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David Jos Alvarenga Serrano 02/11/2013

1- In a chart, describe the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in your professional development taking into account Blended Learning, Education 2.0, Web 2.0 and IT. Type of technology Blended Learning Education 2.0 Web 2.0 IT for education proposes. Advantage -You can use -Networks Sharing It is easy to internet material: nowadays is a information: implement: this This means that common in the This is the one benefit is you can get workplace: of the most because is easy information from This is because important to introduce in reliable pages schools must thing that you lesson plans and prepare students can do on the provide to the to use the internet web 2.0 students. as your own learning. - the physical -Classes online: Interaction Instructional costs are reduced: This benefit is for between technology can This is because long distance student and influence and the education is students because teacher: improve online and you do they do not have In the web 2.0 learning: this not have to spend the time or money is the main improves our in bus and food. enough to assistant thing that you knowledge to a course. have to do. because it has many kind of learning style. The technology -Flexibility in -The teacher can -Access to all: integration time: this is for miss: this benefit is activities because This benefit has to provides a referring to each blended Efor the teacher is use just if the website which learning: not necessary to teacher is sick and you can use as a This means that assign homework if the teacher have tool for your thank to web 2.0 in person because had a mess. own learning or the b-learning the teacher just for designing exist. post the activity. your classes as a teacher. -Promotes -Promotes the tech: You will be interaction: this is The education has part of not just send the to update in order maintenance of activity and it is to the student can the alright , you have learn better than information to share and before. shared:

participate with your classmate

This mean that you are just not going to receive the knowledge, you will be part of improve of it. the environment is safe: Why I choose this benefit because through the computer we can do document and the papers of these are obsolete this is good for the nature. The tech is going to be in favor: Because the tech do the learning engaging.

Quotes Disadvantage

-Study materials can vary: in it is presentation may contain videos, images, sounds, interactions or other resources. This helps students with different learning styles. -Encourages the use of technologic: this is because the student can learn how the tech can take us to a better education. -Offer the conveniences of online learning: this is combined with the social network and instructional interactions. (blended) Not all schools has the facitility of buying or having internet: Some schools have not

(Web, 20112013) Copy and Paste: Requires This is a way technological easier to lose to the device and student because Internet they think the connection: more letters the the school do


Loss of Skills This benefit is because how you are through your computer then I am losing

adequate internet connection.


Copy and Paste: The student can cheat because they think because is so much the teacher will not know

Student do not need to follow any restriction: This means the student will not have the motivation or the pression necessary to do all well.

Student prefer the paper versions of the materials: This is applied in immigrant native because the we do not often use this kind of tech.

Learning Approach: This mean how the motivation is not present the student do not enjoy the learning.

not have the money enough to get those important thing The information exactness cannot always be trusted or verified: If the information is not in domain trushly it does not work. The Internet has no expiration date: You have to be aware with the old information you have to look for update information. -Resources/ data can be lost if the host of the data goes down: It is a mess if the website is going doing.
(Web, 20112013)

my skill to talk in public among other things.

Poor Remain Poor: This is because the economic is not good in some part of the countries and they do not have the money enough


(Document , 2005)

(2.0 e. )

(ehow, 19932013)

2. Explain how you are going to design a lesson plan online by using Web Quest and what are the real propose using this kind of technology in your professional development. I might design a lesson depending of the level my students have, for example if I have a student of sixth grade, I will provide the topic Modal Verb, I will give a little introduction like this; Modal verbs are also called modal auxiliaries or modals. Modal verbs are sometimes called defective verbs, because they do not have all the functions of main verbs or auxiliary verbs. They can't be used without a main verb, can't form gerunds or participles, and do not have any endings to show person, number, or tense. Modal verbs form questions without the help of the other auxiliary verbs. Some modal verbs are rarely used in questions. Modal verbs also have quite a few peculiarities in the formation of tenses Then I might add in the task for example All students have to look for information (more than the one I already gave them) about Modal Verb. -Student has to watch some videos that I update to webquest. -All students will make sentences using the modal verb. -Student has to give me the sentences and I will choose some of them in order to they say the sentences. -It is going to do a test. In the process first student has to get information in order to they know what this is about, then in the webquest I will post a video about modal verb and they have to watch the video and at the final of the video, student has to take a quiz that it is in the link that it will be belong of the video. Then in classes how student already know what is this about, they have to create some sentences about modal verb after that student will give the sentences and I chose some of them in order to they say in class. Finally I just will do a test to know if they learn. The propose that webquest has is how teacher can teach using TECH in the classroom and how to use the webquest as a funny way to learn and teach.

3. Explain how you are going to deal if you want to use technology in a school or place of work but there is not Tech in the classroom. What are you going to do? How are you going to solve the problem? Provide resources that you will use and the procedures The solution to this problem it will be strongly simple first I might do a recompilation about how my student are, or in what level they are, in order to do a plan for organize my class. And the solution will be if I have the instrument in this case the computer or divides that I can use to teach, I just can take my computer to the classroom and I will teach them but with this appear other question if students are strongly many I will have schedule in order to all can practice in the computer.

4. Choose digital resources you will include and describe how those digital resources you are going to improve you PLE and PLN. PLE (Personal Learning Environment) Describes the tools, communities, and services that constitute the individual educational platforms learners use to direct their own learning and pursue educational goals. (PLE) Facebook: This is the most common tool to use in the PLE because is a personal environment where you can communicate with others in order to improve in my case my English. Twitter: This is race with facebook because is other social network which can be use it in the PLE because you share your ideas with your classmate and you and them can create a personal environment. Duolingo This is a wonderful tool because you learn English wherever, whenever and whatever you want. This tool is adaptive to your schedule. Youtube This is good for improving your listening because you can looking for videos that you like watch it and at the same time that you watch what you want you are learning.

English Attack Through the interactive game I learn vocabulary and as a fanatic of the movies I have to chance to watch my favorite movies. Blogger As a student you can share your homework and your classmate can comment it, I use to post document and show what I know in a specific topic. Zunal This site is an educational proposes to the student and teachers organize and choose what you want to give knowing. Gmail I use this mail service to send and receive message from my friend and it have many utilities. Study Guides and Strategies I use this website because I can learn the different kind of way to study.

PLN (Personal Learning Network) The entire collection of people with whom you engage and exchange information, usually online. Blogger I use blogger to interact with my colleagues of job online this space is for sharing my knowledge and I can answer the question that you do. Facebook I use facebook to click on fan page which can help me to my professional learning, therefore it is important to involve in the fan pages. LinkedIn It is the place where I can share with others professional my question that I have or something that it is new for me.

Twitter It is the world of education and it is good to follow professional who shares information related to our career. Youtube This tool can be useful is you know how to use it because if you looking for videos about English and you can subscribe to channels where you can ask to professional what you need to know.