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Which came first - Body or Consciousness ?

Gan, Chennai Anything created must come from something, which is uncreated and also transcends Space and Time. Awareness/Consciousness is not something created so that it can come first or second. Awareness/Consciousness is an eternal stuff and knows nothing about Beginning or End. All that can e er Begin and End should lie within the unborn Awareness/Consciousness. All Beginnings must ha e an end. All that born must !ie. This applies to our "hysical #ni erse also. This applies to Space Time continuum also. All impermanent substances should always be a part of a "ermanent Substance.

The Picture can never be Independent of the Black Board

$ook at the abo e "icture. The Black Board on which the drawing is made can be assumed to be the %Consciousness&, the primal imperishable stuff. The arious pictures that come and go on the Black Board are the 'e, She, (t, They, !og, Cat, 'ouses, Sun, Stars, Stones etc. The Black Board is independent of the "ictures, whereas the pictures are not independent of the Black Board. The

Black Board is the %#ndifferentiated Consciousness& that always e)ist. This can be termed as %T'E SE$*& for all understanding purposes. %The Self& e)ists in all the pictures. The arious pictures like 'e, She, !og, Cat are %!ifferentiated Consciousness& that are drawn on the Black Board. All these stuff ha e the same +(+ feeling, which is peculiarly one and the same in all, ,ou and (.

The Substratum of all existence is Awareness/Consciousness

Consciousness is an Eternal Stuff. (t is Anadi. (t has no Beginning, so it has no end. Consciousness has no Birth. 'ence it cannot !ie. Consciousness is not !uality. So it is not #nity also. Then what is Consciousness- Consciousness is E erything. (t is (nfinite. (t e)ists as ./! as #ni ersal Consciousness. (t e)ists as (ndi idual Consciousnes in all that e)ists in the #ni erse. 0hen e erything is one and the same but appearing different for the differentiated consciousness, it is called 1aya. This is the Basic "rinciple of Ad aita 2edanta. Ad aita means Singularity. Ad aita 2edanta is not a 3eligious !ogma. Ada aita 2edanta is a $ogical "rinciple deri ed by 3ishis of the bygone centuries. #panishads e)pound the same principle of Ad aita 2edanta in depth. #panishads are abstract principles of e)istence without any 3eligious Affiliation. #panishads ruthlessly e)pound this Truth.

Awareness/Consciousness creates and sustains !erything

E)istence and $ife is !ream/1aya Created by Consciousness. "n fact# Consistency of $eality is more %ossible only in a &ream. /ur day to day 3eality is a little bit stretched dream unlike the dream that happens during sleep. 0e too much identify us with our 1ind Stuff and get lost in the !rama. 0e become "ower, "osition and "enny 'ungry. 0e are dri en e)cessi ely by 1aterial !esires e en without the slightest e)ploration, thinking that 1aterial 0orld is all that e)ists. 0e are yet another .oat in the *lock of .oats. 0hat a stupid ideology,

we all follow. (s life such a mere freak *ew 1illion !ollars worth "henomena- Certainly 4o. 4ature has a profound and systematic plan. 0e were once a Stone, Tree, Cat and !og. 4ow we are in 'uman *orm. 0e ha e a little bit more e)tra sense called %Si)th Sense.& That+s all.