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How to Cite Sources: Citation and Style Guides | Queen's University L...

How to Cite Sources: Citation and Style Guides

Different disciplines or courses use different citation styles, so confirm with your instructor which style you should use. Style guides include:

Citation Managers
Queens Libraries provides free subscriptions to RefWorks
( ,

ACS (#acs) APA (#apa) ASA (#asa) ASCE (#asce) CSE/CBE (#cbe) Chicago (#chicago) IEEE (#ieee) MLA (#mla) Turabian (#turabian) Vancouver (#vancouver) Special Formats (#formats)

a web-based citation manager

( /content.php?pid=49832&sid=1104954) ,

which enables users to create, capture and store citations and then use them in bibliographies, endnotes and footnotes.

ACS Style Guide (American Chemical Society)

See print ( recCount=25&searchType=1) versions

APA Style (American PSYCHOLOGICAL Association)

See print (

/search?searchArg=Publication+manual+of+the+American+Psychological+Association.+&searchCode=TALL& recCount=25&searchType=1) versions APA Style Guide to Electronic References ( /holdingsInfo?bibId=3882463) (2012; 6th edition) Copies may be printed for personal use only. APA Format ( (Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue


ASA Style (American SOCIOLOGICAL Association)

See print ( recCount=25&searchType=1) versions ASA Style and Reference Guide ( (Department of Sociology, Queen's University) ASA Format ( (OWL at Purdue University)

ASCE Style (American Society of Civil Engineers)

ASCE Format (

CSE Style (Council of Science Editors)

Formerly CBE and used in biology and other natural science disciplines

See print ( versions CSE Citation Guide ( (Ohio State University Libraries) CSE Style ( (D. Hackers Research and Documentation Online. 5th ed)

Chicago Style
Widely used in the humanities and social science, and history in particular

See print ( searchCode=TALL&searchType=1&recCount=25) versions

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How to Cite Sources: Citation and Style Guides | Queen's University L...

Chicago Manual of Style ( (OWL at Purdue University)

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Used in electrical and computer engineering and also by first year engineering students in APSC 100

IEEE Citation Style Guide (/research/guide/ieee-citation-style) (Engineering & Science Library, QUL)

MLA (Modern Languages Association)

Used in literature, arts, and the humanities

See print ( searchType=1&recCount=25) versions MLA Format ( (OWL at Purdue University) MLA Style: English and Other Humanities ( /RES5e_ch08_o.html) (D. Hackers Research and Documentation Online. 5th ed.)

Turabian Style
Used in many disciplines in humanities, social sciences, and sciences and is a variation of the Chicago style

See print (

searchCode1=NKEY&combine2=and&searchArg2=manual&argType2=all&searchCode2=245A&combine3=and& searchArg3=&argType3=all&searchCode3=GKEY&combine4=and&searchArg4=&argType4=all& searchCode4=GKEY&year=2011-2012&fromYear=&toYear=&location=all&medium=all&language=all&type=all& place=all&status=all&recCount=25&searchType=2& versions Turabian Quick Guide (

(University of Chicago Press) Turabian Style Citations ( (Trinity University)

Vancouver Style
Used in the health sciences disciplines

See print ( version Citing Medicine: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers

Special Formats of Material

Government and Statistics (#govpub) Legal (#law) Maps & Other Cartographic (#maps) Music (#music)

Government Publications and Statistics

The following guides provide general citation examples for different types of government publications and statistics and are intended to supplement, not replace, standard citation manuals such as Chicago, MLA, etc.

Brief Guide to Citing Canadian Government Documents and Statistics (/webdoc/gov/cancite) (QUL MADGIC) How to Cite Statistics Canada Products ( (Statistics Canada) How to Cite Government Publications - Research Guide ( (McMaster University Libraries) Citing Canadian Government Documents- APA Style ( (SFU Library) Citing Government Information Sources Using MLA Style ( /subjects/guides/government/cite.html) (University of Nevada, Reno Libraries) Uncle Sam - Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications ( /citweb.php) (University of Memphis Libraries)

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How to Cite Sources: Citation and Style Guides | Queen's University L...

Legal Materials
The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (popularly known as "the McGill Guide") is the authoritative source in Canada for citing legal materials.

See print (

/search?searchArg=Canadian+Guide+to+Uniform+Legal+Citation+Manuel&searchCode=TALL&searchType=1& recCount=25) version

Not available online

Unofficial legal citation information available on the web:

Introduction to Legal Citation (/law/lederman/legalcitation) (Queen's University Lederman Law Library) Legal Citation and APA ( (Camosun College)

Maps and Other Cartographic Materials

Citation Guides ( (Queen's University Library)


Citing Music Sources in Your Essay and Bibliography ( (University of Western Ontario Music Library) Bibliographic Citations ( (Indiana University Music Library)
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