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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile
Name Date of Birth $%ucational &ualifications )Commerce* Ph.D +anguages kno,n Dr. Mukul Burghate 27th of MARCH !"7# B$ MBA '$( $nglish Hin%i an% Marathi.

Aca%emic Profile
1. Presentl- .orking with Dr. Pan/a0rao Deshmukh 1nstitute of Management (echnolog- an% Research Dhan,ate National College Nagpur as Head and Associate Professor w.e.f. 30-06-2005. '2ecialise% Areas3 4 Marketing Manageria! "ki!!s #e$e!op%ent &echno!og' and () # *+ etc. A%ministrati5e Res2onsi0ilities3 ,iaisoning with A-.&/ 0o$ern%ent Agencies 1ni$ersit' etc. since 21,3 2000. A!so working as a Co4or%inator of 16N78 stud' .entre 4360256 Nagpur fro% 2anuar' 2011 2. Co4o2te% as Mem0er of Boar% of 'tu%ies of Commerce 9acult- of (&M Nagpur 1ni$ersit' Nagpur and unani%ous!' e!ected as %e%7er of 32456 of P0 in .o%%erce facu!t'. #. (reasurer of MBM1A )Maharashtra Business Management 1nstitution Association Nag2ur* since 2::7. 8. Mem0er of Mo%eration 0oar% an% e;2ert mem0er in the Committee constitute% for specia! task re!ated to conduct of e9a%ination in the facu!t' of co%%erce of "u%%er : ;inter 2011 under the pro$ision of section 32456 4#6 of Maharashtra 1ni$ersit' act 1558. <. .orke% ,ith P.6. (eaching De2artment of Business A%ministration an% Management '6B Amra5ati 8ni5ersit- Amra5ati as a +ecturer. (aught 'u0/ects3 - Marketing Manage%ent Principa! and Practice of Manage%ent and *rgani<ationa! +eha$iour. #uration=-23rd 2une 1555 to 31. Apri! 2000


=. .orke% ,ith De2artment of Chemical (echnolog8ni5ersit- Amra5ati as a +ecturer. "u7>ects &aught= - /cono%ics and Manage%ent.

'6B Amra5ati


1. .o-Authored paper entit!ed > 1nflation in 1n%ian3 A stu%- on its Correlation ,ith 'electe% Macroeconomics Varia0les 1nflation an% $conom-> in the Nationa! .onference on +usiness "trategies for /%erging Market 1nder ?-P 1ni$ersit' of Pune 1'BN 4"7?4 "#4<:2@4 7"24! 2. .o-Authored Paper entit!ed >6reen Pro%uction 'trateg-3 722ortunities an% Challenges for the 'et u2 or the De5elo2ment of 1n%ustries in Mihan Nagpur 1'BN3 "7?4?!4":?@<<4<47. 3. .o- authored paper entit!ed > Commercial Benefits of A,areness a0out 1PR an% its Role in Rural $conom- ) A Case of Nag2ur 7ranges* > in &he -ndian 2ourna! for .o%%erce @ 1''N 3 ::!"4<!2A 8. .o-Authored Paper entit!ed in 2eer re5ie,e% >ourna! on the topic entit!ed A Manage%ent st'!es in -ndia and its (e!e$anceB in Peop!eCs Manage%ent 2ourna! 5. Authored paper entit!ed A A "tud' of &echno!og' &ransfor% and .onsu%er "hift @ .(& to ,.# = An o$er$iew A in the -nternationa! .o%%erce and Manage%ent .onference at 1ni$ersit' of Mu%7ai #ept of .o%%erce Mu%7ai 6. Authored paper entit!ed A A .o%parati$e "tud' of custo%er preference for ,.# and P!as%a .o!our &D = An o$er$iew A in -nternationa! #octora! &heses .onference -E//, Fara!a ,ona$a!a G. Authored te9t7ook entit!ed > (he stu%- of A%5ertising Agencies in 1n%iaB Pu7!ication Adh'a'an Pu7!ishers and #istri7utors New- #e!hi- 110 058 1'BN3 ?!4 ?"!=!42"4= in the -ear 2::#4:@ ?. Authore% te;t0ook on >Marketing ManagementB 0- 7m 'ai Pu0lication Nag2ur ,ith 1'BN "7?4?!4"2::@!4?4! in the -ear 2:!!4!2 5. Authored 7ook on >A Com2lete 6ui%e to '$( $;amination3 Pa2er 1B Pu7!ication Fruti Pu7!ication Pune in the 'ear 1555-2000 10.Attended a Nationa! !e$e! se%inar on >1n%ia (he emerging 7utsourcing 'u2er2o,erB and Presented paper entit!ed >(he role of 6o5ernment in 7utsourcingB on 12th and 13th Apri! 2006. 11..o-authored "tud' %ateria! on the "u7>ects !ike AProduction and Materia!s Manage%entB AManageria! "ki!!s #e$e!op%entB and AManage%ent ProcessB etc.

Research ,ork
1. Doctorate a,ar%e% on the su7>ect A(he 'tu%- of A%5ertising agencies in 1n%ia3 4 A 'tatus Re2ortB in Can 2::<. 2. Recognise% as su2er5isor for Ph.# 4.o%%erce ) Manage%ent6 7' Rashtrasant (uk%o/i Mahara/ Nag2ur 8ni5ersit- Nag2ur. 3. !: Ph.D Research "cho!ars are current!' registered under %' "uper$ision and t,o Ph.D Research 'cholars ha$e su7%itted their thesis for e$a!uation purpose and one research scho!ar is awarded Ph# in 'ear 2012. 8. Recognise% su2er5isor for M+A -0N*1 and 3.M*1 and M.Phi! 4.o%%erce6 7' DCM78. 5. 6ui%e% more than =! stu%ents of M. Phi!4.o%%erce6

Professional Profile
;orked with N8CH$M +t% a #e!hi 7ased %u!tifaceted di$ersified and professiona!!' %anaged enterprise with interests ranging fro% p!astics che%ica!s /ngineering water treat%ent to %anufacturing of N8.8D MD9. Position Hel%3 /9ecuti$e 4Marketing6 Co0 Profile3 4 16 -ndependent .harge to !ook after sa!es and %arketing of Marathwada region which inc!uded appoint%ent of "tockiest:#ea!ers and to !ook after "econdar' "a!es in Pune (egion. Hand!ed %a>or Accounts which inc!uded i6 &ataCs ii6 D-P 2a!gaon iii6 Dideocon A H7ad Duration3 4 $ight Months ;orked with 0oe! 0anga 0roup 4Pune6 an 1'7 "::! co%pan' engaged in construction and ser$ice industr'. Position3 4 -n-charge 4Marketing ) "a!es6 Co0 Profile 34 i6 Marketing and sa!es of rea! estate !ike f!ats co%%ercia! and p!ots. ii6 #esigning pro%otiona! strategies to %arket rea! estate in high!' co%petiti$e en$iron%ent. Duration 34 'i; months

Com2uter Proficienc1. ;orking kno,le%ge of M'47991C$ ).or% Po,er Point $;cel Access M'4D7'* 2. 1nternet $;2lorer 3. #ip!o%a in A8(7CAD (--0 Pune 8. ;ord"tar-8

7ther &ualifications
.ertified .ourse in Pu0lic '2eaking 4 -P"- Pune

A%%ress for Corres2on%ence

Dr. Mukul A. Burghate Associate Professor and Head #r.Pan>a7rao #esh%ukh -nsitute of %anag%ent &echno!og' and (esearch #hanwate Nationa! .o!!ege G12-2530868 2585356 e-%ai!=- %uku!7urghateJrediff%ai!.co% Nag2ur 2#4:"42:!! Dr. M.A.Burghate Associate Professor

Nagpur = Mo7i!e @5I231-8186G Phone Nos. 406 51-