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NCC Binding the Nation Together/ National Integration/Nation Building

The riot of colours before your eyes is the flag area prepared by the hardwork and imaginative dexterity of the young cadets of Trichy Group. At this juncture, I would like to uote the words of !icasso, "Art is the lie that speaks the truth# and you would notice the essence of this uotation in some of its many hues of colours in this flag area. Awakening.# The vibrant splashes of colour sing of "India, a Giant

Good $orning %ir, I cadet &&&&.,& representing the Trichy Group '(( welcome you to our )lag Area %ir. The )lag area theme of our Group is "'(( * +inding the 'ation Together, 'ational Integration, 'ation +uilding.# $ay I have your permission to start %ir-&&&&&..Thank you %ir,$adam.

.. It is almost six decades since India gained freedom and became a free, independent state. In the field of national integration lot have been achieved however few areas are re uired still out attention.

/. )irstly for 'ational Integration it is extremely essential that we maintain communal harmony.

0. The 'ational foundation for communal harmony was established as an autonomous body in )ebruary .11/. The main objective of this foundation is to provide assistance for physical and psychological rehabilitation of child victims and their family affected by communal, caste, ethnic or terrorist violence. The aim of the foundation is to promote national integration through proper care, education and training.

2. The main objective of this foundation is to help in the rehabilitation of affected children and families to bring them back into the national mainstream, to promote belief in principle of non3violence, in resolving disputes between religious and other groups in society and to secure co3operation of central and state government , union territory administrations, 'G45s etc to promote objectives of the foundations.

6. In order to achieve it5s aims and objectives the foundation has been helping the needy children with financial support to aid them complete their education and contribute for the betterment of the nation. There are several programmes like "78A(9# $I:A' "%A$A';A<A# A'= (44!87ATI4' which helps in promoting communal harmony and national integration.

>. These !rogrammes tend to bring the people of different religious and communities together by motivating them to participates in the festivals of different religions and debates and seminars organi?ed for promotion of 'ational

Integration, which in the need of the hour. A major effort by this foundation is the conduct of communal harmony. (ampaign week from .1th to /6th 'ovember every year. The last working day of this week is observed as flag day when a group of assisted children from various states pin up flags on the persons of important dignatries in =elhi.

@. %adhbhavana clubs are being established in schools,colleges to sensitive the youth to the problems of communalism, casteism, terrorism etc and to inculcate values like brotherhood, tolerate co3operation, love, peace, non3violence, secularism etc. This has come a long way in making the youth reali?e the need for national integration and communal harmony at a very early age.

A. Among the associations of the foundation with various organi?ations, one of the most beneficiary, meaningful and purposeful collaboration in with '((. The two organi?ations have the aims of unity, secularism, comradeship etc in common which had led the foundation to involve more '(( cadets in the spreads of awareness among the people about the need of the hour.

1. 4ne of the social service activities of '(( is village adoption wherein the cadets takeup a village and work to improve the conditions there. There could be no better opportunity to spread the message of integration among them than through this activity street plays, folk songs, puppetry, local theatre etc are used as aids.

.B. The conduct of national integration camps which converses cadets from all over India at a place sets an example to be emulated by all. The conduct of such camps makes them tolerant and open minded and inculcates brotherhood and respect for other religions.

... 7elief camps are another means by which the cadets can put forth the concept of 'ational Integration to the people. In times of any natural calamity, the service of the cadets is called for. They come together in large numbers and help the ailing people irrespective of their communal differences.

./. The motto of '(( is "Cnity and =iscipline#. All these activities undertaken by our dynamic cadets has been to promote the concept of "Cnity in =iversity# which when reali?ed by each and every, better place to live in. 4ur cadets have it rightly etched in their minds "Cnited we stand, divided we fall.# These future leaders have already began their task of moulding the nation so that they can call our country a "!rogressive nation# when they come to power.