Here is something to think about the moon

written by Daniel J Towsey
Link to the post with all the photos. / !oin" to this link will show the e#idence of what is writen below. The Nibiru Sunset $irst ha#e a "ood look at the photo abo#e of the moon with the strai"ht line of li"ht and shadow "oin" throu"h it. %ow take a round ball and "et a flashli"ht. %ow hold the li"ht pointin" at the ball until ou achie#e a strai"ht shadow line. &ou will see that the flashli"ht needs to be in a strai"ht line hori'ontall from one hand to the other. with the ball. %ow ima"ine a bi" beach ball bein" the earth. %ow tr to hold the li"ht the same wa but et the moon has to be in the center and the flashli"ht sun has to be to the ri"ht. ( know that is impossible to actuall do. ( )ust want ou to #isuali'e this part. %ow the oddit in these photos is that the sun had "one down o#er the hori'on at least si* hours earlier. +hat is not know here is that ( ha#e seen the moon up hi"h in the sk on a sunn da and it a"ain showed a strai"ht line causin" onl half the moon to be #isible. ,o how can this be happenin" in the dead of ni"ht at appro*imatel midni"ht(f ou the #iewers are familiar with m pre#ious post of the sun "oin" in front of. throu"h and below clouds. /nd if ou knew about the o*ide aluminum that has been spra ed into our atmosphere in which is named 0hemtrailin". /lso if ou are familiar with the workin" of 1././.2.3. and 3ro)ect 4luebeam. &ou would know that the 0hemtrails o*ides materials are now se#eral miles thick. ,o that 3ro)ect 4luebeam can now pro)ect an li#e holo"raphic three dimensional ima"es includin" a moon stars or an thin" else the want. %ow the theories come in. %ibiru is not )ust one ob)ect. (t is basicall a "ala* with its own sun. starts. planets. moon and more. (t is comin" throu"h our "ala* . (t has done this before. /nd e#er time is has. (t has caused serious destruction and e*tinction of life on planet earth. %ow for those of ou who ha#e studied aliens and spirits the are. +ill understand that it is impossible for use to be alone in the uni#erse. (f ou stud the information on this site about p ramids and man other ancient structures on this planet. &ou would know that this planet has a #er old histor of intelli"ent life and alien life. ,o makin" it short. 5he e#idence on this site shows what ( ha#e been told. 5hat is that our planet has been mo#ed out of harms wa s. and that what we see of the moon ans sun are )ust pro)ections to keep us and our planet ali#e until it is safe to brin" us back when %ibiru has passed out of our "ala* . +hat we ha#e in the sk is a li"ht emittin" orb. 4ut it is not what we think or are bein" told. /ll the e#idence on http://0hemtrails(n6ur, site shows that all plants and life on this planet is d in". 5he orb actin" as our sun is not emittin" the plant sustainin" ener" the plants and our planet re7uires for life to continue. 8 thinkin" is that the aliens ha#e mo#ed us out of harms wa and are "amblin" that the can return our planet in time.. 5he elite know that ( know what is "oin" on. /ll the information on this site pro#es what is "oin" on.

+h do ou think the elite ha#e built their hu"e under"round networks and wh the created 5he 9oomsda :aults with e#er seed of e#er plant on earth. +h do ou think the are collectin" all the 9%/ of all li#in" thin"s(t is to be their modern da ;%oahs /rk< so the think. 5here is a hu"e doomsda a"enda at work on this planet. ,o m thou"hts and information on all m web sites contain all the e#idence and proof of this. 3lease understand that the the onl thin" that continues in the uni#erse is natural perfection of positi#e ener" . ,o if ou are a pure truthful spirit that "i#es off positi#e ener" . ( am positi#e that our spirit will continue to e*ist no matter what happens to matter. 6nl our conscience thou"hts can diminish our positi#e ener" .

,o be positi#e and fear not all that is matter. +e are not alone in the uni#erse. 5he spirits are here to help those who are "ood spirits. ,o keep our spirits up and e#er thin" will turn out positi#el .

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