We are the only ones, God has anointed for our specific assignment (The Resurrection of our people

) Our assignment requires our participation Nobody else can discern it for us. Nobody else can pursue it for us. Nobody else can complete it for us. Every one of us will give an account of self to God. Stop blaming others for your personal decisions. One of the most important principles we have to embrace is Never complain about what you permit! Our present circumstances are existing with our permission. Our toleration of them breathes life and longevity into them. Intolerance of our present will create a different future. Nothing will really change in our life until we cannot tolerate the present any longer. God never intended for us to depend on everyone for the completion of our assignment (the Resurrection of our people) your real joy depends on His presence. His presence depends on our pursuit. Your pursuit is your own personal decision. Certainly, hindrances occur, it’s common to have relationships that slow us down, demotivate us and discourage us. Every achiever has experience someone who was a burden instead of a blessings. But you have chosen your friendships! The quality of your relationships reflects and reveals what you respect most in life. As a people we were birthed into a system of oppression and total wickness. We can leave it or change it, you may cry, gripe and complain for the rest of our lives. But if you have chosen to stay in this condition that surrounds you, then you have accepted it. You have embraced it. You have refused to walk away from it, so stop finding fault with it! Your present exists with your permission! You have heard the saying “ I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”. Nobody else fought his fight. Nobody else could finish his course for him. Nobody else could run his race. He kept his faith. He kept his own focus. We must understand this!!! We must decide our own conclusion of life that we desire. We must decide to run your own race. We must grow the kind of harvest that we desire. We must pursue relationships that matter to us, and not to others. This is why our laziness as a people must end! We are responsible for our future. I know we are deeply disturbed and uncomfortable with our lives, of how we as a people are living. Our future is a reward, not a guarantee. Our assignment ( resurrection of our people) is something you do, not something you observe. That assignment is action, Achievement, Movement Productivity Accomplishment Energy! God has connected us family. Now let’s go and succeed with our assignment beyond anything we have ever dreamed before Truth has come to you~

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