle, the leader orders to stop! All stop and follow any of the 3 actions. Then the leader closes his eyes and calls out one action. All those in that action are out. Give 5 actions in order. 1. Praying hands 2. Playing flute 3. Boogie Boogie 4. Hands crossed 5. Salute. The leader comes around to any one and shows any one the five actions and that individual is supposed to show immediately the consecutive action. Example: 3 - 4; 5 - 1etc. Give 3 actions in order 1. Praying hands 2. Crossed hands 3. Satan actions .When the first action is being done by the leader the group follows the second action & so on if the players fail to do this they are out. All sit in a circle, one person is a pussy goes and sits on any persons lap and cries meow meow .The other person has to pat the pussy on the head and say poor pussy – if you smile you take pussy’s place. All seated in a circle. 1st person smiles or laughs then passes the smile/ laugh and becomes serious, the same holds good with the next.. The one who is not serious is out. mistake –out (fast pace)

12. Five actions

13 .

Triple action

14 .

Poor Pussy

15 . 16 . 17 . 18 .

Pass smile

Kacha Papad Kacha papad, pakka papad is said alternatively by all in the circle if Cram up the circle Bombing the city

Draw a circle & let the players walk along with the music. As the music stops the players enter the circle. The ones left out of the circle are out of the game. Place –Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Madras. Music begins. All move when music stops choose a city. A chit is picked up, the city is bombed and all in the bombed city are out. This continues till the winning 3. All sit in a circle, when the leader says ping you have to name the person to your right & and when he says pong you have to name the person to your left. The one who fails to name the person is out.. Name a particular group with the name of a fruit and when the leader calls out a name of a fruit the group having that name exchange places & if fruit salad is called out all change places. The person who doesn’t finds a place leads the game.

19 .

Ping Pong

20 .

Fruit salad

21 .

Human housie

Chits are provided with 9 boxes. Each person is supposed to write the first name in a box (totally 9 different names in each chit). Housie begins with names. Each name called out is cancelled. Prizes could be given for the 3 lines and full house. You have to write your autobiography & then read out. Make it personal. Write it creatively. Sit in a circle. Leader says “I threw a tomato on …… (name any one person sitting in the circle). The concerned person and his neighbours will instinctively cover their faces. The concerned person will cover his face with both his hands. His neigbour on the right will face towards the right and cover with face with the left hand. His neigbour on the left will turn towards the left and cover his face with the right hand. We are supposed to do only what Simple Simon tells us. If Simple Simon says ‘sit’- then we sit If Simple Simon says ‘stand’- then we stand If I say ‘sit’, then you must not sit, because I have said it and not Simple Simon. All those out will honestly sit on the ground, whereas the others will continue with the game. If I say Dhoom then you tell me the name of the person on the right If I say Dham, then you tell me the name of the person on the left If you fail to tell me the name/ or are not sure of the name, then you are out and you continue the game. P.S. There are two persons asking the names at the same time, at different places. The youngsters should shout out the name loud and strong for everyone to hear. We start counting from one to five. At the multiples of five we shout BATATA and NOT the number. Example as at 5, 10,15,20… If someone is out, the game again starts with 1… A particular action is given to each vowel (as shown to you) When a word is spelt, the action is shown instead of the letter of the alphabet. E.g.: DAD, MUM, CAT, TABLE, CHAIR, SPOON, TAP, SIT…

22. Autobiography


Rotten Tomato

24. Simple
simon says

25. Dhoom



A, E, I, O, U