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This is in response to the article Why do cops hate gays?

on page 9, dated December 18,2011, Mumbai edition cover story. I talk about only Hinduism, because on assumptions that the policeman follows the religion. My sincere regrets if my assumption is false. Dear Sir, Sir, let me start this letter by asking you if you are a Hindu? Do you follow Hinduism and regularly perform religious services to God for wealth and prosperity? Do you believe as many scriptures say that God is one and that All men are Gods children- no matter the religion, skin colour or financial status? Because if you dont then you really cant call yourself devout Hindu, can you? It is shame if you are a Hindu, following Hinduism when you dont know the whole truths of the religion. Read carefully through your scriptures, the Vedas, the Mahabharata, the Ramayanas for they all account for some or the other kind of Homogiri (as you call it!) even with the consent of the Gods. Now tell me Sir, are you against the Gods? You talk about our future, our culture, our traditions without even knowing them in every respect. The Hinduism culture clearly states that homosexuality is but a minor offence that has to be regulated. Regulated not BANISHED. It is a sad fact that you are a part of the worlds largest democracys regulation system and have such narrow minded views. Being a policeman does not give you authority above all. It is job not to be boasted about. It is badge given to you to protect us. We English speaking types do not think we know the law but we actually know the law. We do not try to talk smart but we talk smart because we make sense. This perversion is legal because we live in world where men are known to be created equal. So perhaps, respectfully Sir, you may please come out of your bubble of life where you see yourself as a superhuman who rescues the world. Shikar isnt that what you called your little game of machismo? Ever heard of Ahimsa? Yes, the man on those money notes you carry made it famous. You are in a regulation system and support violence? What has the world come to!! It is a game you played to show who is weak and who is strong. And that, my dear man, makes you a egoistical, greedy and sick!! You fell, or shall we say, were intrigued enough to enjoy it- with guilt or not. You are one of those crowds that were raised with We are the men. The strong and unconquerable and without basic weaknesses. The women are weak and need support

And you pray to Goddess Laxmi for wealth and prosperity. Yes weak women perform difficult miracles like giving birth. And now let me tell you to your ugly face, my dear Sir, that you are a coward, a man with a long list of weaknesses, who has nightmares of being overpowered. You, Sir, are a man with a guilty conscience, that when you see a well built man, a chaka, a prostitute or even you everyday skimpy dressed teenagers, a red haze of lust clouds your brains and you hear booming voices of your forefathers that say You are a man without flaws. And you compensate for those few moments of weakness that you acknowledge by loudly insulting your fellow brothers. And that, Sir, makes you a menace that needs to wiped off the streets Yours sincerely, Zola Warrior