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The Pictorialist

December 2013 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photo ra!hic "ociet# of America $isco%si% Area &amera &lubs 'r a%i(atio% A%d the $isco%si% Pri%t &ircuit )ichard *ehl+ Preside%t, -ath# .rau%+ /ice Preside%t Di0ie 1owi%+ Treasurer, .ert 2arti% er+ "ecretar#3Editor Meeti% s are held the first Thursda# of each mo%th from "e!tember thru Ma# at 4!m i% the 1uther Ma%or &o%fere%ce )oom+ 4545 N6 92%d "t6+ $auwatosa+ $isco%si% Party Time Dec. 5 'ur e%d of #ear3&hristmas32a%ukah celebratio% with a !ot luck di%%er 7bri% a dish to share a%d be8era es of #our choice9 will be held i% our re ular meeti% !lace+ the 1M &o%fere%ce )oom6 Pla% to arri8e at :!m for a social hour+ before we eat at 4!m6 .esides #our !ot luck dish+ se%d te% di ital !hotos take% duri% the !ast #ear to "a%dra $eber+ se8e% da#s before the meeti% + or bri% them o% a memor# stick to the meeti% 6 Preferabl#+ make them of !hotos take% o% camera club outi% s+ but if that;s %ot !ossible the# ca% be of a%# sub<ect take% a%#where as lo% as the !hotos are suitable for showi% at 1M6 $e as a club are ha!!# for se8eral %ew members who <oi%ed throu h the #ear a%d that i%terest i% club acti8ities a%d meeti% atte%da%ce are hi h6 $e e0!ect to k%ow the results of club members i% the latest $A&&' com!etitio% a%d that the awards ca% be ha%ded out at that time6 Exhibits )ichard *ehl;s !hoto ra!hs are o% dis!la# i% the 1uther Ma%or $elcome &e%ter+ a%d will be throu h the mo%th of No8ember6 2is dis!la# i%cludes small !ortraits of se%iors i% the &ourt#ards at 1M who are too old or too sick to li8e i%de!e%de%tl#6 The 1M =News a%d Notes> de8oted a colum% to )ichard;s ood work i% taki% a%d !re!ari% all those !ortraits6 'ur %e0t camera club e0hibit i% the $elcome &e%ter will be i% ?a%uar#6 @rom mid3?a%uar# to mid3@ebruar# ?err# 2arders a%d Ae%e Newli% will ha8e a <oi%t show6 @rom mid3@ebruar# to mid3 March -arre% a%d Michael ?eske will the featured !hoto ra!hers+ a%d the% .ert 2arti% er will ha8e a tur% at it for a mo%th6 '% the 25th of this mo%th a crew of PPMers we%t to the Milwaukee &it# 2all a%d hu% a dis!la# of our !hotos to commemorate 2arle#;s 110th birthda# a%d also the 110th a%%i8ersar# of the start of our camera club6 That e0hibit will be u! u%til Dec6 :6 Outings Bt is a traditio% that we ha8e a% outi% to 'ld $orld $isco%si% duri% the holida# seaso% i% December+ a%d we will do so a ai% this #ear6 Aside from that+ Bdeas for other outi% s are %eeded6 Pauli%e .eck is directi% the search for !hoto o!!ortu%ities+ so se%d outi% ideas to her6 Also rela# outi% su estio%s to "a%dra $eber so she ca% et them i%to the Photo Pictorialist+ our web site6

WACCO News March 22+ 2014+ there will be a $A&&' s!o%sored %ature !hoto ra!h# semi%ar !rese%ted b# ?oe 1e@e8re6 Bt will be held at the Midwa# 2otel .rookfield+ 1005 "6 Moorla%d )oad6 Ao to the $A&&' web site to et more details a%d a% a!!licatio% form6 As a member of a $A&&' affiliated camera club the cost is C50600 if #ou si % u! b# @eb6 22%d+ otherwise it is C456006 E8e% if #ou are %ot a %ature !hoto ra!her there is much to lear% about !hoto ra!h# at these $A&&' semi%ars+ the# are fu%+ a%d the# let us see work of %ame !hoto ra!hers+ which is alwa#s i%s!iri% 6 Competitions The %e0t $A&&' com!etitio% will be held i% A!!leto%+ Ma# 36 'ur %e0t club com!etitio% will be the first Thursda# i% Ma#+ i% order that the wi%%ers ca% be ho%ored at the e%d of !ro ram #ear meeti% Ddi%%er the third Thursda# i% Ma#6 That meeti% will be at Ma#ers )estaura%t6 To e%coura e !artici!atio%+ medals will be i8e% out i%stead of certificates6

Membership ist Correction &ha% e the list to readE $alkowiak+ &her#l 234: "6 44th "t6 $est Allis+ $B 53219 4143F523040: cher#lwalkowiakGaol6com Treat !che"u#e Aoi% al!habeticall#+ si%ce ?err# 2arders was the last o%e to treat+ the rotatio% will beE December 5 H Pot 1uck di%%er !art# ?a%uar# 2 H ?ames -ri8it( @ebruar# : H ?oa% 1a% e%ohl March : H 1i%da 1ee A!ril 3 H ?oh% a%d Di0ie 1owi% $appy Than%sgi&ing'